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  1. To be fair even if he didn't always produce, he was a threat to the opposition that put them on the backfoot. Our over reliance on McKay for a bit of pace and trickery this season was painful and sooo one dimensional. Teams block McKay out the game and we are snookered. Bringing back Weiss would give them another player to worry about who may not always produce a final ball, but will more often than not demand a lot of attention to free up space elsewhere on the pitch.
  2. Great desire from Miller. Embarrassing pitch invasion given we just robbed Thistle.
  3. I think he had aswell going by that effort.
  4. Correct. Think I would go as far to say this is the worst performance I have ever seen from a Rangers team. Astounding. Clearly don't want European football.
  5. Wow. A goal.
  6. As shite as Waghorn is Dodoo was offside more times than I can remember.
  7. A lot more fight this week but our lack of quality is frightening. We are on a hiding to nothing unless we get significant investment and that simply is not going to happen. We have years of getting skelped about to look forward too. Sad days.
  8. Reality hitting hard. We are lightyears behind them. Yet again a goal conceded after players calling for a decision from the referee.
  9. Happy with no Halliday in the starting 11. The two most pathetic OF performances have been with him in the middle in my opinion. Interesting to see how we fare today.
  10. Or get a shot, not necessarily on target for that matter.
  11. Tav and Fod (though he should have closed to avoid penalty) are the only players free from criticism from me today. The rest can GTF.
  12. That's what makes it so bad. Can understand getting beat if we actually competed and still lost (as shit as that would be) but to barely register being in the game is pathetic. Gordon has had nothing to do all game. If we were an animal we'd be put down to end the suffering. So frustrating.
  13. Ooooft.
  14. Ridiculous game. Spurs dominating for so long and boom they are behind again!
  15. Spot on. My thoughts exactly. Beerman and Bates are doing fantastically well. Amazing to see how much more solid we are at the back. I used to shit myself whenever a team came at us but recently that hasn't been the case at all. Much happier with the team as a whole. I still dread to think how we would fair without Miller, who is still remarkably talented for his age. He puts Waghorn to shame.