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  1. Ready, able and willing in the 'Couve. Coffee (decaf) brewing as we speak. Big decision is: butter or marmalade on the toast?
  2. Rising early has never been a problem for me at all. I like to keep regular hours (these days). Win, lose or draw, I'll keep an even keel. Sort of.
  3. Rise early at 4am, put the coffee on, nip into the shower. Dry myself, dress comfy, slices of toast with butter or marmalade, drink coffee, cheer on the teddies .................. too early for a flute concerto or two.
  4. Mixed feelings when I think about Sunday. We were so good, they were so bad in the last meeting. I'm sure there will be a very different energy in the stadium this time with some different players too. Can we hit the heights again? Can they be so poor? This is why a sane man (or woman) should never predict the score in an Old Firm game. Battle fever on .............. perhaps.
  5. Seem to remember reading - many moons ago - that Andrew Neil was a Rangers fan, possibly in his day with The Economist. Confirm? Deny? He's been getting plenty of ink in newspapers in the UK of late and when you watch him, he doesn't take any prisoners when seeking the truth from politicians.
  6. Stand strong. Remember our fathers brave and bold. (Easy for me to say as a retired expat, living 6000+ miles away).
  7. All the possession, they have only two chances, their top striker on the bench, chances by the ton, penalty kick, they get a player red carded .................. and we lose!!! It's a sair fecht so it is. Could we have done anything better? Doubt it. but I'm still shattered!!
  8. Seems that Derek became a very popular name especially in the west of Scotland just after that time.
  9. We hadn't won anything for four years and celtic were probably one of the finest teams in the world at this time (please don't deny this and risk looking ridiculous!!) John Greig was injured and Derek Johnstone was just 16. They had horsed us in the Scottish Cup Final less than a year beforehand ................... and yet we won and if truth be told, it could have been more than by one goal. Nae wonder Colin Jackson enjoyed his cigar after the game. And Derek Johnstone made a name for himself and never had to buy a drink in Renfrew or anywhere else. Happened before, can happen again.
  10. You see a good few Sikhs at Old Trafford close to the team areas, cheering on their team. I haven't been in Glasgow for a good few years and didn't notice when I paid a visit. Do we have many Scottish-Asian fans? I did see a video once with a Scottish Muslim who had been banned from attending Ibrox games (name is forgotten) but don't recall much else. A friend once told me of the Avi Cohen Loyal RSC but perhaps he was pulling my leg.
  11. Nae cup final ticket for my either but I'll be watching from the comfort of home, tea and toast in hand. Many thanks to McEwan's Lager posting with all the stats that matter. I didn't realise that there had been so many Old Firm League Cup Finals. Sadly, my first was the 1957 game and never made it back to another until 1982. My absence is mandatory now.
  12. We generally seem to do better in these than in the Scottish Cup Finals. Recall a few (vaguely) through the years where we've done well. Also recall the 1982 League Cup Final where I was stuck in the wrong end, drenched to the skin and surrounded by them. Not a pleasant memory. Still remember Jim Beat scoring from a free kick - he didn't even seem to hit it hard at all.
  13. Is this an anti-Canadian thread eh?
  14. Wonder do they still grace the back windows of coaches hired by supporters clubs? Recall seeing a few belters throughout the years in various trips to Scotland.
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