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  1. As long as we're better than last season we're winners.
  2. How did they manage to sit down on a broken seat?
  3. Wasnt a sectarian attack so who cares
  4. Still 0-0 turned it off
  5. Halliday should be starting these games another regular fuck up by Gerrard
  6. Buchanan Castle Golf Club is a decent course they wong be showing the game though so this is irrelevant information.
  7. We should be winning by more than 4 goals disappointing night.
  8. No idea if thats a strong Hearts team or not but a high pressing game from them will give them a good chance
  9. Who is to be moved seats to accomodate their move?
  10. Not many people believe I look 29 either
  11. Should march there that'll shw 'em
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