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  1. I have a feeling had he not been injured this result may have been slightly different. It'll be used as the reference point when a Rangers player catches someone in the eye with a trailing finger.... 3 match ban.
  2. He's not world class. Cracking shot stopper and there's probably only 1 or 2 keepers in Britain I'd take over him currently.
  3. Fuck VAR. Better Refs please
  4. The king of all mongos. To be honest he's so irrelevant this thread is the 1st time I've seen his name mentioned in years.
  5. Just a stupid decision he made. Had a cracking game and made a terrible call when having a shot would have been the better call or even waiting to actually take contact. He has such focus on him that it's inevitable.
  6. Number5


    I thought he was poor yesterday. Fucking infuriating how little strength/determination he has for such a big lad. Thought his final ball and decision making was poor. He's obviously a player and has been good, yesterday he wasn't.
  7. Better team. Showing plenty of confidence. Jack's been poor. But hopefully gets his shit together 2nd half. Joe Aribo will not make it at our club with this weak as fuck attitude. For a cunt of 6ft 3 or whatever he gets bullied and is a weak as Nicky Law. Scabby as fuck goal. Get intae these cunts.
  8. I Imagine he will be annoyed. Just lost his star striker for games where he could do with a proven match winner on the field where the season could be lost, over an incident that could have been avoided. The players have had the memo saying we get judged on a different level, so with situations mentioned above those pricks getting away with, doesn't mean that we will. It's a yellow card and it wouldn't make a difference SG saying that others get away with similar incidents as it doesn't make Alfies not a yellow. It would just show the total corrupt bias against us. (Which by the way fucking needs addressed ASAP) I'm not overly pissed off with him as I imagine he gets stick left right and centre most weeks so these things happen. Would rather have him playing than not though!
  9. Number5

    Ryan Jack

    Needs to be made captain. Absolutely leads by example.
  10. Tale of two halfs there. Absolutely pissed it, should have been 3 up. 2nd half as poor as I've seen us. Brought on that big cunt and it was route 1 with us not closing fuck all down. The amount of players that went from superb to dogshite in 2nd half was frightening. Fuck it, we're through.
  11. Great news. As a manager he still has a lot to learn, would love to see an old experienced head around him. Not too sure Gary Mac is the man, could be wrong? As a person he's obviously a proper football man and he's got himself wrapped up in everything to do with our club which fills me with pride. He's massive commercially and there's no doubt we'll be able to attract investors and players we wouldn't to able to without him at the helm. I'm hoping he has a big impact on youth recruitment and retention as well, imagine being 12-16 and Stevie G will be the man having a word in your ear about your career. I love the man, he isn't exempt from criticism and he fucks up, but I want him here for 55.
  12. Hopefully turn up for this one! Badly need a result here, could make or break our season. Got the fear at the minute thinking about it, come Sunday hopefully get the battle fever and expect a convincing performance?! Anyone able to recommend some pubs in Edinburgh where I'll be able to watch the game without fear of catching the bad aids?
  13. Goldson needs a break. If he isn't dropped after that then Gerrard needs to have a fucking rattle. That 2nd goal is up there with the shitest pieces of play ever. Is so amateurish it's beyond embarrassing. Fucking furious.
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