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  1. Kitey79

    Steven Davis

    Honestly at this fucking stage I’d take any cunt, rat or not, to stop the taigs!!! What’s worse? Having a team with less talent but not seen as rats and not good enough to beat they bastards or biting the bullet and stopping them?? Know what I’d prefer and it ain’t they cunts shouting 10 in a fucking row!!! Ps for the record I don’t agree with the players jumping ship on their so called team etc but can’t stand the thought of the bheasts having a better chance of winning again!!! Fuck that
  2. Kitey79

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Well spoken Steven Gerard. Seems to grasp the size of the club and challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing him manage this great football club! Granted he needs a bit of luck but that’d be the case regardless of who was appointed
  3. Kitey79

    Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    Happy new year to all bears! May 2018 be a great year for us!! No surrender & enjoy the celebrations tonight! ????????
  4. Kitey79

    ***The Official Dundee United v Rangers Thread***

    Fuckin shocking!!!!!!
  5. Kitey79

    ***The Official Dundee United v Rangers Thread***

    Blacks play is slow and very very fuckin ineffective. This arfur Daley hoor is bullying us at the back. C'mon tae fuck rangers get funk in about this shower of shite!!! No surrender!!!
  6. Kitey79

    Our Manager - Ally McCoist

    This is heart breaking. Aye we all love ally but I'm afraid to say enough is enough. The bottom line is we are terrible on the park just now and we CAN'T afford to wait any longer to change things. We are rangers ffs! Stirling Albion, queen of the south, Annan, Berwick rangers. The man is blue thru and thru. Shite too say this but this is where we are.
  7. Booooooooommmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get in there! Great signings! Welcome to the rangers boys!
  8. Here we are in the lowest league and still we've made the 2 biggest signings in scotland this summer!!! Get it up the lot o ye! No surrender! RTID!