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  1. Bag carrier loyal. Thought about a power caddy but want to look hard on the course ­čöĘ
  2. Are Man City also going to face being demoted/shut-down/banned etc? Fucking hope so.
  3. Can only hope he pleads not guilty, spills his guts and calls them all to appear.
  4. Monday will now be fully booked in the scottish parliamentment for krankie to deal with all the lurgan bigot issues. Watch it go through the roof now.
  5. Blanking britney lol
  6. Let's see if the panel "will" the compliance officer to retrospectively red card mcnulty after his kick to the face tonight. Oh and wrights knee to the hivs cunts head.
  7. Keeps going on about it too. For fucks sake it's the 7th minute now and the cunts have mentioned it about 10 times. NEVER a fucking penalty
  8. Yep this is a new low for the bastards. They do not appreciate that although child sexual abuse is de rigueur in their religion, it disgusts every other human being. Cunt's shown his true colours.
  9. Son was with him singing the sash of an evening, so he told me. I also thought he was a taig,
  10. Email from them today. Dear Member, A number of members have been in contact with Club 1872 asking for assistance in challenging the prevailing Scottish media narrative on the club, players and supporters. This has been accentuated recently following skewed and at times blatantly dishonest BBC Scotland coverage of our games on Sportscene and Sportsound. Club 1872 frequently lodges complaints over skewed media reporting and has done so again in relation to recent coverage. However, the more that individual supporters take the time to highlight bias, inconsistency or inaccuracy, the more likely it is that change can be brought about. With that in mind we have written some guidance for supporters who do wish to take practical action over this issue. The guidance linked below details steps that supporters can take to raise issues with both BBC Scotland and commercial media organisations and the commercial press. These approaches differ in process and likely effect but they will all be effective over time if enough supporters are willing to engage in the process and show the patience required. The detail is meant as a reference for supporters, the relevant part of which can be used whenever necessary. It is broken down by organisation, or organisation type where the process is the same. You can access the guidance using this link: http://club1872.co.uk/news/media-guidance-for-supporters/ Club 1872
  11. I do wonder what the criteria is and how it is identified to warrant CO intervention?
  12. ... is not incompetence, it's choosing as you say and therefore not incompetence. Picking and choosing is a deliberate act.
  13. The progress being made in punishing any club other than paedo fc will continue and probably increase as the undeniable truth about their historical activities is progressively uncovered. They will go down and inflict as much damage on others as possible, but they are going down!
  14. Lafferty grows to an incredible 5ft tall when he jumps but now is his last chance to cut it, if selected.
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