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  1. Where's those fucking dislike fucking buttons.
  2. I'm going for 3 nil up after 10 minutes and FT 9 nil. Well, you started it.
  3. Undoubtedly his best position would be Broxi Bear that falls down and rolls about all day.
  4. At least £100m - then we could safely compete with Middlesbrough, (that's if we were to play them).
  5. Same here too - you've got to be very selective in the workplace nowadays - not a square mm of green exists - even the pool table is blue. FTP
  6. He's well thanks
  7. And being in Staffordshire would help too.
  8. It's 3.30 - here lies a very tired person.
  9. & Fod mate.
  10. Jordan Rossiter 31.05.2020 - I'm sure he'll get one or two games in by then.
  11. By the way; at least there was no fucking karaoke - unlike a previous manager and supposed legend.
  12. Where's that info came from. Have you watched QPR over the last decade or so - one of my London mates is a fulltime QPR supporter and he'd take C.Hill back anytime. A profit of doom indeed.
  13. That's apparent wherever The People watched it. One hundred and ten percent pish.
  14. We have a team of 50%'ers. Getting on my tits now, they've no idea, including fuckface halliday.
  15. He's back with the U20's.