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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Law of averages might say it's due sometime, though the same law would also indicate the sheep could do us too!
  2. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Playing Black Mountain (x2) and Banyan this week
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They are not going to win the competition. We have more chance of winning 55 this year and it's a distinct possibility. 6 points from them brings it very close.
  4. Former players guesting in The Fan Zone

    DJ from the fanzone was in my local last night. Next up apparently is big Peter Mcloy. I requested the DJ to ask him his thoughts on his family member getting pumped by yellow fangs.
  5. There is more than one way to skin a rabbit and waiting on the MSM is not one. There ought to be a queue of folk lining up to reveal all via civil law suits that should finally unravel the spider web of folk involved at the piggery.
  6. Great to see wee frank getting in there twice, and probably a third time.
  7. The chinese are destroying everything in their path out here with their corrupt money policies, my business included. They are the arabs x10 and will stop at nothing to get what they want. When Morelos doesn't cut the mustard they will fire him out like a used tampon (they do this in every public place also) but he would be a rich man. Up to him. Stay with the famous wee man.
  8. Names, and they better be better now, potentially in the future and have better sell on value. They're not in abundance pal. Morelos could be the man.
  9. That philosophy could see folk sleeping in hostels pal. Spending more could buy you a Herrera or a Pena. However keeping young talented 21 year old strikers (possibly the best potential for years) who could earn you £20m in the champions league could see you earning much more in the long run.
  10. The potential guys like Morelos has doesn't come along every day. A young albeit rough diamond, who tracks back, holds the ball and maybe if he grew his hair would score more with his napper, is what we need to hold on to. There are unconfirmed rumours that we may be getting investment so now is not the time to cash in, rather it is the time to steam in to the spl and win what we need with the talented team we are building. The time to cash in is not far away but it's not today or this year.
  11. Any money may go to the soft loans and is therefore questionable (assumption). I do understand your point on the filth policy but they have done it from a position of being top dog while we were down. Your third point should be invalid for the reason I give. We will have not advanced by selling our talent to square the books and therefore will arrive at square one. Yes, when we get back up to a level playing field then I agree that to survive we must buy cheap and sell big. We are only a couple of moves away from being able to do this mate, but first we need to knock the cunts off their perch and to do that we need to keep this guy.
  12. Now you're talking, that gives us a bit of latitude.
  13. But do you think having an imaginary figure in the bank and no talented striker(s) will make us more competitive. You have also assumed a long term injury.