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  1. With a 6 already convicted and more being arrested or being looked into - this is a lot more than just the odd peado working their way into an organisation.. this is something a lot more sinister and deserves a lot more attention than it is getting
  2. Reported it to the police in 2015 yet the police did nothing about it then .. sounds familiar somehow!!!
  3. If found guilty, I'd fully expect the club to take full responsibility
  4. Probably because Rangers board had enough on their plate at the time - and not being held guilty of anything, why not?
  5. Neely was reported to the police ... no criminal or any other court case resulted, that's the difference
  6. I don't know nor care about Hivs so am not aware of any cases regarding them, but they are hardly in the same league as the team who have had at least 6 convictions
  7. Dion't give a toss about Hivs, and as pointed out, Rangers at least reported Neely to the police
  8. A - Hibs maybe 2? Nowhere near 6 and counting B - I did suggest we were maybe guilty too, but we haven't brushed anything under any carpet
  9. Probably because in all likelihood most clubs have had at least one peado working with kids over the years, I include Rangers in that - but only one club have A - had not just one but how many? I'm losing count, on an industrial scale B - and taken absolutely to responsibility
  10. Deflection from the scum now in overdrive .. anything to suggest we are the nations shame !!
  11. It sure is, the wheels of justice finally are finally beginning to move
  12. During my time in the Royal Navy. Managed to see what was left of WW1 trenches, the huge cemeteries in Belgium, but what really hit me was the last post, played every night 24/7 at the Menin Gate in Ypres. So I can easily imagine the horrors on these beaches barely 30 years later
  13. It was in the 60’s I think Dunfermline put Everton out of the Fairs Cup (showing my age here) .. so back then the standard of both leagues - without TV money - were pretty close
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