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  1. That is my last shred of hope. That the clusterfuck last night has taught them a lesson and that they are going to give EVERYTHING on Sunday to end their dominance over us.
  2. Hopefully Buffalo sticks the nut on the pair of them after the game in a fit of rage.
  3. I would have no hesitation putting him in on Sunday. Only conundrum is do you replace the clumsy one or the slow as fuck one with Katic?
  4. Gerrard better call this how we seen it. Fucking utterly gash defending and simply switching off.
  5. Huge let off it it stays that way. The scum have what it takes to win though sadly.
  6. Nah. Commentators thought he might have done but no card.
  7. If Ojo scores to win us this I will happily suck him and Gerrard off. That is how unlikely I think it is!
  8. Come on Rangers FFS! What a turn around in emotions. Coasting first half in what I thought would be a tough game. Second half? Where the fuck did Rangers go?
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