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  1. Terrible effort. Looks cheap, might as well throw in a free pair of le coq sportif 3 quarter lengths with it.
  2. A realistic aim for this season was to get a grip on this league. To actually be smashing teams each week, 2 or 3 goals. Must have watched nearly every game last season and very rarely were we by far the better. Need to get back to being totally dominant in at least 8/10 games we play. The gap between us and the fenians needs to be smaller than us and the sheep etc.
  3. You mean their player of the year and fans player of the year isn't rated by their fans? Was shite yesterday but one bad performance doesn't make him terrible like his motm display in the 4-1 gubbing doesn't make him a world beater. For the right money I'd still like him here.
  4. Fuck me that list...... McLeish should have got the gig when MW left. We're in the same predicament now as we were when MW went, we've handed money to someone who's made his own side and are now in a situation where your asking someone to take on another man's team. This is a mess. Need to hope that by the next window we have a new man.
  5. Daly>Kyle>Garner>Herrera
  6. The signing of Pena makes the Herrera purchase seem decent. Hope to fuck they are on short contracts.
  7. Put too much into their 'best ever training session' left them fucked for today.
  8. They are all pretty shite and no loss other than Barrie. However they are of more use than Dalcio, Herrera and Pena.
  9. The season was over far before it started. When the board employeed a guy with a CV that wouldn't get him a job in the English Championship then that basically told us what we needed to know and expect from this campaign.
  10. He'll get until Xmas I imagine regardless of the results. We are in a better position than we were last season, a lot of the dead wood are gone and man for man we're better. Was always going to be the case though with a bit more cash available. He was never the man for the job in the first place and 100% won't be the man to get us the title. Nice 2-0 win today.
  11. Another one I'll hopefully have blanked from my memory in the not too distant future.
  12. I'd take him. Cheap deal, probably give us more than both Miller and Herrera. We need to focus on being closer to the fenians than we are to the sheep and everyone else. Based on last season's performances and what we've seen so far we're going to be 2nd at best. I think we're stronger than last season but we need to have a solidarity and create a style that gets us regularly beating the likes of the sheep,hivs and hearts on a regular basis. I don't think Moult is a world beater but if he costs us 750k then I reckon its a far better investment than what weve seen with Herrera for example.
  13. Honestly cannot believe Pena isn't having a run. Even if it was just the first 45mins.
  14. Couldn't honestly give a fuck about him. Easy solution, beat him and his mutant teams and shove it down his throat. Alternatively kick fuck out of him if you see him. Don't want to see that cunts face ripping the fuck out of us again. Horrible.
  15. Why is this even a thread. Get that picture to fuck