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  1. RHATS , RHATS ,polluted with them ,they wear this paedophilia like a badge of honour , disgusting fuckers .
  2. In 2014 my whole family voted Tory , it was tactical to keep that Bitch at bay ,never voted Tory before but will never hesitate in the future , these pair of I.R.A. sympathizers need to be stopped [ krankie and corbyn ] i voted Labour all my days but not now under the regime in place ,don't forget that white headed rhat mcdonald and that bastard watson , 3 reasons to veto labour.
  3. This comment might seem strange , do you think the 5 way agreement is in their somewhere preventing Rangers rocking the proverbial boat .i'm looking and grasping at everything to try and justify this ineptitude ,it is really reprehensible of the board to not even make some sort of comment .
  4. As like most things safety only applies when it;s Rangers , the paedo's had an issue with a similiar situation at the shithole , what was done nothing it's all about the big bad Rangers .
  5. eejay , hope tae fuck yer right ,cannae believe this attention seeking bastard and the fenian has 6 pages dedicated to their hate and poisonous comments ,i would love to know why Rangers ARE NOT ON THE FRONT FOOT WITH THE VITRIOL THAT IS RAINING DOWN ON US AND THE CLUB ,it is a case of let them say what they want or it could be we will not respond as it will reflect on us badly ,fucking hell how much more are they going to allow without a retort .it is bizarre.
  6. Just asking a question C.B. because this is a major fuck-up
  7. Help me out here lads if you can , will Hummel come after us as well , and does this mean ashley gets the strip contract .
  8. Lodge St David [ Tarbolton ] does a 3rd Degree in the traditional manner ,in fact they had to be less enthusiastic .
  9. fucking tooting Blumh ,the taig fuckers will be wanking themselves stupid if and when we lift 55 ,cannae fuckin wait to hear erskine bridge is closed until further notice .
  10. Fucking hope you're wrong , don't want the peado lovers anywhere near our Stadium , we are managing fine without the cunts the bastards are poisonous in their comments about/to us .let the peadodome have them ,two cheeks of the same arse .
  11. a fucking tim has tweeted " the referree gave an extra 7 minutes so that they could increase the goal difference ." mad bastards.
  12. Agree mate , when you have a priest with hiv abusing 30 children between ages of 5 and 10 and the fucking pope thinks that's fine , not by me it's not , it is a vile evil cult that can do anything to anyone with impunity that does not need to fear the laws of the country . now sing a song and fuck me the whole world goes into shock.
  13. How the fuck is my pal - hope and I'm sure all is well. Took me back years with the mention of Vamper.  Never realised/totally forgot that you're under mountaineer on here.

    Great to hear from you - and dead brill your daughter is exactly like my daughter - and my daughter was brought up in Durban. But it's in our blood my friend.

  14. re-child abuse,let me tell you that child abuse is abhorrent to most decent folk, I myself know very well of a person who was abused and kept this to himself for 50yrs, ashamed to say anything, so, until YOU have walked in his shoes ,please keep your opinions to yourself
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