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  1. Reformation Bear

    Gerrard press conference - Hamilton

    Its non-controversial territory for the journos. They know its a subject he's happy to talk about and they've run out of serious questions to put to him about Rangers because they sense they'll just get batted away. The cosy ground of football nothingness as far as Rangers is concerned, but where it means a lot to SG as Liverpool are understandably still important to him. More concerning from my point of view are his sort of giveaway remarks near the beginning of the interview where he talks about the importance of the game against Hamilton where he talks about the need to get a win to restore some calmness about the place. If those openly given comments indicate he is aware of some rising tension not just throughout the Support but in the squad and maybe around Rangers management then that would add to his pressures. But these are the pressures of being Manager of Rangers. I'm waiting to see if he can start to field a settled side - which he believes is his best side for the remainder of the league season - with as few forced and unenforced changes to it as possible. To get winning consistency I think we need the best starting 11 for each game with as few changes as possible. Working out how to apply a rotation system can follow downstream once the squad really has gelled a whole lot more and players in the first team have learned to adapt to rotated players slotting in. In recent games the churning of players has become too much like a throw of he dice where SG's expectation of that rotation being absorbed by the team and they carry on to power through confidently to wins is not matched by reality. They players aren't that good to accept that sort of volume of rotation. There are too many changes and I think its produced and unsettled side where confidence has been diluted. If there is to be a serious tilt at the league title this season then imo its time to pick his best side and stick to it as far as is sensible and possible.
  2. Reformation Bear


    If, as someone reported in an earlier post, he is training with the squad today then maybe that infers he's had his chat with SG and the player has decided to tough it out? He'll know this is a big moment in his football career and that if he backs away from the challenge the route narrows to near impossible to progressing a top flight career further at any sort of reasonable pace. If its a watershed point for him and he braces up, hardens his nerves and applies his full talent to the best of his ability on a consistent basis he might yet make something positive out of this loan spell. But as others have said he's immediately become baiting material for opposition players (not just kicked up and down the park but verbally baited as well). So if he is to stay and if he is to tough it out then he likely to literally have to go through the Scottish school of football hard knocks. I guess SG could, and has, given him a few wise words to chew over too. Like success not being gifted to players just because they are fortunate enough to have signed longish contracts for a very big football club. It has to be earned, and part of that earning is learning to become battle hardened and still deliver your best in every game. If he stays I imagine the more senior or experienced players in the squad might be told to make sure he gets some additional encouragement (and maybe protection) on the pitch until he is over this spell. We could maybe have done with a role-model player like Graham Roberts in the side to help young players deal with in-game issues.
  3. Reformation Bear

    Squad rotation

    Its only an opinion and with absolutely no experience whatsoever of picking football teams never mind a Rangers team, but it seems to me that if SG really does want to have a properly competitive tilt at the league title this season then the time for experimenting with team selections needs to end pronto and he decides on his best 11 plus subs and charges them to get on with winning league games. Going with that an end needs to be immediately found to team changes forced on the Manager due to red / yellow card suspensions.
  4. Reformation Bear

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Which of us have never been so annoyed or frustrated that we fail to acknowledge others as we would normally do? Granted it would have cost him very little in time and effort to give a public acknowledgement to the Support, and its what would be expected. It seems to me that in the heat of frustration and disappointment he'd made an error. Unfortunate and regrettable but there we go. I bet he spent a fair bit of the game wishing he himself could be playing and directly influencing the game. I wouldn't want to underestimate the intense feeling (and maybe fury) he had at not winning a very winnable game (another one). I see SG is quoted on the Club website as saying ….."it is obvious to me the players need some help. That means, obviously quality players that can come in and help them.” Shopping list presumably being handed to the DoF and to Dave King then. For if he knows which areas of the team need help then the flipside of this is he is really saying they are not good enough.
  5. Reformation Bear

