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  1. If our Players have a go at the Refs and Linesmen they'd be shown a card every time they did it, the officials in Scotland are a shower of inept corrupt Bast--ds.
  2. Thank you, you took the words out of my mouth.
  3. I would say if it was any other team that penalty would have been given, as the player had the Blue shirt of Rangers on it wasn't. At the end of the day it's just another blatant penalty denied by useless corrupt officials.
  4. Police Scotland were probably looking for people with Flared trousers. If it's anything to do with acts against Rangers FC and our support they never seem to catch the culprit.
  5. I just find spitting at people totally abhorrent, Grezda should be shown the door while Diouf should never have been allowed through it. Sorry for derailing the thread.
  6. I keep seeing comments of disgust about Grezda and him spitting at a player, different people saying he doesn't deserve another chance ect, where were all these people and their disgust when we signed the filthiest bastard in British Football the one and only Diouf who could out spit a Camel.
  7. There must be a lot of taig minded Welsh Bastards supporting Swansea to do something like that. Ffn sick ignorant c--ts.
  8. Moody blue must be sikh of getting it wrong. 😂
  9. thanks Jules. Excellent video, brought a few tears to the eyes again at the beginning.
  10. I like going on Facebook, but it does my nut in if I read any posts like the ones above ( I know these lads are taking the piss) as for the real ones on Facebook I don't how some of these numpties aren't getting psychiatric help. F--k the Tim's, their team and their religious leader. No Surrender.
  11. Rest in peace Fernando, a true blue hero to all Rangers fans.
  12. See the unwashed have been out in their Sunday best again. I bet there is cleaner Rats in a sewer than this scabby lot.
  13. Nottingham Forrest have just sold 18 year old Striker Arvin Appiah to Almeria for £8 million, the prices are ridiculous, Alfredo must worth £35 million going by these figures.
  14. A monkey has more brains than that ugly fucker. Bloody sure he would be a total bum if it wasn't for football.
  15. I am innocent of that charge, but I still smell Shite. 😁😁
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