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  1. Great play Morelos. Nice finish Kamberi. Well deserved.
  2. Can understand Arfields frustration there but that ball he played for himself could easily have been a pass for Morelos. Not a good sign he is still whinging about it.
  3. That is an absolute belter 😂. Get it right up ye!
  4. Surprised but happy to see Tav back so soon.
  5. I'll pay 50k so that Kamara doesn't play next game. I can't afford it but pimping myself out 50,000 times at a quid a go would still be worth it.
  6. Your last sub being Ojo 😔. They bring on Ikpeazu! Fortunately I trust Katic to take care of him. Mon Ojo. Do something and score! 😂
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