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  1. The not so separate entity. I wonder how they will answer what's in that old article.
  2. I doubt it will be passed, but the bit I like is where the league spokesman says it will be decided ( via a Democratic process) I wonder what voting system they will use. Probably the Lieswell says process.
  3. Defoe has and will still be making sure he is keeping very fit where a lot of players up and down the country wont put the same effort in, what will be missing is match sharpness. I just hope our squad follow Defoe's fitness ethics and put the work in.
  4. Itchyfanny more like, he's more a nauseating whining bitch.
  5. You would be surprised how many of us pensioners are computer literate.
  6. Just seen the police have charged that snp clown Bonnar and A n other over the scum flag in his window An SNP MP has been charged after an angry clash with his neighbour over a celtic flag. Police launched an investigation after a confrontation involving Steven Bonnar and another man. A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Following further enquiries, Police Scotland can confirm that two men aged 38 and 51 have been charged in connection with a disturbance at an address in Columbia Court, Uddingston, on Thursday, 16 April, 2020. “A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal.” A video was filmed last month showing the politician being challenged for hanging a celtic flag in a window at his home in Uddingston, Lanarkshire. The clash showed Bonnar, who represents Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, approaching his neighbour’s front gate after a man said: “You’re supposed to be a councillor. What’s that all about in your window? Is it needed?” Bonnar responded: “Aye, it’s needed. What’s it got to do with you? It’s my house.” The clip was posted on YouTube by a Rangers fans’ group. The MP said at the time: “I regret being drawn into a dispute with a neighbour and reacting hastily to comments made. I apologise for my language and behaviour, and for any upset caused.” is window.
  7. He is just a front for the slant eyed weasel who is really in charge of spfl/sfa.
  8. I feel very sympathetic towards any hospital staff that has to tend these dirty scummy bastard.
  9. is that Doncaster ( the Planks } skinny brother.
  10. I don't think Sir David Attenborough could explain what they are, but it reminds me of that old horror movie the Blob. 😂
  11. I think going by the taigs spelling they are using gas or electricity measurements. 😂
  12. Bloody thick twats, 2 meters ffs. 😂 😂 Taig education is exceptionally good. 😂
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