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  1. It actually probably will happen just not anytime soon when we're not financially stable enough which means this could be one long meltdown.
  2. It's not happening anyway calm the fuck doon
  3. Copland Bears got a seat belt on his seat
  5. It's a safe lie doon you need CB
  6. Wish you were RMshy
  7. Btw you need permission for it. They were only allowed 2600.
  8. The 6 and 8 million wasn't about safe standing it was about increasing the capacity. £500k is the realistic cost based on what it cost other clubs. Do keep up.
  9. Are the RSCs paying for this or something?
  10. The UBs are the heartbeat of the stadium while you are mearly just a piece of bacteria under a toe nail.
  11. Moving to accomodate safe standing isn't anything to do with putting the club first it's to suit some fans. Bit of a contradiction there. I'd say wanting the club to spend £500k on this is putting yourself first and not the club as the club aren't going to benefit from it.
  12. £24 is my offer
  13. Misread your post the first time stuck an edit in
  14. It cost the tarriers £500k for 2600 seats to be changed. I've not heard of any money being put aside I doubt we're sorting the real problems on the cheap while having funds set aside for something that literally has zero importance. If there is it again tells us the board are fuckin idiots. Edit: just realised you meant normal seating was getting replaced so fair enough if there is seating needing replaced that's a priority.
  15. It's up there with the 2014/15 Ramsdens Cup but couldn't choose between them.