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    First Rangers game you attended?

    Second replay against Hibs in 1979. In the old North stand at Hampden
  2. MaddistonKnight


    That c*nt Broon was player of the season. Sad, sad state of affairs.
  3. MaddistonKnight

    Semi final allocation

    I sincerely hope so. My pint is always half empty........
  4. MaddistonKnight

    Semi final allocation

    So are we getting the tickets or not? Fucking riddy if we didn't sell the tickets if we do get the them.
  5. MaddistonKnight

    Semi final allocation

    Best result for him.
  6. MaddistonKnight

    What the Austrian press had to say about last night..

    First time I've managed to get in before the usual japesters on here. I am feeling suitably smug with myself ?
  7. MaddistonKnight

    What the Austrian press had to say about last night..

    I'm sure he might have had a nice wee experience when Aguerro won them the League a few years ago
  8. MaddistonKnight

    Vienna at Ibrox

    Folk moaning about prices when they'll pay £49 to go to the Piggery. I don't get that.
  9. MaddistonKnight

    The day hearts went down to 7 men

    My mate's brother was a linesman that day. One of the players that were sent off was giving him real dogs abuse, real vile shit. That one really deserved to be sent off. From what my mate told me, the cunt should have been banned for a lengthy period.
  10. MaddistonKnight

    *** The Tennis Thread ***

    I am sure he had a couple of tough semi-finals which took it out of him as well, definitely didn't help. As for your point re. Wawrinka, couldn't agree more.
  11. MaddistonKnight

    *** The Tennis Thread ***

    I don't really disagree with you, but if Djokovic hadn't been around I think he would have won a good few Australian Opens.
  12. MaddistonKnight

    Make no mistake

    Says the cunt who never has a good word to say about us.
  13. MaddistonKnight

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Their full back sees it and starts to turn to look at the linesman, doubtless thinking that rat is fucked. Then he remembers........
  14. MaddistonKnight

    Tam the tadger McManus

    A reasoned reply.
  15. MaddistonKnight

    Barisic signs

    Looked good last week. Looks promising !
  16. MaddistonKnight

    Tam the tadger McManus

    I would suggest the use of the wording "a wee bit of payback" gave me the sense, on first impressions, what he was implying. Of course, he may have been showing his disgust at an act of retaliation.
  17. MaddistonKnight

    Tam the tadger McManus

    I think the implication is that it was fully meritted, which it was not. Nobody has a problem with fair, meaty challenges, but that was snide.
  18. When I go to the Thornton Suite next season I will be getting my photo taken with the great man. Fuckin' welling up as I write this.
  19. MaddistonKnight

    Return of Pena

    Was gonna say, who the fuck was he kissing that would make it a sackabale offence!
  20. MaddistonKnight

    Sons of Sloth

    I think/hope he was being ironic. If not, yes, fuck off ya clown!
  21. MaddistonKnight

    Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    Some of the nonsense on here. I have giving him stick when its been deserved, but I'll give credit when due. He is far from the failure being made out by many on here, and was far from the worst on Saturday. He made three good runs in the first half and no one picked him out. That's not his fault. On the other hand he did run around like a headless chicken once or twice. In short, he's getting way too much stick when you actually look at his performance over the piece. 25 goals and assists lays lie to the workrate issue - fuck was he standing on the line and letting the ball hit off of him?
  22. MaddistonKnight

    Famous People At Ibrox

    He wasn't brought up a catholic. There was discussion on this one years ago because he went to a catholic secondary school. He was only there because it was a sports oriented school. Might have called her that cause he's thick and thought Madonna's daughter had a nice name? EDIT: just read up he is of the other faith. My bad.
  23. MaddistonKnight

    Windass stat

    4 against 5 other teams, for a midfielder, is bad? And in any event, the stat is for goals and assists.
  24. MaddistonKnight

    Windass stat

    I've been on his back all season (well, less so recently) , but I have to take my hat off to him for that stat. Pretty impressive.
  25. MaddistonKnight

    Semi final date and time confirmed

    What is it with Sunday weddings? She's obviously a wrong 'un, you're fully within your rights to give it a bodyswerve.