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  1. I've just seen your post having myself posted a comment that the thread did not seem to me to be worth following. Your advice is correct and timely. I'll bow out and leave things to take their natural course.
  2. I've not heard the podcasts and I'm not intending to listen to them. The first thread was dispiriting enough as Bear snarled ever more angrily at Bear, presumably in the guise of it being supposedly an entertaining-of-sorts series of verbal combative jousts with no winners, no compelling arguments , with some standing on the sidelines wondering if this is to be the new way for RM threads to function. From a quick glance at the responses to this 2nd round it looks to me to be heading the same way. If that's what passes for constructive, useful, informative discussion between Bears then I'll keep to the sidelines again or maybe take a pause to let those who wish to get on with the thread until perhaps this sort of summer stir-up controversy fades away and stuff like winning games of football make their reappearance.
  3. Its the bull elephant in the dressing room. It needed to be confronted more effectively last season and wasn't. I think all SG is doing is registering to the media and by extension to the SFA, the match officials in Scotland and the abysmal compliance officer that improving the disciplinary record is a priority for Ranger and that as manager he is getting to grips with this. In saying it in public maybe he is also preparing the ground for others at Rangers (DoF and Robertson) to get their faces firmly in front of SFA people and make it clear beyond doubt that the Club will not put up with refereeing or post-match adjudications where Rangers are treated differently to other clubs. This is not just a one-way thing for Rangers, it requires the football officials to ensure there is no bias (intended or unintended) against Rangers.
  4. Great stuff. I'm sure SG would have been just as chuffed to see a Bear in Formby wearing a Rangers polo shirt. I don't know about others, and it may be a misplaced observation, but since SG has arrived there seems to me to be a lot more Bears on the streets wearing Rangers kit.
  5. Banking for a few more seasons really excellent potential is probably a very sound piece of business. The difficult bit is still to come. As ever the question will be whether the player can show enough to persuade Gerrard to give him enough first team experience to see if potential can be translated into actual first team quality performances in games that matter when points must be won or cup ties won. And whether Gerrard is prepared to take the risk of playing him to see if he can make the transition into a really good first team player. Or perhaps a loan to another club may beckon first in order to give the player first team experience and Gerrard takes things from there once he sees how the player adapts. The player and the manager now have additional time to see if there is a star Rangers first team player in the making - one who goes on to have a great career at Rangers and who maybe in due course moves on in due course for a very healthy transfer fee. Here's hoping.
  6. Those who can, do. Those who can't just indulge in armchair quarterbacking or become 'consultants' or work in the media or become politicians. Point being they can't do what Gerrard has done and can still do. He might not be at a level where he could play first team football but he sure doesn't hide from leading from the front and showing the team what sort of effort and skill they need to produce.
  7. If its to be a loan spell, or an outright sale, it seems to me the best way to improve the more technical aspects of his game in terms of his creative etc distribution of the ball and turning him into a more complete midfield player then a move European club may be the best option. That'd depend of course on his willingness to work in a foreign country and having to deal with a foreign language. Going to the English Championship does not seem to me to be the route to improve the creative side of his game. How many Scottish players go there and really improve their game and become far better football players as a result? Not many I think. But the money would be good. As for going to a top 6 side in Scotland on loan, that just seems to me to be a means of getting more game time but not a route that would lead to a big improvement in the technical 'use of the ball' side of his game. Will be interested to see where he ends up. Its a pity though that Gerrard seems to have chosen to comment about the player in the media ahead of actually deciding with the player about what happens next in his career at Rangers. Or maybe it has been decided and Gerrard is simply applying a drip feed approach to the media so that when the move is announced it comes as no surprise to anyone, least of all the Support.
  8. If its to be a loan the question then becomes what would be a decent level for the player. A club in the SPFL? A club in the Scottish Championship …. if its that then I can't recall any player who has gone there and come back a better player and then gone on to become a regular first team player at Rangers. Going there looks to me like it'd be a staging post on the way out of Ibrox. A club in the English Championship or League 1? Again if its loaned out to a club in one of these leagues is there any track record at all of players returning so improved that they make it into the Rangers first team squad never mind making it as a regular first team player? Presumably it all depends on the fireside chat Gerrard has with the player but the smoke signals coming from the various bits of messaging seem to me that the player is more likely to exit either directly to another club or via the scenic route of loan transfers. Which would be a pity as I thought he had what it takes to be not just a first team regular but also to grow into being a key player for Rangers.
  9. Out of the 7 players listed we've seen only one (Davis) in action in a Rangers shirt last season. First part of his time back was, imo, poor to average but he was very much better in the tail end stage of last season. The others have yet to prove to the manager, to the rest of the squad, and to us that they are actually a noticeable step up from the players we saw last season. I would not label any of them as so-called marquee players though. Marquee being the term Gerrard himself used recently to characterise the sort of player that would needed at Rangers. His emphasis a month or so ago was that the transfer window would be more about improving quality than adding quantity. So far its been quantity. I'm assuming that when he takes into account those who will be leaving the resulting balance in the squad compared to last season will be that it has improved quality with these 7 players added. In my view though that doesn't get this transfer window over the line as far as improved quality is concerned. There would need to be a few players added who fit the bill of being marquee signings - players who have the skill, experience, will-to-win at any cost attitude and the nous to deliver their very best game on a consistent basis at Rangers. If that is a reasonable measure of what a marquee player might be then none of the 7 fit that in my book and with (60 odd?) days of a transfer window to go and with - presumably - the bulk of his transfer budget still available its those superior quality players that I'm looking forward to seeing at Rangers. Its early day in the transfer window and so far its the low hanging low cost fruit that's been harvested.
