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  1. Looks fucking chuffed to bits and so he should. Cracking result SG. @bigblueyonder 2.30 onwards. "Ever so"
  2. Hope the result got you back on track mate!
  3. Superb result. Feels fucking fantastic to actually fancy our chances against these teams! Some massive performances. Special mention to Davis. Class. Looked like he had 2 or 3 secs more time on the ball than anyone else on the park. Don't let these standards drop!
  4. Shitter. Never bet on us or them for that sort of cash. Us winning is enough and them losing is plenty.
  5. He looks like he now knows he's the best CM in Scotland. Confident as fuck and strutting around the park like the fucking man. Gerrards done an amazing job on him. Fucking love you Ryan x
  6. Just too slow. He has loads of redeeming qualities, but that lack of pace is frightening.
  7. Gerrard is trying to hard to replicate exactly what Liverpool have going on. 3 central Midfield who lack that creative spark but are all decent enough players and rely on the creative skills of the wingbacks and front 3. I actually thought Davis would be used differently and Aribo would add creativity, but Gerrard seems to be using these players incorrectly to fit in with this style he plays. Arfield and Ojo don't offer us enough in that front 3, and when Tav and/or Barasic don't show up we're fucked.
  8. I'd have him sent back. Just doesn't have it. Bangs in a goal every few weeks but in general is pish. I'd have Stewart above him at the minute. Once everyone is fit he should be well out of the picture.
  9. That free kick at the end summed Tav up today. Dogshit distribution.
  10. He looks like he has all the tools. Plays like a lad who knows he's going to be level above. Hope he gets some game time going forward because his pace alone makes my fear lessen.
  11. Number5


    Neither Alfie or the board will be wanting a move if we're amongst it come Jan! He can go for 20m+ with a title in hand.
  12. Number5


    He's a class act. Had a shit start to the season and others have excelled keeping him out. If he gets himself back to the level we know he can then we can go to another level. Better today.
  13. Should have came away with a point. We are not the superior team with superior players with fucking bags of experience to go away from home and merit 3pts in Europe any more regardless of what we think or believe. We don't have a pool of players who are winners. They were poor, we we're slightly better and made a few errors that got punished. I'm gutted about tonight as I think it's points dropped but some of the comments are madness.
  14. Superb from Alfie. Based on that first half, if we up it by 10% then we could pick up 3pts here. These fuckers are either shite or having a bad day but we need to take advantage either way. Ojo really is shite.
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