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  1. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Welcome Jason. Happy with this one. Young guy, knows Scottish football and whats expected. Has a good bit of cuntishness and swagger about him which I think we've been missing. The sort that will leave a boot in and rile defenders. Marked improvement on Herrera. Murty and Allen seem to be correcting Pedros terrible transfers far sooner than expected.
  2. Goss

    I'd hang fire on that assessment for a while! Remember Barton being the best by a country mile when he came and Alves walking it here. Looks decent on paper.
  3. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Welcome Jamie. Would rather have signed him now. Haven' looked at the EPL but I imagine Brighton may be looking at players they may want to keep if they go down? Or more than likely our board haven't got a penny to rub together. Regardless a marked improvement in quality.
  4. Know what

    As long as their best players are the likes of thumb,lego and sinclair then were not too far off. Consistency is the main thing. That and Niko.
  5. Alves needs to go

    Doubt he bottled it in that sense. The man's played some pretty big games! He is however shite and needs to be plying his trade somewhere else.
  6. Danny Wilson

    Best all round defender at the club. Footballer wise he's top notch. Miles ahead of anyone in our back line and probably the whole of Scotland. Just switches off too often. If he could continue this sort of form (which no chance he will) then we'd have a 5m+ defender on our hands. Superb today.
  7. Tav

    Unbelievable in the 2nd half. Gets slagged plenty but thought he looked a class act. Well played Tav
  8. Niko

    Just past it. Murty obviously thought he could have done that 1 or 2 pieces of quality to make the difference, the rest of the Rangers support knew exactly what we were going to get. Imagine what we could have been like if we actually played with 11 today. Cameo rolls against shite is about his level.
  9. David Bates

    Was superb today. Had the fear the second I saw him step on the pitch buy fair play to the boy he was fully commited to the cause and pit in a huge performance. If he could do that week in week out we'd have our CB sorted.
  10. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    If Niko is still on for the 2nd half then Murty needs to leave right now. Get intae these pricks
  11. Bookies odds for a win tomorrow

    14s to lose 4-0 20s for us to win 1-0. What a sad state of affairs.
  12. I'd take him here. Seems like a decent manager. Better than what we've got and what we've been linked with. The rumour is probably bullshit though.
  13. Herrera

    Terrible player. The medical team when they came on to treat his nose issue should have told him he'd actually broke both legs and would be best just to retire. Would have been the humane thing to do.
  14. The subs bench makes me want to kill myself. Imagine Pena being you're best option.