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  1. Will be a good one to win today - getting back on top and then looking forward to Thursday night...
  2. Never answered so many questions since I last went to the wimpy.
  3. Got the poppy Scotland catalogue through today, spot who's missing. A club like no other. What an embarrassment. This should really be exposed
  4. Legend's match will be available to watch on Liverpool's streaming service LFCTV GO free of charge.
  5. Christie has been red carded 4 times. And it's out of character. Morelos been red carded 5 times. And he's a cunt. Jack red carded and he's joined a hooligan club. The least we can do is stop voting for the republican snp.
  6. Here's the best pal - she's in at Ibrox as much as Polster... 20191001161323711.mp4
  7. They'll be finding out very soon that they haven't even got a fucking trumpet...
  8. Agree with the OP - you've either got it or you haven't. I'd add Borna Barisic to the list too...
  9. Showed his determination today - brilliant display (along with Davis, Jack, Tav and Barissic).
  10. Thanks pal, but I am outside of the UK and I canny get the VIP link to work - the screen is about 2" wide and it cuts out after a few seeconds
  11. Just a guess really: It is 0.1mm thick/thin, is a circular layer of tissue that marks the point between the middle ear and the external ear. It is approximately 8 to 10 mm in diameter, and has a mass weight of around 14 mg (Brother google does come in handy).
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