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  1. Signing Gregg Stewart (along with the Jones and Hastie) don't seem to me to be signings that signal a step up in quality never mind a big enough step up in quality to create the impression that a credible title challenge can be generated next season. If anything they create the impression of consolidating our 'progress'. Will be interested to see which other players are signed when the transfer window actually opens and who leaves. The end result of the wheelings and dealings will obviously produce a far better indication of the extent to which the squad has actually been strengthened.
  2. One question Gerrard will have to think about this summer though, having seen these 4 players perform for the latter part of this season is whether that core combination is anywhere near good enough to be the midfield platform on which a title / trophy winning side can be forged for next season. It may be the best midfield combination we've had for some time but is it really likely to be good enough, have the creative quality and drive.....and goal scoring contribution….over a season to produce trophies. Personally I think far more by way of creativity and goal scoring is needed and I don't readily see that coming from this combination. It'll be interesting to see who Gerrard and the DoF bring in over summer to bolster that midfield by adding more creativity and more of a goal scoring threat.
  3. Scottish national team under Clarke...…...going nowhere. They will be stuck in the mire of desperately trying to avoid defeat, claiming sterile draws as some sort of indicator of progress. The hallmark will be organised negativity. He can get the reception he deserves if he ever turns up to watch any Rangers games.
  4. It was yet another repeat of previous game failures this season. This despite Gerrard's messaging about the need for players in the squad to impress if they wanted to stake credible claims for regular first team places. Very disappointing that after an entire season there are plenty in the squad who were not able, or not willing (take your pick) to stand up to the task of doing proper justice to the privilege of wearing a Rangers jersey. Gerrard will not get away with another season where that sort of lacklustre play results in yet another barren trophy season. His ability to analyse the problems and to publicly comment on them is one thing. Fixing the problem is another thing. Its going to be a very important summer transfer window. Very good players need to be added to turn the squad into a trophy winning squad.
  5. He's a yesterday person bankrupt of anything useful and constructive to say about Rangers. Best left ignored.
  6. A good question. If there was any useful point in reading this thread it evaporated a long time ago. Much of the thread is a complete waste of time.
  7. Maybe a point to be taken from this game is that Gerrard picked a team he said was capable of winning if it played well. It didn't. And his team selection has not worked. There is no way on this earth that we should be going to Kilmarnock and not imposing a far better, far more powerful, far more effective Rangers performance on the game. It's not good enough this season and its certainly not going to be good enough next season. A lot for Gerrard to get to grips with for next season. First season as a sighting season is over. It's now time to drop the talk about making progress (as if that's somehow enough) and time to start delivering trophies.
  8. Good question. Wonder how much time is spent on the training pitch practising and perfecting free kick technique. Helps of course if there are players in the first instance that have some sort of talent for developing various effective ways striking a dead ball so that it becomes a powerful goal scoring opportunity. We don't seem to have any.
  9. How long have you been away on holiday?? This is Kilmarnock we are talking about here. They have no ambition, no positive outlook, no desire to achieve genuine football success. The shit we've seen from them this season is as good as it gets from them. They've got collective nose bleed getting this far in the league so any notion of them opening out to try to make a proper game of it is not likely imo. They don't breed that into them at Kilmarnock under Clarke.
  10. Clarke will be using the same successful tactics when he gets the Scotland job. First act will be to install a plastic pitch. Then coach the players in theatrical 'just been shot' falling about as soon as an opposition player goes near them. Along with this the concept a goalkeeper and 9 (sometimes 10) defensively minded players and sometimes playing with a single forward thinking player. Aim being not to lose games and hoping to sneak a few unlikely wins. Scottish football manager of the year. Its the way forward for the national team and the model for other clubs in Scotland to follow.
  11. Wonder what Gerrard makes of yet another shambles of a first half performance after giving players the chance to make a good impression and to continue the winning run. He does not strike me as being the sort of manager that will accept nothing less from players than giving their very best even if it is the last game of the season. Just pulling on the shirt and going through the motions to see the season fizzle out is not the sort of attitude I think he'd accept. But its what he is seeing. I suppose he'll be a guest of Liverpool at the Champions League final. It is bound to be a very different game to the one he is seeing at Kilmarnock today. So far removed from the dirge that is unfolding before his eyes at Kilmarnock today (and which is a repeat of far too many games this season). As he watches that final I sure do hope he has some very good ideas about what players he can bring to Rangers lift the quality and attitude we see in these types of games. Another season of this sort of game where we are simply not at the races and have not got a grip of the game is not an outcome he'd want to be facing.
  12. Don't forget to add that this gives them European football next season and that their manager is Scotland's manager of the year. Taken together - including the pitch - these are the ingredients for what passes for success and progress in Scottish football.
  13. Gerrard's pre-match interview on RTV raised the point that there were a number of players who felt a bit frustrated at not getting much game time recently and some would be getting a game against Kilmarnock. Also that he felt it would be a strong team capable of winning if it played well. Those now getting chance as first team picks are not doing anything like enough to show the manager that they deserve to be first team picks. Nowhere near good enough. As for playing well...…..that's not really happening so far. But of course there is always the pitch to blame so those who have been given the chance to impress the manager and the Support have an immediate excuse they can raise to plead their case for not taking the opportunity offered to them. Gerrard has seen this sort of performance so many times this season. So far he's not developed much of a track record in getting a team that is flailing about to get a grip of these types of games and to get a winning job done. We'll see if today is any different or whether its going to be yet another of these post match interviews where he sees the problem but bemoans the inability of the players to resolve it.
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