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  1. Would it be 2-way comms so we could all hear the instructions officials are being given by those who they must obey? And will the officials be miked as soon as they reach the stadium so we can all hear what briefing they give to players...…………...and hear the riding instructions they get from those whom they must obey...…….and hear their half time and post match comments?
  2. ……………..if I recall correctly it was the first game after the winter break, away from home and on an artificial pitch. All in all not exactly an ideal set of circumstances for the experiment. Whether or not we have the personnel with enough footballing nous, skill, concentration and application to make it work well is also maybe another matter.
  3. To be fair Forrester and Dodoo were in the zone for being fitted out for caps...…...dunce's caps.
  4. Will be interested to see what Gerrard decides (a) for the next OF game and then (b) for the rest of the season. For the OF game I wonder if he will try to play an open game or whether he picks a defensively minded team and relies on counter-attack. The last thing he - or we - need is a form slump to continue and in continuing it ends up a hammering (shades of last season for example). For the remaining games after that maybe he might have another go at 2 up front and give some game time to Defoe and maybe Lafferty. Partly because the assumption is Morelos goes in summer so we need to get at least the existing strikers contributing far more and also see how well a change to 2 up front could be made to work for at least some of the games. And maybe partly to protect Morelos. As the biggest value transfer asset we have and where we rely on that money to fund some better quality players for next season maybe its becoming time to be a lot more selective about which games Morelos plays in. We would presumably want him to finish the season without being on the wrong end of the trend this season of ridiculous and malicious challenge(s) that opposition managers wave away as just being competitive but which risk causing serious injury to Morelos if one of them really connects with him.
  5. There sure there would be yellow and red cards aplenty. That would be inevitable in this current officiating world we are in. The club would never want that of course but personally I do think some sort of fire with fire approach would be needed to bring the problem to crisis level and force the point about getting the sort of protection for Rangers players that SG was talking about the other day. I think we'll be waiting for quite a while before we see officiating decisions that fans of all clubs can patently see are made with even-handed and proper protection of Rangers and opposition players in mind. It'd be great to bring in the kind of skilful player that evades and overcomes hammer throwers. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to me that such players at or approaching that peak of their game are affordable to Rangers, or would want to risk it in hammer-thrower league. All it takes is micro-seconds for the sorts of malicious (or clumsy if being really generous) challenges we see dished out to our players becoming dangerous through to career threatening or career ending. Such really good players and their agents can all see the football videos of tackles dished out with impunity and it'd be hard to blame them for staying away from that sort of risk. How Allen and Gerrard are going to attract the sort of quality player we need for next season when the protection of patently fair officiating is absent and absent on a consistent basis will take some stellar sales talk.
  6. The foul on Grezda was nothing short of malicious and shocking. Imo it could easily have ended the player's career if fuller contact had been made. The thing is its a matter of micro-seconds as to whether that fuller contact is made, the point being the Kilmarnock player went into that assault-like tackle with intent and with no means of controlling whether the result would end up taking Grezda out far more seriously and maybe even on a career threatening basis. The more that type of assault is seen by players in other clubs to be acceptable as there is no action taken against them, the more they are encouraged to have a similar go when they play us knowing that they can and will get away with it. At this rate and on the basis of what we've seen over the last few seasons somebody's career at Rangers, and maybe even their entire football career, will be ended by that type of tackle. Can you imagine the outrage if this happened to Morelos before the season ended and any chance the player has of a transfer to England or Europe is wiped out?
  7. Yes, very true. Maybe that's what it'd take to get something approaching an even playing field as far as officiating games is concerned and not the tilted field we play on week after week. I'm so annoyed at the way opposition players get away with the sort of persistent and malicious fouls dished out to our players, and just as annoyed that we don't have enough enforcers in the team who will make it their business to sort out opposition players.
  8. We don't have enough players who are tough enough, physical enough and who have a 'I'm not going to be fucked about' mindset. If we had then we'd be giving as good as we get, and more. Sure there would be red cards flying about and press headlines...….but fuck it...….right now and as it has been since back in the top league its open season on Rangers players. Open season with minimum risk of action taken against opposing players. Wouldn't mind seeing a few modern day Graham Roberts types of player in the side. Fucking nonsense from other teams would soon stop.
  9. That high tackle on Grezda in the Kilmarnock game. Utterly shocking. Downright dangerous. But that's the sort of permitted play he is having to get to grips with in this league. Thing is though, one of these tackles in one of these games will end up putting a Rangers player out of the game for good. Not the first time that's happened but it sure seems to me to be shaping up to happen again.
  10. So far ahead he's out of sight. No contest. And that defines the exact problem this season. Only one player who consistently delivers the goods. Only 1. The rest are somewhere deep in his shadow.
  11. Maybe the DOF and Gerrard need to find some players for defence, midfield and forwards who are physical enough to stand up for themselves and the Club and who can put themselves about by dishing out some far tougher treatment to other teams. Players who don't need the sort of protection SG refers to in a media interview (extracted below). I'm not saying he's incorrect about dangerous tackles, I'm just suggesting that since this game up here against us is a very physical one where pretty much anything is permitted when opposition players dish it out, we should meet fire with fire and then some. But manager Gerrard believes the visitors "were wiping out our players". "We don't feel as if we are getting enough protection at the moment, that's for sure," he said. "There is a difference between a foul and dangerous tackles and I thought there were a lot dangerous tackles out there."
  12. I agree. Remember watching Graham Roberts and Graeme Souness? No nonsense with them. Same too to an extent with Butcher and John Greig and Richard Gough and Mark Hateley. Many of our successful teams through the years had enough of a combative tough streak about them. Had enough natural will to win aggression about them that when applied in an Rangers shirt it made them even more effective. Nowadays we have too many players who pull on the shirt and think it somehow that alone is enough.
  13. One thing I think its safe to say about Morelos is that in general - and consistently - he just gets on with playing the game as he sees it and tries to get goals. He's not let the treatment he gets from opposition players, their fans, referees or the football authorities get in the way of his trying his best to get as many goals as he can for Rangers. He isn't bullied on the pitch and is a competitor. Maybe in the summer transfer window Gerrard needs to replace Morelos with a couple of hard and experienced bastards who will just fucking well set out to bully opposition players off the pitch. I don't know who they might be but injecting a whole lot more physicality and sheer will to win into the team is needed in my view. A few more players with the 'get stuck in and give em hell' attitude of Morelos might have seen a different outcome to this season. Morelos - with his faults - at least has visible spine and puts himself about. Far too many of the others just don't have that about them.
  14. Lack of match sharpness, lack of confidence, lack of ability in that sort of situation. I'm not looking to excuse him though.
  15. Seems to me there could be bids for Tav in summer and that he'd move on. Polster should be ready by then to take over the RB slot. Also seems to me its time for Candieas to move on. Teams in Scotland now know the Tav & Candieas routines well enough and imo we need to freshen up and improve the RHS attack, and tighten up the RHS defence.
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