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  1. Thank you for your recent comment and recognition.  


    The Widow's Son

    1. thedarvelmarvel


      on the level,hiram

  2. Just watched a great YouTube video, an interview with Alex and the story of how his winner's medal was stolen while on holiday in Spain some years ago. I don't think I would ever have got over this loss but a supporter's club in Kirkintilloch replaced it with an assist from the late Sandy Jardine and Derek Johnstone. McDonald started to shed a tear at the end of the interview. Great story - I had not seen this video before.
  3. Wish you wouldn't reprise my old posts. Little bit embarrassed to read this now but I was feeling pretty bad at the time. Some of the posters on here called me a "taig" and other remarks. Working to control my passions and to cover my work.
  4. Had one for years but it got chipped and the mrs, threw it out. Also had an old Ranges tea towel and a King Billy one too but they disappeared through the years. Pity.
  5. Hi Banjobear:


    Many thanks for your detailed response to my query about Norrie Martin playing outfield and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  I'd like to read a little more about this game and will try to track down a source.  In the meantime, thanks again.


    The Widow's Son in the 'couve

    1. banjobear


      Hi TWS,

      No trouble at all. If you do find out more please share.


  6. Did anyone mention Scott Nisbet? He wasn't around that long at all, late '80's I think.
  7. Norrie Martin. Met him many years ago on a trip home. He owned a hotel down Ayrshire way. I once read that he played outfield with a bandage on his head in a minor Old Firm game (Glasgow Cup maybe). Maybe a detail-oriented older bear can confirm.
  8. Glad to note that Dave Smith rates a mention from several bears. My fave was probably Colin Jackson. He gave such good service for a long time. Apparently, when Jackson and Ronnie McKinnon were not in the Barca team, they had a good drink to drown their sorrows.
  9. Met Davie Wilson (older bears will remember him) at a harmony many, many years ago. Very nice man, teetotal too.
  10. Just watched a clip from a Euro game in 1982, Cooper and DJ scored in a great game. I'd forgotten all about Jim Bett. How long did he last at Ibrox? He was a canny player. I seem to remember him playing for Scotland in a World Cup tournament at one point. Grateful for the clip from The Ibrox Derry. A treat for us elderly exiles.
  11. Can't thank The Ibrox Derry enough for this. Don't remember this period at all but no difference. Some fine players in the blue - Jim Bett was probably underrated and Prytz looked lively too. I've only heard of some of these Rangers players since this was long before videos.
  12. Disappointed to note that no one mentioned the late, great Norrie Martin.
  13. Don't recall too much about him since the world was a much bigger place then.. I've largely caught up with him through the old highlights from the early 1990's. Your memories please.
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