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  1. If Carlsberg did rounds

    £2.50 for a can of Bow. Lol.
  2. Forum activity.

    Luckily you said this in the BD where I have no authority.
  3. Forum activity.

    The OT is the best sub forum on the internet and I'm proud to be in charge of everyone who frequents it.
  4. Bluenose 2

    If he doesnt do Irn Bru, Tennants and tottie scones I'm not interested I don't go on holiday to get away from every day life you know.
  5. Scotland v Slovakia

    And the most likely outcome after last nights results is still a 4th place finish no idea what the hysteria is all about.
  6. Scotland v Slovakia

    I'm positive I seen a guy with a bluey greeny yellowy table cloth wrapped round him if it wasn't it was just a piece of fabric wrapped round him. He had shite trainers on aswell mad slip on things with elastic at the front what is it with these cunts.
  7. Wee Barry admires Lennon

    Barry back pass
  8. Start in your maw finish in your sister.
  9. Punch yourself in the face so both our eyes bleed.
  10. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    It didn't actually make sense are you saying they hired and fired managers? If so when and what does this have to do with us not having the finances to be paying off 2 managers and hiring a new one in a 6 month period?
  11. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    You want to try that in English?
  12. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    Ah right so you're just making things up now. Ok.
  13. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    We don't have money to pay 2 managers wages. Do we sack the next manager after 10 games if he doesn't do well? Then the next and the next untill we have 4 managers a season?
  14. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    You seem to know more than you should. Is Miller a grass?
  15. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    Well when it's clearly not working then the board have a decision to make but the pay off will be less after the season that's basic maths.