    Deliver the League Title

    Accepting to an extent that red cards and injuries do not create the platform to decide on the best starting 11 for games, there does seem to be a recent habit of making a lot of changes to the team after each game and that this cannot possibly be good for building the levels of winning form consistency needed to win a league title...…...or (as now proved) to progress in Europe. Does SG and his coaching staff know - really know - what their best starting 11 is? It doesn't seem so to me. It seems he is determined to chop and change to test out various players to try to gauge whether they have - or can quickly develop - what it takes to become a title winning side. The season seems to risk taking on the reality of a scoping season where SG gets to grips with management, the league, the way clubs set up to face Rangers, and get to grips with forming a more capable squad. Aiming for the league title is one thing. The thing that SG and the management team and the Board know is so important to the Support. Knowing it is important. Believing with deep conviction in his abilities and the abilities of the first team squad that he can lead a team to achieve it this season is another matter. But the thing is, for this season, with all the chopping and changing it doesn't feel like SG knows his is best 11 - an11 plus subs he can rely on to do the job - and if that is the case it'll be some task for SG to instil belief into a constantly changing first team that they can mount a serious title challenge this season. The season could be yet another work in progress. Difference from recent seasons is SG is bound to be given time - and presumably financial resources - to complete his Woolies pic'n'mix approach to team selection and settle on the players he really eventually believes are capable of forming a title winning side. In the meantime it could be more of choose a few different players for the next game and the player-experiment-churn continues. I suppose all we can do is be more patient and hope that the process gets us to a title in due course. I don't think there is any credible real alternative.
  6. Reformation Bear

    Vassilis Lambropoulos

    ...or Vassi Lambopolis
  7. Reformation Bear


    He is on a season-long loan from Liverpool so if he has gone it surely must be something fairly serious that's caused an early release from the loan. Are the rumours of him walking out or being released from his loan spell by Rangers really true or is it just a case of SG leaving him behind for this game to bring it home to the player that if he doesn't do the business in the bread and butter (but utterly vital) league & cup games for Rangers then he can forget the chance to play in the brighter lights of European games? A case of the message being to step up the level of his game at Rangers in order to get closer to his dream of playing for Liverpool? Forcing the player to think about make or break and if its to be 'make' then he needs to raise the quality of his game? Would it not be a bit unusual for a player on a season long loan to be removed from scene at this loan club half way through the loan period unless there was a serious problem that could not be resolved?
  8. Reformation Bear

    Kent - Out for Rapid Clash

    I hope not! I know when I'm heading for check in at airports its not exactly the jolliest experience to look forward to. I just felt a few of them looked a bit sullen, especially when contrasted with what looked to me to be a far brighter image presented by SG himself. Wonder which Rangers we will see on Thursday? The one which sets about the game in a positive attacking way right from the start and which follows SG's game plan, or the lacklustre attitude shown against Aberdeen and Dundee. Surely they have it in them to deliver a win, and the mindset to go and do it. They'd get some welcome back in Glasgow Airport if they manage to win. And it'd be a massive boost for the rest of the vital league games in Dec.
  9. Reformation Bear

    Wallace travelling to Vienna

    Wonder if taking Wallace to Vienna in a game he can't play in infers that SG is looking to keep Wallace at Rangers (a sort of encouragement to him to stay on)? Could Wallace convert to playing CB if / when he ever gets fit enough? Beyond this being some sort of attempt to persuade Wallace that he is still part of SG's plans I can think of no compelling reason why he should be travelling with the squad. I'd have thought the only voices the first team squad will be hearing, and listening to, are those of belonging to SG and the coaching staff. Or maybe SG is thinking of bringing Wallace more fully into a coaching role for next season?
  10. Reformation Bear

    Kent - Out for Rapid Clash

    Pity SG isn't registered as a player. Looking at the team photos of the squad arriving at Glasgow Airport SG looks to me to be fit, bright and purposeful. Contrast that with a few of the of the players who look a bit disinterested, shuffling through stern faced with little evident zest and enthusiasm. Maybe they're all still reeling from the bollocking they've presumably been given after the woeful performances against Aberdeen and Dundee.
  11. Reformation Bear

