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  1. We are talking different things here. Some folk are saying the money should be taken out separately for each ticket, nearer the time of the game. That would be a problem, as per what I previously said. I also think they can't take the money out after the first game, that'd be madness. Could they have waited a week or so - maybe. I was completely unaware the club can void your season ticket with absolutely no explanation. News to me, and I've had one on and off for over 20 years. I would be surprised if someone did lose their ticket for no reason; I can see no reason why they couldn't take Rangers to the small claims court if they did that. Money grab - probably, but as I originally noted we all knew this was the likely outcome of qualifying for the group stages - I can remember the year we played Parma I booked my group stage tickets before we qualified, so the money was out as soon as we did qualify - at a discount as well.
  2. I don't work for the club. Nothing wrong with what I've said. The problem with your solution is proof and what is deemed to be an acceptable punishment. The club would have to prove you deliberately misled the club, say with bank details - there's a cost to the club. So much money could be subsumed in chasing people, dealing with legal aspects, etc.. Doing what the club is doing gets the money in and the tickets out. If its too expensive for some then that is unfortunate If I owned a business I would be doing exactly the same as the club. But the same point holds valid. You know the money will be coming out in the short term.
  3. There is no problem, except that there are a lot of games coming together at the same time. Rangers have to take the money out like this, to ensure no one pulls a fast one by changing their banking details which would then start to incur further costs to the club. And it insures the club against people who were on the CCCS pulling out of buying a ticket for a dead rubber because they no longer want to go. People are going to be hard up, but for fuck sake we knew this would happen if we qualified. Why the horror? Or the club can simply put all tickets onto the market at the same time. If you can afford it, fine. But folk would moan about that.
  4. Eh, aye! They were just fucking bragging about how they were "delivering for Scotland " using figures from it two weeks ago!
  5. Come on, the SNP have raved about the GERS figures in the past when it suited them!
  6. No, by continuing to sing things that we should know we shouldn't. Stop singing the shit, and THEN we can hold them to account. Cause it ain't gonna happen any other way.
  7. Well, we make it too fucking easy for them, don't we.
  8. 11 games this season, and we've beaten them in 2 of the last 3. These guys aren't the brightest
  9. He was a wrong 'un, pure and simple.
  10. Have to say that is exactly how I saw it from Flanagan today. And he's slow.
  11. I think you and I are probably thinking the same thing with regards to the existence of said proof.
  12. I don't necessarily agree with you often, but this is spot on. Provide the proof and they don't have a leg to stand on.
  13. I pretty much agree with everything you've written.
  14. I have not used the word embarrassing all!
  15. I used the Wanda in my post. It's cracking. The Marseille ground is cracking. Juventus is smart. Ibrox, unfortunately, is dated. We can spruce it up, but what are the future plans? These things need to be in place 5-10 years in advance. It's not happening any time soon, so no need to worry about a bowl design.
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