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  1. I wonder if Club 1872 has developed a strategy for dealing with Rangers-related BBC biased etc reporting (or any media bias etc reporting for that matter). Do they just wait until an incident happens then try to deal with each incident on the facts / opinions of its own case? What we seem to me to get is reporting bias etc incident after incident with each taken on its own and when the dust settles everybody waits for the next (inevitable) incident and off we go again. If they are not already doing so maybe Club 1872 - or even better Rangers media team - could perhaps be collating details of each incident that's taken place in recent times and registering the details, including responses and actions taken, on a website so that the cumulative whole and complete picture is readily accessible and there as evidence for all to see. Clearly details of the individual incidents could be gathered up by interested persons to get the same picture but if the work was done by 1872 or the Club's media team then there would be a single source of Rangers-authenticated detail of each incident and the outcome. Why do this? Well maybe there is significantly more weight to be applied against the BBC if the latest incident is put alongside previous incidents so that the cumulative factual case is visible not only to Rangers, Club 1872 and the Support but to the wider broadcasting regulators and to the wider world. That way maybe more influence might be applied to cause the BBC to amend its ways and clean up its reporting act for all things Rangers. Right now I think we are in a media-dominated 'divide and conquer' way of working where each incident gets dealt with as a single incident with a mild knuckle-rap as a consequence. Which is no incentive on the BBC or its reporting staff to amend their reporting ways. They simply take the small hit and move on to generating the next incident and off we go again. Create the cumulative record, make it publicly available (taking care to avoid libel etc legal pitfalls) and then call up the cumulative history into the public domain every time a new incident happens. The sanctions on those creating the anti-Rangers false etc reporting might then become more meaningful and the sanctions against the BBC itself might become far more effective. Maybe that's all too much like hard work. Or not in the spirit of past eras of dignified silence. Or maybe the Club and its media team and Club 1872 would just prefer to take each case on its own merits and let the past be the past and of no relevance to current or future cases.
  2. Play well against Germany or a German side and next thing is we'll see them transferred to some German team for a song because they can't get a game or enough games in Rangers' first team. Such is football life on the pathway to recovery in the form of the essential matter of winning trophies again...…….it seems to be harder to take risks by introducing developing players. Maybe under a new Sporting Director there might be more influence and pressure to get these young talented players introduced to first team squads and games.
  3. October is such a nice time of the year for a trip to the USA.
  4. Not a trick he can dare repeat at Rangers. He'll be shopping in budget markets he's not used to shopping in and with money where every penny spent needs to be spent as wisely as possible. Sure every club ends up with signings that just don't work out and end up being judged as duds. IMO there is a lot less room for that sort of misjudgement at still cash-strapped Rangers than at Southampton with the flow of funds they get from EPL status. Has he really got the experience and skillset and contacts to get bargain basement players who turn out to be developed into Rangers-class (in this era anyway) players? Time will tell. We'll also see how good his selling skills are to sell Rangers and the SPFL to attract the equivalents (or better than) Tav, Defoe, Morelos, Barasic, Katic, Edmundson. etc. The quality of signings arriving on his watch, and the effectiveness of those signings in propelling Rangers to win titles and cups will be the main defining marker of whether Wilson is the real deal to deliver for Rangers or just a learner who is CV building and who will move on having not brought in enough good quality players for the limited dough this current Board can make available. .
  5. I wonder which other candidates for Sporting Director the Club considered. Any, none, or was Wilson to be shoe-horned in without a proper testing of the market, the Club having been spooked by Allen's sudden departure? From the article on the Rangers website it seems to me to be a head-hunting job where there was only one candidate. Is that really best practice for a role of this nature...….I'm not convinced. So - to track record - Southampton, Watford, Huddersfield Town and Falkirk. Preceded by learning stuff at university. A stellar enough track record of actually delivering outstanding success? IMO Rangers has appointed someone with a journeyman track record of someone who has yet to make enough of a visible and telling contribution at a club with comparable ambition -and status - to Rangers. A bet is being placed that he is somehow sufficiently experienced, competent and capable of performing a Sporting Director role at Rangers and in doing so be a vital part of the football leadership at Ibrox to bring home title 55 and cups, and European success. This appointment has, to my mind, a feel of being more like a panic buy. The need to do something quickly to plug an unexpected gap and then not (seemingly) bothering to do much of a serious test of the market to check who might be better alternative candidates. I hope the Club has taken all necessary care to get what it wants in making this appointment or the Club (and the Support) will be forced to like what we got in the appointment of Wilson. It will be interesting to see what happens next. By that I mean to note if any backroom staff departures start to happen, and if so who and the reasons for going and who. if anyone, replaces them. A real and meaningful test will be the extent to which Wilson and Gerrard find they are able to work effectively and well together. Is Wilson really the best available candidate and did Rangers test the market to see which other better qualified and more experienced candidates might have been available? I don't suppose we'll ever have that level of transparency from the Rangers exec team. They've made their choice and that is that. Closed chapter for them. They move on to next topic.
