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  1. What's ur true feeling on boaby sands ya tattie howker ?
  2. I would have gave Jacobs a draw at very most but what do I know 😂Smashed so wasn't watching every second
  3. Spazzy that canny even kick a ball straight 👍
  4. Ggg won with every judge
  5. Not a fucking chance from what I watched
  6. Jacobs body and head movement is superb
  7. What did u bet ?jacobs win?
  8. All in m8 cash out is for poofs,no offence if any1 shags arses,il no judge u
  9. What uze thinking ?jacobs win?hopefully
  10. Mad mongo feet
  11. I'm out my nut ,no surrender ma man drinkimg tonic for the first time in atleast 5 years and twelve Corona ,2 left but I'm watching fight with 1 eye
  12. Would love to get back in to golf ,played 1s last year was 8 shots ahead of my m8 going in to last two then he beat me wae 1,bottled it cause there was a group of guys on other team watching me 😂
  13. Would love to learn how to play but got no clue what so ever
  14. Hope he wins now tbh ,I'm that smashed no paying attention enough lol ,he winning ,doing we'll from what I'm watching