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  1. Murty Press Conference

    Is Murty turning into a Warburton clone with the same regurgitated stuff each week....? Trained well, analysed, lift spirits, trained well, provide for the players, trained well blah blah.... I actually do like the guy but wonder if a steely determination/ arse kicking/ ruthlessness is in his repertoire when needed.
  2. Craig shite to release a book

    Most likely Jackanory stuff by this Walter Mitty. No doubt the rebel will do daily centre page exclusives on it that'll be posted on here though....
  3. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Rangers to train well in the run up to the game. Miller to play. More shite headlines like Alves refusing to be a sub / Morelos dropped and disciplined to be made up and published. Murty still to be in charge. ^^ my predictions ^^
  4. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    Stealth I'm an educated cunt thread by the OP.
  5. Hibs emails out

    Got one. Third away of the season for me.
  6. Kenny Miller

    Last decent impact he's had then.
  7. Ethan Hamilton and Scott McTominay

    Roberts is apparently a 1.5 to 2m a year loanee. Miles outwith our financial reach.
  8. Ethan Hamilton and Scott McTominay

    And yet hivees get a city loanee and he looks a cracking player. I've no doubt, given how many have failed with us, it's more about us as a club and how we use them than it is about the player.
  9. Kenny Miller

    Miller was poor and a liability last season. The minority like myself said his time should be over. His time MUST be over now. Any manager starting time loses credibility immediately.
  10. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    They're all getting a wedge in one way or another. Every one of them. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Not a chance they will demand change. Not a fucking chance.
  11. Twatter press conference Murty& jw

    Not so sure. Nor am I sure that the likes if mcinnes would touch us if he didn't get a major involvement and final say on players coming and going.
  12. Twatter press conference Murty& jw

    If it is a coaches job where someone else Ie DoF buys / sells players and is responsible for identifying talent and recruitment then yeah maybe. But if it's a manager's job as we know it we'd be taking a huge risk with him. Does he gave a network of contacts, is he able to identify talent and promote the club/his vision etc to seal deals. Can he work to budgets to improve our squad rather than just manage players he's told to work with. He's not been in a position to show what he can do in these and similar areas and as such is a big gamble.
  13. Morelos dropped?

    He's our main man up front doing the work of 2. Folk that think we won't miss him if he ends up replaced lfl or with a combination of Miller + hardie/Herrera are mistaken. Especially if he was to be out longer term.
  14. Ross McCrorie

    Take off your blue tinted specs. He's better than that.
  15. Players now getting day off during the week

    We should be training more. In fact, given that we've "trained really well" so often I'd go as far as telling players that matches are cancelled and instead we're playing league oppositional as training sessions....
  16. Players now getting day off during the week

    I remember when players used to train 8 days a week. Murty is nowhere near hard enough and has wasted his opperchancity.
  17. Harry Cochrane

    Bears Den-mark? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. Harry Cochrane

    You talk utter white.
  19. Harry Cochrane

    The lad was poor against us and the junkies. There may well be a player in there, he is young and still to develop, but he'd be well advised to do it somewhere he'll get first team games. Like Hearts, not us, he's miles away from what we need in midfield. Not for me, certainly not the now anyways.
  20. Graham Potter

  21. Charlie Adam

    I'm 42 and even when I'm on crutches when my gout kicks in I'm fitter and more mobile than Adam.
  22. October Player of the Month

    Clearly needs a better agent .....
  23. Ryan Jack

    Jack done ok against the Dutch. Like most he was completely overshadowed by our 100 million valued centre half who was sublime in winning headers and getting a shot on target.
  24. Glasgow Cup Defeat For 17’s

    Sack someone. Anyone.
  25. Riley Mcgree

    Named after where he was conceived, his bheastly mother was partial to folk sinking the pink at the local snooker club..