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  1. Hi Mark. I see you have spelled your name wrong when signing up. Please PM one of Admin to change the C to a K for you to save any further embarrassment.
  2. Happens quite often you're allowed to do it it's just bad etiquette
  3. Apart from Porto's the rest are shitee
  4. Makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. Paul McBrides stepspirit
  6. I'm not a blogger I have a real job so that's a pretty ridiculous reply.
  7. Your blogs are shite anyway
  8. Well he is and you knew what I meant.
  9. He's on 50k a week at Norwich he'd be dropping 1/5th of his wage to come here.
  10. Play Kwood during the week just for practice because we can walk to it. Wouldn't look to much into putting there the greens are terrible.
  11. McKay n Tav will be staying then
  12. Shite club
  13. Hopefully. Most over rated player in our team.
  14. Considering the board let MW start the season in charge after it was clear as day 6 months earlier that he wasn't upto the job it was an absolute shambles of a season aye.