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  1. geneva_ger

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    brenda will probably break up the team when he goes to Chelsea.
  2. geneva_ger


    Break the bank and go for Cahill, Milner, Livermore and Lukaku. League done by xmas and up to 30 spl players from other clubs ending up permanently on the physio tables for the rest of the season.
  3. geneva_ger

    Jon Flanagan

    And they are clean of all misdemeanours themselves? No fucker in Scotland can criticise Rangers signings without first looking in the mirror. If SG wants him and if he is a big improvement then it makes sense. We stopped listening to all those hating fuckers years ago.
  4. geneva_ger

    ***Rumours thread***

    Or Jessica Fletcher. Don't believe this would be a great signing and would ONLY be good enough to IMPROVE the midfield. We absolutely need a totally dominating stopper/creator of a middle man. 6/10 for this one.
  5. geneva_ger

    Thomas cook partnership

    I got my 2 seats in the new Copland premium economy stand just by the overwing exit.
  6. geneva_ger

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Leave your wife and you'll find everything falls in to place You'll thank me later.
  7. geneva_ger

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Just watch SG's reaction to this when he goes out and buys the big hitters in the next few weeks and shows the cunts that they could make us play every game away and it won't matter a jot. No surrender.
  8. geneva_ger

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Calendar updated automatically
  9. geneva_ger

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Fixed it for you mate. If Rangers win the first 4 games and progress in Europe then Gerrard will have the scum in a panic.
  10. geneva_ger

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Cannae fucking wait.
  11. geneva_ger


    Get your point mate but I'm not sure he would make other teams quake. I'm holding out for Lukaku.
  12. geneva_ger

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Good if true and what a positive start, to be 6 points clear after 4 games.
  13. geneva_ger

    2030 World Cup UK bid

    It's only going to get the piggery another upgrade and unless GCC have an interest in Windsor park then forget it.
  14. geneva_ger

    James Tavernier - Freestyler (New Video)

    Yep if i was watching that from the potential signing angle then I'd be excited. He's got something but he's not a fullback or captain. Keep him unless we get offered £3.5m and sign a RB.