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  1. I've heard of so many pre-match superstitions from players through the years (okay, decades) and some of them are quite amusing - like putting the left sock and left boot on before the right sock and boot or putting on the jersey last. Before watching an Old Firm game, I always have the same breakfast - pot of tea, scrambled eggs (3), toast, two sausages and three rashers. All enjoyed with a couple of flute concertos from a certain flute ensemble down Partick way. I also wear a Rangers scarf even though I'm at home. Wife and children know not to interrupt proceedings. Early kick off (5am) makes no difference. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  2. Games we lost and should have won

    There have been a few draws through the year that felt like a defeat. Nothing like scoring early in a big game, having the upper hand and then losing a goal especially late on and hanging on for a miserable draw. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again. In a rare trip back to Scotland in 1994 I watched us lose three consecutive games at home. The AEK Athens game still rankles.
  3. Games we lost and should have won

    I remember an Old Firm game at Ibrox in the early 1990's when we took the lead through Super and then threw the game away. First, Maxwell dropped a high cross and Collins scored and secondly, we coughed up a goal from a corner kick with the last kick of the ball. It was one of the first games shown in North America and we made so many chances to kill the game. Damn, we had some fine players and a solid team in those days. And I was watching the game again on YouTube and can't believe we lost that game. Any others?
  4. Sectarian snow

    Remember our fathers brave and cold .................
  5. I met my current wife some time after my first wife had died.  She was a young widow with two infant children and we just took it from there.  

  6. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Enjoyed the songs and sentiments. Up to a point. We're Protestant, unionist and the establishment club. Up to a point. My wife belongs to the Church of Rome as do my children (nominally) so I've had to re-think some things. I've cringed more than once when in the presence of visceral elements of our support My sponsor in 12 step recovery was a devout Catholic and celtic supporter. Plus I've met a good few members of the Gentle Masonic Craft who are .......... celtic fans. So I'm still exploring the contradictions that life has shown me.
  7. The changing nature of football

    Watched a good few Euro games this week interspersed with a good few old Rangers videos. My, the game has changed. Much more passing of the ball and much less physical these days. Don't recall as much shirt-pulling at corner kicks either in the old days. Every team had hard men who were not dirty and would not try to take a fellow pro's livelihood away but took nonsense either. Bobby Shearer comes to mind for older bears (like me) and Tam Forsyth and Davie Hay for bears of a younger vintage. Not so much opportunity for the ball players today.
  8. Non big name players we've sold/let go that have made it big

    We should've bought Hartson not Flo.
  9. Fan base in Scotland.

    Rangers clubs still present all through North America but a few have closed. Fewer young members are seen at the games and the lower league football didn't help a great deal. A 3pm kick off in Scotland is 10 am on the east coast and 7am on the west coast (where I live). Earlier kick offs in Scotland can be very hard to attract any support in supporter's clubs over here. I'll watch on Rangers TV in the house and much prefer it that way. Personally speaking, I don't attend games in licensed premises as per a promise made to my wife some years ago.
  10. DJ and the 1978 World Cup

    I remember reading many years ago that Joe Jordan never won a winners medal during his whole career. Is this true? Remarkable if it is.
  11. DJ and the 1978 World Cup

    Still racking my brain to find an answer as to why big Derek never started in any of the 3 World Cup games that year. He was the highest scorer in Scottish football that year. Still remember the headed goal vs. Wales. Big Vancouver shout out to the Bear who put the Colin McAdam video on thread. I'd like to say that it brought back a lot of memories but this was at a time when the world was bigger and I had lost touch with Rangers bar the odd newspaper sent out to me.
  12. Tomorrow's routine

    There must be a few of us who will face the result with sobriety, surely to God. My wife used to tell me that win, lose or draw, we'd still have to head out to work on Monday morning. Only thing is, neither of us worked with celtic fans so it really didn't matter as much as it did in Scotland. I remember serving my time and it was never just about the result - it was about the week before and the week after. In this respect, I agreed with Billy McNeill.
  13. Tomorrow's routine

    Will rise early doors (the game begins at 4am here on the Pacific Coast), make a pot of strong tea, some toast and enjoy the game in the comfort of my my own living room. The family will be asleep but will surely be woken up to the sounds of various shouts. screams and maybe some fine melodies, sung in joy or defiance. Then I'll be out to get the messages at the supermarket, keeping an eye out for anyone in green and white hoops. What's yours?
  14. Rangers supporter or Rangers-minded: what's the difference?

    Pardon my ignorance - who is Chris Graham?
  15. Rangers supporter or Rangers-minded: what's the difference?

    Hardly the way to treat a fraternal brother. And it was an installation too so everyone was on their best behaviour. On the other hand, I've met fraternal brothers who travel to the east and also travel to the east end to see their team.