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  1. Very interesting to see spiers calling out 2 of the biggest culprits in this nasty story. I make that around 4 folk who appear to have turned face against the scum club.
  2. We've sold over 35,000 season tickets, I wonder how their sales are going. Must be over the 140 mark by now and they may be looking for refunds soon.
  3. This must be the future for him and so many others but there is no appetite in this country to uncover the truth, therefore only an outside enquiry will do.
  4. They are exercising their power in all walks of scottish society and no small protest from a Rangers forum will open any road to justice. The need for an investigation from outside these waters has never been more needed as we are rapidly becoming a republican paedophile backwater.
  5. Ratzinger in 2003 told all catholics (by letter to each and every diocese) that when asked about child rape and molestation in the catholic church "must be restrained by perpetual silence".
  6. This guy doesn't hold back and it's worth spending 11 minutes of your time listening to him. February of this year at Oxford.
  7. This fanny above has made a rod for his own back when he finally has to answer to why he has done fuck all about it.
  8. This one line can explain much of the uncivilised behaviour we see from some individuals, not only the RC ones. Bullying, control and manipulation not only sexual, must lead to some poor poor lives for some.
  9. Presumably a sexual attack on a minor. Mark Daly is not going to let this go methinks.
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