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  1. My order was 17th Dec mate. It is a disgrace that they need to resolve ASAP. Give them a chase!
  2. Finally despatched. Two weeks after ordering while I was in Scotland. I changed delivery address to Ipswich as I knew it wouldn't get to Stirling before I left after Christmas, and guess where it is being sent? Fucking Stirling. Useless.
  3. Damarcus Beasley 😂 Didn't realise he played so few games for us. His performance against Lyon was immense though.
  4. @j1mgg You get your order yet? I ordered 27th December and chased it up. Their response being they are now working on orders 13th December onwards 😂 I might get mine before the next strip is released.
  5. On that display I will give him a wide berth 😂. Such an odd Championship already with plenty big names falling early.
  6. Wow. Lucky boy Price. What a fud O'Connor. Get it up ye!
  7. Bored out my tits so thought I'd see how Hearts are playing. No way they put in such an abject performance against us. However the scum have already had Julien reacting like he had his leg broken when barely touched and superstar Edouard diving.
  8. Loving those scenes after the game. Such togetherness. Great to see.
  9. Everyone not booked should do the Buffalo celebration at the end of the game! 😂
  10. Hope not but Gerrard didn't look too impressed. With the amount of shit Morelos has to put up with I have absolutely no problem with his celebration. Should have done a Cantona.
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