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  1. There's some feel good factor now by the way, and I'm going through the "old photo's" section and brimming with pride and confidence. There has never been a club with so much history and class as we have. WATP
  2. You still here?
  3. Get a fucking grip pal. I pull a known fud up for his shite and you jump in with your knob insult. Fuck off and don't fire personal insults at folk or I'll boot yer wee fanny.
  4. Ok Let's take it that you are an angry wee man. Calling me out for picking out "that Lee wallace" I give you. Calling me a knob, ya wee fanny will get you a fucking doin. Is that your point, or do you want to contest my point that I believe Wallace is not Rangers captain material?
  5. Really?
  6. But but, I only wanted to call-out a couple of fannies, and I'm pished mate ... ok ta Gogz Cheers pal
  7. @gogzy can i have a few more like credits tonight please, only because of the time difference. Mate
  8. I'm thinking this is your main point but you obviously have compared this with being I/C in a failing burger bar Ok a bad analogy. Your youth belies your knowledge of what a rangers CAPTAIN should be, I believe. Just my opinion. For the record, I don't think we have anyone yet worthy of the badge.
  9. I can't wait for Jack and her shit OP's to be banned, but I'm going to have to.
  10. I would hate to take them one-on-one. Even in my doted later years I would rather be outnumbered.
  11. There's some other reason behind this. Watch the cunts.. No one hates them, everybody loves them.
  12. You need to spend a night with @G.E.C.
  13. And I hope they get their fair share of tickets. 20,00 strong and a night they will never forget.
  14. I've spent time in the company of the HK Rangers supporters club. Cracking bunch and have (very) influential members.