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  1. Visited this lodge many decades ago and recall a fine degree team. Enjoyed a harmony afterwards. I think I also attended an installation here which finished around close to midnight, quite late for an installation at that point. While on a guided tour of the San Francisco temple, the guide introduced himself and mentioned that he had been born in Scotland and visited a lodge in either Ballieston or Tollcross which had been the mother lodge of his father. Good to see the Gentle Craft is still going strong out in Ballieston although I hear that the Craft is losing membership all over.
  2. Probably a good thing for club and country. The world is changing and we had to change with it or decline. Still hold Graham Souness in high regard for his courage in making this signing. And Mo was a good player too. I think he lives in the US these days.
  3. Fraser Wishart. Signed on a free and did a turn for us.
  4. A good friend knew Soutar and assured me that he refused to put the traditional bar of chocolate beside Mo's kit as he did with the others.
  5. Just reading about Bobby Moncur's career with Newcastle. He mentioned playing Ibrox in the 1960's when Andy Penman missed a penalty kick and then in the second leg, Newcastle won 2-0. I'd forgotten all about those games. Can any seasoned share their memories of this one? Apologies for the gaps - I'm getting on in years.
  6. Read a good article recently in The Scotsman about Derek Parlane. Memory is a big foggy but I don't recall him as the most popular player. He seemed to leave with a lot of good football still left in him. Still wondering in the 'Couve.
  7. Miles and miles away, decades too, still love to see pictures of the institution. Even better, love to read impressions, memories and anecdotes of the punters. Wish I had known in my young manhood how special it would be to me in the later years.
  8. Don't hold back, sir. Let us know what's really on your mind.
  9. Perhaps it's growing older, wiser, more mature. Maybe it's the miles and years in between life in Scotland. Some would say it's the tiresome regularity of these fixtures, a reflection of the sorry state of Scottish football. I'm not sure. But I do know that these games don't excite me like they once did. From Wednesday to Saturday we argued, worried and looked forward to the big game. From Monday to Wednesday, we argued about the game. Not sure if that's still the same as it once was. You'd be pals all week with celtic fans at work and rivals on a Saturday - and it was only on Saturday or Wednesday that these games would be played - and there was a ton of banter. And you'll notice certain trends. In general, the team that scores first does not lose and generally wins. How many times has the team who conceded first came back to win? Scores are generally limited to two goals, occasionally three. Red cards occur frequently. The teams are very, very rarely equally matched - generally one team has superiority over the other, sometimes by a marked degree. And you never see many classic games or classic football. Contrast today's games with games in the 1960's or 1970's. I'll tune in to the game tomorrow but feel somehow, somewhere, it's not the same. Things ain't what they used to be.
  10. Archie Knox playing for the Saints that day.
  11. My cup runneth over!! Many thanks to those who toiled in the archives to provide these details. Great to read the team line-ups and see the photos. This old man in Vancouver appreciates your assistance.
  12. Long shot but here goes. Can any bear with archives at hand give me details of this game? As I recall, Baxter was in his second spell at the club and Davie Provan scored with a penalty kick. Any details of line-ups etc. would be greatly appreciated. I was there, impaired, and don't recall too much of the action. I'm very grateful for any assistance with this request or any referrals to help me with it.
  13. Can't recall too many times when this happened. Recall an Old Firm game some years ago when this may have happened. Was there a sending off or three? Also recall a game when Norrie Martin exchanged positions with an outfield player after our goalie was bandaged. Perhaps bears of a certain vintage can remind me of the details. Old Firm game, Glasgow Cup perhaps.
  14. There is a precedent. In the 1960's, we gave them a guard of honour after they had managed a good result in Europe. Not sure of the details - it's beyond the length of my cabletow - but honour them, we did. Also agree with simplythebest's comments. We should do it. It should hurt too. Maybe we can use that to build a victory.
  15. Interest from North American bears flagged a little when we dropped down the leagues. I don't visit clubs these days but I keep in touch with a few friends who are still loyal and staunch .......... sort of.
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