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  1. Rangers - An outstanding member of the football and leisure community that has sewn itself into the social fabric of the U.K. and indeed Europe through abiding by the morals passed down by our fathers, being all inclusive to all members of our society, by being there when called upon and showing great charity to those in need, by being lawful and educational in the way we go about our business and by being a pillar of society in what in most cases is a watchful and caring country. celtic - An abhorrent organisation masquerading as a football club that ever since its creation has attracted the lowest form of life as a large part of its support. A club that has allowed to fester within its “family” paedophilia, terrorism , racism and bigotry. A club with no morals. A club built on shame.
  2. Thought Brian Reid would go on to be our and possibly a Scotland captain. Was gutted for him.
  3. The government shut Wuhan down. A city of 9m people. The government shut Italy down. A country of 60m people. Our government will be forced to do the same. The season wont end and FIFA / UEFA or the SFA won't be asked they're opinion on it. It will only take 1 or 2 players, officials or staff to get tested and panick will kick in. It doesn't matter a feck what stage the leagues at top or bottom. You can't then make assumptions about what would probably have happened. Seasons gubbed. Cups as well.
  4. I see you got a good education.
  5. Piss off ya dick. Ur mates are on the telly just now.
  6. He had a smile on him at the end of the game that would have lit up the dark side of the moon. Was as if he couldn't believe his luck playing.
  7. Well said D'art. Don't hear enough from you these days.
  8. Tommy McLean for scoring against Valencia away. Magical night that I think of often.
  9. Happy new year bears. It's going be a belter. A big thanks is due to govan blue for his sterling work re Erskine charity fund raising. Keep it up mate. WATP.
  10. It was Alfie 2 & Kent in mine. I can't see Defoe starting game but would take 2 from him in last 10 minutes. The bloods pumping now.
  11. I did to that we scored 3 in the 1st half. I woke up tho and didn't get to end of game. Get intae them gers.
  12. Merry Christmas fellow bears. Enjoy the final part of the year because next year's going to be a belter.
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