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  1. Good luck gazza ma man
  2. It's a dodgy 1 but fuck it ,🤘
  3. il wait till he Pena to paper b4 being happy
  4. Come on
  5. Probs end up more than 5
  6. Two great goals 2-1 Barca now
  7. Same m8,never usually like this ,smelly bastards coming out of everywhere ,no surrender ya tattie howking bastards ,everybody hates roman cathloics
  8. I hate them as much as every1 ,they won everything cause we're fucking pish end of ,let hope we build and put pressure on next season ,the smelly bastards are everywhere now flags out windows etc never seen it b4,fuck off and die ya pape bastards
  9. Jammy pape bastards
  10. Ur a fucking wank ,having a chat with urself
  11. Class ,respect big man ,wee guys wheels are class
  12. Plenty more out the door b4 him hopefully
  13. Scratch his eyes out ya big Jessie
  14. If we sign him it's a gd start ,need about 7-8 proper signings to take it to the peados ,no more 3rd rate English crap plz
  15. My m8 is up about 3 k in a month betting inplay on tennis games ,started with £200 and when ppl are winning lumps it on at 1/4 etc won £1500 in 1dsy banked 3k then stating again ,he sits and watches the games on fone