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  1. Great position for the big man to play. Cunts won't dance passed him and he has Jack just in front as first block. They will race at us with a high press just like last week. Kent is the weak link so I'd have Stewart if fit on the right.
  2. Unless it's Guardiola with a blank cheque book and he starts his recruitment after tomorrow nights game then we stick by the guy who has improved our standing massively.
  3. There does seem to be several stories coming out very recently regarding abuse cases. Makes me think that folk are taking notice but may try to bury the scum case within a bigger bundle.
  4. Wee krankie still going on about tlb getting hit on the jacket by a coin?
  5. TBH we don't really need to do too much. Train away and get another goal. Have to agree that Halliday needs taking off the wage bill. Jones is on watch and should have taken tonight as a chance to run rings.
  6. You're kidding right? Money is in the bank and they know they have no chance. Same same second half but they will tire.
  7. mcmanus, surprised a fenian wasn't booked for that waist high tackle
  8. Club 1872 comment on continued media targeting of Alfredo Morelos Dear Member Club 1872 informed members and Rangers supporters last week that we were taking forward a complaint about an article that appeared in the Sun newspaper which included quotes from a man they appear to have falsely presented as both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. We have now submitted this complaint to IPSO and will update members and supporters on that process at its conclusion. We are also aware of a column by Bill Leckie in the same newspaper which is full of the type of xenophobic and offensive comment which has become common place in tabloid newspapers when discussing Alfredo Morelos. Unfortunately opinion, no matter how malicious or idiotic, is not covered under IPSO regulations and we cannot use this method to challenge this column. Club 1872 is a major shareholder in the club and it is clear that this type of reporting is designed to damage the Rangers brand and create a toxic environment at a time when Rangers supporters are rightly optimistic about the future. On that basis, we remain in dialogue with Rangers about medium and longer term strategies to challenge irresponsible articles like this about our club, fans and players. We have also written to Scottish Sun Editor, Alan Muir, asking for an explanation of how Mr Leckie's description of Alfredo Morelos as a "waster" sits with their Respect Our Players campaign. It appears the Scottish Sun believes this campaign should not apply to its own columnists. We would remind Rangers supporters that the Scottish Sun, and indeed the Daily Record and other tabloid newspapers, are commercial organisations. They rely on your clicks, shares and purchases to survive. Whilst they continue to receive these clicks and shares they will continue to produce this type of content. When we ran our Change the Record campaign it had a visible effect on the number of shares and clicks for that newspaper - with many supporters choosing to block Daily Record accounts on social media. It cannot be emphasised enough how strong the position of our supporters is in dealing with this issue, if we are prepared act in unison and take decisive action. If you feel the need to comment on these type of attacks on our players and club - and we understand why people wish to do that - then we would urge you to use screenshots on social media rather than sharing links. In the meantime, there are a number of outlets which Rangers supporters can use for news about our club. These outlets provide a wealth of content including club news and debate. We have included a link to a standalone page with detail of these outlets below. It is particularly worth noting that Rangers’ own social media channels provide quicker access to regular press conference content than tabloids and that you can hear the management and players’ comments without the filter often applied to them by dishonest reporting. Click here for a list of tabloid media alternatives Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company Club 1872
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