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  1. Number5

    Umar sadiq

    Roma must be counting the days until his contract ends. If it wasn't for the fact he looks brilliant I would hate the cunt.
  2. Fucking No. Got Flanagan written all over it.
  3. A Magician, World class and one of our own. RIP Davie
  4. The man's a fucking arse kissing appeaser. Does he forget that the ones who have effected the development of Scottish football are the ones who put it on its arse in 2012.
  5. The board took on a massive risk in hiring Stevie and as a fanbase we all knew the pros/cons and they are pretty much playing out as expected. We can't start again, again. In hiring him in the first place we had to back him for a minimum of 2 years. I think he needs a better No.2 next to him to usher him through. I'm probably way off the mark but I don't know what Gary M brings to the table.
  6. Number5


    Must be. I'm not saying that Katic isn't a decent enough player, I like his attitude and with the right coaching could be a really decent CB. He's shite in possession though, good thing is he knows his limitations so is comfortable just aimlessly kicking balls out of play, rather than do what Goldson/Worrall might do and trust their own limited ability and get caught out. Shame, Goldsons early signs were he had ability. I can't see us making our money back on him. His pace is a massive issue
  7. Number5


    Katic is shite in possession mate. He knows he is so just clears his limes, Goldson ,like Worrall, thinks he can play a bit when actually he's deluded. Goldson been poor for months now.
  8. Tells us all we need to know about this lot. Bottle it when the pressures on. Now the pressure is off with fuck all to play for they still bottle it. They just don't get it.
  9. Another performance to make you proud eh.
  10. Makes you sick watching this. Another season that I want finished before March is even over. Horrible
  11. 1330 Easy Game 1410 Topofthegame 1450 Scarpeta e/w 1530 God's own e/w 1730 Master Debonair Fuck all yesterday, hoping for at least a place somewhere! Boy at work had the 1st 2 in a lucky 15 and if Vintage Clouds could have got one better, paid a few grand.
  12. 1.30 Fakir D'Oudairies 2.10 Glen Forsa 2.50 Minello Rosso 3.30 Laurina
  13. Is this deal a max of £20 a day or a max pay out of £20 over the meet?
  14. Number5


    Gerrard will get next season regardless how this season ends. I imagine he's got targets already sorted etc etc, can't keep on swapping and changing and having to start again if we want to catch up. Overall I think we're in a better place. I'm not too sure Gerrard is a good manager, yet. A decent football man who commands respect from his playing days, understands the demands of the club and genuinely seems to have the passion and desire to make a difference. Management wise he's still learning and is making mistakes. He could do with a better no.2 in my eyes, a really experiences old head who can usher him along abit, as fuck knows what GMc does. If we're not in touching distance at worst this time next year then he'll have to go. We need 4 or 5 players that make the difference in the summer, if we go into the loan market then we need better than a return of 1 decent loan from 4. Win us the cup for fuksake.
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