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  1. The real reason for everything anti rangers

    U obviously arnt clever enough to understand my starment of u think am a tim
  2. We are being hounded by the celtic siding media for 1 reason nothing to do with football and more to do with relgion and political ideas that are around in this country at this time its a massive conspiracy to marginalise the rangers siding majority and make them seem a minority to push the scottish goverments long term goal
  3. Transfer ban is for one year we can sign free agents after the window closes nxt year how many players have we paid money for this summer only 1 plenty free agents out there nxt summer if they really want to be a blue they will wait a few weeks
  4. Paul huges the sun

    Read the his Match report online about tonights game they all come out the closet now dont remember so many anti rangers storys when we were winning 3 in a row
  5. Season tickets

    How many season tickets will we sell do you think 35000 our higher
  6. Passing midfielder is a fucking must after sunday
  7. Who will be our first singing from an spl team and how quick will they jump at our money since we are big bad rangers and its all our fault they cant sign players
  8. houston says wallace is part of plans

    What gets me about levin is that he thinks he some tactical genius scotland are terrible and getting worse
  9. Bad attitude

    Goian broadfoot and various otheres were absloultey terrible . Rangers players seems to think its going to be too easy no concentration at all these players would never be so slack in the spl we have suffered enough never mind this and the questions has to be asked does ally have the bottle to lay into theses players who frankly are just making an arse of themslves at this level we should be passing theses teams off the park . I doubt green will stand for many results like his .
  10. Complete lack of effort from some of them we need some composure and confidence
  11. Andy walker and that english bawbag who normally does it so pro celtic its unreal
  12. We look lazy need to put our foot on the ball and pass it about making it hard for ourselves
  13. Credit To Sky

    Two ridiculous commentators for a ranges game they might aswell get lennon and lawell to do it
  14. Bus from falkirk

    Do u know if its going on tuesday
  15. Bus from falkirk