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  1. Just what does the TLB know about 15 year olds. Oh aye - BJK.
  2. Works - nae problems, sinc'd to other, as I'm on S-Planner and the entire seasons there, up till April 2018.
  3. Neil Sargent - an anagram of a nasty wee bigoted fenian tramp.
  4. Almost 7.30.
  5. The worst thing is allowing ref's an excuse for their ridiculous decisions. People like alex ferguson saying it evens out over season may well apply in the epl - doesn't work like that in our spl. Blatant fenian ref's making fenian decisions, and hiding behind an epl saying doesn't work in Scotland for the non fenian clubs. Saturdays ref, Beaton ruined a brilliant game - intentionally or not I'm not sure, but being a tim, he didn't do Rangers any good, his decisionmaking was unbalanced in favour of hibs, and therefore I'd say he's a biased fenian cunt.
  6. Maybe not everyone, those others have just taken it for granted.
  7. How do you see him being hung out to dry. Are you alluding to our impartial media?
  8. Dear H&H, dependinh upon if he consented or not - if this were to happen at a fancy dress party, for example, and you were the pweist - then he'd no doubt jolly well agree to the sentence.
  9. He needs, and needs them more often. The organisation him & his kind adore threatened the life of our Queen, our then Prime Minister and murdered a British Royal family member and WWII hero, whilst out fishing. Fuck him - fuck his kind - and fuck all in Scotland who defend the waster.
  10. The Q) should be, why would they walk out. A) because they're under the spotlight with their undermining pish accusations & questions. A real report would take this opportunity 'as news' and report on it. Not walk out - fenian, diddy, fuckers.
  11. What a despicable piece of trash - they should know what to do, the famine is over.
  12. I'd rather read about michael fucking Jackson.
  13. Because hitler was their popes, pius xii, mate - they canny turn that around - when they were the h*n indeed.
  14. Two can play at their game - always cheated, never defeated pish - fuck them - and there's more of us than they cunts.
  15. On the park; we are not - in the media; we are not.