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  1. Corner kicks can you take them outside the quadrant?

    I hope I am "someone".
  2. Soooooounness

    I'd give Souness a pair of boots and licence to do what he sees fit...
  3. Corner kicks can you take them outside the quadrant?

    As long as the ball overhangs the line that's fine. The ball doesn't have to be in the quadrant. 3 times in 2nd half it wasn't. Its not a big thing per se, its just thumb antagonizing and pushing things. And getting away with it. Worst case is he gets told to move ball and he's managed to waste another 30 secs. Annoying, but nothing to get worked up about. Whereas launching a flare at our keeper....
  4. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Happier to call it paranoid, or taigs behaviour, or slate Pedro for highlighting the obvious.
  5. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Fuck you bheast.
  6. Are celtic really that good?

    They are very well drilled and organised. They play possession play well at one side then quickly change to the other side. It's the best football in Scotland but is shown up against better competition. Their strength is middle to front. They have numerous options. However... Man mark Brown, or have every player in his face at every opportunity then you cut out the player who links most of their play. We don't do that nor do other teams. This always gives them confidence. I reckon they're weak at the back. Most teams make good scoring chances against them but, like us, bloody miss sitters. They're good, but beatable. But it needs every player to play well and the tactics to be right against them. No team seems capable of getting both right at the same time.
  7. Dorrans

    Fucking "Broonaldo". Bheast.
  8. Dorrans

    @gogzy You're needed.
  9. Dorrans

    Fuck off ya rattling wank.
  10. Five Captains On The Field.

    I'm not sure. Only because that was an abysmal performance by Hodson and I don't know if Wallace would be as naive or poor. But I'm not defending Wallace either. Not a great player let alone captain.
  11. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Brown has previous of this and kicking out at players heads when they are on the ground. Doesn't even pick up yellows any more. Protected.
  12. Five Captains On The Field.

    The five: Niko. Never a captain. Barely a player. Wallace. Can sound passionate in pressers. Never see any leadership on park. Alves. Has been average at best. Far from a commanding, dominating presence. Only Wallace was probably missed of the 3 today, largely because John was also out and Hodson fucking rank. Then onto those who played: Dorrans. Anonymous. Miller. A man down. Not one is a captain, a leader, an inspiration to others due to their own performances. Not one is having a positive contribution on others I consider essential like Rangers captains of the past. 5 captains my arse.
  13. Five Captains On The Field.

    0 captains. 0 leaders of men. We need nastiness in our team. Loads of opportunities today to wipe out ball and man and leave a marker of intent. None taken. Oh for an iain Ferguson, Bomber, Souness no nonsense no prisoner type.
  14. Pedro (gif)

    It wasn't the only one. Just knew when Thomson decided to stop giving friendly wee chats and start carding it would be our player that caught it.
  15. Pedro (gif)

    Shouldve been a yellow. Windass was running into acres of space in a good break away. Thomson had a wee laugh with the bheast but no action taken.
  16. Pass Marks

    It's a big goal. He NEEDS to score.
  17. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Worse. The only contact was Sinclair clipping his own ankles.
  18. Bunch of shitebags

    There were opportunities today to take ball and man, and really wipe them out. We need nasty bastards. Some of our players are more likely to go for a beer with them tonight.
  19. Jack and Dorrans

    Mccrorie was good, maybe a bit better than good. Not one Rangers player was fantastic.
  20. Bunch of shitebags

    No leaders of men. 5 captains? None I saw today. Except for a kid thrown in at the deep end who excelled.
  21. Pass Marks

    Can't knock morelos for battle and endeavour. But he can't get pass marks when he was caught making the same mistake 6 or 7 times and getting caught offside. And that miss.....
  22. Pass Marks

    I didn't really know what to expect of him as I've never really followed his career and don't watch a huge amount of English football. But to have the quality to play in the top 2 leagues in England for years I thought I'd see class oozing out of him whichever role he played here. I think there's goals in him but even that today was dreadful with his reluctance to put laces through the ball. He's been a huge disappointment to date (on a par with Alves tbh).
  23. Jack and Dorrans

    Let's blame Jack for not controlling that midfield pretty much on his own.
  24. Pass Marks

    Mccrorie was our best player. Jack was decent without shining. They all gave effort. Wes, Hodson and Dorrans all really poor. Nothing from any of the 3 subs.
  25. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    I'm happy to concede we were second best. They deserved their win. Hardly papering over cracks to say though that that was a pen. And I'd put my mortgage on them getting if at the other end.