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  1. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    What a weekend I had. £228 five fold on Thursday for a fiver. £100 from a tenner fucking about with daft bets on Friday. £312 fivefold on Sat from a tenner and a tenner on an 11/1 at Scotsville yesterday while I was fucking about in the bookies waiting for her to meet me. Seem to always get a bit of luck before christmas but wasnt looking likely this year. That sorted the rest of christmas presents and even got myself a couple things for a change
  2. Club Statement

    Seems alot of people in McInnes' family and friends circle can't hold their water.
  3. Club Statement

    He shouldn't have been on the list at all.
  4. Please please please...

    So it's a conspiracy aswell now? You shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard.
  5. Ryan Jack Red

    Wasn't even a foul Stevie May should have been sent off for being a shite bag.
  6. Please please please...

    What utter nonsense.
  7. Please please please...

    Too many hard ons for 'Rangers men' is the reason we are where we are today and that doesn't look like changing unfortunately.
  8. Ryan Jack Red

    It was no where near a 50/50 it wasn't even a tackle it was a side footed pass. If players are going to plant their foot infront of a pass or shot their going to get injured that's how it goes and it's their own fault.
  9. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    I thought we were trying to move forward and get a managing team in to improve us aswell.
  10. F*** The Board.

  11. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    Super funny
  12. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    It's not staunch and it's not a letter.
  13. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    William of Orange 11/2 won just as I walked into the bookies.
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Pedro has a better win ratio than Murty lets just get him back eh.
  15. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Needs to be someone who's name flows with 'out' after it or the threads just won't be the same.