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  1. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Said it before on here, McCoist helped save the club and our history to then go on and destroy his credibility completely in my eyes. The whole experience in the lower Leagues could have been so different with a coach who knew what he was about. When a Director of a club tells you the other clubs in your division are simply not scared of Rangers because of the incompetence of your manager, that's cause for extreme concern. We all saw it, yet he kept that job for over four years. Shameful.
  2. IRA Sympathiser Giving Evidence at Holyrood

    It was a clusterfuck, and the Unite union only has themselves to blame. People in my street were at each others throat because of that union. A lot of people did extremely well out of the petrochem in Grangemouth for a long time.
  3. 1000 or so locked outside

    Plenty of people on my bus were fine. I never had a drink, and I like a good swally. But in any event, the behavior of many towards other Rangers fans was out of order.
  4. 1000 or so locked outside

    I got in just before Jack took the dull one. BUT............... why do so many of our support need to behave like arseholes? The number of steaming folk was pitiful (really guys, I thought that we are here to see The Rangers, not behave like a tanked up jakey), but why do you want to charge up against fellow Rangers supporters, pushing to get in? Polis were clowns, but so were plenty of Rangers supporters.
  5. Seriously, I just look at my shoes every time he passes me. Couple of my mates got seats near me for a cup game a year or so ago - even they commented on the guy!
  6. Got to be honest, I did this pretty much the whole time that McCulloch played at centre half! But I was right!
  7. Main Rear, section B/C, row J? Sounds like him. He's not always there. Has two boys, younger one cannae sit down for more than 10 minutes
  8. Fuck naw, am too young to die!
  9. Fuck knows, but the guy next to me looks the fucking real deal. I don't think I'd last 2 seconds if I were to call him out on Morelos.
  10. Guy who sits next to me at Ibrox thinks Morelos is rotten and doesn't try a leg! The irony is he probably loved Boyd. The guy looks hard as fuck so I ain't saying anything to him!
  11. When your son/daughter marries a Celtic fan .............

    Fuckin' amen Inigo! So-called Rangers supporters letting their wives bring up kids as RCs? Worst cants! My old dear was an RC. Married her in the Kirk, girls all went to/at non-denom schools, all good Bearettes. No freakin/' surrender!!!!!!
  12. Singing Bad Songs?

    Why do we kid ourselves into thinking all Rangers fans are reasonable chaps? We have PLENTY of fucking zoomers in our support.
  13. That was painful to watch

    I quite agree with what you have said, but you've got to have hope man! I am happier with what I saw last night compared to the last few years. I don't think we'll win the league, but as long as we show a big step up from last year it will go a long way to getting over last year!
  14. That was painful to watch

    I enjoyed that game you refer to. However, we nearly went 2-2 when we gave away a penalty as I recall. We have better cover, better balance and better players now, which is a far cry from what I witnessed that night against St Mirren
  15. Are we still a Scottish Protestant club?

    Our support has traditionally come from working class, protestant people of a Scots-Irish background, many of whom would be loyal to the Crown and believe in the UK. That in itself does not make Rangers anything other than a football club with a heritage amongst its support. A good heritage, but not one that should be defining our whole club in any way, shape or form. In a few weeks time, I am taking my great nephew to see Rangers for the first time. He is nearly 18, but had a brain tumour as an infant and has a mental age of about 10. This is his first ever match as his old man isn't into football. He has a "Catholic" name, and went to RC schools as his mum is an RC, but has always supported Rangers. This "protestant" club thing does us no favours and by the reckoning of far too many would exclude my relative. What possible sense is there in that, to deny someone as a Rangers supporter on the basis of their not being of the "right" faith? And in any event, how many of the protestants on here have set foot in a Church of late?
  16. Your 1st Rangers away game

    Dens in 89. Ray Wilkins second last game for us. Won 2-0, I can always remember Ray spraying the ball about like a star when we were cruising towards the end.
  17. I was looking through a few threads when I noticed that many of my fellows Bears have often gone to watch other teams, for many and varied reasons. This got me thinking a bit. Why do we sometimes support another team, or have a genuine, life long affiliation with a team other than Rangers? I support Bo'ness United. Always will. I was raised in Glasgow, but my family moved to Bo'ness when I was eleven. We were in the town 5 days when I went to see Bo'ness in the local derby against Linlithgow Rose (scum!!!!!!). I was hooked after a 1-0 victory for the mighty BU's. Following them has had its ups and downs, but I've seen them win and lose the Junior Cup, get kicked out of the Cup for not having registered a single player that season (I kid you not!) and get royally pumped on ocassion by the Rose. But I still go back for more. The support is borderline psycho at times, which also helps. So Bears, what's your other team, and why.
  18. Do you support another team as well as Rangers?

    Get it right up ye!
  19. Retail Deal News incoming

    Grown man actually shaking in his seat here! It would be fucking ironic if the new strip was howlin'!
  20. Qualifying ticket prices

    Christ, we are agreeing on way too much this weather. that aside, if we are serious about stopping that shower, it is US that need to fork out to stop it because no one else is going to do it. There is a big picture here, sooner people realize it and deal with the fact that the more money there is going into the club the better the chance we have of catching those bastards, the better. I can appreciate folk being skint, we're playing a crap team, etc., but the filth aren't bothered about that. And in all likelihood we'll play a team in the next round who could beat us and that would be the end of Europe for another year. We need to maximize the cash we can bring in at every opportunity.
  21. Qualifying ticket prices

    When you say "I prefer this", is that a photo of you? Hot stuff!
  22. Qualifying ticket prices

    Hell yeah!
  23. Qualifying ticket prices

    I was going to put the sticker on my blazer, which I usually wear to the game along with my brown brogues. I needed 2 in case the first one falls off. You've gotta be uber!