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  1. Aye but they need it to cover their debts
  2. Fucking spot on. We constantly deify cunts who were paid to perform and who then do down the club. This "Rangers man" pish needs to stop. You can't be a Rangers Man 90% of the time. You are either one of us to the end, or you aren't. Good on Gerrard. Even if it all falls apart for him we have seen what true professionalism is over the last year. And that's what any true Rangers Man should be capable of and give his all to deliver.
  3. It gives them a reason to get up in the morning.
  4. Four legs good, two legs bad ­čśë
  5. True, he was skinned. I love him, but needs to watch that. Got his angles wrong which allowed that twat to go past him. Possibly just got too gallus after having an easy afternoon......
  6. Come on, he has been rank for years. Totally embarrassed himself when he came out of "retirement" for Scotland against England. Deluded arse.
  7. Awesome dummy. It's amazing when you are lauded for brilliance when you haven't even touched the ball. Football, eh!
  8. You should chase them up for a job. Your CV would nail it.
  9. Believe it or not the OED definition changed because so many people were using it incorrectly!
  10. I was keeping an eye on the ratbag. Time after time, and the ref was doing feck all. Mind you, Katic had his card marked anyway.
  11. I live near Falkirk, so the local pub puts on the Scottish Championship game every Friday on one of the TVs in the pub. Thank God there's an English match on the other 3 TVs.
  12. Newtown Park in Bo'ness for a testimonial game back in the 80s. Couldnae see a thing because I got in late and was stuck at the back!
  13. I think people are misunderstanding me. Great to see our youth team, but is Scottish football that bad that the powers that be need to put a youth game on the telly?
  14. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Kid of embarrassing that we've got a youth game on national telly, so bad is the usual fare
  15. Say ten hail Mary's and wash your mouth out.
  16. My big mate is very good friends with them. See their posts on Facebook quite a lot. Most definitely big Bears. There was a lad when I was younger went to the local RC secondary who was a Bear. He was known as the Lone Ranger!
  17. My nephew is RC and a Bear. My mate knows a family of RCs with 3 generations of Gers supporters, most of them season ticket holders. My Brummie mate is RC, hates celtic and comes to Ibrox with me when he comes up. I know a boy from Belfast who is RC and supports the Gers. Just saying.
  18. Fair do's, that's a sound argument against which I have never actually seen put down on paper. I don't think the cost is quite as bad as £13 a month (wife and 3 daughters......), and I get you point on choice and innovation which I fully agree with in principle. On that basis I would limit my spendthrift ways to free tampons to all school age persons.
  19. Its one of the few things I think should be free at the point of supply, paid for through taxes.
  20. Women shouldn't have to pay for sanitary products. End of.
  21. I'm with you brother. Apart from the swearing. Despicable.
  22. Second replay against Hibs in 1979. In the old North stand at Hampden
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