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  1. LiverpoolBlue

    Big Jock Knew

    Don't hold much hope for there whole truth to ever come out. Look the the allegations a few years back in London, concerning I think MP's, judges and the like. They may well have been mere allegations, but from memory there never seemed to be the same inquiry or urgency into what, who or when as compared to there recent grooming of young girls in Rochdale. It appears that when those who make the rules are involved, different rules seem to apply than to us mere mortals.
  2. LiverpoolBlue

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

  3. LiverpoolBlue

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    The VIPLEAGUE one works ok for me https://www.vipleague.lc/1-kilmarnock-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
  4. LiverpoolBlue

    Friday morning laugh

    Showing them what a support does I Suppose
  5. LiverpoolBlue


    An obsessed freak??
  6. LiverpoolBlue

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Cowdenbeath ground hold's less than 5,000 apparently .. over 18,000 on the YouTube stream
  7. LiverpoolBlue

    Kyle Lafferty

    Maybe him and Defoe together tonight ? Give the Bufallo a rest?
  8. LiverpoolBlue

    The Gaffers Naivety

    Considering he’s only been here six months, I think he gets a lot more out the players than Brenda does. A previous comment suggested something similar because of the big improvement in players that he inherited. Where I am concerned tho is the lack of consistency, we play the scum off the park then a few days later we seem too pedestrian. He’ll get it right .. especially if Dave splashes the cash in tne summer.
  9. LiverpoolBlue

    Ryan Kent - The most settled I have ever been at a club!

    I'd like too think (and hope) that his desire to stay would go a long way to letting Liverpool let him sign permanently
  10. LiverpoolBlue

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    He was such a hero to my 1960's pre-teen self that I would read and re-read his book. I remember to this day the first paragraph of the first chapter, saying he was so happy at Rangers he'd never leave., I also remember throwing the book out when he left (okay, at that time I may not have understood the politics of players / ,managers / board). Still a Rangers legend though
  11. LiverpoolBlue

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    He was my hero growing up .. him on one wing, Davie Wilson on the other A legend then as now !!
  12. LiverpoolBlue

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    I wasn’t suggesting anything other than there are a lot of fans who look on him as someone who jumped ship when he was needed - he needs to convince them Personally as long as he wears the jersey and puts in 110% I’ll be happy
  13. LiverpoolBlue

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Obviously hasn’t met any Bears yet!!
  14. LiverpoolBlue

    Where to buy the kits down south

    Same in Liverpool - nothing! Had to order from thegersstore online
  15. LiverpoolBlue

    To absent friends.

    Briefly returned for a visit to Fife recently, made a point to visit the well kept memorial in Markinch to the 5 local lads who never made it home, a humbling and sobering experience. They'd be my age now!!