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  1. Neither will the dugs.
  2. My Fathers Scarf

    Happy Saturday

    If the shoe fits.
  3. My Fathers Scarf

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Yes. The board have grown a pair. No more mister nice guy trying to appease these c#nuts.
  4. My Fathers Scarf

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    George Best. Class.
  5. My Fathers Scarf

    Our squad

    Ridiculous thing to say.
  6. My Fathers Scarf

    Nurnberg shug

    Why would any bear listen to that shite. Change your channel.
  7. My Fathers Scarf

    Christmas at Ibrox - The Argyle Restaurant Menus

    Thanks for the info. Defo be booking for me and the wife. Sound brill.
  8. Thats why I said allegedly. Also why I said he came across as a decent big guy. Other older bears might confirm.
  9. No you're right, he was a donkey. Sure we got rid of him to Hertz allegedly because he got caught dipping his teammtes pockepockets in the dressing room. He played at right back most games because of the Brown/Gough partnership which didn't heĺp him. Always came across as a decent big guy when interviewed.
  10. John Brown or Mark Hateley surprised me most. Brilliant signings Brian Reid was biggest disappointment. Thought he was a future Scotland captain.
  11. I stopped supporting them when they allowed the police to intervene and charge big Duncan fergusson. We've always been treated differently.
  12. My Fathers Scarf

    *** The Official Hibernian Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Might buy another season ticket if this is what we'll be watching. Gave it up watching the dross Mccoist served up.
  13. My Fathers Scarf

    ***The Official Rangers v Cowdenbeath Match Thread***

    You don't drop a point you drop 2
  14. My Fathers Scarf

    SPL Commision - £250K fine to oldco, no titles lost

    A year ago, we had a successful campaign of harassing and worrying past, existing and potential sponsors of anything to do with the SPL/SFA to the extent that old sponsors were asking for their names and logo’s to be removed from SPL/SFA websites. They are still struggling to attract sponsorship for fear of a backlash from our fans. The support is now more galvanised than it has been for years. A year ago they tried to destroy us and put us to the sword. Big mistake. We rallied, regrouped and are now strong enough and ready for any fight they wish to put before us. If they try and take titles from us or hit us with unjust sanctions then we have the power and the will to ruin what’s left of Scottish football. They wouldn’t be that stupid. Would they?