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  1. Before any play off game rangers were 3/1 to go back Into spl I really wish I put £100 on it to pay next years season ticket
  2. I think we need to win by at least 2 clear goals on wed
  3. Hey tickets are on sale now I was just wondering when will season ticket holders be able to buy there seat until Am I better buying seats now or after season ticket holders time is up to buy there's as more will be released ?
  4. Just got my tickets But when I looked at seating plan there is more less every area available Is this even going to be half full
  5. Come on rangers for fuck sake If we can't beat bottom of the league away from home what hope do we have against hearts away We need a few goals. It might just come down to goal difference. Come on
  6. We need to start getting a few goals each game like the 4-0 Cos I have a feeling the goal difference might just start to matter for that second place
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