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  1. wullyRFC

    Dundee United

    Best post in the thread is the 35 quid hospitality chippy from the chippy down the road that costs 4 pound odds. Mugs aswell as mongos.
  2. wullyRFC

    Europa League

    The Europa League is an underwhelming pile of poop.
  3. wullyRFC

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Two in a row at 10s
  4. wullyRFC

    Allan McGregor

    I'd happily watch a video of Fods howlers from distance...
  5. wullyRFC

    Gerrard in training

    So glad he realises we're miles behind where we should be at this stage and is going to adress it with all they pots of gold.
  6. wullyRFC

    Allan McGregor

    Fod was shite in most compartments but the best shot stopper we've had in years without a doubt
  7. wullyRFC

    David Bates

    Plays for a diddy team now
  8. wullyRFC

    Bury draw with Liverpool

    6 times better
  9. wullyRFC

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Fackin lavely
  10. wullyRFC

    Glenn Middleton

    Last youtube compilation vid I watched was Jerome Rotten
  11. wullyRFC


    I've slated him like fuck but hes not slow hes faster than your average player.
  12. wullyRFC


    I'd agree due to the fact he has 2 right feet but hes playing in the position he was signed to play in and it isnt really working against the better teams
  13. wullyRFC


    Will go to someome like DU and excel was never good enough for us.
  14. wullyRFC


    How many games in his career has he played through the middle? He used to be an out and out striker
  15. wullyRFC

    Great Night For Scotland

    I wouldnt expect anyone to be wearing an England top though they are a rival of ours regardless of what some people think, they hate us as much. I personally wouldnt spend £55 on another countries top but people do. The Brazil away was a belter for instance. I wanted England to get fucked I hate the cunts when it comes to international football but all I've seen on this forum is Nationalist this Tartan Tranny that. If anyone cares enough I'll go back and quote my glory in Scotland getting pumped aswell.