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  1. Absolutely nothing negative about getting the boy on trial. He's obviously got pedigree and had some of the best schooling in Europe. I suppose it shows a bit of character and hunger to decide you want to make your own choices and not what Arsenal plan for you for the next 3 years.
  2. He's the difference. Class
  3. Another 3pts. Another clean sheet. 4 different scorers. Get fucking in. Special mention to Davis, superb today. Arfield looked really good when he came on. Probably the worst 4-0 possible though. Hopefully Jack and Balogun are just niggles. Fingers crossed for Buff, maybe not as bad as a stretcher would suggest.
  4. Try not to get involved in the over hyping of our players. However...... Without doubt the best attacking threat in Scotland on this form. Nobody even close.
  5. Hagi has been dogshite. We're all passing it off as he has 1 or 2 moments in the game. Barker is the scapegoat but Hagi is less effective. At least Barkers there to fuck up. I have a horrible feeling that Hagi is going to be a total waste of money. Thought that prior to his signing and other than a few moments of magic he's going to go missing but have a lovely highlights real. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. Shocking header. Jeffers would have bagged that
  7. He gets into superb situations whether with movement or pace. Then his decision making is so shite. Fear creeps in. Hoping Hagi finds his form. Luckily Kent is making up for all of them!
  8. Barkers been shite. But probably as effective if not more than Hagi who's again been poor(tap in aside)
  9. Kent looks head and shoulders above anything on the park.
  10. I think Gerrard is making us stronger but the problem is the points on the board aren't really saying that. We were 19pts behind in his first season and 10pts behind looking poorer by the week in the season that never was. We were actually closer to them, points wise, the season before he came 17/18.
  11. Number5


    Distribution been far better and concentration levels better. We're going to be up against these teams 90% of he time.
  12. Number5


    The boy gets grief and rightly so at times. But since the start of the season has been solid. Absolutely cruised it today.
  13. He was superb today. His all round game is getting better and better and his delivery/decision makimg is also improving. Class
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