  6. Seemingly Scotland have never lost five successive matches in their history. I don't think San Marino has ever won one. Maybe a day when football history is made...…….more likely it won't be, but football is a funny old game as the saying goes.
  7. Might be wrong here but I don't think San Marino has ever won a competitive international game. The last time they scored a goal seems to be back in Sept 2017. The last time they took a point from a game looks to be way back in 2014. Today would be an amazing day for their football fortunes to take a turn for the better. A win would be nothing short of sensational. A draw nearly as sensational. They'll not get a much better opportunity to put their name on the international football headlines than playing Scotland under Clarke and in front of what looks like it will be the lowest ever crowd for an international at Hampden. History beckoning I wonder, or will Clarke pull off a miraculous winning result?
  8. So the entire throw of the Clarke dice is going to be the semi-final play off game next March with Scotland playing at home first? But who will Scotland be playing......Bulgaria and Israel were in line? Even if they win that there would still be the final with (at least recently) the finalists being projected to be Norway or Serbia. It'd have to be some revival for Scotland to overcome any of those teams in the semi final and final to progress and qualify. The press will largely lay off Clarke until the outcome of those games. Which is one hell of continuing get out of football jail zone until then. With play off games in March that is right at the business end of the league season and - being entirely selfish and being entirely unconcerned to see the Scottish national team aided - I really do hope there are no key Rangers players being considered for those play off games...………….there is a league championship to be won and that takes supreme overriding priority.
  9. Two 4-0 defeats in a row. Good job the next game is against San Marino on Sunday. A game they should win. Maybe. Perhaps. Or maybe not.
  10. Being gubbed being gubbed being gubbed, being gubbed being gubbed being guubbbed. Again. Maybe Russia and Belgium have a wee side deal going on to see if one can outscore the other against the 2 worst teams in the group.
  11. "Scotland are packing men behind the ball in their own half …………" Didn't take long for Kilmarnock tactics to be deployed.
  12. Seemingly if Scotland fail to overhaul Cyprus and Kazakhstan it's likely to make the next World Cup qualifying draw harder. What a state the SFA have allowed the Scottish game to get into when the best that can be hoped for is to somehow overhaul Cyprus and Kazakhstan to secure a less difficult world cup draw. Hahahahahahaha My guess is the odds are that they will not overhaul them.
  13. If the Russian team find themselves to be really in the mood tonight then Clarke's team could get a right severe doing. Playing an experimental side bereft of any meaningful quality and experience of international football against a very good team and away from home looks to me to be a decent enough indicator that Clarke's team could be demolished. Apparently Scotland has not lost 4 games iar since 2004 when Vogts was manager. Looks likely that stellar record could be matched. Target practice for the Russian team. Its a question of how many they score.
  14. Gerrard No 8 - good stuff. Wonder if it will be a specially made shirt he wears with half and half Rangers / Liverpool. Even if its a Rangers top and a separate Liverpool top, both items might earn a good few £s for charity if auctioned after the match. They'd be unique collectors items. Re the Rangers teamsheet. Only one GK listed. Itd be interesting if Alexander picked up an injury and could not finish the match. Who, I wonder, would end up in goals to replace him.
