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  1. Hope you're right. Think you're wrong. Maybe when Morelos finds his feet more it'll be him and Herrera. Miller's just not offering enough and you can now see pacy breaks break down around him (though he has also had a couple of nice touches today which haven't quite came off).
  2. Normally a number 9 priority to score goals.
  3. Hopefully not tinker too much. Morelos for Miller. Pena for Dorrans or Niko if he tires. Get to 70/75 mins as competitively as possible.
  4. Yep. Good shape. Chances. Strong in tackle. At times a bit slow to capitalise on breaks but I'll tell you what.... there's the basis of a good team there. Need more pace up front, need more from Miller and Dorrans, but considering opposition that's a pleasing 1st 45.
  5. Id say well less than 25k at the moment tho am in Main Stand so can't see how busy that or enclosures look.
  6. Match day and this pish gets posted. That's fucking murder right there.
  7. Bears Den not foxes arsehole 😁🖕
  8. Honest to fuck I hate the pre season on here....
  9. That was then. This is now.
  10. Further offended by your vulgarity.
  11. I'm hoping the first 45 or 60 we compete well and hold our own. That's when I'd imagine our strongest team is playing. After that it normally gets bitty with the squad players introduced and the flow of play lost. So hopefully evidence the starting 11 are gelling well under the new system and at least showing some cohesion and chances created.
  12. I'm offended.
  13. Some really decent points. I guess the crux of the matter is do we twist or fold. I'm for twisting in January / summer and just hope the results are decent enough to allow for that and further what's already there. The alternative is to fold and replace with this 'winner'. As I see it he'd have to be a fucking magician. Even to match the bheasts with what Pedro squad has cost which I doubt he'd get as it's been spent on Pedro's squad! Then there's the inherited issues like players loyal to previous managers but here on decent lengthy contracts. Though it's compounded by the fact he'd have PC and MW players to chase. At what cost. And I really can't see the Mexicans and Portuguese contingent giving 100% off the manager they came to play for goes. That's assuming they're even decent which we know the previous dross like Moh, Waghorn, Forrester are not. This 'winner' would also have to turn this calamity around damn quick or be deemed a dud too despite the issues faced. I'd say this guy would need at least 3 windows to turn it around. And would never get that. So I'll hope to stick with Pedro for now, hope his team can do enough to get to the next window, and build by strengthening the flanks then. But good post mate. Good to see some consideration and logic rather than the just because we're Rangers argument that is part of the problem not solution.
  14. More chance along in Malia I'd have thought mate. And happy birthday and all that.
  15. So Pedro / the board have brought 9 in. That still leaves room for the 4 or 5 you mention who are bad for harmony and morale. I absolutely agree with this. They need to go. Cancerous is a descriptive I've used. Perhaps more if we then consider others who like Miller and Wallace who may undermine if reports are to be believed/ get dropped/ lose captaincy. But if we say its 4 or 5 for now that need to go then something needs to give. Either we bin them and replace with 4 or 5 new signings which is a Board matter. If the Board haven't done this (brought in circa 13 players this window) are they to blame? More or less than Pedro? Should we not have paid the money earlier to bring them and Dorrans in sooner to allow time to gel? Or do we replace with Development youths? Are you willing to allow the inevitable mistakes, form drop, etc that this would likely incur. Such as Beerman pen v the bheasts, Bates shoddy defending costing goal v Progres? Or should we have kept Hill (CH seems our strongest area) or McKay (reports of refusing contract and dropping levels at training.) Interested in your genuine thoughts on solutions and the consequences. I personally think the well has run dry (and we've spent well), rightly the spine has been focussed on, but that we may need to wait til Jan for strengthening the wings and full backs which are weak. I'm seeing the logic in waiting til then as it's a project and to expect the overhaul I think was needed in the summer was too big and costly to expect in the one go. But I also reckon Pedro (far more than players) is in the firing line and likely won't get to Christmas. Yet the players and Board will pretty much get off Scot free if he carries the can. What's your thoughts / solution?
  16. Nor a vote of no confidence given the game is a friendly which some avoid regardless, is 15 bucks which some deem expensive, was unscheduled, is on RTV, and is during the Fair. It was apparently 20k yesterday when I went to the TO. Reckon we'll get 25k tops.
  17. Exactly. No reason, no justification, no logic. Just because.
  18. So you voted 1st which is not your realistic expectation after all then......
  19. So you are not confident, are holding on desperately to the hope, yet in terms of the definition of expectation condider 1st with a strong belief that this will happen or be the case. Ok. Thanks
  20. I'll do it after I've sneaked into the game tomorrow using a kids ticket. Fuck the club.
  21. Pretty sure it's been well documented he's right sided naturally.
  22. Would likely go for that too. On the basis I think wes will go to Forest so we need to prepare for that and it's imo then the strongest team we have. One thing on Beerman. Folk reckon he's shite but he's right sided but was thrown in several times on the left in hard hard games. Id like to see what he could offer in place of Tav as this would likely help get the best out of him.
  23. For thieving, club-depriving shyster cunts ☺
  24. Two defensive midfielders being laughable. But apparently so few more attack minded options. Especially given we are/were trying (rightly) to rid ourselves of most of them like Moh, Forrester, McKay. And had only those deemed to be shite ie Dalcio or Waghorn as options to come in. And fwiw I dont think Rossiter and Jack were geared to defensive play. I think they 2 in particular looked to move the ball forward at A decent pace before it broke down at the likes of Miller or Windass. We may indeed have had a plan. Or not. But the lethargy shown by Miller, Wallace, Tav and then the goal costing mistakes by Wes Bates and Windass would have fucked any plan. The last 10 mins when they got the finger out shows that it was attitude and desire that was lacking more than anything before they realised it was becoming too late.
  25. Can't argue with that. Nor with him playing in the home EL game. Piss poor. But in honesty did you: 1. think either EL starting line ups were particularly poor 2. Think given the starting line ups we would get put out. I didn't. And I seem I'm the minority in focussing on the players being at greater fault than the manager for our EL exit.