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  1. Should tell his players to stop telling people the starting 11 and gsme plan the day before matches aswell.
  2. I wouldn't pay £15 even though it's going to Rangers but then again I don't give the SFA or any other SPFL a penny of my money.
  3. There's not even a section on the forum that deserves this pish as a topic.
  4. Looks like he's improved alot since he left us and looks alot fitter aswell. Sheff Utd as a whole look decent.
  5. Are their attendances still made up of 1 fan who takes 5 of his mates that go solely for a bevvy n a scrap?
  6. Any team that employs Pepe don't have much class.
  7. Waiting on DU for £299
  8. FH u3.5 1/80 and o2.5 7/1
  9. Took Monaco aswell. Inconsiderate cunts.
  10. Why did they buy you chocolates?
  11. What are the previous poor decisions?
  12. King William of Orange
  13. Not had one since division 3 and don't really see me getting one again any time soon. I went to my first game of the season last week and bought a juice so I've put more money in than King.
  14. First 3 on my placepot have won n I didn't back any of them in singles, typical.
  15. The buzz about the bookies on National Day is brilliant