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  1. Good luck to him. Seems like another player we brought in to be cover alone. Gets a bit fucking boring buying these types. Tav has had it so easy for so long in terms of him having to fight for his place, he has a dip in form and the alternative seems worse than just playing an out of form Tav. It's a same in a number of positions, players being brought in as '3rd choice' of whatever and putting no pressure on the starting 11 to actually work for their spots.
  2. Won't lie. I shitting myself a bit for the season already! Really need to get some big characters in that dressing room. If we don't I can see this being too big an ask. I think ability wise we're okay as various European games and the old firms prove. We just need the temperament to dig like fuck when things aren't going our way. Hoping to fuck Stevies got them fired up and ready to destroy every cunt.
  3. Doesn't matter who we play when we play, with or without crowds. We have to win the lot of them. Can't afford slip ups this season. Batter the sheep in the first game and put a marker firmly down.
  4. I won't be buying fuck all from SD. If the options are available then I'd assume a decent % of people in our support will do the same. Circumstance will probably dictate some people having to use SD? Don't know what people are talking about regarding prestige sportswear and Castore and SD not fitting in with their ethos etc. It's a fucking football shirt, meant to be available to the masses regardless of status, not a Louis Vuitton man bag sitting in Selfridges.
  5. I honestly thought at the time that Turnbull would be the best of a generation. Injury may have ruined him? Blessing at the time as the fenians had won that battle. Find it almost unbelievable that someone would assume Lewis Ferguson would be better.
  6. Don't know much about Ferguson, looks like he has a combative, nasty streak to him which is something we're missing. My only worry would be those 8 yellows and 1 red in 28 games, put on a Rangers shirt and those figures are going to look a lot worse
  7. Agree. I'm 99% sure that we'll win fuck all if Tav is still our Captain next season.
  8. We saw up until Xmas that we were more than capable. The squads much the same but with Hagi added. Don't think we need to change too much, I think its more about the characters of the squad/players. Someone who can drive the players on, a proper captain and drag a few a long with him (Goldson, Tav and Jack). Gerrard needs to have more about himself tactically to change things up, I'd have a different man alongside him to be honest. Not too sure what Gary Mc brings? In an ideal world I like to change 6 or 7, but thats too much to expect, but I reckon with 2 or 3 starters added to Hagi then we'll be close.
  9. I wouldn't honestly be bothered if we sold any of them. I like Jack and the attitude of a couple others but it's a sad state that I wouldn't be bothered if any of them we moved on for a decent return. Buff pissed me off since Jan. He can go for the right money, whatever that may be now?
  10. I would honestly not be bothered about any of them leaving at the right price.
  11. Absolutely disgusting if true The corrupt set of bastards are desperate for the history books to be littered with Fenian glory. Imagine in 2008 if the shoe was on the other foot and it was them that were in a Euro Final. The bias is sickening.
  12. Or if he'd played alongside Julien Dicks
  13. Fat Ronaldo and don't know why but fucking loved Davor Suker when he was at Madrid
  14. Exactly. Blanket the whole of football/sport with the same ruling. Whatever happens someones going to be pissed off and I can understand, but it's the only fair/easiest way to do it.
  15. Just Liverpool getting the title or bottom 3 being relegated, current top 3 in the Championship coming up etc etc?
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