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  1. I know that fashions and tastes change in almost everything - these days, you notice practically every fan wears a team jersey from one era or another, many the latest offering. If you look at old pictures, you see quite a few of the punters wearing shirt and tie, plenty of bunnets, the odd pipe too. And what ever happened to rosettes? I had a Rangers rosette all those years ago and many others did too - you almost never see a Rangers rosette these days although I have seen some tasty King William rosettes through the years. And those heavy wooden "rickets" that made such a noise when you swung them. Come away the Rangers!!
  2. Never. Ever. Cared for the white socks we have worn.
  3. A very big achievement but one that is not promoted nearly enough.
  4. Never got the story on why Jock Wallace left at the end of the season in 1978? Apparently he did not get on with Waddell but never found out the details. Can anyone clarify this one for a curious overseas bear> Obviously only for "The Last of The Summer Wine" club and not for younger bears.
  5. Saved my health, marriage, family and probably my life. Helped me work the 12 steps. As I said, never forgotten.
  6. When I became clean and sober in 1978, my sponsor for the 12 step group was a celtic diehard. He was very good to me as I tried to make necessary changes in my life. Never forgotten.
  7. This is my advice to the board. And the players. And the fans. We were never going to come out of the present situation with happiness - and we can only blame ourselves for throwing so many points away - but if we brood and fester over this, we'll be the weaker. Each of us has, in his/her life, faced down tough times and we'll get through this too. Patience and prudence will get us there. Now, who'll join me for a rousing and defiant. Presbyterian chorus of "The Sash My Father Wore"?
  8. Billy Ritchie, Bobby Shearer, Colin Jackson.
  9. Forgive me for saying this, especially since Walter is a brother of mine, bit I think that his time has passed. No manager is permanently relevant and every manager has his time then moves on with the rest of their life. No one has told Mourinho yet but his time is up.Thanks for the memories Walter but spend time with your grandchildren and the family, take trips abroad.
  10. Forget the title of this song (if indeed I ever knew it). It goes "And the first one was scored by Millar. And the second by Ralph Brand. And the third goal was scored by big Slim Jim, the finest in the land". Too many years but no beers these days. Maybe a seasoned bear can help me with this one because it's beyond the length of my cable-tow.
  11. Many thanks to the bear who posted the picture of Crerand and Baxter in the nitty gritty of the big city circa. early 1960's. Cracker of a photo!!
  12. Seems there has been a lot of attention paid to the 1980 Scottish Cup Final in the Scottish press recently. I wonder how a shortened season would have been resolved back then. Perhaps we were stronger, had more allies and confidence and could raise the "battle fever" for a fight. Not so sure of that these days. I hear suggestions of an asterisk attached to the championship of 2019-2020 and I fear that the season is moving slowly but surely to a victory for those in the east end.
  13. Interesting point about the new significance of money in the game which makes for common ground between players of the modern clubs. Perhaps the players, especially the foreigners, regard the club as another employer/corporation to work for and see no trouble in socialising with other people in the same line of work. I know that hockey players over here may play for different clubs but have good friendships, basketball too. And to be frank about it, trying to explain the club history to players like Nakamura and Morelos would probably get a blank stare leading to a shaking of the head.
  14. Loved the happy family photos. Was this before or after a very of "Kumbaya"?
  15. Apparently some of the celtic and Rangers players would meet for a drink in the city centre after the Old Firm games. Wonder what they talked about. An old pal of mine suggested football was their job and they viewed it differently than the fans would. Tommy Gemmell and Willie Henderson apparently enjoyed a refreshment together. Does this happen today?
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