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  1. Looks like a vote for SNP is totally pointless with the Tories having a majority.
  2. Arguably the real split that is a danger to us
  3. Thanks thought I had joined the Huddleboard there. Don't mind people disagreeing with me but that was a bit off. Good to know there are real bears on here.
  4. The very nub of it. Off to support your country. Wondered where all that hate came from...
  5. You obviously didn't read my blog, General. Or shouldn't that be Lieutenant-Colonel?
  6. You are free to do your own blog But one thing I've noticed Plastic bears never do...
  7. I didn't say Leggo backed me up. I said he, along with others - some of whom have more knowledge than yourself as regards the background- came to a conclusion AT was having a snide dig. The day I go through this or any other forum to see if what I blog will meet the approval of others is the day I chuck it. Especially "friendly" fire shootists like yourself. As for being convinced about something, I am very sure that the same compliment I gave Alex Thomson on my blog about how good a baiter he is applies equally to yourself.
  8. Won't be debating that one with you for the simple reason I have better things to do. Suffice to say it would really pain me to think you ever read my blog so feel free to desist from doing so. As for whether or not Leggo would feel the same about you reading his blog again, in the words of the man himself... I couldn't possibly comment.
  9. Yes a man who has done more for Rangers than you ever will.
  10. Other people who analysed the feed came to the same conclusion as myself. Including David Leggat, who first blogged on it. With all due respect, their opinions trump yours in my book. You are entitled to your opinion, though.
  11. Yes yes yes. But not "seemingly" angered. Actually angered. Hot with rage and ready to pounce on every slight or jibe. More harm than good? Maybe one or two things. But in general being offended has worked for the other side. We've been the tail wagged by the dog too long. The best analogy is an angry bear. If you've ever seen one, you'd know why nobody messes with them.
  12. That's what my next blog is about
  13. Yes I did. He was talking to Celtic fans about wasps and then compared them to Daleks - saying wasps that talk like Daleks. ??????? If my five-year-old boy said this to me I would tell him to stop talking rubbish. He then said Discuss. Discuss about wasps talking like Daleks. In context to Celtic fans? One of whom has pulled a section of the thread off his Twitter, I am led to believe. Minutes later he tells a Rangers fan he is like an angry wasp. As I said, there is other stuff that backs up the likelihood that AT was having a wee dig. On top of his form already, of course.
  14. As the guy who wrote the piece let me throw my tuppence in. I wasn't familiar with the Dalek thing. I think I may have heard it but, not being a massive fan or collector of Ibrox Disaster jokes it's not one I would earmark for the after-dinner circuit. It was a good source - a trusted bluenose - who tipped me off to its meaning. I subsequently made some further enquiries and discovered it was a known slur among the dhims. My source also told me that Thomson learned it from a Celtic blogger - not 3 Names - he is known to hang around with. This man has previously been outed on the old FF forum as using this sick joke. If a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it, does it make a sound? If there is a joke you haven't heard, does it exist? As Shane says, when you put the credibility of a PROVEN Disaster-mocker and Rangers-hater like Alex Thomson above that of fellow bluenoses, it's a sad day. This isn't said in arrogance but you sometimes have to accept that when myself and other bloggers say certain things we know a wee bit more than we actually say. That said, we can get it wrong. Thomson has wriggle room in this story, that's for sure. But it keeps the pressure up on Rangers' enemies, of which he is one for even surer.
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