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  1. Beat the mutton molesters, then we can put that prick McInnes back in his box, as well as give that Yank with the money confirmation that he has wasted his investment.
  2. Exactly, a team ranked 48th beats (with a last minute goal) a team ranked 34th is bigger news than a team ranked 120 beats by 2 clear goals a team ranked 17th. Same old agenda.
  3. I just hope we’ve someone half as good lined up for the summer to replace him as I’m sure he’ll be off then
  4. There’s a saying that you should live life to the full before skidding sideways into the grave while saying “shit, what a ride”... but the horrendous end sadly didn’t reflect that but it did show the strength, dignity and humility along with the strength he still had - right to the end
  5. Have Livingston upset UEFA somehow? Flicking through the TV channels just now, Alba have the Livi Aberdeen game live - whole stands are empty!!!
  6. At least down here the English press have shown more sympathy and understanding - as in the Guardian article in other thread
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