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  1. If we were to win 55 this year, it won’t be a nuclear meltdown.. it’ll be worse - We might find ourselves for some as yet undreamed of ‘crime’ down into the Highland League !!
  2. Down here in England there is never any kind of crap like that about any player, even local rags in Liverpool or Manchester where 2 teams to an extent but more so their supporters, detest each other. As said before - only in Scotland!
  3. Him on one wing, Wee Willie Henderson on the other .. no wonder that team were banging in the goals Was unforgetable watching them
  4. According to the Sunday Post - McGeady is one of 2 directors of the now bust Elite-Energy Recruitment is on the list of HMRC's defaulters - owing £267,494!! The same McGeady who very vocally criticised Rangers for failing to pay tax!!
  5. It's Mutton that should be banned .. complete irrelevant twat
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