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  1. If this program puts the issue UK wide as to what these dirty paedo bastards have covered up, then it has got to be a good thing. Hoping that this will be the case and the people whose lives have been destroyed by what happened at the hands of the Parkhead paedophiles that it brings them some Justice.
  2. bluedart1952


    The way Kent is playing, we would be be lucky to get a million pound back for him.
  3. Nice to see your post Rab, it has been a while.
  4. I have watched it over and over and I find it hard to believe that that wasn't a red. The bookies favourite punter will be having a snort of the white stuff tonight in celebration, ffn shower of corrupt Bastards.
  5. What a thick twat, more shite comes out his mouth than you will find going down a toilet.
  6. They all love the irish republic, but fuckers won't go and live there.
  7. Those stats won't be used by the taig media as they are not in their paedophilie clubs interest.
  8. Miller would have liked to be the next Defoe.
  9. I would say normal as it's probably the only clothes he has, he won't be able to buy drink, drugs and afford to buy clothes out of his benifits. That's why they are smelly shites. 😂 😂
  10. Backi n the late 60s upto me moving South in 1970 there was A big Rab Mcpherson who was leader of the Buck and was also running the Rangers bus from the Peel don't how long he ran things after I moved, I take it that's one of his relations.
  11. Ffs. they really need to stop these cunts taking drink and drugs.
  12. A stewardess on my Jet2 flight home yesterday did the exact same gesture to one of her associates further up the plane, letting her know they had sold out of some duty free, not one passenger took offence. Probably it was because I flew into Leeds as I live Scarborough, so there was not much chance of a smelly, easily offended, green and gray, unwashed taig on my flight.
  13. It is if you frequent the Peadodome. 😂
  14. Brazil is a cowardly wee Tim Bum Bhoy.
  15. These clowns are such dreamers they should ask Disney if they can sign Shrek as manager as he is green, ugly and as thick as fuck, so he would be a good fit for the tags. 😂
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