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  1. Not if you're in Canada. Searching Canadian immigration CIC
  2. Then took it right back off you as no bear I know calls those cunts "Timmy" ffs
  3. OP I believe in you and even gave you a like.πŸ–’
  4. Who is now available to play against us on Saturday. Hardly groundbreaking or non-BD.
  5. Reckon it'll be the season after next before PC becomes the latest fall guy and the manager's job becomes available....
  6. Not a fuckin chance
  7. Bottom 6 fodder.
  8. Scottish Fe**an Association. Corrupt to the core.
  9. "Build team around...." Fucking Hell.
  10. Yeah but that depends on how they play, number of chances he gets, scoring ratios. I don't really know so I won't hold it against him. From what I saw of him with us he was instinctive and direct. Just lightweight. Don't know why you'd disagree with the opportunity to give him a crack at it preseason. But it's all ifs buts and maybes.
  11. I'd rather we brought in a host of new forwards. Given that's unlikely, everyone that's on our books including Hardie Thomson and Crooks should be getting assessed the now and should have a fair crack at winning a squad place come preseason. If they aren't cutting it let them go or get them sold, no good being here getting loaned out every season with no chance of making it. I like the boy, think there's a player in there, the only way we'll ever find out if he's good enough is if he's given this opportunity.
  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Think the only argument you're making and winning is in your own heid but fair dos. Trolling ffs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. Gut feeling was Warburton was magic. My guts are fucked.
  14. Ah I'm deflecting not trolling now. OK so re your post above... Have we had a chance to act now to change our 4 key forwards complement of Miller Waghorn Garner and Dodoo for next season? Y of N? Is it April? Y or N? If you answer Y to both you're being honest, but you'll likely say I'm trolling again. As my point is proven. If you answer N to either your lying, stupid or a stupid liar My bet is that you'll just stop replying. At no point have I had an issue with the fact it's April and the transfer window hasn't opened. The only issue between our posts is that you seem to take umbrage to me saying" as it stands" even though you subsequently stated I was correct πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I've already said we MUST change our forward options. That will now have to take place in the summer transfer window. (Happy?). I think it will happen. Or at least I think we'll bring new forward(s)in. But transfers out rely now as I've stated on other clubs wanting our players and the player satisfied with what's on offer. Not a given by any means. I actually wouldn't be surprised if our budget is impacted by players not wanting to leave and us paying for the existing 4 plus new signings. But that's another discussion, don't want to deflect from this one.....
  15. Fuck knows what you agree with when it's factual rather than opinion, but whatever. I don't know how many times or ways to say there has been a chance to change it -but the report is Miller has been offered a new contract so we haven't taken that opportunity. Of course it could change. It must. But it's no longer changing on our terms but on the interaction and agreement of others. More difficult, potentially at a cost, can't be guaranteed. I'm aware of no pre-contract in or out with forwards, so it seems like PC has his work cut out in the summer to bring in freshness. And you've been on here long enough to know that I'm hardly complaining here, I'm acknowledging a point re it now more difficult to bring in new attackers than it would be if Miller left (salary and a space being available). That's all.
  16. No. The option to change it was to not renew Miller's contract. Thats where OUR control of the situation and flexibility existed. Similar situation to Hill. At least defensively we know the senderos wage will be freed up. We will likely have 4 forwards next season. Unless we sell or transfer or pay off one/more of the other 3 then as it stands it'll be the same 4. We're now dependent on others, ie a club looking to sign one of our under performers, and that individual happy with the package to go. All of which is more complicated that letting an out of contract player go. It's not a huge issue except to you, but regardless of what folk think of Miller, if we resign him it makes it likelier we'll have the same strike force than if we didn't resign him. As you acknowledge. Explained, correct, not trolling, no issue to anyone other than you. You're also welcome.
  17. So I'm correct in "as it stands". In the knowledge that none are out of contract in the summer. As in I'm correct. Thanks.
  18. Doomed.
  19. Sold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  20. I get that argument but he's the one out of contract. Ideally it would have been Waghorn. We now have to hope some of those in contract can be offloaded at no cost.
  21. Its no such thing. Our strike force is Miller, Garner, Waghorn, Dodoo imo. Also imo they have all had poor seasons and underperformed. Goal stats support this. None are off the wage bill or out of contract bar Miller. If he stays then as it stands next season will be the same strike force as this season. What's trolling?
  22. What's trolling about stating fact?
  23. We also haven't got any of our underperforming strikers off the wage bill. So as it stands it's the same strike force as this season 😣
  24. MA will be trying to be pals with Dave now asking how to get away with such dodgy dealings
  25. Willie Henderson says Rangers must spend Β£50 million on players to catch Celtic. Former Rangers winger Willie Henderson claims Β£50million is required for new players if the Ibrox club is to compete with Celtic. The Light Blues were dismissed with ease in Sunday's William Hill Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden Park by the Hoops whose 2-0 win was no reflection of their superiority in a season where they have not lost in five Old Firm meetings. The Parkhead club secured their sixth Ladbrokes Premiership title earlier in the month and are gunning for the treble in their first season with Brendan Rodgers as boss. Read more: John Beaton named as referee for Rangers v Celtic clash at Ibrox Henderson, star of the Ibrox club in the 1960s and early 1970s, was speaking at the national stadium where he was helping launch this year's nominations for the Scottish Football Hall of Fame. The former Scotland player was scathing of Rangers' efforts on Sunday and said: "The fans at least expect an enormous effort from players wearing the blue jersey. "They accept that Celtic are a better team just now but they shouldn't be a better team with effort and that was disappointing for the fans who have put up with a lot for a long time. "If Rangers are going to compete with Celtic, there has to be a huge investment in this club to purchase players who are going to be of a standard who can play for Glasgow Rangers and compete with Celtic. "Β£50million, solely for players. It might be an idea for another investor, if there is another investor who could be brought into the club who is interested in putting money into football. It is certainly needed. "I am not privy to anything that goes on in the business side of it but if it is going to take someone else to be added to what is already at Rangers, prepared to invest the money in the club, then maybe it is time that the board sit round the table and discuss it with other people. "You are going to have the same situation that you have just now if they don't do that." Henderson believes it is over half a century since there was such a gulf between the two clubs. Ahead of the last league meeting of the season between the clubs at Ibrox on Saturday, he said: "We played Celtic on the Saturday (1963 Scottish Cup final) and drew and on the Wednesday we beat Celtic 3-0 in the replay, in front of a quarter of a million people in total. "At that stage there was a huge gulf between Celtic and Rangers. "We were far in front but then along came the genius Jock Stein (Celtic's European Cup winning manager). The gulf today is the same as before Jock Stein came. "We were always very confident of beating Celtic. Today, I don't think there is a Celtic player who if they are going out and putting a shift in, would fear getting beat by Glasgow Rangers." Henderson believes that any manager, not only the recently appointed Portuguese coach Pedro Caixinha, would struggle with the Ibrox squad of whom he would keep only "three or four" for next season. He said: "There are a lot of players at Ibrox who, for a considerable time, have had a chance to prove themselves to be of that class and I am afraid some of them are not that good. "Kenny Miller has had a really good season. He would be the first to admit that he is getting on but with his experience I would keep him on, "I would keep the goalkeeper (Wes Foderingham), Lee Wallace and the lad (Emerson) Hyndman. "These are good players. But you would certainly need to add to the squad. "It is all very well bringing managers in but as I said earlier, when Jock Stein came in, players like Jimmy Johnstone, Tommy Gemmell and Bobby Murdoch were there. "We don't have players of that calibre just now, for any manager coming in, to be able to improve the team that much."