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  1. I would expect them to lose more points without fans. The poisonous hatred that comes down from the stands for every foul/decision does influence the half honest officials. Obviously they'll still get every decision from the usual suspects.
  2. Seemingly Alfie has agreed terms with Lille. Article in Mail online. Not surprised if true. https://mol.im/a/8561501 Edit. Sorry Naepace. Never s÷n your sky link.
  3. Great post Swally. A minutes silence is the least we could do to honour those that have passed away. Many bears amongst them. The scum could do a minutes applause for their tainted title as they obviously don't give a fu#k about the pandemic. I thought you said you were knackered on an earlier topic? 18hr shift. Get some sleep.
  4. Ham & eggs at the top is a fabulous photo.
  5. Hope u r right Bob. If the season wasn't being completed then n&v was the only fair and honest way of terminating the season but never going to happen in this cesspit of a country.
  6. £25 notes paid. Pubs shut therefore might as well put it to a great cause. Admire the time you put into fund raising.
  7. Brilliant. Comes across as a cracking old guy. And supporting a great cause.
  8. People come to our city/country from all over the world. Do our fans really expect them to go into the biggest sports shop in the main shopping areas and not see our kit available to buy. It should be showcased in as many outlets as possible. MA shafted us for years. We may as well use his stores now to generate for us some much needed income.
  9. Sorted. Should have checked before posting.
  10. People all talking about new strikers or midfielders. I'd like to think that Gerrard would be going all out to get a leader and captain into the team. Gerrard would be making a huge mistake going into the new season with Tav still as captain. The role is just to big for him.
  11. Should have been voided as should all competitions.
  12. He obviously believes in 433. I'm sure I heard that youth teams play that way also. Plenty of people have criticised him on here for a lack of a plan B. We badly need a second striker in most league games.
  13. I'm sure Keevins mentioned it was sectarian as some taig got murdered in an amusement arcade. They can twist anything to their agenda.
  14. We can all dream. Could you imagine him and Morelos running at you. I'd pay money to watch that. Be like two tanks coming towards you.
  15. I dont see Gerrard changing to two up front. I've always preferred watching two up front but Gerrard's the guy with champions league medals in his cabinet so what do I know.
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