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  1. RIP Big fella. One of my all time favourites who really got what it is to be a Rangers supporter 😢
  2. Every cunt apart from the marvellous SG, chewing "gum". Only poofs like chewing gum. Edit: and GEC still starting a thread on every thought he ever has.
  3. ^^^^ Decent idea tbf but don't fancy playing Rossview with John. He sounds a bit of a loner 😣
  4. SG said it after the game. We were not attacking enough in the second half. Must do better at home. Legia are shit as fuck.
  5. Correct. I had my wife take a picture of me outside the Bellrock for my upcoming docu-soap on "Glasgows hardest boozers dafty-skittlers".
  6. Very weak on the right and no creative middle of midfield. We could have had them tonight.
  7. That is the issue! Watch the 2011 September game at Ibrox. Now that was a Davis performance. The guy only has a side-ways or back pass now. Not what we need from a creative midfielder. You're correct, he strolled around tonight.
  8. Way too defensive with Davis again contributing nothing in forward play. Crying out for a 10 and someone wide right. Jack defended the back 4 and is the main man in the middle. We need to sort out just where to play Arfield too. Davis and Ojo stoating about but really not connecting. I would have had Jones on for Ojo after 60 mins and King on for Davis.
  9. Just kept thinking I hope you end up in the bunker ya dick.
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