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  1. Reformation Bear

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Those who can really play - do. And he did. Those who can talk a lot - do. And he does. Those who can manage well - do. He didn't. Pity really as if he could have done as well at managing Rangers as he did playing for Rangers or talking about football stuff on TV then our last few years might have been very much better.
  2. Reformation Bear

    Gerrard’s advice for Windass

    SG's words of wisdom went in one ear and out of the other with zero processing or understanding in between. Just a scratching of the head and wondering wtf to say or do next. Conclusion he reached was the classic ……...sometimes I just sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.
  3. Reformation Bear

    Welcome Goldson

    Looks like the intention is no nonsense in defence. Height, strength, enough ability, imposing players who really should not be messed - or pushed about - on the pitch. The signings are hopefully going to be players that can impose themselves on games and build the platform for a proper title challenge next season. Looking forward to seeing how the Manager sets about getting the very best of a squad that undergoing good improvement.
  4. Reformation Bear

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    The Manager must rate him otherwise why do the deal. A big opportunity for the lad to improve his game under Gerrard's management......and prove he has what it takes to be a top player. He's being given a great opportunity. I'd like to suppose a lot of young very good players would like the opportunity to prove their worth under Gerrard's leadership....but few will be chosen. I hope he turns out to be a superb loan signing.
  5. Reformation Bear

    A message from the manager

    Looking forward to seeing a vastly improved level of winning performances, fight, pride in the jersey, pride in the Club and sheer will to win being instilled into the team by SG. Other sides will be even more up for it next season to try to put one over on Rangers and SG but I reckon SG and GM and their backroom staff will have enough about them to get Rangers playing and willing and imposing themselves on games as a Rangers side should be.
  6. Reformation Bear

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Fine(ed)…….but what happens next? Is that the end of it and they are back among the ranks as part of SGs plans? Some have said Miller is off but is that official....has he actually left the Club? This has the feel of being about having let time elapse for things to cool down followed by being seen to have taken some action so its a fine - stuff players on their wages can easily afford......then matter closed and its all down to the players preparing for a new season under a new manager. Meanwhile Murty gets his conscience salved by the knowledge that punishment has been meted out. And anyhow what's happening with Murty? Has he gone? Is he still with the Club? Is he still going to be with the Club next season?
  7. Reformation Bear

    Email from Rangers?

    Companies are panicking a bit now. Folks have realised that if they want to stop receiving emails from companies they may have signed up to in the past and who still bombard them with emails then not signing up is going to stop these emails at a stroke. Companies will see their mailing lists decimated......and risk losing out on on-line sales. But if you want to continue to get emails from companies you like - like of course Rangers - then you need to take positive action to confirm you want to receive communications from them. This GDPR thing is great because in an instant.....by doing nothing...….I'll stop unwanted electronic communications arriving. But of course signing up to comms from Rangers.
  8. Reformation Bear

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    As much as it is the DOF's job to get the best quality and right players into Rangers its also his job to remove those who lack the willingness, application and ability to do a proper job for Rangers' cause. I'd expect the DOF to have him moved on this summer. Along with quite a few other players too. Its players with the right ability, attitude, commitment and will to win who are 100% solely for Rangers that we want.
  9. Reformation Bear

    Europe Guaranteed

    Arithmetic is arithmetic. It'll keep journos and doom-sayers in clover until the game is over. But wait a minute. This is Rangers. The team should be going there to impose itself on the game, to score goals, and to win. Winning football games is what we are about. It's what Gerrard is about so the sooner the team get into the mode of winning because winning is what Rangers do the better.
  10. Reformation Bear

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Since all this talk of major investment has sparked off some wide ranging speculation how about chucking another totally wild and random theory into the melting pot. According to the STV news their report states "However, the South Africa-based businessman said no external investment is currently in the pipeline.". But Gerrard is not now external is he? Maybe Gerrard is prepared to put some money in, in return for being appointed as a Director, and with another director of his choosing also appointed to replace the 2 who have just left. An influencing voice on the board as well as being manager? I base this on absolutely nothing whatsoever other than it being a hot day and nothing else to do but bake up a theory to chuck into the pot of so many wide ranging views on this thread. It's absolute nonsense of course, but it can join a lot of the other nonsenses posted about a so-called major investment.
  11. Reformation Bear

    Major investment?