  10. Agreed. I suppose he'll become the new target man for the hatchet merchants that masquerade as football players in Scotland. They'll be hoping that once he's been on the receiving end of their ways of playing he does a Morelos with cards dished out against him. I hope he has the temperament to deal with that. Its one thing being told about what to expect, and another to deal with it when the shit is dished out week after week. I'm sure Gerrard will have plenty of coaching words of wisdom for him.
  11. Signed at last. Well done to Allen and Gerrard for persuading the player to sign for Rangers. Here's hoping he makes an outstandingly positive goal scoring and goal creating impact in the team. From the Rangers website today..............".........….The highly rated 22-year-old, who had options to move elsewhere, has made the decision to join the Gers on a four-year-deal. London-born Aribo, who plays as an attacking midfielder, started his career at Staines Town, impressing to win their academy Player of the Year Award in 2014 and be offered a trail at Charlton.............." Seems like Rangers has also been trailing him for what seems like ages. Thankfully the trail has ended with his arrival at Ibrox. ps - its a pity the media team can't get their messaging right first time. Its not as if they haven't had a lot of time to draft the announcement and have it checked. A bit like the team last season with far too many careless errors this happens too often from those responsible for Rangers announcements. For a club of the stature of Rangers far more care needs to be taken in the quality of comms coming from the Club. But first things first and its welcome to Aribo.
  12. Re the text highlighted - that intervention seems to me to be timely. I don't confine that view to just this thread but the observation you make could apply to a number of other threads too. Which is a shame really because while quite wide tolerance, and self imposed restraint can be applied by most posters there may come a point where the spiralling descent into seemingly spiteful argument and personal attack may drive posters out of RM. If it happens it happens but it would be a pity because RM has been a very broad minded forum with good wide tolerances for strength of discussion. I hope your message is heeded.
  13. A CB and a striker (maybe 2 strikers if Morelos were to depart). And maybe a midfield enforcer. CB. I'm not convinced we have enough quality, power and experience at CB (and maybe also in midfield). The sort of powerful and experienced player that has a burning will to win approach to defending and who can galvanise the defence into a 'just keep it simple and get the job done' mode. With the result of far fewer careless goals being given away. A more effective form of defence leadership than Tav has shown so far. It seemed to me we dropped far too many goals (and points) through too many instances of slack defending. Surely that has to be greatly reduced this coming season and so far the addition of Edmundson with Worral having gone does not look to me to be bring enough of that experienced will to win toughness in defence that would reduce the giveaway goals. Midfield. There is a lot of midfield talent in the squad and I guess some will transfer out and some will go on loan. But do any of them really have enough leadership quality about them to really impose themselves on the opposition and on the rest of the team? So that when games get to a point where an extra dimension of quality /leadership is needed to turn 1 point into 3 points that player provides the leadership. Maybe that type of leadership player in midfield isn't needed if there is a powerful enough captain or CB who is a good enough 'persuader' in getting other players to lift their game when needed. Striker (maybe 2). Even if Morelos stays I'd not be too confident that he's learned enough of the disciplinary lesson to avoid the red cards and still thump in a barrowload of goals. I just don't know if he will have reformed his way of playing. If he hasn't then unless there is another quality striker along with Defoe it seems to me it'd be a bit of a risky throw of the dice for Gerrard and Allen to think they can have a trophy-winning season without adding another quality striker. Besides which with Morelos in the side he is bound to be the immediate target of opposition players to provoke him and to try to get him sent off. After this last season its as certain as certain gets that they'd take that approach...…...and that's before we get to the officials and the compliance officer getting stuck in to doing their 'leaning decisions against him' bit to get him out of games. If Morelos goes then its not just one more quality striker that'd be needed, it could be 2.
  14. This thread seems to be steering itself to a position where the only outcome that would make sense is a circular firing squad. Ready, fire, aim.
  15. I hope that right from the opening game and all the way throughout the season he fully lives up to the expectations of Gerrard and Allen and of their reasons for signing him. It must surely be the case that they think he can make an immediate positive impact in the side and then sustain that throughout the season (otherwise why sign him). If there is 'must win' intention to win the league title this coming season and to add a cup or 2 then imo signings such as Edmundson (and Hastie and Jones and Stewart and Ojo) have virtually zero time to make the sort of impact they need to make to justify coming to Rangers. There is no room for newly signed players to hit the ground stumbling this season. With his background of football experience in England I'm presuming this is not one of the marquee signings that Gerrard and Allen alluded to a month ago so we still look forward to seeing these signings announced before the transfer window closes. Plenty time left.
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