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  1. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Wes has changed ?
  2. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    that's made my night
  3. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Dipsy do
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Get him to fuck man
  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    If Kranjcar was a horse he'd be deed
  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Dunno if it's the pitch or the ball, but there seems to be a weird bounce on it at times
  7. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Goss is tidy as fuck
  8. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  9. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    The corridor of indecision right along the 6
  10. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Kranjcar's pumped this cunts daughter ?
  11. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    "The gers... from Glasgow"
  12. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Commentator is racist
  13. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Christ! Boys who sing without guitars are fucking faggots.
  14. Nacho Novo

    Fuck sake! All the best wee man. Nacho is a hardy wee cunt!! Hope he makes a speedy recovery
  15. How Will We Line Up?

    I'm hoping we go 3-4-3 or 4-2-3-1 3-4-3 Wes Bates Alves Wilson Tav McCrorie Jack John Candieas Morelos Murphy 4-2-3-1 Wes Tav Alves Wilson John Jack McCrorie Candieas Windass Murphy Morelos