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  1. Number5

    Lee Wallace

    A new low in the career of Lee Wallace watching JF getting picked above him.
  2. Number5

    Flanagan cost us that game

    He's just not very good at anything to do with football, looks like someone you'd play against on a Sunday morning pub league. Offers nothing going forward and not much in defence. Hopefully off the books soon.
  3. Number5

    Rotating your centre backs

    It's been since Katic was out injured. It's not like JWs came in and gave Gerrard a headache, Worralls been pretty shite. Goldson is an accident waiting to happen. Solid for 90% of most games but just goes too shit too often, starting to give me the fear. Katic needs to get back to the player he was at the start of the season.
  4. Number5

    Worral get rid !

    He's not our player, came here for game time. I'm not worried about what he says more what he does on the pitch. He needs to start concentrating on putting performances if he wants to get back into the Forest side or get a move, because if anything this spell has probably, so far, been average at best. I though we were getting a 15m rated, Premiership bound,future international. I know he's only young and learning but he's nowhere near that level. If he was offered to us for 3m I wouldn't take him. A non-story.
  5. Worrall makes a Broadfoot look like a player.
  6. They playing with a keeper? Not seen him yet. Utter shite.
  7. Number5

    Jon Flanagan

  8. I agree we lack imagination. We should still have enough though to break teams at this level down. If things aren't working (like the wide men crossing into the box) it doesn't seem like SG has another plan to hand? Maybe due to the personnel or maybe due to his lack of experience of how to alter the flow of a game. The players need to step up if they have anything about them and get behind the manager. Like previously mentioned in this thread, we are seriously lucky that the Fenians started off so poorly, otherwise the title would be already out of sight and SG would already be considered as bad as Pedro/Murty and Warburton. If this set of players (the majority of whom he brought here) have their managers back then they'll kick on from here.
  9. I agree to some extent, but we've actually regressed in terms of performances. Players aren't kicking on, it seems like the honeymoon period is over and as per the last few years the reality kicks in that the expectations are high and the majority cannot handle it. Hopefully SG gets some consistency soon otherwise we're going to be miles off the pace come Jan and 3rd place will be the highlight of this campaign.
  10. Number5

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Morelos and 2.5 goals amount to zilch against Hamilton bit added it for the miniscule odds it gave me. The only one that I thought might be tricky was the cards? As it turned out it was the other way round. Used to like putting any time card on there for an individual player, total hachet men would still get you 5s... Bet365 have became switched on obviously and don't offer it now on the bet builder. Still gives me 70 quid to play with for the next few weeks.
  11. Number5

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Cannae remember?
  12. Number5

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Watched Ronaldo the other week....he was shite. Just putting that out there.
  13. Number5


    My worry is that you need to build a strong CB partnership and it looked like Katic and Goldson were working on something. Hopefully Worrall isn't being played to keep the loan deal rolling and Katic has been fatigued/injured.
  14. Number5

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Alfredo ya beauty.
  15. Number5

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    This performance is hurting my eyes.