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  1. Central Midfield

    For everyone who is suggesting Holt in the middle I can only assume that they must have only started following us in the last 6mths. He is absolutely dog shite. Might as well see if we can get Nicky Law involved again. If we're going back to him being in the centre then we're in deep deep shit.
  2. Imagine if Ryan Jack would have thrown an elbow. Different rules for different teams.
  3. This one of the best refs we've got in the country? Joke
  4. Pena is the poorest footballer I've seen at Rangers in a long time makes Dean shiels look like a fucking world beater. Dog shite.
  5. Butcher

    Wonderful player. Shite manager, shite commentator and general all round dick.
  6. The thumb

    Every one of our players are pussies to a man. Really that simple, have been for the last few years. He'd be getting broke into bits by any real Ranger. Makes a cunt of us every single time he plays. Image someone like Souness up against him.... Embarrassing times.
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    This. We make them look far better than they are. As long as their best players are Lego, thumb and sinclair then there's a massive chance. The main difference for me is Pedro vs rodgers.
  8. Fans flip flopping on a game to game basis on Pedro

    Never heard one single Rangers supporter say this. I'm flip flopping between being just shite or the worst manager we've ever had??
  9. Miller And Kranjcar

    Niko would be playing at a far higher level if he could be arsed. But myself and probably many others knew exactly what we were getting when MW brought him here. He's a waste of a wage. Cameo roles where you could make a fucking wonderful Youtube compilation but other than 2 or 3 moments of magic he offers nothing. Imagine if he started against the fenians..... As for Miller, time to sit it out.
  10. McCoist celtic are LIGHT YEARS Ahead Of Rangers

    A decent window with around 10m spent well with the right man in charge(bye Pedro) and I think we'll be in with a shout. They have maybe one or two players who are decent but it's more down to the fact that were so shite that they are dominating. If/when rodgers goes they will be in trouble.
  11. Walter Smith's 11

    A Thing of beauty.
  12. Expectations Now The Window's Shut

    2nd. Same expectations as I had before the season started. The sheep pipped us last year when we had a poorer side and I can't imagine our season being as bad as last season. With a better manager and the same squad I'd expect a bigger gap between us and third but it'll probably be close.
  13. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Those trousers Pedro....
  14. 3rd kit?

    When are the decent ones coming. Looks shite.
  15. Sutton...well being Sutton

    When Ally is the most respected coach to comment in a panel of 5 it tells you how bad BTs setup is. This is Suttons peak in terms of being a pundit, revelling off our struggles and him being contraversal seems to suit BT. Once we get back into it then the cunts going to finished.