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  1. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    It is the Queen's English after all 👍
  2. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    *you're 😁
  3. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Cheating 👍
  4. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    You're on borrowed time on here.
  5. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    True to an extent. But fuck me it's difficult when you have a man wrongly sent off (Jack), opposition player commiting foul after foul (mcgeoch), another getting free kicks despite rugby tackling our player as the image above illustrates and our player (pena) getting wiped out when breaking through on goal.... all unpunished bar Jack. When all this happens in one game like it did v hivs, you see the reality of the refereeing performance on the result. Edit. I even forgot to add Stokes assaulting Tav.
  6. Russell Martin

    Pretty much nailed it.
  7. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    We keep hearing that. Almost as regularly as we are on the receiving end of questionable/unfathomable decisions. I'll apologise in advance of my paranoia for Saturday which again will be merely shite refereeing that goes against us.
  8. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

  9. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    He clearly grabbed McGregor (who was adopting a mixed rugby tackle / superman style of defending) round the hands with his throat. You need to take off your blue tinted specs and realise Morelos was lucky not to get sent off.
  10. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    There's a "Crackpot" thread in the Boardroom section with your name on it.
  11. Russell Martin

    Am sure there stuff about an arm being in the natural position etc. Martin sliding in whilst raising his arm is natural in terms of protecting your mush but not natural in terms of your arm being by your side. So intentional doesn't really need to be intentional if arm is " raised ".
  12. Russell Martin

    So he's out of contract in the summer but we should pay to keep him here a year longer but loan him out for half of that years extention you suggest? Genius.
  13. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    He is morphing into Warburton though.
  14. Russell Martin

    Need to do it as cheaply as possible to keep money for quality. Bates should go when out of contract in summer, along with the others Miller Niko Hardie and Thomson. I'd encourage Alves to retire to the usa or somewhere after world cup. Not keep Martin after loan expires. Then hopefully sell cardoso. Big turnaround, hope Allan is working on it now.
  15. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    I respect everyones opinion on this thread
  16. Russell Martin

    He did have a poor game. At least 4 passes were poor, one clearance put us in danger, woefully caught out of position in the right back area and then skinned, chasing shadows in the box at times. And I'm not going to start on that header. Certainly wasn't a shocker, that title goes to Martin. But the mistakes are clear to see mate if you allow yourself to.
  17. Russell Martin

    So we extend Bates contract to loan him out?
  18. Greg Docherty

    He's 5 minutes here, he's playing with new team mates and in formations he's not used to. It's him and another inexperienced kid in our central midfield. Ffs give the kid a bit of time to settle.
  19. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    I'm interested.
  20. Our defence

    Yep. From his shite clearance too. I thought initially he hadn't had the time to get close to Templeton but he did. He just stood yards off him and gave him the opportunity to do exactly what he did.
  21. Our defence

    For me 2nd was worse. Martin had 2 opportunities to sort it. Ridiculously poor clearance then failed to get anywhere near tight enough on Templeton. A shocker.
  22. Our defence

    We need to sort out the stupid fucking mistakes. It's schoolboy stuff.
  23. Russell Martin

    Mccrorie plus a new CH should be the way ahead for next season. Wouldn't be upset to see the release/sale of Alves Martin Cardoso and Bates.
  24. Morelos to leave before the end of February [Rocksport Radio]

    Buy back clause? It would be for at least what he was sold for if not more. Can you imagine us getting 11m for him now then buying him back for that in the summer ?