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  1. kranjcar

    ? Pulling no punches. If I was Krancjar and read this I'd just end my life! ?
  2. Wes

    Once we got rid of Warburton and we stopped trying to play out from Wes like we were Barcelona, he has looked every bit good enough to be our Number 1 for many years. Tonight he was exceptional and I only saw the last 15 minutes!
  3. 4-4-2

    I quite like the look of it. McCrorie can drop deep and play 4-1-3-2 or John can move up to Midfield and Cummings up top with Morelos for a 3-5-2. Quite adaptable. How well Bates would cope at LB would be interesting though and the only question mark.
  4. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Great bit of business. Hopefully a fixed fee agreed now and he hits the ground running. Sub £1m if he is on form will be the best deal we have done in quite a while (Morelos aside).
  5. Candeias

    He is like the fucking Duracell bunny. Always expect him to tire but it never happens.
  6. David Bates

    Simply immense. Tracking runs, clearing the ball, composure - Could teach Alves a lesson ?
  7. Tav

    Outstanding. Particularly in the 2nd half. Stepped up and took the game to the scum! Praise for Bates and McCrorie also who were brilliant.
  8. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Unless we pull it out the bag we haven't won 3 matches in a row since December 2016 according to BBC. If true that is a ridiculous stat.
  9. *** The Official Rangers v Ross County Match Thread ***

    Might throw a party if we secure our 3rd win in a row! ?
  10. How much more can we take

    Oh. So punting Pedro didn't fix it?! About time some fans woke the fuck up. Continually blaming managers will get us nowhere.
  11. Craig shite to release a book

    Hope someone buys a Hardback and rams it up his arse.
  12. Morelos' overall play

    Simply outstanding. We haven't had such a complete front man for a long long time. Gutted he hasn't had a goal recently but at the same time it has helped show how professional he is. He continually contributes so much to the team even when the goals have dried up - many strikers would get their heads down. Hope he keeps it up - Could be worth a small fortune
  13. *** The Official Rangers v Partick Thistle Match Thread ***

    My only criticism is how one sided we are but hopefully that will settle once Wallace returns and John can play LM. Any idea on ETA for Wallace return?
  14. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Pedro Out. I'm also out! Fed up with it now. Broadfoot is an utter cunt, Jack is a tit for reacting (though with the way we are treated recently I can't say I wouldn't have done the same!). No defending that performance tonight at all - far below acceptable and something now has to change. It can't be the squad due to finances so Pedro it is, as much as I have defended him and like his personality.
  15. Wish Cardoso a speedy recovery

    Hopefully a lesson learned. If that makes Cardoso toughen up then good times.