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  1. Welcome big man. Never heard of him, but I'm sure we've done extensive homework on the boy for this type of money and he plays his part in bringing home 55.
  2. Number5

    Glen Kamara

    If he eventually got sold for 5m then we've/he's fucked it. Start the bidding at 8 fgures.
  3. Number5

    Glen Kamara

    The footballer Zelalem wanted to be.
  4. Number5

    Glen Kamara

    Not surprised. I think he's the type that'll get better amongst better players as he climbs the levels. 50 fucking grand
  5. Number5

    Glen Kamara

    If he continues to develope like he has he's miles above SPL level. Class act.
  6. Number5

    Glen Kamara

    Not that todays opposition were much, but the boy has it all. Going to be a massive player for us.
  7. He's going to be an asset. Can tell he's a player. Still probably rusty considering it's July but the way he moves and the guile he's got on that left peg. Not only that he can look after himself and works back. Exciting times!
  8. Not being naive as a project may come along that suits him. But I'll repeat myself. Fucking Derby County..... Never.
  9. It's a pisstake that Derby even think they could poach Gerrard away from us. Fucking Derby.
  10. Legend. Happy Birthday Gazza.
  11. Honestly if someone is walking around with one of these on without having an obvious learning/mental disability they need to take a good look at themselves.
  12. Number5


    Doubt hes going to make it in Scotland. Seems like the style and possibly the expectations are too great for him. Imagine we'll be able to punt without making a loss. Probably go and play in Italy and be sold for 15m in a year.
  13. Number5


    When your wingers main attribute is his workrate then it says it all. Saying that I don't mind him and he's had some really good performances for us. Squad player.
  14. That's fucking devasting news, really puts things into perspective. Maybe do a minutes applause on the tenth minute next weekend?
  15. Shite. What's that 32red all about on the shoulder? Totally fucks it.
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