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  1. So you are not confident, are holding on desperately to the hope, yet in terms of the definition of expectation condider 1st with a strong belief that this will happen or be the case. Ok. Thanks
  2. I'll do it after I've sneaked into the game tomorrow using a kids ticket. Fuck the club.
  3. Pretty sure it's been well documented he's right sided naturally.
  4. Would likely go for that too. On the basis I think wes will go to Forest so we need to prepare for that and it's imo then the strongest team we have. One thing on Beerman. Folk reckon he's shite but he's right sided but was thrown in several times on the left in hard hard games. Id like to see what he could offer in place of Tav as this would likely help get the best out of him.
  5. For thieving, club-depriving shyster cunts ☺
  6. Two defensive midfielders being laughable. But apparently so few more attack minded options. Especially given we are/were trying (rightly) to rid ourselves of most of them like Moh, Forrester, McKay. And had only those deemed to be shite ie Dalcio or Waghorn as options to come in. And fwiw I dont think Rossiter and Jack were geared to defensive play. I think they 2 in particular looked to move the ball forward at A decent pace before it broke down at the likes of Miller or Windass. We may indeed have had a plan. Or not. But the lethargy shown by Miller, Wallace, Tav and then the goal costing mistakes by Wes Bates and Windass would have fucked any plan. The last 10 mins when they got the finger out shows that it was attitude and desire that was lacking more than anything before they realised it was becoming too late.
  7. Can't argue with that. Nor with him playing in the home EL game. Piss poor. But in honesty did you: 1. think either EL starting line ups were particularly poor 2. Think given the starting line ups we would get put out. I didn't. And I seem I'm the minority in focussing on the players being at greater fault than the manager for our EL exit.
  8. King confirmed this was his remit. Yet some love to compare Pedro v Murty. Murty whose job it was to come in and galvanize the squad in a short time as a temp manager. Pedro whose job it was to come in, challenge and assess the squad, root out those he felt wouldn't fit his system and then work to get them to leave (inhumanely Barrie or otherwise.) Good guy role v hardy cunt role. Bizarre that results during this ate so heavily weighted against him. Even losing to the sheep with our CH pairing of Bates and A Wilson.
  9. I'm not meaning from the outset of the game. I agree with that part. But he /we fucked up by shitting it rather than thinking fuck it lets at least go out with a fight. Biggest anti climax ever watching us. Not the getting beat but the reluctance to at least go for it before it was too late.
  10. Fair enough.
  11. I'd have rather they put 4 past us after their first if it meant we'd had a go. We shat it and when nil nil went out the window so did our game plan and hope.
  12. Aye some of them were great. Didn't give a fuck when I stood in the stadium in Manchester knowing Walter had fucked it in not even having a go at them.
  13. I'm happy to show you where you provided argument in favour of a different manager to our own on a thread set up about the benefits of a different manager to our own. Anyone but Pedro eh?
  14. I'm saying he is a good manager with a certain level of player. I've evidenced his struggles at Everton. I think he was good for us in the past, however we are not on an even keel with the bheasts currently in terms of budgets, standard of player, punching above our weight. Want to tell me he would even be interested.....
  15. Ah so he's good with a squad of internationalists. Want to compare ours to the bheasts.....