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  1. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Let's go, a scouse term for 'get intae they fenian bassas'?
  2. sfa bigot exposed

    A pre-weekend, weekend tease - canny wait for the weekend.
  3. sfa bigot exposed

    Imagine a sibling of the great unwashed calling anyone unwashed - ffs - next they'll be calling us the h*n - tossers they are.
  4. Pressure from taigs

    Harbouring paedos fc - same as bj, we all know.
  5. Martin Bain

    No ways
  6. 13 years ago today...

    My phone just gave me a reminder - 22nd May 2005 - the best football day of my life. Travelled 12,000kms to get there and the following day travelled 12,000kms back. Was on their pitch for a few seconds - a 40 yo man running around like a wee kid. WATP
  7. Heart & Hand

    Very good mate - don't want to spoil your thread, but what came to mind was that o'halloran lowlife. Anyway, good post mate.
  8. Jordan Thompson leaves Rangers

    Need to change the title mate.
  9. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Not as much as we'll be laughing when the tables turn mate - because they fucking will - imposters in a foreign country. Smelly cunts.
  10. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    110% PISH The agent of Michael O’Halloran has explained why the Rangers winger was spotted among celtic fans during Saturday’s Scottish Cup final. Kenny Moyes says his client regrets his actions, though he insists they were not intentional. According to Moyes, O’Halloran was actually at the game to watch celtic’s opponents Motherwell, who were interested in signing the former St Johnstone man in the January transfer window. In order to do so, O’Halloran requested a ticket from the SFA, but found when he got to the match that he would be sitting in the celtic end. He was snapped by a supporter during the Hoops’ 2-0 victory. The image was shared on social media, enraging the Rangers support who already have a low opinion of the £500,000 flop. Moyes told the Daily Record: “Michael didn’t realise he would be surrounded by celtic fans but hindsight is a great thing and he now regrets the decision as he accepts it doesn’t look too good. “I know he is taking some stick from the Rangers fans but he absolutely wasn’t at Hampden as a celtic supporter. He’s a Rangers player. “He is concerned at how it looks to the Rangers supporters but he thought he would be in a neutral section and didn’t realise until it was too late. “Motherwell were keen on signing Michael in January and he requested a ticket for the Cup Final through the SFA to watch the game as a neutral.”
  11. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Perhaps the blanket suggestion that we do not employ kaffliks whom are celtic supporters and who have close relatives that are working at the piggery. Otherwise, with the detectives that we have at Ibrox, pragmatic is the least of their abilities, to find a club fucking gossip.
  12. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    His agent made a cunt of his surprise at being there pish. Unless you're deaf & colour blind, and lost your sense of smell as well, there's only one place you're at - in the tramps end.
  13. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    I'm sure he had a celtic cap on - fenian clown.
  14. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Although it is justified, but it wouldn't really encourage any other kafflik to join RFC.