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  1. These donations mean so much to so many from the few, to kind of paraphrase someone. Well done GB and the team. Please give what you can troops.
  2. I would pay all the money in the world to solve this paedo conundrum but all the money in the world is probably owned by the paedos.
  3. That's a poisoned chalice.
  4. Laughed like a drain at that. What a cunt he is and honestly the whole fuckin lot of them are caricatures of worst cunts.
  5. That's a squad of 58 players, let's see the bheast from the east beating us now.
  6. Agreed, what a bunch of taigy fucking half-wits. If any man on the street was targeted thus, there would be a shooing handed out.
  7. Not as much as me. I'd sell all my vital organs to see them shut down for being the paedo, oirish, gypo, dole-scrounging, inbred, cunts that they are.
  8. Maybe someone ought to deliver the paedo files to these same groups of fans and have them comment on those too. Every fan group deserves these files.
  9. Berbatov's brother, immensely talented and moves only when it suits him.
  10. Watched him a few times and he's a bam. Every second touch is a booking.
  11. I know Archie is a Rangers man but don't know about Scot.
  12. We'll have him thanks.
  13. That is fucking despicable journalism (not seen the rhag but believe Tiger to be telling the truth) and the cunts will have their heads on a plate when scum fc are brought to trial. I would dearly love 55 next season to see the whole fucking lot of them implode and fuck off back home.
  14. Very tongue-in-cheek Must be a proddy at the ET that slipped through the net and printed this when everyone was sleeping.