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  1. Was called the port brae. Good pub that like many, closed a few years back.
  2. Not read through this thread. Don’t need to. He’s never a Rangers captain. Not got the heart for it. We desperately need a leader on the pitch with a big heart who understands what being captain of our great club requires. Sadly James doesn’t have what it takes and it’s taken too long for SG to realise this (if he eventually has?!). Only McGregor has what it takes from the current bunch and tbh I’d much prefer an outfield player to be captain.
  3. Fucking embarrassing and just not good enough. Like you rightly say, if they can’t do the bloody basics then we’re fucked! Simply not good enough
  4. An insignificant cunt trying (again) to be significant. Can’t stand the prick.
  5. Kitey79


    Embarrassing having him play in our colours! SG needs to get him to fuck! Win fuck all with useless shitebags like him.
  6. They sure did mate! The future looks bright for us. Just hope a few can make the transition right up to the first team through time. Can’t remember seeing so many good young Rangers teams at all age levels?! Great to see!!!! 🇬🇧
  7. 😂 a different breed indeed!!! 😂The gift that keeps on giving! Fuck thum all 🇬🇧
  8. Brilliant video! Cheers very much 🇬🇧 NS 🇬🇧
  9. Great prospect and great to hear not only his and his teammates confidence but the team environment at all levels seems brilliant! Great to see us looking solid and together at all levels 🇬🇧
  10. Great “problem” to have! Personally would’ve stuck with Goodson and katic but he lander has been good when required! Young edmundsson looks a great prospect and hopefully will be with us for a long time to come?! 🇬🇧
  11. 😂 a know he’s a bit of a bullshitter mate but decent enough. 1 of the better Del Boys kicking about mate 😂
  12. I’ve been to puerta Del carmen a few times and obviously the bluebells a good few times. The guys sound mate but like you say he’s non stop with the same patter! Decent enough boy. Told me when I was there last time he had 10 kids??!!! Cunts only early 30’s as well mate!
  13. Great play and finish by mcpake. Really good crop of youngsters we have right now! Hopefully bodes well for the future and they get and take their chance when the times right?! 🇬🇧
  14. Bluebells in puerto del carmen is the place to see the Rangers. As others have said, kenny and staff make you welcome and the food is decent. Also big Charles the looky looky guy is brand new! Surprisingly knows all the Rangers songs. Anything for a sale eh!!! 🇬🇧
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