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  1. She has class, and gets what Rangers are ..
  2. F@ck me, they're all getting into this 'sporting integrity' now - where the f@ck was that same sporting integrity in 2012?
  3. Love the fact they're complaining about 'sporting integrity' .. you just couldn't make this up !!
  4. Away x2 home once before the split to the sheep and the scum! Random???
  5. On the face of it, this should be an open and shut case - but if decades of child abuse can be swept upper the carpet with little or no judicial or media interest - just 3 year 'internal investigations'
  6. But that's what they'd been told to write (even before the decision was announced yesterday !!)
  7. How can a computer 'pencil something in' ??
  8. Just arrived .. maybe it’ll take my mind off the shitstorm that is Scottish football just now !!
  9. I think the seeds for this fiasco were sown away back in 2012
  10. The money saved will be that twats bonus!
  11. Don't be giving them ideas !!
  12. They must be getting desperate if they're getting offended at socks now !!
  13. Their players seem to think it 'monstrous' should they get the 10 !! Even though they had no real competition for half of them - and don't even mention the one that was given to them, not won !! Monstrous? Definitely! - A monstrous fkn stitch up
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