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  1. Junkies at home in our first game at ibrox week 2.
  2. Being modelled by Nicky law so I think it's an old mock up.
  3. Billy yer fucked. Diarmid yer aff the hook.
  4. The new guys are the way forward. Bring him on as a sub if we need to.
  5. Don't guess, ask the cunt who knows.
  6. And bheast game weekends?
  7. Hope the club is doing everything in it's power to get as much stock into store and on the shelves asap. Crucial to maximise sales whilst we can.
  8. Just don't be a full strip wanker at your age OP. That's bheast behaviour.
  9. Ya dirty pervy bastard. Aye.
  10. Aye
  11. 😂😂 You fucked it 😂😂
  12. You're a long time dead. Get it bought, get it worn, enjoy yourself amongst bears and wear it with pride. Go on, live a little mate, you'll not be embarrassed. Never too old.
  13. Well it's hardly "bother" when there's not a problem other than you starting a thread saying there is.
  14. 😂😂😂
  15. Next Day Delivery Place your order before 7pm Sunday - Friday and receive your order the very next day (excludes Sundays and Public/Bank Holidays). For only £6.99! If you select our Next Day Delivery option, and your order is placed and accepted before 7pm Sunday - Friday, we aim to have your order delivered to your doorthe very next day provided the next day is not a Sunday or Bank Holiday. Orders placed after 7pm will take an extra 24 hours to deliver (excludes Sundays and Public/Bank Holidays). Sounds like you ordered too late, your issue, not the Megastore's