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  1. Fair do's, that's a sound argument against which I have never actually seen put down on paper. I don't think the cost is quite as bad as £13 a month (wife and 3 daughters......), and I get you point on choice and innovation which I fully agree with in principle. On that basis I would limit my spendthrift ways to free tampons to all school age persons.
  2. Its one of the few things I think should be free at the point of supply, paid for through taxes.
  3. Women shouldn't have to pay for sanitary products. End of.
  4. I'm with you brother. Apart from the swearing. Despicable.
  5. Second replay against Hibs in 1979. In the old North stand at Hampden
  6. That c*nt Broon was player of the season. Sad, sad state of affairs.
  7. I sincerely hope so. My pint is always half empty........
  8. So are we getting the tickets or not? Fucking riddy if we didn't sell the tickets if we do get the them.
  9. First time I've managed to get in before the usual japesters on here. I am feeling suitably smug with myself ?
  10. I'm sure he might have had a nice wee experience when Aguerro won them the League a few years ago
  11. Folk moaning about prices when they'll pay £49 to go to the Piggery. I don't get that.
  12. My mate's brother was a linesman that day. One of the players that were sent off was giving him real dogs abuse, real vile shit. That one really deserved to be sent off. From what my mate told me, the cunt should have been banned for a lengthy period.
  13. I am sure he had a couple of tough semi-finals which took it out of him as well, definitely didn't help. As for your point re. Wawrinka, couldn't agree more.
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