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  1. I like going on Facebook, but it does my nut in if I read any posts like the ones above ( I know these lads are taking the piss) as for the real ones on Facebook I don't how some of these numpties aren't getting psychiatric help. F--k the Tim's, their team and their religious leader. No Surrender.
  2. Rest in peace Fernando, a true blue hero to all Rangers fans.
  3. See the unwashed have been out in their Sunday best again. I bet there is cleaner Rats in a sewer than this scabby lot.
  4. Nottingham Forrest have just sold 18 year old Striker Arvin Appiah to Almeria for £8 million, the prices are ridiculous, Alfredo must worth £35 million going by these figures.
  5. A monkey has more brains than that ugly fucker. Bloody sure he would be a total bum if it wasn't for football.
  6. I am innocent of that charge, but I still smell Shite. 😁😁
  7. One sticker! They're having a fucking laugh. If some nutter was to do that, they would at least put hundreds up, if not thousands. I smell Shite.
  8. It wasn't scum fans, it was separate entity scum fans. They are fucking unbelievable, never them that did it, it's always somebody else. I hope uefa really hammer them this time but I won't hold my breath.
  9. That's the problem with fenian halfwits, I don't think they were ever taught Geography at school, that's why they can't find their way back to dear old oirland.
  10. I think the time has arrived for Thompsons solicitors Patrick McGuire, to go for the jugular and tell the scum we are going to court and there will be no deals being done only justice for all who have been wronged, and we will accept what compensation the court sets.
  11. There is far too much happiness in this thread, I think BP9 should get involved.
  12. It was nice watching the prat taking them deep breaths and having to swallow his usual shit, you could see it in his ugly taig mush it was hurting the twat.
  13. What we will get till about 4.50pm this afternoon is the taig vow of silence on everything to do with the Scum, and then all hell will break loose about everything that happens at Ibrox or didn't happen at Ibrox, so they will just make it up and spin it as the truth.
  14. I have lived down in Yorkshire since 1970 and have voted for Labour in most of the elections in that time, but since the three republican loving arsewipes have come to the fore, I will not vote for them anymore. Someone said in another post Corbyn is dangerous, he is certainly not on his own within the Labour Party for being that, they need cleansing from top to bottom.
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