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  1. Superb 1st half. Only negative us we should be 3 up. Could bite us in the arse. Midfield been cracking. Morelos got that IE of whatever's he's called in pieces. Shame about the booking. Don't ease up and well piss this.
  2. Aribo has been terrible over the last few weeks and Kamara is class when he turns up. Imagine it's to get Tav and Barasic further up playing with 3 more central midfielders. Got the goal/attacking threat of Aribo, Barker and Defoe to bring on fresh if the games needing it later on.
  3. Gutted. Lost a friend to MND early this year and it's a cruel illness to watch someone go through. Thanks for the memories, a true warrior RIP Fernando.
  4. The pressure is obviously on us, more and more every year to stop the rot. 10s too fucking close. Last week just added extra pressure but it's a long season......
  5. Spend hours Friday/Saturday sorting out your coupon for what looks like a banker to win fuck all. International week, resort to total guess work and look what happens. Get in ya beauty!!!
  6. I'm not looking in here after this. Dogshite to a man. Serious chance to lay a marker down and we've fucked it. Gerrards made a cunt of it with selection. Aribo was fucking rotten , absolute shitebag today. Not too sure if I've seen anything as bad as Ojo. Cunts not made of the right stuff. The whole lot of them today and that includes Gerrard have let us the fuck down. I haven't felt as low as this after a game in a fucking long time. Off to get pished.
  7. Dogshit half. These cunts are so fucking poor and we're absolutely bottling it here. Aribo is fucking grating on my tits.Needs to use his frame and get fucking stuck in. Our midfield is showing no signs of the last few weeks dominating performances. Can't think of any positives other than if we up it by 20% we'll do these cunts.
  8. He's been fucking incredible so far. Go out on Sunday and fucking put Lego in his place son! Going to be a massive player for us.
  9. Number5


    Absolute fucking monster!! Superb.
  10. Fuck sake. Probably should have been 2-0 in the first 20. How Alfie has missed that header. Tavs first 30mins was disgusting. Short on his passes, terrible going forward, like he's shiting himself? Luckily seemed to pick up in the last 10mins. Aribo has been weak, needs to be rattling cunts with that frame. Needs to get involved. Need a big 2nd half and take these chances!
  11. Number5


    You won't be mate
  12. Number5


    You may be right. I actually thoightGoldson was the weaker of the 2 going into this season but Stevie seems to favour/trust him more. I had the fear that Goldson would be 1st pick and an other from the 3, with Katic fighting it out. He's been superb and although I'd agree Goldson wasn't great tonight, so far this season he's upped his level in terms of composure and making things look far easier than he did last season. Still early days but it's looking good!
  13. Number5


    I think he looks far better on the ball, more composed, still got a mistake in there, but overall far more confidence in him.
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