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  1. It's as clear as day our problem is lack of service. Garner who went to Ipswich has already scored 5 in his first 3 friendlies for Ipswich. Two of which he created on his own and others were crosses in to the box. I didn't rate him too highly but he got stitched up with the squad he was playing in and didn't stand a chance.
  2. Yassss. A positive sub! Please. Take off Waghorn!!!
  3. Another 5-10 minutes and we are likely going to shut up shop 😕. Was hoping for a confidence boosting win.
  4. More chance of Foderingham scoring. He has certainly touched the ball more than Waghorn anyway!
  5. Got to declare my man love for Niko right now ❤. Missed having a bit of quality in midfield. Really hope he stays fit all season.
  6. Same mate. Still....I tell myself it can't be any worse than having paid for a Sky Sports day pass TWICE last season to see us get dicked 5-1 on each occasion by the soap dodgers. If we lose tomorrow I'm chucking myself off a bridge! 😂
  7. That diving header in to the open goal.....I have a strange (and normally undeserved) appreciation for that. Must be because Waghorn would have steered it wide! 😂
  8. To be fair even if he didn't always produce, he was a threat to the opposition that put them on the backfoot. Our over reliance on McKay for a bit of pace and trickery this season was painful and sooo one dimensional. Teams block McKay out the game and we are snookered. Bringing back Weiss would give them another player to worry about who may not always produce a final ball, but will more often than not demand a lot of attention to free up space elsewhere on the pitch.
  9. Great desire from Miller. Embarrassing pitch invasion given we just robbed Thistle.
  10. I think he had aswell going by that effort.
  11. Correct. Think I would go as far to say this is the worst performance I have ever seen from a Rangers team. Astounding. Clearly don't want European football.
  12. Wow. A goal.
  13. As shite as Waghorn is Dodoo was offside more times than I can remember.
  14. A lot more fight this week but our lack of quality is frightening. We are on a hiding to nothing unless we get significant investment and that simply is not going to happen. We have years of getting skelped about to look forward too. Sad days.
  15. Reality hitting hard. We are lightyears behind them. Yet again a goal conceded after players calling for a decision from the referee.