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  1. Season Ticket Waiting List

    Got an email reply today saying that they hope to have emailed folk on waiting list by very early June, following which it'll go public sale. No specific date yet for either waiting list email or public sale. It did say though that the offer will be available for a few days only so anyone on waiting list who is on hols etc really needs keep a close eye on their inbox or could miss out.
  2. Another hater but in the SPFL

    When paranoia becomes rational....
  3. Nah sorry, you moved into that flat at the stadium knowing this RM nomination was being proposed. As good as your own wee office at stadium. Worse than Chris Graham for chasing that blazer, folk just haven't cottoned on to your wily ways yet....
  4. sfa bigot exposed

    An alleged Rangers supporting journo writing for a bheast backed jrag highlights 12 year old misdemeanours of a scum supporter who now holds sway at the sfa but went against the Jap recently....... Can @eskbankloyal tell me how the fuck this whole episode has come about and how the fuck we know we're not being played here....
  5. I vote literally anyone other than inigo and bp9. The worst cunts....
  6. I vote Orange Persson for intelligence and perceptiveness.....
  7. sfa bigot exposed

    Hearing they're bringing in Martin Bain to replace him and really fuck us over...
  8. sfa bigot exposed

    If he's recently voted against the scum viewpoint then that's more likely to be the fuel behind all this. He's served his purpose until more recently now the scum want him removed and likely replaced by another of their own. And what better a way than getting us thinking we're making it happen. Or maybe it could be thst after 11 years of having made the remark it's just surfaced out of nowhere.....
  9. sfa bigot exposed

    So Rangers are fighting this and other wrongs? We're taking a stance of no more shit and fighting back? Is that what you're saying?
  10. sfa bigot exposed

    He'll be the victim in this by the end of the week.
  11. Well done the Rangers charity foundation

    Horrific story. Fantastic response to help out.
  12. Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    More chance of getting done in by Isis in London, Paris, Brussels or umpteen other cities. Been going to Turkey for years and find it safer than houses. Saying that, wouldn't touch marmaris again, it's the poor man's resort. Get along to Antalya airport and take in 4 or 5 star hotels on Lara beach or Belek. Quality and value for money is incredible.
  13. Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    Googling to see if Mehmets Boutique has a Belek shop too....