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  1. This is just it. Our players get booted fuck out of every single week. The dislike of Rangers returning by all clubs is venomous. Yes Scottish football is full bloodied which is why I would rather watch it than the EPL, but most games pass by without incident, unless of course Rangers are involved. In which case it is open season. How do you stop Rangers? Play brutal, thuggish, disruptive and defensive football against us.
  2. Dundee and the Ref gifting them that there. 6 minutes added on and why with 45 seconds left as a Dundee midfielder would you not clear your lines and instead play a stupid square ball like that? Season was fucked before this anyway so it matters not a jot but I would still have liked us to finish closer to them than we will now.
  3. Deserves to be playing in a better squad in a better league where he doesn't get booted relentlessly. We are lucky to have him.
  4. Probably a reflection on our horrific CB pairings in recent years but when Goldson came in he was brilliant in the air. Now? Slow, ponderous and never really looks like he is in control of the ball. Offering nothing right now as his CB partner is often the one with clearing headers. Someone else made the point of Tav always leaving him exposed which I have to say is fair. Tav and Goldson just doesn't work and both need dropped.
  5. Ah well. Feels like 2 years ago when it didn't hurt to lose anymore. From immense pride in our early Europa League games to crying tears of joy at finally beating the bead rattlers and believing we were back, and now I just want the season to end. Strengthen in summer and start again.
  6. We stand little chance against teams who have no intention of playing football. Park the bus, nick a goal and boot fuck out of Rangers.
  7. Goldson needs to go. So fucking slow and ponderous. Killie exposing him time and again.
  8. It is the players not SG. Morelos is an absolute diamond. You can see his quality over the rest of our team.
  9. Still head in hands at that Davis/Defoe move. Defoe stopped his run!! 😫😫😫
  10. That Finlay should already have had a Yellow FFS.
  11. "Coulibaly wants everyone forward" Casual racism from RTV there seeing Coulibaly isn't on the pitch.
  12. Fucking pricks are worried now and using every trick to disrupt play.
  13. Boom. What a fucking lovely goal. THAT is how you roll a defender.
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