    JOE DODOO Player of the month

    Can't disagree with that.
  12. Reformation Bear

    JOE DODOO Player of the month

    Maybe there should be a 'never say never' consideration. For example if an irresistible bid came in for Morelos might Dodoo be recalled? We couldn't run through the rest of the season just relying on Lafferty could we. And it shouldn't be assumed that if big money arrived for Morelos that we'd be able to use it to get a suitable replacement in this transfer window. ps - this is not a serious case for recalling Dodoo, just pointing out that if we lost Morelos to a bid in the winter transfer window then we'd risk having to run the rest of the season with even fewer strikers.
  13. Reformation Bear

    I Told You So

    Accepted that nothing is actually won or lost in December. In terms of trophies that is. But in December, and certainly in January, I think it is reasonable to be looking to see that a settled and winning side is being fielded. Where there is a very strong core of a team that knows what it takes to win games and gets on with winning them. A side that is winning its home games, a side that is not dropping points away from home in games that really are winnable. A side which is capable of winning OF games, and is actually then going on to win them. A side that is not chucking away the potential for winning games by players being sent off. If not enough positive indicators are there in December - especially at the end of December - then it seems to me to be a whole lot more difficult to make league winning form happen between Jan and the end of the season...….because there would be too much to be put right in too little a timespan. It'd be a little different if the teams at the top of the league were all on close contention come the end of the December but if that turns out not to be the case then recovering enough form after then to win the league would be a very tall order and with probably zero room for slip ups; which then add to the other pressures. If winning form continues to fall off during December and a gap in points gap opens up, it may not of its own mean that a league is lost in December, but it sure as fuck would mean it would take one almighty - and in recent times unseen - production of winning form to overcome it. I think SG needs to rediscover his best starting 11 and then stick with that as far as possible for the rest of the season. Stop the chopping and changing of the team (unless its needed because of suspensions or injuries). A habit of winning consistently needs to be restored if the end of the season is to be a time where a realistic shot at the league title is before us.
  14. Reformation Bear

    Goldson and Katic

    A lot of games in Europe mixed in with a busy domestic league and cup programme in the first half of the season with a built-from-scratch squad where there was - and I think still is - a big element of still trying to find out what the best starting 11 is. Add to that the enforced changes caused through red cards and some injuries. Add to that the concept of rotating players to give them a rest as well as to experiment to find out if players coming in can deliver what is required. One outcome of that volume of games and churn in players that is either enforced (suspensions / injuries / lack of match fitness) or unenforced (player and tactical experiment) seems to me to be producing in recent games the risk of inconsistency of performance and result that we saw at Dundee. There were 6 changes for that match and it didn't work. Players who did not follow the game plan and who made too many bad decisions. The squad is nowhere near settled enough in terms of knowing exactly how each player will fit in and perform if selected to play. Its as though the volume of changes for games mean the team selected for each game is not really sure of how each player will operate and form dips as a result. For the second half of the season I hope SG can get back to deciding his best 11 and sticking to that starting line up as far as is humanly possible / sensible. And with that the knowledge for the rest that if a first team player must drop out due to injury or poor form then whoever steps in must - absolutely must - deliver top performances to stay in the side. Chopping and changing a handful of players for every game weakens team cohesion and confidence imo. It'd be less of a risk when the squad really does have time under its belt to know how replacement players will slot in and the team absorbs this and carries on in good form. But while the squad is still new the amount of chopping and changing every week can't possibly be a good foundation for finding winning consistency. 2nd half of the season needs to see us fielding SGs best 11 every week (and action taken to cut out the red cards so that the team suffers fewer changes from week to week).
  15. Reformation Bear

    Hope after hope after hope

    It would be useful if enough of the first team squad had absorbed and taken to heart the way of life of 'no surrender'. I don't think many of them have that in their inner being. For too many it seems to me its just another game of football and a shrug of the shoulders at the result because there's always another game next week, and of course the nice pay check at the end of the month.