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  1. Number5


    Thought he was the best of a bad bunch yesterday in the middle. We're still developing and having watched our first few games under Gerrard I think we've certainly came on, hopefully by the time we have our next league game and a few weeks with the full squad on the training pitch, we can see some more improvements and Arfield coming onto his game a bit.
  2. Number5

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Terrible tactics 1st half. Better 2nd. Keep it to 1-0 when it could have easily been 3 or 4. Finished stronger. No real positives in terms of individual performances other than AM who was superb. Thought Arfield was our best outfield player. Need to stop showing this shower of shite as much respect.
  3. Number5

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Should bring the ko forward to about 10.30am. This is fucking murder. 1000 different thoughts knocking fuck out my brain.
  4. Number5

    Today’s The Day

    This is where I am at. Regardless of today's result were back in with a better chance than previous years. Keep our heads and have 11 on the park we'll be in with a shout. 'Mon the Queens 11 🇬🇧
  5. Number5

    Maximum disruption

    Getting a massive box of Lego sent for the muncher to tuck into. He'll never sleep on a full stomach. Yaaaasssss.
  6. Number5

    Harry Forrester

    Can't get my head around all this "wasted talent". He was shite, had a couple of moments but nothing to suggest he was anything other than a league 1 level footballer.
  7. Number5


    Get him fined. Give him a fucking good rocket up his arse. Then move on.
  8. Number5

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    Get the fuck in there!! Proud. Bring on those fenians
  9. Number5


    Not read any of the comments. We were poor, we will be poor again this season. 2nd best in the 2nd half yet still should have walked away with 3pts. My only worry is that Goldson had a mare, that error in the first 5mins dictated his game. My worry is he's not got the mental capacity. Imagine against the filth??!! Not seen it happen before as we've been so dominate and he's been decent, but hoping it's just a bad game and not a flaw in his character??
  10. Number5

    Gerrard's Eyes

    Hahaha. Think Walter will be the happier with his surgery than Stevie.
  11. Number5


    That's what I'm saying, I was sold a player who's going to make the difference in the final 3rd. An exciting talent. Instead we're actually seeing a boy who looks more comfortable doing the ball retention side of things with the occasional cameo where he turns away from 2 or 3 men. It's early days though and he obviously has bags of talent. I don't want another CM, we need a CAM.
  12. Number5

    Europa group stages

    Ajax, Marsielle and Leipzig
  13. Number5


    Best game so far the other night. Looks good until it comes to the final killer pass or the chance to shoot. Not what I was expecting when we first got him but he's a decent squad player.
  14. Number5

    Coulibaly - what the f*ck is wrong with him!?

    I'm hoping that's why we'd brought Lafferty in.
  15. Number5


    I will never cheer for him personally. When his name gets read out on match day, silence. The same will be said about Kyle. I will celebrate Rangers winning 55 with the possibility of AM saving us 10pts and KL scoring the winning goal to win us the title. But it'll be about Rangers and those 2 will be forgotten.