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  1. Doddie's missing winners medal

    Thanks to all who posted in response. Some things are beyond the length of my cable tow.
  2. Doddie's missing winners medal

    Read some time ago about Doddie's medal which was snatched when he was on holiday in Spain. "I was never the fastest" he said in the story but I always though of him as a highly mobile player. Anyway, just wondering if a replacement was ever bought for him since no winner should be without a memento of this day. What's the 411?
  3. Has anyone seen Mr Hubbard lately?

    Noticed a nice lapel badge in his photo some time ago. Don Kichenbrand also travels to the east.
  4. Has anyone seen Mr Hubbard lately?

    Good wishes to Bro. Johnny for a good rest and recovery. I met him once and then only briefly. Delighted to note that he travels to the east.
  5. Very good question and I've been thinking about this one for a while. I thought that the late Davie Cooper was a brilliant signing for us even though my celtic supporting friend always insisted that he was the invisible man in Old Firm games. Ditto for the late Colin McAdam. More recent times, Mark Hateley was a fine signing. Bummer of a signing was Basile Boli and I saw him a few times in 1993.
  6. Players we nearly signed...

    Think it was a player called Pavlov. Or perhaps Quasimodo. Those names definitely ring bells.
  7. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Hate to sound old but my first game was against Third Lanark in the early 1950's. Don't remember too much about that one. First strong recollection was the 1957 League Cup Final when we were cuffed 7-1. My dad and I stayed until the bitter end and cheered the players off and still recall him remarking how bad work would be on Monday. Too many beers through the years have affected my memory but I was there for a good few big games and victories. Remember so many games from later on when I was living overseas and would return, largely with Rangers fixtures as a prime concern (don't tell my wife!!) Saw three games at Ibrox in quick succession when we lost three games around 1994 - AEK, celtic and Falkirk. Still remember one glory hunter throwing away his scarf.
  8. My first Rangers game

    Visited Ibrox every few seasons after emigration, less so these days. It wouldn't matter where I sat or stood since I only cared about being inside the stadium. Took my children too and although they don't really care for football, they knew it was important to me and indulged me. I liked to arrive early and wander down PRW although I don't stop in at pubs these days. Seem to remember a lodge social club somewhere in the vicinity. Walked all around the stadium watching the the fans get ready, listening to the songs. Great times.
  9. Come.all you volunteers

    Remember our fathers brave and bold.
  10. Your first experience of Hampden

    1957 League Cup Final. Close game, we were in it to the last minute when the winning goal went in. Stayed until the bitter end, my dad and I, cheering on our heroes. Remember Bobby Shearer's face at the end. I was upset so much that I emigrated to Canada a few years later. Made it back for the 1969 Scottish Cup Final. No better.
  11. Alex MacDonald

    I think that his mother was an RC.
  12. Alex MacDonald

    Full hearted player. Don't recall him playing (much) for Scotland. Remember his joke about breaking church windows a good few years ago, in jest these days but perhaps not so in the bygone days of yore. A great servant to the club and the Scottish game. Met him very briefly once and was impressed. Can any older Bears share memories of his Scottish caps if any. Outwith my cable tow at the moment.
  13. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    "A Father's Advice" is my fave song. Funny thing is I first heard it in an Orange Hall in Ontario some years ago. Thought is was a song from the dark side at first.
  14. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    Seem to remember Greig scoring the only goal in an Old Firm game, Ne'erday, last 1960's. Penalty kick. Memory is hazy of this one since I was probably drunk at the time. If any bear can clarify, I'd be grateful. Beyond my cable tow at the minute.
  15. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    Brought back a lot of memories from the 1950's and 1960's - still remember how solid Bobby Shearer always looked in the blue and I never thought that any shot would beat Billy Ritchie. Don Kichenbrand was an early hero. Smell of Bovril, lots of police horses at games, wee blue invalid cars and I'm sure that I've actually seen steam rising off players as they headed off at half-time or full-time. Come to think of it, I've seen a good few world class players grace the Ibrox turf. And the songs too which have changed in some cases. Sadly, too many hangovers and drink-inflamed passion from me too. But I celebrated 39 years of clean and sober living yesterday.