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  1. A bit of a safety net in terms of financials going forward if this season does not produce a title win is selling Morelos (and maybe a few others). For once in recent history raising a sizeable amount of money from player sales might help in the shorter term, with reliance then placed on the development team strikers and other players just having to make that step up. That sort of safety net might help cover some of the financial overhang if things did not go as well as the Board expected this season and if, as a result, costs are too far out of kilter with prospective revenue. But it is no comfort whatsoever if titles are not being won and/or if there was a failure next season to qualify for the EL group stages. With the 150th anniversary then on the clearly visible horizon the stresses of having to satisfy the Support with a title win become all the more intense. Whether any of them have the willingness to deal with that and a risk that title 55 is not won before or during that 150th season is, imo, a big question. I doubt any of them would want to be associated with the shame of failing to win title 55 and they'd be off before that risk crystalized. That said, there is time - including this season - for Gerrard and the team to deliver title 55 before the 150th season. Though sooner or later the month to month then week to week pressures will start to come into very sharp reality for the manager, the squad and not least King and the Board. The nearer that event gets without title 55 already won, the more likely imo King, Board Directors and maybe others will start to execute their 'get out' plans so that they are not forever associated in Rangers history as guardians on whose charge a failure to get 55 before or during the 150th anniversary happened. Everything else that is done to commemorate 150 is a nostalgic shadow if there is not a recent title 55 to celebrate. Because title 55 is the only really meaningful indicator that Rangers really has recovered.
  2. Maybe the horizon for trophy winning success for Gerrard (and the Board) is not an absolute for this season. Maybe its a window of seasons that closes either at the start of the 150th anniversary season or at the end of it. If the title is not won before the start of the 150th season I don't readily see Gerrard or King or any of the Board directors being too keen on the pressure piled on them of having to win it in the 150th year. I just don't think they'd want to be associated with the risk of failure if, during that season, the title was still not won. The pressure on them, never mind the players, would be immense. They might all have gone before that season started. Would they all really have the balls to carry on during that season with it then becoming a 'must win' season? I don't see that they'd be in for that sort of pressure and would have handed over control of the club and football management to others by then, with their replacements able to dodge the bulk of the pressure by saying they were not to blame. If the 55th title is won before the 150th season then maybe they'd still be around to see what sort of success the Club could achieve in that 150th season, the pressure of having won title 55 having been removed. So for 2022 I think the success Gerrard and the Board need to see is title 55 before then. Which gives them a few seasons to finally close the gap and win the title. Cups along the way are bonus material and of course very welcome but its the title that really matters. Gerrard may therefore still be building a title winning side during this season - clearly aiming to win it and doing his level best to coach the team to do it but whether he has enough quality in the side this season is hard to judge right now. Put another way though, if it can't be won with a goal scoring match winning Morelos in the team this season then time to get a suitable effective replacement into the side would start to run out for Gerrard if Morelos is sold next summer. Another way of looking at it is that the weight of influence on whether Gerrard is backed or not is not with King or the Board or with the Support. It's with Gerrard. He will stay just as long as he wants to stay and I doubt very much if he'd be readily ousted by a Board or a Board readily influenced by a wider Support to remove him. All the bets for title 55 are on the Gerrard chip - imo there is no credible alternative at this range of time before 2022. Gerrard is rock solid safe in the managers job for as long as Gerrard himself wants to stay there.
  3. Stands up and walks out leaving a slightly surprised Helander to deal with media drones. Which he did pretty well. Nice one too from the Manager in placing 3 (I think it was) hard edged comments about lack of support from the Scottish football authorities about the timing of domestic games following European games. He's clearly pissed off and was keen enough to let everyone know it. Firing for effect too at his own managing director when he said he didn't know if the Club had raised this with the football authorities. In taking this point into his own hands, and stressing it 3 times with some clipped hard edged 'don't fucking challenge me on this' delivery he looks to me to be trying to use the media to get this issue raised and sorted. He might as well have added that its little wonder the international side does so badly when the football authorities make such a mess of organising domestic fixtures (or put differently, that they chase the TV cash in preference to the overall good of the game and the players in it). Gerrard must think he's finding himself working with football authorities who are retarded, blinkered and completely out of touch with the pressures on modern day footballers. 75 games in charge of Rangers already? Quite a milestone, and so soon too. Here's hoping he sees very many more and with league titles and cup trophies to go with it. And was Ojo's goal last night the 500th goal scored by Rangers in European competitions?
  4. I was wary of him being selected for this game as he's not had all that much game time so far, and this was a very big game. But fair play to him - he put in a very good assured performance.
  5. One other point I'm sure the Manager will be pleased about. Even though he was booked Morelos never once looked like he'd then get reckless and get a 2nd yellow, nor did it seem to diminish his overall very excellent contribution to the side (pity he couldn't get a goal his play deserved though). Morelos will himself also be satisfied that hard lessons from last season are continuing to be learned. Here's hoping he keeps this up.
  6. I've already contacted the cardiology dept at my local hospital to warn them I'll need some help to recover.
  7. Yes. Maybe its a less of a technical ability to get more goal scoring shots on target and more of an attitude / pressure of big club thing. Anywhere else and they'd maybe get that extra half second or relax a shade more and score more goals. Its the pressure to win, win, win at Rangers. But then again those that do make the transition will be superstars.
  8. Converting chances into goals - surely the biggest priority for Gerrard. He's talked often enough about the team needing to be more ruthless but its how to instil that goal-taking ability that's key to taking this side a lot further forward at any sort of pace.
  9. It will need to be matched by getting a whole lot better (more ruthless / clinical) in finishing goal scoring chances.
  10. Important for Gerrard at half time to instil the right messaging and emphasis so that the form seen the first half continues right the way through all of the 2nd half. As he knows there are too many times where we see a good half and a bad half in the same game. These games are all about consistency and carrying on with the good form right throughout the entire game...…...and being more ruthless in taking goal scoring chances. The last thing we want to see is the side starting to play for a safer game with the edge taken off their game. Surely Gerrard has by now got them well warned they need to be at their very best and very bravest for the entire duration of the game. Here's hoping anyway.
  11. Not feeling enough heat of competition for his place in the team. He knows he is picked for games regardless, and made more secure by having the Captain's armband. Result is a bit of complacency set in, consistency of form erodes...….and 'must score' penalties are missed.
  12. If dropping Katic was supposedly 'tactical' then maybe Gerrard has been looking at the wrong part of the defence. IMO Tav has not been 'at it' (to use a Gerrard phrase) anywhere near good enough this season so far. There is no room to bottle big moments in important games like these.
  13. I'm sure he (Gerrard) won't be lying. Quite how economical with the truth a label of 'tactical' is would be something else though. It just seems to me on the face of it a very odd decision to drop him right out and not even have him on the subs bench. If Helandar - with not much match time this season never mind time against this quality of opposition - has a dire game then an near equally inexperienced (match wise) Edmundson does not look to me to be the strongest of solutions to pull from the bench. I've no problem with rotation as such. Just surprised at this churn for this important game and not even on the bench.
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