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  1. Neds will be neds.
  2. Helicopter Sunday
  3. A defender can only be judged once he's played next to Kiernan
  4. Change your tampon fs
  5. Well in
  6. Probably not even looking.
  7. When was the last time a protest made any difference? Should add in the cringey march to the stadium so the bams that use it as an excuse for a bevvy can get a bottle of plonk the walk.
  8. I've never backed King and the rest of the board simoly because I'm not a thick cunt.
  9. Seen Waghorn driving in a bus lane at 10 past 4 yesterday. Toral is renting a flat on the site I'm on aswell he looks a bit gay with his wee gay dug but his burds smoking.
  10. That's cause you'd get slapped about on a bus then grass to the polis
  11. It all comes down to Villa
  12. If anyone screenshot BP9s meltdoon PM me I missed it, the fuckin pansy grassing bastard that he is.
  13. So what if it's true? Have the Sun never got a story right?
  14. 2-1 Derby 14/1
  15. Was the ball in play when it happened or was it a corner that hadn't been taken yet?