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  1. Anyone know if its pay at the gate? They don't appear to be selling tickets on Rangers website anymore.
  2. Day off tomorrow. Going to megastore to have a swatch. Something I haven't done in many years.
  3. I think the biggest problem on Saturday was the slowness in moving the ball in midfield, it was all a bit sideways or out wide to Tav over and over until Niko came on and looked to play balls forward, he needs to start on Friday IMO or even play Forrester in a "free role" at tip of midfield triangle.
  4. Was thinking today when the last time we won away from home in the league ? Had a wee swatch there and it was back in February v QOTS, to be honest the last time we gave a team a doing away from home (minus 45mins v Falkirk) was Dumbarton at turn of year, would be nice to see out the season in style.
  5. Club Deck, Broomloan Rear and Copland Rear all shut, with still plenty tickets left we looking at under 20,000 for this ? At least it means quicker getting away from Ibrox, has been a nightmare for the 3:00 pm kick off's this season
  6. Cant make it due to the absolute cunt of a kick off time, £15 down cause its on my season ticket too. Wish we could just tell BBC to bolt
  7. Looking forward to going through tomorrow, was a good atmosphere when we played them there few years ago ! Same as the bounce game for me scoreline wise - 2-0 to Gers
  8. Mullholland must be highly thought of if Southampton were offering him head of academy role
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