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  1. Seem to remember a flute band marching round Ibrox with the team. Was it Govan Protestant Boys? Can any bears clarify? Were you a member of the band?
  2. Remember an interview with John Greig a good few years after the final. He stated that he hadn't seen the game since ......... which is a tragedy. I'm trying to remember the year of his interview and I'd settle at the early 1980's. Was the technology not available? Or was it not deemed significant enough?
  3. Is there no escape? Is it everywhere? Are the media awash with memories of Lisbon '67 from all and sundry? I remember reading that John Greig conceded that he wanted Celtic to win that night for Scottish football. And that the Rangers directors were part of the welcoming party at Glasgow Airport when the Celtic party arrived back from the game. As I've noted on this site several times , there are some advantages to living over 6, 000 miles away.
  4. For those who missed it, Bob Dylan's 31st birthday. In those days, I used any excuse to drink and I had a few drinks for both events.
  5. I've thought long and hard (and often) of the Marseille game and anyone that has listened to me has heard me state that: we had the beating of them that night. We lost our bottle when we realised where we were and how close were were to the final. Still remember Big Fat Ron commenting on Big Slim's "lack of recovery pace", the first time I had ever heard that phrase.
  6. Love to read stories of how the fans meet their heroes and find that they are ......... humble, down to earth fans themselves. Perhaps this all belongs to another era.
  7. Nothing new in this posting. We know the problem; who will invest?
  8. There was a time when I enjoyed a bevvy before, during and after an Old Firm game. In fact, any game. In fact, even if there was no game. Served my apprenticeship as a young idiot. Clean and sober since October 11th, 1978 and my sponsor in AA was a Celtic fan. My addiction is still on my shoulder, doing sit-ups and jogging, patient and persistent. I don't visit licensed premises. Still cheer on the teddies.
  9. Hope that it wasn't to painful for the bears at work yesterday. I always enjoyed the banter in the week leading up to the game but if we lost (rare occasion), it was a tough one. Don't get too down and don't forget who you are. Courage, brother, do not stumble.
  10. Vancouver early risers - 4am kick off over here.
  11. Did all the right things as a young dad - bought the scarves, strips, played the songs at home. My two sons and daughter were duly enrolled in the local "soccer" league and my wife and I went to every game. All have been at Ibrox for games and tours. And guess what? My sons preferred playing music, the younger one has done really well in ballroom dancing and my daughter ran track all the way through college. When they visit, they ask me how "the Rangers" are doing? Maybe if they'd been raised in Larkhall or Bridgeton it may well have been a different story.
  12. Always enjoy reading various bears preparation for the Old Firm games - cultural tunes in the morning,shower, more tunes, roll and sausage, tunes, cups of tea, meet up with a mate, songs, tunes, refreshments, bus to game. My question is: will our children do the same? Or has it all changed? My children have no connection with the Old Firm game but ask me the score (sometimes).
  13. Fab response - gave me a good laugh out her on the outskirts of Vancouver. Many thanks for that one.
  14. Recent posting mentioned this but I think that I recall that in the 1960s, Rangers did give a guard of honour to Celtic in recognition of a victory in Europe (I think). Not too sure of the details - too many years, too many beers. Can any of the more seasoned bears come to my rescue on this one? It's clearly beyond my cable tow at the moment.
  15. Big thanks to all who replied to my post. Big Vancouver shout-out to JCB for the details of this game which had me scuttling to the bookcase in my den to dredge up details from a Glasgow Herald almanac of Old Firm fixtures. Too many years, too many beers ............. but I'm clean and sober now.