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  1. Looking forward to season 2019/20 and maybe a wee run in Europe. In the caravan with the family.
  2. I had said that before and say it again.
  3. Maybe that Tav has decided following board approval, to report stokes for common assault.
  4. ... after they escaped a 100% Red card and we suffered a 100% wrongful Red decision. Please keep it in context. I will concede that they did play well.
  5. You're wasting your breath as there are some on here who now feel all is well it ends well. We got the red card overturned. The scum and the MSM would keep the assault by stokes going for years. For what it's worth, I believe Pedro is saying things between the lines and will go radge soon if these decisions continue. Be like brenda, keep a file of events.
  6. brenda is noted as saying he will be keeping a file on every refereeing decision that his team face, and I'll bet you it will not do them any harm. Just watch the actions taken by the scum if someone throttles broon and gets a yellow. Watch them when Bruno dives on a scum forward and the scum guy gets the yellow. Those cunts know that shouting does make a difference and dignified silence in all walks of life gets you nowhere.
  7. This ^^^^ Me neither, I couldn't waste a second of my life watching those cunts, unless Rangers are involved.
  8. What if we're top? 2 games in with a reasonable grievance as to why we shouldn't have 6 points. It's a close call. Had patrick gotten the penalty then we beat hertz then we could have been looking at a league with us on 9 and them on 4 for a short time.
  9. ^^^^ If ever there was a time to post the oft heard statement ... This post has given me cancer.
  10. I'm using chance, which would assume the activity of Dorrans putting in that same tackle 10 mins after pikey was sent off must be several millions to 1. Every single event would have changed had he gone. Indisputable. I wouldn't have got turfed out the boozer for one.
  11. This event wouldn't have happened and we may have gone on to play superbly and get the 3 points. Ever considered that?
  12. Absolutely, and we still must await the outcome of the incident with Jack at tomorrows hearing. It could end up with a clean sheet for hivs. I don't know how to overcome the feeling that we have been right Royally done over, and that despite the many offences identified regarding Saturday, by those "against" us, we have at this point in time seemingly rolled over and allowed it, apart from the 1872 comment. In addition to our valid questions we also have a compliant media sticking the boot in telling all and sundry that nothing odd happened, making us out to be the bad lot. No condemnation whatsoever of the attack on Tav from what I can make out in an incident that could be met with a charge of actual bodily harm in any other workplace. Does the law not apply here and should Tav report this to the polis?
  13. ... and then should have had a man sent off and we would have gone on to stroll the game and get 3 points. Or if you don't like that scenario: Had both teams maintained 11 players on the park then Rangers would hopefully have upped their game and reversed the trend, going on to score more than hivs and gaining the 3 points.
  14. I've still not really calmed down from Saturday and I must have been pretty upset to have been booted out an Australian pub for swearing. I had a few Yellow cards before my Red. Way too many points of discussion from that game but can someone please confirm that the only way beaton could not have seen the stokes attack on Tav would have been that he was in the carpark at ASDA, and that the only action he could have taken had he been in the stadium would have been to give the wee fud a straight Red. Irrespective if Tav had attacked him with a chainsaw, the move on Tav was a Red.
  15. Lafferty will take one for the team and sclaff it.