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  1. The way Killie have played I was hoping we would fuck them over more, but either way is a great consolation.
  2. 😂 Had a burst of laughter when I seen that too.
  3. Fully expected a straight red for Morelos there. Disgusting the entire Killie defence were up in arms.
  4. True. It means I have to pay for Sky next season but it is worth it not to hear this pish.
  5. "Keep chipping away, he will explode eventually" regarding Power antagonising Morelos. Why the fuck is a commentator condoning that behaviour?
  6. The only way we get anything here is some individual brilliance from Morelos or Kent and so far absolutely nothing.
  7. We are playing shite and that 11 are shite together but that pitch is giving me the rage. It isn't conducive to good football at all. Every pass we make is a yard short or is too slow due to the rubber crumb so any ambition we have of one touch free flowing football takes another boot to the balls alongside our piss poor team today.
  8. No composure or quality in midfield. We are going down to 10 men here all day long.
  9. The latest BBC Article....quite funny how they clearly state the non association of Motherwell Boys Club to the professional club yet don't make the distinction with the Paedos: "McCafferty was also a coach for celtic Boys Club, and four of his victims played for the club and the celtic youth team. Craig, who was then playing for a youth team called Motherwell Boys Club (not connected to the professional side), says he was taken to play a six-a-side tournament in Glasgow where celtic Boys Club was also taking part."
  10. IpswichGer


    He was described as a Colossus in the match thread and I can't think of a more accurate description. He bossed absolutely everything in the air yesterday and is now a much more 'no nonsense' defender. Still went on a few mazy runs which is good to see, but I found myself chuckling away like an idiot each and every time he miraculously appeared and cleared the ball. Love the big man and sincerely hope he is now first choice CB.
  11. Katic ❤ I have tears again!! 😂😂
  12. Mon Buffalo!! Lets get a goal and THAT is how you fuck up Brown.
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