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  1. Away and suck yer shite through a straw. Clown
  2. I think he's a Rangers fan too. But with his Gasl background, Noal issue recently, £30 million claims, Nomad, retail deal being liveable then not, it's all just bollocks Rangers man or not. I'd honestly praise him more than anyone if he delivered on his pledges. Now though, quite the opposite, it looks like he's seeking an out rather than to deliver the dosh. It's just not acceptable.
  3. Yet 2 years ago he was for puting in 30 million he was prepared to lose.... We just don't need key figures saying one thing and doing another. It's the same as the previous charlatans. Dave King may well be doing things for the right reason; ie not ripping us off and contributing to our slow return to health, but he is full of shit and lies when he's doing it and that's not good enough
  4. CRARFC. Not entirely sure why you liked the above post. You do get that it's not profit, it's not real, it's not our money? Tell me you get that?
  5. Aye but if we sold 50k home, away and 3rd team strips we'd have the £5m King was talking about. Simples, no 🤔😉?
  6. £35 x 50k does = £1.75 million. We don't get that money, that's not our profit. Our profit is anywhere between the fabled 4% of that and 10ish per cent depending on who you believe. So that's not a lot of money though it would be better in our pocket than not. The boycott is preventing that, which suits only those selling alternatives who have failed to answer how much and how they are contributing some of their profits to the club as they have said they would. WE are making our club more invest able with our sellouts and ST numbers more than any individual. The board's job includes bringing in investment and on that front are failing miserably.
  7. £2 million tops. A signing will be made early to encourage ST sales. Them it'll be more of the same. Just hope PC can do it in the cheap better than MW did.
  8. Good stuff, thanks. Still no clearer on what the CIC involves, why the secrecy, why further delay (November?), why the discrepancy between the initial application and secondary one as highlighted by Virtuoso above. Folk just want to know what's going on with it which isn't unreasonable.
  9. This whole EH CIC thing can be easily cleared up by Greg @Louden_Greg Greg, the floor's all yours, so what's the state of play?
  10. I was at that game, main stand, pretty much behind the trajectory of the ball. Honestly don't think I've ever seen a ball struck sweeter. Probably one of the few to prefer this to his dryburgh cup goal.
  11. Any development of EH must be to the significant financial benefit of the club. Food, drink, merchandise, museum entry fee etc - the club should be the money earner, not a private business or its just the same as our catering situation. If TLT use their experience to facilitate this then fantastic. If they use it to benefit from it at the expense of diverted profits from the club then I would class them as no different to SOS or Lionbrand. Blue pound charlatans. Time will tell.
  12. Great wee tribute that Mr S.
  13. 25 Davie Cooper Quotes That Every Glasgow Rangers Fan Will Love On the anniversary of Davie Cooper's death, here are the best quotes - by and about - the Rangers legend. Legends on Davie Ray Wilkins: "He was a Brazilian trapped in a Scotsman’s body." Walter Smith: "He was always a tremendous player for this club but when Graeme Souness and I moved into Ibrox he was transformed. There is no doubt in my mind that was because he was surrounded by better players." Stuart Munroe: "Davie could have made a fortune by moving down south but he resisted the temptation because he was a Rangers man through and through." Terry Butcher: "He was second to none in terms of delivery of the ball, and I’d rate him better than David Beckham in terms of free-kicks and corners. He was a magnificent talent and a wonderful character. He could moan for Scotland, right enough, but was basically a lovely lad. I still miss him terribly." Craig Brown: "This country doesn’t unearth all that many genuinely world-class stars, but Coop came into that category without a shadow of a doubt." Graeme Souness: "His nickname ‘Albert’ which stemmed from the Coronation Street character Albert Tatlock who was always moaning. I could tell if Coop was going to have a good game if he came into Ibrox and was moaning even more than usual!" Derek Johnstone: "From a playing point of view there is no doubt in my mind that he was one of Europe’s greatest players." Ruud Gullit: "Davie Cooper was one of the best football players I have ever seen." Gordon Smith: "When I later moved to the continent to pursue my career I saw lots of fine players with marvellous talent. But none better than Davie." Walter Smith: "Davie’s pet hates were referees and coaches which meant I got my fair share of stick because I referred some training games and I also did a lot of the coaching!" Rod Stewart: "I played against him in a charity match some years ago back up at Firhill. I reckoned I matched him for speed, but that was about it. He was just so tricky he tied me up in knots!" Sandy Jardine: "His goal in the Drybrough cup against Celtic was one in a lifetime and it overshadowed me because I scored one of my best goals that day and it hardly got a mention." Tommy McClean: "He wasn’t the quickest in terms of pace but he was the quickest thinker I’ve ever seen. He saw things so much earlier than anyone else." Gordon Strachan: "Davie would hug the left touchline. He was the best ball player and wide man I've ever seen. He wasn't fast; he'd just get past defenders with an amazing change of direction. He was also a superb passer of the ball and his crossing was second to none." Charlie Nicholas: "Apart from his footballing ability which was second to none he was also one of the most down to earth guys you could wish to meet." Andy Roxburgh: "Football is not about robots or boring tactics. It's about excitement, emotion and individual flair and imagination as shown by Davie Cooper." Ally McCoist: "Even now I find it difficult to believe he’s gone. We were friends and teammates for a long time and his death had an enormous effect on me." Graeme Souness: "I always believed that Davie Cooper was a more naturally gifted player than even the great Kenny Dalglish. And that is high praise." Walter Smith: "God gave Davie Cooper a talent. He would not be disappointed with how it was used." Davie on Davie On his loyalties: "I only support two teams; Rangers, and whoever is playing Celtic." On beating Celtic 3-2: "Jock Wallace told us in no uncertain terms that Celtic had scored two unlucky goals, so we had better go out there and score three bloody good ones." On the first time he played against John Greig: "He waded in with the kind of challenge Jack the Ripper would have been proud of…and then he growled “If I get another chance, I’ll break your leg." On the Souness era: "I do feel a little bit frustrated that these good and exciting times at Ibrox have come a little too late for me. But against that frustration is the realism that I have enjoyed a marvelous career that others would give their right arm for so I can't be greedy." On joining Motherwell: "I hated leaving Rangers, but I wanted to go somewhere where I could keep playing." On Rangers: "I played for the team I loved."
  14. Your old man wasn't the only man who cried Billy. I gret like a bairn. A wizard with a left foot, I was privileged to see in the flesh. THAT free kick against the sheep. RIP Davie 'Albert' Cooper.