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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/57678/Rangers_vs_Kilmarnock.html This one has been good to me.
  2. I really like Kamara, he wasn't a stand out today. But he was very far off the worst in the team.
  3. Yeah he was so anonymous I forgot he played for us.
  4. Fuck off Tav Stop taking all of our free kicks when the blind kid in the crowd can do a better job. Strip ya of ya armband. Pish.
  5. Drop Tav. Drop Arfield. Davis decent. Morelos decent.
  6. Look foward to seeing him partner up with Katic! That'll be a wall in front of our goals.
  7. I am not a football manager, I grew up in Australia playing Australian rules football. My grandfather was a Rangers fan, thats when I started following Rangers when he told me what team was the best. (I had a lot of respect for him) 29 or so years of following Rangers being an Australian man. I used to get the odd game on sbs tv, then the internet came along and made it alot easier! I personally would have liked to seen Morelos and Jones to start. They are both fiery, but I think we needed some fire in the match from those two. At least jones pushes down the wing which IMO was what we needed. I didnt like Gerrards tactics last night, but I want him to stay around. I think he will learn from this. Cheers.
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