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  1. First year ever I'm not buying ,biggest pile of steaming shit last year was the last straw for me ,will try the demo no doubt
  2. Should beat them over two legs, but lets get past progres first
  3. U have been rather grumpy the last few days ,chill out bud ,making a big deal out nothing here 👍
  4. I've no baited anybody so give it a rest ,what contoversial about this topic ?nothing
  5. Not a chance, he does it in nearly every thread hes in
  6. State of u,anything to rile ppl up
  7. I know was only joking bro ,my nephew has a decent gaming chair il ask my sister to show me.what 1👍
  8. Aye hes fae shettleston ,no chance were getting duped again
  9. Get the lazy wee bastard a bike ,wains are wasted these days sitting in front of a screen
  10. If this was a draw I would stop watching boxing 😂
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