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  1. Vancouver early risers - 4am kick off over here.
  2. Did all the right things as a young dad - bought the scarves, strips, played the songs at home. My two sons and daughter were duly enrolled in the local "soccer" league and my wife and I went to every game. All have been at Ibrox for games and tours. And guess what? My sons preferred playing music, the younger one has done really well in ballroom dancing and my daughter ran track all the way through college. When they visit, they ask me how "the Rangers" are doing? Maybe if they'd been raised in Larkhall or Bridgeton it may well have been a different story.
  3. Always enjoy reading various bears preparation for the Old Firm games - cultural tunes in the morning,shower, more tunes, roll and sausage, tunes, cups of tea, meet up with a mate, songs, tunes, refreshments, bus to game. My question is: will our children do the same? Or has it all changed? My children have no connection with the Old Firm game but ask me the score (sometimes).
  4. Fab response - gave me a good laugh out her on the outskirts of Vancouver. Many thanks for that one.
  5. Recent posting mentioned this but I think that I recall that in the 1960s, Rangers did give a guard of honour to Celtic in recognition of a victory in Europe (I think). Not too sure of the details - too many years, too many beers. Can any of the more seasoned bears come to my rescue on this one? It's clearly beyond my cable tow at the moment.
  6. Big thanks to all who replied to my post. Big Vancouver shout-out to JCB for the details of this game which had me scuttling to the bookcase in my den to dredge up details from a Glasgow Herald almanac of Old Firm fixtures. Too many years, too many beers ............. but I'm clean and sober now.
  7. Seems the pitches were muddier, the tackles fiercer, the crowds louder, the songs more bitter in the old days. More arrests too perhaps. I only have vague recollections of Mr. Wharton refereeing Old Firm games, largely cup finals. I met him quite a few years ago and he was kindly and very well-spoken if cautious. Well-respected by both sets of fans if I recall correctly. Now that is saying something for Celtic fans. Wikipedia confirms he did officiate at a good few cup finals in the 1960's and perhaps other Old Firm games too. Remember a bad-tempered affair, late 1960's, early 1970's when he was the ref. I think that a Celtic player opened the scoring in his own net but I have few recollections of that day. Can any other, more seasoned bears help me out with this one?
  8. Well done to the bears who responded. We must never forget.
  9. It was Gerry Creaney, March 1991 at Parkhead. Scottish Cup tie if I recall correctly. First half tackle by Creaney on Hurlock and H responded ferociously. Creaney scored the first goal and a Polish player their second. Interestingly enough, McLeish was a co-commentator for the game.
  10. Sadly, I think that John Greig belongs to another era, definitely mine and perhaps yours but maybe not. Gave his all for the jersey every time and maybe not the best manager but definitely one who knew the Rangers tradition. A true measure of the man is how Celtic fans respect him - one I know commented that he's always be the first name on his team sheet. I don't see that we'll ever have a player playing for only one club in his career ever again. Perhaps we should even remove the term "club servant" from our vocab these days because the reality of the modern game is that we have freelancers who go to the highest bidder. Witness Peter Crouch - how many clubs has he played for? All these reasons are why we should celebrate John Greig. I wish I had the opportunity to sit with him for a few years and enjoy his company as one of the posters did. Still, I wish him well from afar.
  11. Although I like the rousing tune "Marching Through Georgia", I stopped singing along a good few years ago. Moved on, I guess.
  12. I've read and watched footage of the disaster and the aftermath. So many of the deceased were so young and burying a child must have been a heartbreaker for the families and friends. Will keep the deceased in my thoughts and prayers today and always. There is some good footage on YouTube for younger bears who are interested in learning about that terrible day.
  13. Teams can be turned around fairly quickly. A couple of good signings (not necessarily expensive ones) and good coaching can work wonders.
  14. My apologies if I sounded harsh.  Disappointed too and feeling the pain in Vancouver.  

    1. KeyserSoze


      No sweat mate. We are all hurting 


  15. Watched the highlights this morning and it doesn't get much better. We started so well but lost the game with Dembele's goal. Other bears have mentioned the time and space he had to lash the ball into the net so I'll say no more. In the second half, it could have been so much worse - they carved up our defence so many times through the left hand side. Disappointed to lose but I'll take a 1-2 defeat when it could have been so much more ...........bad luck, bad finishing and good goalkeeping kept the score down. Let's not go forward and think this was a close game because it really wasn't, one of those occasions when the scoreline is a false one. We are doing the best we can with what we have but need some new ideas and cash quickly. We play them at least twice more in the second half of the season and need to make improvements. At this point, we're far behind but in football, you can catch up quickly. Rogers inherited Dellia's team for the most part but his coaching has made all the difference. He's spent some money but not excessively. Can we do the same with the same success? I'd like to think so. On a lesser note, I thought the fans were rather quiet yesterday. I'm sure there were pubs and clubs the world over when there was more singing and noise.