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  1. Get it up ye ya pape bastard
  2. Y u so angry bud ?😂, chill out a wee bit I only asked a question ,roaster
  3. Yeah just forget about everything he won and highlight he never won 10iar,nearly every decent manager in the world is a check book manager
  4. Some amount of wanks on here that just have a dig at him for being a rangers man
  5. Send me a pm on prices aswell bud ?
  6. Dirty taig bastard ,priest spunk drinking bastard
  7. BANGERS AND SMASH I'm sure it said ?
  8. No surrender ma man ,king Billy's on the wall
  9. 😂calm down m8 ,seen many of the new signings play ?
  10. Night shift wed thurs Friday this week pish ,my dad and newphew are going tho
  11. Kante
  12. Guys a a fucking mongo ,seems like he's trolling with half the shite he spouts on here 😂
  13. 2+ million for McLean hahahaha ,put the beer down and go to bed m8😂
  14. It's just finishing 😂
  15. Nae bother ya downie