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  1. Good bless you and the young man.  Hope that you have a good time for your big day and that he never forgets.  And maybe the first of many, many visits to Ibrox.

    1. MaddistonKnight


      Cheers mate, much appreciated.


  2. Our support has traditionally come from working class, protestant people of a Scots-Irish background, many of whom would be loyal to the Crown and believe in the UK. That in itself does not make Rangers anything other than a football club with a heritage amongst its support. A good heritage, but not one that should be defining our whole club in any way, shape or form. In a few weeks time, I am taking my great nephew to see Rangers for the first time. He is nearly 18, but had a brain tumour as an infant and has a mental age of about 10. This is his first ever match as his old man isn't into football. He has a "Catholic" name, and went to RC schools as his mum is an RC, but has always supported Rangers. This "protestant" club thing does us no favours and by the reckoning of far too many would exclude my relative. What possible sense is there in that, to deny someone as a Rangers supporter on the basis of their not being of the "right" faith? And in any event, how many of the protestants on here have set foot in a Church of late?
  3. Dens in 89. Ray Wilkins second last game for us. Won 2-0, I can always remember Ray spraying the ball about like a star when we were cruising towards the end.
  4. Get it right up ye!
  5. I didn't want to give the fucker his "Sunday" name, but a very fair point. It's a shit nickname. I'll get Pena on my top, its cheaper
  6. We'll see just how much of a hard man that bastard "Broony" is now. I feel dirty just having typed that fucker's name.
  7. Grown man actually shaking in his seat here! It would be fucking ironic if the new strip was howlin'!
  8. Christ, we are agreeing on way too much this weather. that aside, if we are serious about stopping that shower, it is US that need to fork out to stop it because no one else is going to do it. There is a big picture here, sooner people realize it and deal with the fact that the more money there is going into the club the better the chance we have of catching those bastards, the better. I can appreciate folk being skint, we're playing a crap team, etc., but the filth aren't bothered about that. And in all likelihood we'll play a team in the next round who could beat us and that would be the end of Europe for another year. We need to maximize the cash we can bring in at every opportunity.
  9. When you say "I prefer this", is that a photo of you? Hot stuff!
  10. Hell yeah!
  11. I was going to put the sticker on my blazer, which I usually wear to the game along with my brown brogues. I needed 2 in case the first one falls off. You've gotta be uber!
  12. Thanks. Can I have 2?
  13. My reward is seeing the club rise back to where it belongs, but each to their own.
  14. Fucking spot on Inigo, spot on! Folk wanting freebies. You should be happy to pay to see the Rangers!
  15. I actually read the Daily Record for the first time in years when I went to the barbers two weeks ago. When I say I read it, what I mean is I flicked through it. Absolute and utter fucking tripe. Anyone who reads that trainee bog roll (forget the football coverage), is obviously not very bright. No disrespect to The Dude (a man's gotta earn a crust after all), but that so called paper is simply rubbish