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  1. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    You've watched the boy the whole season and you think 12m is about right. Imagine if Morelos wasn't ours but you'd seen him play as often as you have, would you want us paying even 4m for him. He's not a good player in my eyes. Works hard and can give defenders at our level a hard time and has a knack of being in the right places. He looks awful in front of goal and hasn't got the pace I'd want from my CF. Stinking attitude. He'll be playing his trade in England Championship level. If we got anywhere near 5m I'd bite their hands off.
  2. Out?: Wes Foderingham

    You that binnie boy?
  3. Out?: Wes Foderingham

    Binnie the bell
  4. Morelos, when he was banging them in, still thought he looked shite
  5. ***Rumours thread***

    I thought the same, but they reckon that he failed under the spot-light when at United, moved to West Brom and obviously was under less scrutiny and his stats (I know) were pretty unbelievable. Far better, this was around the January transfer window, than any of Citys or Arsenals CBs. Not just for his defensive duties, but his ball playing as well. He's viewed as unfashionable I think at the minute, but he is in-fact a class CB. Making it sound like I fancy the cunt
  6. ***Rumours thread***

    Guessing ''mon tae fuck'', as in Messi is available, would be a good fit...
  7. Jermaine Defoe (Bournemouth)

    I think it could be a decent move, a risky one but one that could easily pay of, he's been one of the best finishers in the EPL over the years, not too sure if he still have the turn of pace over the 15yrds but he's a clever little player and knows where the net is. Could be worth the risk for a year? If we pay 40 - 50% of his wage, he'll be expensive but wouldn't be surprised, depending on how Gerrard sets his team up, if he was to go on and bag 30 goals. .....or alternatively be shite?!
  8. ***Rumours thread***

    Arsenal and Man City have been linked with him since Jan. Imagine he'll be alright for 50k+ a week somewhere especially if he fee is only 3m
  9. Out?: Josh Windass

    Although our board is full of absolute morons, I'm assuming they don't just accept the 1st offer put to them. I imagine they do start higher and come to a middle-ground, but let's get it right, regardless of how other players are valued, we've seen Windass play and he does have ability, but he's a total mong, brain-dead, goes missing and if it was 3m or nothing and hang onto him for the remainder of his contract, then I'd bite their hands off, they could probably offer a 2m and i'd say deal rather than have him in the squad for the next couple of years.
  10. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

  11. Allan McGregor (Hull)

    End of his career. Agent pimps him out for a decent move up the road for probably a half decent wage. Spit out a few sorrys and a hero returns. This doesn't sit well with me. But forget principles. I know the other side of the coin with getting a good keeper on board, but for me there must be plenty of keepers out there who deserve the adulation of our support more than him.
  12. Allan McGregor (Hull)

    Cue some supporters falling over themselves to think of reasons why McGregor isn't a cunt now he's looking to sign. Would rather he never wore the shirt again, doesn't merit his name being sung at Ibrox in my opinion, regardless if he does us a turn or not. Better than we have but not particular hard.
  13. Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Waiting for the next rumour. '' I want my strikers to show the tenacity of, lets say, a Luis Suarez......'' On about 70k a week and just played a full season with Lazio.
  14. Jay Rodriguez

    No chance at all of this happening. Half the EPL would show an interest in someone like him at the right price i'd imagine. Probably a cheap option for someone at 10m and 50k a week when you look at players like McCormack going for double figures. He's been fit this season I'm sure. Probably not as good as he once was when he looked like he was heading to Spurs before he did his cruciate, but without doubt plenty of teams willing to pay him 40 - 50k a week. Sure he cost West Brom about 12m. I rate him so would be a cracking move but there was more chance of RVP signing happening!
  15. Ryan Shawcross (Stoke)

    Haha. Pish. If idiots in the EPL and Championship are willing to pay 6m for Grant Hanley then think Shawcross might be a little out of our range