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  1. Honestly if someone is walking around with one of these on without having an obvious learning/mental disability they need to take a good look at themselves.
  2. Number5


    Doubt hes going to make it in Scotland. Seems like the style and possibly the expectations are too great for him. Imagine we'll be able to punt without making a loss. Probably go and play in Italy and be sold for 15m in a year.
  3. Number5


    When your wingers main attribute is his workrate then it says it all. Saying that I don't mind him and he's had some really good performances for us. Squad player.
  4. That's fucking devasting news, really puts things into perspective. Maybe do a minutes applause on the tenth minute next weekend?
  5. Shite. What's that 32red all about on the shoulder? Totally fucks it.
  6. I may have misinterpreted it and they both said that who they would want to come to Ibrox, who could be realistic, would be Ings.
  7. That he's 100% coming and likely to bring James Milner up with him......
  8. Knew those Ings rumours a few years back rang true.
  9. Stevies comments seem about right. I don't watch the SPL other than our games, but from what little I've seen over the years the standard is poor. Half empty stadiums is terrible for the game, however I think with the English Premiership being so massive, that it's playing it's part in killing the Scottish game, when I'm up the road visiting family, kids are running about with Chelsea/Liverpool/ Man Utd kits on. The games fucked in Scotland.
  10. Read about 3 lines then gave zero fucks. Who even is he. Probably had more people reading his shite on this post than he's ever had anywhere else.
  11. Signing one of the best young talents in Scotland for a low fee, probably not much of a wage with the potential to make a bit of cash on him seems like a decent move. I know fuck all about him only that he's up for YPOTY but hoping Gerrard and his team see there's potential in him. Welcome Jake.
  12. Lads been rotten overall, has a couple of average games and merits being a squad player? Hopefully nowhere near the squad next season.
  13. Of course he's not World class. He wasn't World class when he was at his peak, a top Premiership striker but not World class by my definition.
  14. Typical pish that every chairmen in every league in every country will be doing, year after year, a token statement. Take from it what you want. Just give us the money David , that's all I give a fuck about.
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