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  1. bluedart1952

    Rangers Under 17s vs Tarriers Under 17s - Glasgow Cup

    Great result by our youngsters, hope we can get these results at all levels before long.
  2. You can always have a good shite, but Windass will never be good.
  3. bluedart1952

    The next two games ...........

    If Murty puts out the same team as the killie game against them, then even in your dreams we would get stuffed.
  4. bluedart1952

    We concede 37.5% of our shots

    We need a football revolution, similar to what happened when Graeme Souness was brought in. If we keep going for managers who haven't really done anything of note as a footballer or manager like our last two, we wont get anywhere, and that includes McInnes and any other manager plying there trade in Scotland at the moment, they are just not good enough for what we require at Rangers.
  5. bluedart1952

    *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    It's depressing alright and there just seems to be no end to it.
  6. bluedart1952

    *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    I would say ask Kenny Millar, but he looked like he didn't have fucking clue either.
  7. bluedart1952

    *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    vipbox. Rangers v Hamilton then select ice tv stream.
  8. bluedart1952

    Referee from today

    Just hope he didn't come up Short in his ability to run the game.
  9. bluedart1952

    Ref this Saturday

    doesn't matter who we get, we have been playing against 11Players and a Referee since the season started.
  10. bluedart1952


    Just leave Halliday on Holiday in Azerbaijani , it's better for us him playing there rather than risk him playing for Rangers, he goes down quicker than a prostitute.
  11. Maybe because it isn't an Arsehole convention.
  12. bluedart1952

    Giving fellow bears grief.....

    If I'm watching Rangers on telly or at Ibrox, I celebrate every goal, some with a bit more exuberance than others depending on who we are playing and I have done that for the last 60years minus the flares (except for wearing them). I celebrated the goals against Ross county with just as much vigour as the lads that travelled to the game and I'm not changing a habit of a lifetime of supporting Rangers, not for some Miserable Bast--ds.
  13. bluedart1952

    Police Scotland OBFA submission

    To be or not to be a H**? that is the question, But nobody is answering. So who is responsible, Gogzy?
  14. bluedart1952

    Police Scotland OBFA submission

  15. bluedart1952

    Your first ever Rangers game?

    1960-61 Scottish cup it was 3rd round replay versus motherwell, I was 8 years old at the time and the whole family went including my granny and granda and we got stuffed 5-2. I was not a happy wee boy.