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  1. More dropped points, more pointless possession, more limitations revealed. For a season that promised something, we are running out of steam. Not sure who is more responsible: the players are inadequate in many instances but they don't select themselves. In the long term, are we destined to become the Everton FC of Glasgow, occasionally winning a cup but crumbling and stumbling along for the most part as our city rivals maintain a permanent upper hand? Thoughts?
  2. Just catching up on some old footage of this game with no sound. Don't know how we lost this after a replay. We had so many chances in the first half. Industrial strength tackles from both sides, cotton shirts with no logos, goalkeepers with no gloves and fans wearing shirts and ties. Derek Johnstone came on a sub in the first game and scored an equaliser at the age of 17. And I think that he had a hand in the goal in the replay. Do any of the older bears remember this game?
  3. Remember seeing him a couple of times on visits back home. He was a good goalie playing with a bad team (early 1980's). Is he coaching or has he retired from the game? Remember a shot from Charlie Nicholas going through his arms at a New Year's Day game.
  4. Renfrew had two good Masonic lodges, an Orange hall right next door to the POW Masonic and a slew of good Rangers pubs. Not too sure of the complexion of the Royal Burgh these days.
  5. Rangers vs. Third Lanark, early to mid 1950's. Don't remember too much. First clear memory of watching Rangers is the 1957 League Cup Final. Forget the score.
  6. Early kick off (3.30 am on the Pacific) means an early night beforehand. Cup of strong coffee to start and may well have a breakfast at half-time depending on how the game is going. Don't normally listen to flute concertos prior to the game but this time, I may well do as I sit and reflect and say the Lord's Prayer. Perhaps a choral piece too - there is a varied selection to choose from. You never know, I may even have a second cup of coffee if the game is going well.
  7. Can't beat a good lodge Burns supper.
  8. I'm sure quite a few of us know of rabid bears who stopped going to see Rangers for any number of reasons. Finances, marriage and family, lack of interest, team going through a lean spell - I've heard it all and perhaps you have too. What could fill the hole in their lives when they leave? Not sure if hobbies like gardening or jogging could ever compensate. I've met a few of them abroad and perhaps they have good reason since they live so far away. Don't think I could ever turn my back on my team.
  9. Brought back a lot of memories of visits when I used to fly to Scotland regularly. Don't visit licensed premises any more.
  10. I've met a few through the years - quite a few brethren too - who like the green and white. While I try to be fair and broad-minded about the matter, it's still very hard for me, a fan who is in his 70's and remembers a time when never the twain would meet. It's a different world these days.
  11. Playing for the jersey is a popular choice and brings back so many good memories for us all especially bears of a certain vintage. But it's an outdated liability. I'd play for the jersey and captain our heroes and so would you. But we're crap and the game has changed. Meanwhile, celtic are captained by Scott Brown, a Rangers fans from childhood. Other captains of theirs include Bro. Bertie Peacock, Danny McGrain, Kenny Dalglish and various others who did not quite fit their traditional profile. So this seems to be the direction forward.
  12. Last time I checked, the Daily Record wasn't on sale in Vancouver. It was a bigger world then without the internet and loyal fans depended on short wave radio and the odd newspaper clipping.
  13. Still recall reading in the DR sent by a friend, long-time bears who vowed never to return to Ibrox when Mo was signed in 1989. I wonder if they ever returned or if they were lost to the game. Come to think of it, I don't know how they would spend their Saturday/Sunday afternoons and increasingly Friday evenings. There's always hill-walking or evening classes.
  14. He was such a joy to watch as a young player, full of running and skill. When you watch old footage, you can appreciate what a talent he was from a country that hasn't produced much talent in recent time. I was amazed to see that he was on the small side on the rare occasions I saw him in person. Could have been one of the greatest were it not for a crude tackle that day at Pittodrie. Not sure where he is these days but I hope that he's well and happy.
  15. Enjoyed some NYC hospitality on the upper east side of Manhattan some years ago. Early kick off, small crowd but some staunch fans. Drank coffee in the bar but friendly bears. Clean and Sober Loyal
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