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  1. Jimmy da pape more like
  2. U should chuck it bud 😂
  3. Unreal man ,wee poofy bastard ,this country is a joke ,and when the time comes when we fight back ,we will get hammered for it,tarrier hell hole
  4. What's ur true feeling on boaby sands ya tattie howker ?
  5. I would have gave Jacobs a draw at very most but what do I know 😂Smashed so wasn't watching every second
  6. Spazzy that canny even kick a ball straight 👍
  7. Ggg won with every judge
  8. Not a fucking chance from what I watched
  9. Jacobs body and head movement is superb
  10. What did u bet ?jacobs win?
  11. All in m8 cash out is for poofs,no offence if any1 shags arses,il no judge u
  12. What uze thinking ?jacobs win?hopefully
  13. Mad mongo feet
  14. I'm out my nut ,no surrender ma man drinkimg tonic for the first time in atleast 5 years and twelve Corona ,2 left but I'm watching fight with 1 eye