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  1. Some difference between the two 😂😂😂😂
  2. I thought it was cause there always looking at the for ffp reason ,cheating bastards basically
  3. That's as if it's someone Scottish writing that tbf
  4. Y are u betting 1.42 every time ?😂u got OCD or what ? Hes scoring for fun tbf
  5. Big bucks pal ,u will have that mansion in no time
  6. Cause there about 60k of they obsessed fenian bastard contacting UEFA every game wee play ,weirdo bastards
  7. Steelydan1690

    FIFA 20

    My m8s stuf 150 in and packed neymar kane and a few others,wee weirdo a ton 50 in b4 game is propely out
  8. 😂😂😂get it up ye ya stinking wee bastard
  9. Steelydan1690


    He needs a rest ,plays 99% of our games since we signed him ,wouldn't trust any other RBS for a run of games tho
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