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  1. I've been reading quite a few posts here - and on other sites - and there is an overwhelming sense that things have changed, perhaps irretrievably. Our club is diminished by hostile forces in there press and even in the administration of the game. Hostile are the responses to our presence and our culture/traditions seem to be losing some ground. Is this the case? Full disclosure: I live abroad and have done for over fifty years with occasional visits home and perhaps my assessment is incorrect/inaccurate. Can we survive and thrive in the years ahead?
  2. The Widow's Son

    RFC silver pendant help

    Some years ago, on a visit to Glasgow, I was walking along the narrow street (lane) where The Horseshoe Bar is located. One of the waitresses was enjoying a fag outside and recommended the menu and ambience of said bar. She was wearing a nice silver necklace with the Rangers symbol on a pendant.
  3. How did Davie McKinnon do it? His cousin, Murdo McLeod, played with them. Not quite sure if he'd remain a.) my cousin and; b.) physically intact. Would love to hear their banter over a pint after the game.
  4. The Widow's Son

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    If memory serves, "Cutty" supplied the lobbed pass (I refrain from calling it a "Hail Mary") for DJ to equalise late on in the 1971 Scottish Cup Final. My cabletow prevents me from supplying the footage of this goal but perhaps some bear with the technical nous can do so.
  5. The Widow's Son

    Johnny Hubbard

    Just watched the marvelous footage, interviews with some Ibrox legends. I'll watch this a few more times but great to see Bro. Hubbard, still loyal and true.
  6. The Widow's Son

    Johnny Hubbard

    Sad to note the passing of Bro. Hubbard. A fine Ranger.
  7. The Widow's Son

    Best Performance By A Gers Player At A World Cup

    Derek Johnstone in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.
  8. The Widow's Son

    What's left of Orange Bridgeton? Or is it Bridgeton?

    It's been many, many years since I took a stroll around Bridgeton. Will do so when I make it over to Glasgow one of these fine days. In the meantime, I appreciate all the responders. You'd be surprised how many Brigton bears emigrated - they turn up in the strangest places. Remember meeting one at a campsite in Alberta one summer and he was as bitter/traditional as one who never left - his wife was much the same but the children were Canadian. He wasn't sure about me until we shook hands and then it was fine. We enjoyed a barbecue and he had some stories about the old days, the old ways.
  9. The Widow's Son

    What's left of Orange Bridgeton? Or is it Bridgeton?

    My topic title should read "Or is is Brigton?" Sorry to readers.
  10. When I was growing up, most of the pubs were Rangers pubs and would be filled with fans on a Saturday, before and after a game at Ibrox. Recall large Orange parades with very enthusiastic crowds of spectators. I haven't been in Bridgeton in decades and probably wouldn't know any of the places there now. The internet has been invaluable for reading up on the old days and old ways in Bridgeton/Brigton. Like all areas, I'm sure it's changed. Has it changed that much?
  11. The Widow's Son

    Jim Baxter

    Legendary player from a country that doesn't produce very much these days in the way of players. Tragedy that he never played in a World Cup, that he never lasted longer. At the time of the ECWC in Barcelona, he was only 32, pulling pints in a pub, his career and skills long gone. As I said, legendary player but not a great professional. When you consider how a model professional like Davie Wilson lasted, living the teetotal life, it makes you sad to see the wasted talent that was Jim Baxter
  12. The Widow's Son

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    Remember applauding an Arbroath player named Fletcher - blonde and full of running, scored too if I recall. They won 3-2 at Ibrox during the (very) early 1970's. I think that Andy Penman also played for them that time. Maybe some of the older bears can help me out with this one. Also recall some good players with St. Mirren - Cameron Murray, Bobby Adams and Bobby Pinkerton.
  13. The Widow's Son

    Zenit St Petersberg v Rangers 10 years ago

    Watched the game in Vancouver. Thought that teams were well matched but we should have used our bench earlier. Not a great game to be honest but one that we might have won. Afterwards, went for a long walk ............ still haven't fully recovered from that one. Don't anticipate ever seeing us in another European final anytime soon.
  14. The Widow's Son

    Happy Birthday to a true Rangers legend

    Many, many thanks to the bear who posted the profile of Harold Davis. I was aware of the broad strokes of this story but not the fine lines. Recall Davis as a physical player but not dirty by any means. It brought back a lot of memories to read this and hopefully I can catch up with some older bears to share it with. Easier said than done out here in British Columbia. Thanks again.
  15. The Widow's Son

    Salute to our fans from Vancouver

    Nothing to cheer about in the viewing (4am out here in British Columbia) but we had a magnificent presence in the ground and they could be heard. For this, I salute each and every bear/bearette. These days, I think that we're far too good for the club and we show up time after time after time. Will there ever come a day when we don't? Sadly, I think this is the only way things can be changed. In the meantime, hands across the water from Vancouver to Glasgow.