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  1. That was a lot better than I was expecting!
  2. Fuck no. Wanting any more of that shower in Ibrox? Jesus Christ. I deliberately drive past that Tall Cranes shitehole on the way home from work to ensure my bile towards them cunts never waivers. Works a fucking treat.
  3. Did alright for us. Better than plenty of so-called "Rangers Men" during his time here.
  4. Jesus Christ what a pointless thing to say. He keeps notes - absolutely irrelevant. the only notes that matter are the official minutes. And if there were to be an investigation, anything that were be taken on board would have to be independently verifiable. These people are running Scottish Football?
  5. This is bad for the wanks. Only 27 voted against the motion. And we know 13 voted for it, probably based on the fact they were party to the dodgy goings on. That tells me that the vote in April was based on bad information and bullying, because if it wasn't why do 13 clubs WANT an investigation?
  6. I think Scotland is a poor place to try and learn your trade. Too many around with the "I knew his father" attitude, too many trying to pull you down, It seems to be the way up here that if you are seen to be trying to better yourself you'll be decried for it. I heard that Grant Prenderleith, a 400m runner who was a player in the lower leagues/Juniors, lost mates because of his dedication to running - allegedly, to keep me from being sued! His football chums couldn't accept his dedication to his sport in comparison to their own shit dedication to theirs. Basically he wouldn't go out drinking so that made him a cunt. Tells you all you need to know about trying to succeed in this shitehole. In short, he wouldn't have flourished in my opinion. And definitely not under McCoist. Who did?
  7. But he did apply himself and look what he's done for himself. A decent career. If the people round about you aren't up to it, it is easy to end up going down the wrong road if you don't watch out.
  8. I was gonna say. One team without a game every eighth game day!
  9. I am neither agreeing to or denying anything!
  10. Everybody is saying how shit we were. Three Morelos chances. Three!!!!!
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