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  1. Exactly, 5 bookings for Hibs players, none for these twats
  2. I'd suggest the first job of a pundit is to give a professional view, from a footballers point of view, to add depth to what the commentator sees
  3. He is definitely a player that gets fans out of their seats when he has the ball
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3yvb_mxT9Q
  5. Any other league? What other league is he actually good enough to play in?
  6. I suppose Morelos is lucky he hasn't been treated like Duncan Ferguson.. again only Rangers players do time in Bar L
  7. Not particularly directed at you .. but I do agree with you regarding King
  8. So if you think no progress, what's your opinion on who should be there instead of him? As for the likes of Killie and Hibs, they obviously raise their game against us, otherwise they'd be challenging for the title now. I think Gerrard is at least trying to play football, look at the results against European competition compared to the 10 behind the ball hammer throwers we play every week here. That is part of his problem.
  9. Because we, most of us I mean, feel a confidence we didn't have last year.
  10. Maybe so, but as a manager he is far better than the last 2 combined. For example look at the difference in Morelos and Tav (yes, I know they both fucked up today - I'm talking generally) between this season and last. And while every Rangers manager to date has spent money on shite, what makes a great manager is finding the player or players that can make a difference, players that get fans out of their seats. Something I think Gerrard will do (hopefully) in the summer. And considering the past few years - the charlatans in the boardroom, those not good enough in the dug out, we are virtually starting (again) from scratch - I think progress is definitely there
  11. Gerrard has one hand tied behind his back because of what funds he is given to spend on players in comparison to what the scum have spent these past years. With one or two better players in January, especially with a leader, I believe next season will see us back up there
  12. Think a whip round might do it??
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