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  1. My old man's family was huge, I never met the vast majority of them, so there's every chance!
  2. I'm related to that waste of a skin. Makes me feel manky just thinking about it.
  3. You think like this because you are a sensible adult. We have enough great songs without scrapping the bottom o the barrel.
  4. I see the usual suspects are out now. Embarrassing.
  5. I fucking hate this. If you can't have a drink without potentially damaging our club, don't drink. If you can't hold in your sectarian bile for 90 minutes, don't go to the football. If you think UEFA are a shower of shite and you'll do want you like, you are a fucking moron. There is no excuse.
  6. The guys who do things like this are the true Legends of our Club
  7. I might even get round to going to see Scotland in, say, 20 years time.......
  8. It won't be about the sea level, it would possibly be with regards to the water table in the area, which is a different thing altogether. Could also have been issues with underground streams, etc.. But I don't really care anyway.
  9. Oh, I don't about that. If Gerrard is holding the League trophy aloft in May, wearing a Rangers top, that'll do fine for me.
  10. Brown and Dalglish. The footballing definition of polar opposites
  11. We are talking different things here. Some folk are saying the money should be taken out separately for each ticket, nearer the time of the game. That would be a problem, as per what I previously said. I also think they can't take the money out after the first game, that'd be madness. Could they have waited a week or so - maybe. I was completely unaware the club can void your season ticket with absolutely no explanation. News to me, and I've had one on and off for over 20 years. I would be surprised if someone did lose their ticket for no reason; I can see no reason why they couldn't take Rangers to the small claims court if they did that. Money grab - probably, but as I originally noted we all knew this was the likely outcome of qualifying for the group stages - I can remember the year we played Parma I booked my group stage tickets before we qualified, so the money was out as soon as we did qualify - at a discount as well.
  12. I don't work for the club. Nothing wrong with what I've said. The problem with your solution is proof and what is deemed to be an acceptable punishment. The club would have to prove you deliberately misled the club, say with bank details - there's a cost to the club. So much money could be subsumed in chasing people, dealing with legal aspects, etc.. Doing what the club is doing gets the money in and the tickets out. If its too expensive for some then that is unfortunate If I owned a business I would be doing exactly the same as the club. But the same point holds valid. You know the money will be coming out in the short term.
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