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  1. Pedro Press conference

    To beat a squad worth at least 5 times ours, conservatively. That earns 5 times ours in salaries. With the CL money to spend about 5 times ours in new signings. Within 3 years. Aye very good.
  2. Pedro Press conference

    To replace a squad again and do so with minimal investment within 3 years is fucking deluded.
  3. Pedro Press conference

    8 million? Will the accounts show this? Factored over 3 or 4 years even if accurate. Ffs please don't think we've forked out 8 million this summer for this squad. And then factor in any new manager will still have a chunk of these alleged salaries to pay for the next few years even if they want them out. So any new manager has a budget of x million less the chunk of budgets still to pay on the likes of pena etc. Still feel confident a new guy can stop 10?
  4. Pedro Press conference

    I think without huge investment it's a bigger risk to replace Pedro than stick with him to stop 10 in a row. Absolutely zero doubt in my mind that someone can come in, sort it for a couple of million, and win the league in the next few years. Zero. With Pedro it's no more than a fighting chance. I'll go for that.
  5. Pedro Press conference

    Ok, anyone other than Pedro. Yes they signed for Rangers, but don't doubt the influence of a manager. Listen to Alves admiration as a clue. All ifs buts and maybes. But I feel they are more comfortable with a European manager speaking their natural tongue. Without this, i reckon theres huge question marks for them all here.
  6. Pedro Press conference

    If suggest that's a bit naive. I think alves is largely here because of Pedro. I also wonder whether Cardoso, Pena, and morelos would be as settled if let's say mcinnes took over. In honesty I'd imagine all 4 as minimum would look for an exit strategy. Given all 4 are amongst our better players, don't under estimate the removal of Pedro without significant playing squad repercussions.
  7. Best Summer Signing

    Fuck up willis
  8. Pedro Press conference

    Pedro is the worst manager in comparison to McCoist and Warburton, even le Guen though apparently....
  9. Pedro Press conference

    Sunday must be won. I'm firmly not of the opinion he must win a cup to be a success this season. At a neutral venue, fuck even at Ibrox, id not expect us to beat the bheasts unfortunately. And if I don't expect it I can't want him sacked for it.
  10. Pedro Press conference

    I miss reformation bear posts 🤔
  11. Pedro Press conference

    Fuck up wanker. Ehm, no actually.
  12. Best Summer Signing

    Morelos is our best player by a country mile and is not only our best summer signing but well on his way to being POTY. I dread the thought of him getting an injury. Any other player we'll cover, but no one will bring what he does to the team and Pedro's system.
  13. Pedro Press conference

    "Period". If you will..
  14. Pedro Press conference

    I've hardly been out the Chinese for about 10 years.
  15. Millers Agent

    That's you done BP9s work for him. I'm out.