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  1. It's an age thing, I remember it as well even though in my head I am 23, but the body is a lot older.
  2. It was definitely called the piggery in the sixties and maybe earlier, also the home end at the piggery was called the jungle for a good reason because of the amount of inbred, inhuman shite that gathered there. That's the truth and nothing sectarian about it. 😂
  3. Scum fc bother about the crisis of WW2, so I wouldn't expect that shower paedo scum bastards to be bothered now.
  4. Klop is class and a decent human being. Lennon is nothing but an example of how horrible a human can be, my dog has a better moral compass than that prick.
  5. They are way below the quality and standard of the Glasgow police before I left Glasgow in 1970.
  6. That's typical of Glasgow police, as usual their heavy handedness caused this issue, but they revert to type and blame others.
  7. Copenhagen does lager, and it is Carlsberg, its where its brewery is. Love the place.
  8. Copenhagen would be very nice, a lovely place for a few days away.
  9. If this program puts the issue UK wide as to what these dirty paedo bastards have covered up, then it has got to be a good thing. Hoping that this will be the case and the people whose lives have been destroyed by what happened at the hands of the Parkhead paedophiles that it brings them some Justice.
  10. bluedart1952


    The way Kent is playing, we would be be lucky to get a million pound back for him.
  11. Nice to see your post Rab, it has been a while.
  12. I have watched it over and over and I find it hard to believe that that wasn't a red. The bookies favourite punter will be having a snort of the white stuff tonight in celebration, ffn shower of corrupt Bastards.
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