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  1. Nothing offensive with this banner but I would prefer to see banners blatantly referring to the scum's current predicament. Make absolute statements accusing people by name, of being involved in paedophilia. Sign the statement, admit to making it and wait to see if you are taken to court over it. I cannot see any of them challenging such statements as it would bring all the evidence out in to the public domain. Then see if the press are willing to shove this out in their rhags. Call the cunts out.
  2. The only time the guy lifts his head is to feed himself. Never seen a striker with such a lack of awareness.
  3. Rifle range at the fair, and you know how those Gypos alter the sights. Poor guy was done.
  4. Waggy and Garner. When have they ever cooked a good one. What is wrong with giving Dodoo a start up front. I'm glad Barry was benched. Halliday in any team, why? That was my point but I did think 4-4-2 was a decent effort and was glad he changed early.
  5. Mate his team selection was wrong but I'm going to give him some latitude on that as his staff are rank rotten but as I said he was was (reasonably) quick enough to go 4-2-3-1. As for the other guy above, to slate the guy and almost wish him out by Xmas
  6. Jesus fucking H Christ
  7. The Manager WTF kind of thread is this to start. Sober up ffs, we're disappointed and he started the wrong 11 with a disastrous outcome but 4 or 5 games into a shit term with a shit squad ... gie the guy a break.
  8. Take advice from a loser
  9. Nah just watched it many times via RTV but sure of it.
  10. Bates was never troubled tbf but did ok. Beerman is a good find and he's ours!
  11. Thumb was there first I'm sure but Tav should not have been covering left back!
  12. He failed on team selection but chose to contain initially and not a bad tactic considering they were always going with a midfield 5 and he perhaps hoped for a breakaway and 1-0. The rest is history and he should choose his best 5 or 6 from the 1st team squad then introduce his best 4 from the reserves and tell the obvious poor performers to find a new club. He will know what to do I'm sure.
  13. Not being able to challenge in the air in the midfield is deplorable. Second to every second ball. There was no fight.
  14. Ok wrong starting line up but 4-4-2 was designed to contain and fucked up when your 4 can't track back with their runners going to the long ball. Suicidal. Changed to a 4-2-3-1 and it was working until we again fail to track runners and Tav is unlucky. The big BUT is that we didn't have any heart.
  15. I'm seriously fucking jealous today, being stuck far away from the action and atmosphere. My heart is beating out my chest, the tunes are on and the bevvy has been brought back out. Have a great day Bears, do yourselves proud, sing our songs and show the world what no surrender means.