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  1. another one taking secrets to the grave ,he knew too and did fuck-all .
  2. Sorry ,not or ever happening ,after Sun and all the fighting E.P.L will not allow that ,why import republican arseholes that respect nobody .
  3. muirkirk my friend , best left back i ever saw ,broke the mould with him .broke his leg versus England at Wembley .bad tackle from opposing player .
  4. Would like to bet that the semi -final [ if we get there ] draw will keep us and scum separate so that in the final [ if we get there ] it will allow them to get possible treble treble against there biggest rivals . corrupt c.s.f.a.
  5. they will do what the cult does ,throw some money at the problem then it will be all forgotten as it will be deemed as having been dealt with , slimy bastards .
  6. a tim set up doing for the tims , why is anybody surprised ,she is another tim put there for liewell benefit ,only tims get that gig .
  7. a fucking tim has tweeted " the referree gave an extra 7 minutes so that they could increase the goal difference ." mad bastards.
  8. can anyone help me ,cannot find the Dude column , only that one eyed bastard shit that was written for him.
  9. penalties , sheep v scum , 9 - 0 . scum , 4 PENALTIES .
  10. too fucking old my friend ,
  11. what the fuck are Rangers thinking about , building a wall for these tarrier bastards ,
  12. Well said sir , i endorse every word
  13. naw no them , the filth , quite funny , btw don't like apples .
  14. i just detest the peado bastards , no time for any of them .
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