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  1. That auld c--t could do with having dementia so he can forget he ever wore that abomination. It's also possible that maybe an asylum is missing some inmates. 😂😂😂😂
  2. Not Now, Ozblue cant handle it Now.
  3. He will still be skint1 A couple of years ago I put a post up where he blamed Rangers FC in the SP for him going bankrupt and he has had quite a few sly digs at us over the last 7 to 8 years. I had a bit of respect for him but not anymore, he's just another one on the list of ex Rangers players with dirty hands back slapping the scum.
  4. I have watched some shite Scotland teams in last 60 years, but fu--ing HELL! This lot have got to be the worst.
  5. Go to the Scottish Parliament, you will find all the snakes that need ffn punching.
  6. How long does it take to build a team, quite a few on here think it will happen instantly by changing manager every season because they weren't successful. Going by this thought Man United should have sacked Sir Alex Ferguson after his first season, but they didn't, and the rest is history. SG deserves time to build a team and should be backed by the fans. The other thing is, it's not just the other teams we're up against but the corrupt sfa/spfl and the taig media.
  7. I hope there is a formal complaint going into radio 5 live about this clowns outright lie.
  8. probably die of a bloody heart attack due to the shock.lol
  9. Would love it if he stayed, but, if the right offer comes in we will have to let him go as we don't have the financial clout to say no.
  10. fuck! even a blind man could see how ugly that is.
  11. I don't do twitter but was hoping someone would put the video that's on Page 18 of this thread with the tims singing the same shit at Gerrard, just to see the response. I doubt Clarke would be phoning SG offering sympathy as he is a two faced arse.
  12. This is the video I meant to put up. Can someone post it to dornan and ask him why has he waited for Clarkes fake meltdown when he should have already acted on this video and about the Chris Boyd incedents at the weekend, but don't hold breath for a proper answer.
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