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  1. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    Barry Ferguson is a Scottish great! A true fan a true gent and aye a Ned, but 90% of us were Neds back in the day! his stats in Blackpool in the premier league had the best pass completion, might be back passes lol but completed all the less lol
  2. Sandaza, Emilson and Kyle all sign

    Its blew domino’s 2 for Tuesdays rite out the water, Going to be a great night tonight. We don’t do walking away!!!
  3. New Members

    New member saying hello hello. Great Forum read it for the past 6 months n took the plunge and joined.
  4. Sandaza, Emilson and Kyle all sign

    It dosent mention in the link he has signed. says they are confident a 4 year deall will be agreed? Hope he has though, would bang the goals in div 3