    A press embargo puzzles me. Why would the Scottish press, or any press agency for that matter, respect an embargo unless it was legally binding on them. For it to be legally binding you'd presume they'd all have had to have signed some sort of confidentiality agreement before being allowed into the press conference. Embargoes as between companies doing some sort of deal they wish to keep secret until the ink is dried on the contract is one thing - it's in the companies' interests to keep things secret in case a leak affects share prices. It's also something they and their advisers control since they all have 'skin in the game' so to speak. But an embargo on the press reporting aspects of a press conference given by the chairman of a football club? I've never heard of such a thing. It seems more than a bit fanciful to me...…...mainly because what is the stick with which King /Rangers can effectively beat any members of the press with if they break the embargo and just go for a 'publish early and be damned'? None unless there is a very powerful legally binding confidentiality agreement in place, and even then these things can be got around by a whispering non-attributable well placed leak. Sorry to be more than usually sceptical when it comes to all matters King but to my way of thinking an embargo, voluntarily honoured by the media - the Scottish media remember - seems to me to be just plain fanciful. If there was commercially sensitive news to be protected, or some sort of legal position to be protected, and it was vital to reduce to the bare minimum any risk of a leak of such news then quite frankly you don't hold an advance press conference then go to the trouble of trying to enforce an embargo on the press. It's not some government department here that needs to have an orchestrated bit of news released at a specific time and embargo is the only way to achieve a common message via multiple news sources at the same time. Its a football club Chairman for heaven's sake. All King had to do was have his press conference after 11pm. It is as simple as that. All this theatre about some sort of embargo looks to me as just being theatre for theatre's sake, if there really is even an embargo. It's all a bit of a nonsense to me.
  12. Reformation Bear

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    This whole King press conference thing seems to me to have taken on the impression of a lot of people becoming progressively engaged in a hopeful kite-flying exercise, with expectations soaring as a result. It'd not be too surprising if whatever King has to say has the effect of cutting the kite-string and disappointing an awful lot of people with just a summary of where things are at present and a sort of sales pitch / message of encouragement to bolster ST renewals. Seems to me its possible that whatever he says is viewed as underwhelming unless there is some news of substantial new major investment coming in, and the kite of investment hope that was flown so high returns to earth under the gravitational pull of King's message. But then again who knows, maybe he'll pull a big investor rabbit out of his hat. I await the news with interest.
  13. TBH I've ripped that rear view mirror out and thrown it away. Revisiting old failings, replaying past games, and 'what-iffing' brings back too many memories of sheer clusterfucks that were probably avoidable with better leadership at the Club. I'm looking forward to the future. The future is bright, the future is Gerrard.
  14. Reformation Bear

    Stevie G Shooting Session

    No serious comparison is there. I think Mr Gerrard will be looking for something close to perfection in these types of training sessions, and not something closer to 'laugh a lot' training. I think Mr Gerrard is seriously serious about his football and about winning. I reckon there will be a vast difference in when he arrives.
  15. Reformation Bear

    Stevie G Shooting Session

    If we all listen closely there'll be a collective 'gulp' over at the Rangers Training Centre when they watch this. Precise target practice and perfecting of technique in actually shooting at goal. 'What is this?', they players will be saying 'is this some new fangled thing we should be doing in football games, aiming precise and hard to beat shots at goal?'...……..as they hunt for a place to hide or for the exit doors before Gerrard arrives. The shooting technique was just the obvious bit. Did you notice the glint of steel in his eyes? Even in practice it has to be right. Over at the Rangers Training Centre I suspect they are in for a big dose of 'rouse 'em out of their football slumber, sirens blaring' from Mr Gerrard when he arrives.