  15. If that's his reasoning then that's his choice and fair enough. Maybe it will help others speak up or seek help or offer help where they are in a position to do so. I don't know whether or not that is, or will be, the case and if his disclosure helps others then that must indeed be a good thing. As for single biggest killer I had understood this to be in relation to males under the age of 45. That's not to minimize the scale or importance of the issue, just to note that there is a particularly acute issue for a younger generation. In Scotland I wonder what publicity steps or other information / support Rangers and indeed other football and (more widely) other professions including media, acting, other sports such as cricket etc in Scotland are doing today to highlight the issue. Maybe there will be some good publicity about it in the newspapers or on television tonight. The Scottish Government website for instance makes mention today of the appointment of a lawyer QC Laura Dunlop as the new President of Mental Health Tribunal. She replaces a doctor who was president for the past 11 years. There is also an article on the Scottish Government's Twitter account. But as far as I can see that's about it as far as generating awareness today and nothing by the Government of encouraging big-name personalities to add their weight of influence to the world wide importance of the day. Nothing so far today on the Rangers website about the subject either. But I see Prince Harry and someone called Ed Sheeran have done a 'Gingers Unite' video for the day. That's clearly good. Wonder if any Scottish personalities would be doing something similar. Perhaps the news programmes later this evening will carry some useful features about how Scotland marked the day.
  16. I hope he's feeling better and also feeling better for having made public his condition. Quite why he feels he needs to make a public statement about this is a mystery to me. I suspect many folks in broadly similar depression (or other mental related or even physical related) conditions do what British people have generally done throughout the ages and kept the matter to themselves and their doctors and close family / friends and got on with their lives the best way they can with close support from family and friends. Seeking some sort of publicity about it seems to be a newish fashion. Maybe the reason a case of adding to raising awareness, or looking for sympathy, or to help encourage other sports persons to 'come out' (so to speak)? I don't know. Only he will know. These days there is almost too much information about people and personalities and the like swirling about in the public domain. It used to be the case that information was knowledge or information was power. Nowadays its information as a bit of a gossip commodity or too much of it to get 'me me' attention. In relation to so-called personalities or folks who get media attention that's not going to change or get any better, only more and more of it shovelled out into the public domain for consumption by the world wide public. Anyhow, I hope he continues to feel better and get into even better places. No doubt he'll want to use the media again downstream to keep everybody advised of progress.
  17. The truth and full accuracy are only two ways of looking at information and facts. Why would press reporting in Scotland want to honour these principles when applying misleading spin to headline a story is far more likely to achieve their low-life purpose of stirring up controversy where no controversy exists.
  18. Just goes to prove that fines are not working. At least not the sort of amounts of cash actually fined. They take the very small financial hit each time, smirk and repeat the offence knowing its just a small financial hit which is easily absorbed. As for the amount of times fined they do not see it as harming their reputation, at least not to any degree they care about. Which just goes to prove the UEFA sanctions process as applied to them for bringing a halt to their dangerous behaviour, which has a big potential for actual harm to be caused to supporters and players, is nowhere near effective enough. UEFA does not seem to realise they are effectively being laughed at by c.....'s so-called supporters and by the club officials as no effective action is taken by the club to halt the dangerous and injury threatening behaviours. Banning them from European competitions for a few seasons is the answer. That'd be far more likely to bring about a change of behaviour needed by that club and its so-called supporters. UEFA simply needs to say enough is enough and ban them with immediate effect.
  19. Didn't realise we'd signed Grezda twins. I thought he was never ever going to play for Rangers again after the last spitting incident which seemingly required other senior players and Murty to defuse the situation with the opposition. But unless he has a twin that we signed he seems to have played again today, Wonder what's going on with this player and Rangers.
  20. Sure was. The camera angle for the video was great too. After Defoe had clipped the ball over the keeper and kept on running to watch the outcome the camera angle looks like Defoe had all the time he needed to set up a deckchair, pour a refreshing drink and have a snack in the time it took for the ball to make its way perfectly into the back of the net with 2 defenders pursuing in vain to try to stop it and ending up clutching the back of the net in their efforts. He could have written a book in the time the whole scene unfolded. A very classy goal from a very talented and classy striker.
  21. Not up to their usual defence standards. It would not have been surprising if they had tried to map out some reasons to claim that it was Rangers' fault. For example: The butterfly that landed on Dave King's lawn in SAfrica disturbed some deep burrowing beastie.... which caused it to bite through a communications cable... which caused a power outage in S.Africa ...... which caused a ship leaving Durban to be delayed in sailing...…... which meant it was late in arriving at Southampton to offload its goods …….. which meant that the lorry carrying a toy stuffed gorilla which the defendant had ordered on the internet via Amazon was very late in being delivered to his girlfriend ........ which upset her and was a decisive factor in their breakup …... which led to his drinking etc and we know the rest. So it was really Dave King's fault for allowing the butterfly to land where it did.
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