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  1. Wouldn't give a penny to the SFA. Keep it and pay for hospitality at a bears game instead.
  2. So why don't we just get of the buses and leather them instead of sounding like we scared ladies. Ffs.
  3. Gov. Let me know how to contribute to such a brill cause and I'll make a donation as should all people who appreciate the service these people have done their country.
  4. Thanks for that. Looks like the boy oozes confidence. Fast feet and plenty of skill. Could be a nugget.
  5. I've just been brought up to be British first by my parents. Good church going protestant parents who instilled a lot of morals, believes and manners in me at a young age that I still carry to this day. I'm nearly 60 now. I'm proud to be Scottish but I'll always be British first.
  6. Used to wear gear with Scottish connections on holiday with pride. Would be embarrassed nowadays. Our identity has been hijacked by republicans.
  7. Get the saltire take feck. Sat in main stand for old firm game and the sight of it only made me think snp. I've got a prick of a neighbour who flies it in his garden. Fenien prick. Enough said.
  8. Anybody breaking the silence should have got a broken jaw from the guy nearest to them.
  9. Merry Christmas to bears worldwide. Lets hope we get the results we expect and demand and go into the new year on a high. Wish you all health and happiness. We are the people.
  10. Thanks for putting up the goals and interviews every week. Well done man.
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