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  1. If catholics did mastermind My names Declan. I'm 28, from Glasgow, massive sceptic fan. And what's your specialist subject? That would be Rangers fc from 1872 to present day.
  2. My most favourite souvenir of all. My Dad passed me down his Rangers tie, before 1950 he bought it.
  3. Got the one on the right and a unique one the ladies from the office got made in Cape Town. My Mrs makes soap and have a Rangers shaving mug too. Never too much of a good thing.
  4. RFC, a football club founded on sound social, moral and sporting principles...
  5. Since 1845 they've not integrated yet we're pressed to believe we're all the same. If we're supposed to be cousins then they would have integrated - but they haven't. They're not Scots - we are. Fuck them - horrid, paedo tramps.
  6. Very straight forward. Hope our manager & management team watches the video and come up with solutions - but our biggest negative is our inability or weakness to match pish Scottish teams. Against them, we're a lightweight in a heavyweight division.
  7. We're living in a movie - a shite movie too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unrestricted_Warfare
  8. Start another thread on that - you've,single handedly hijacked a negative sheep thread.
  9. I know what it means - in daily life. Just out of place mate.
  10. I and probably many others noticed and agree with @Hadron Collider your "yer man" comment. His would be our man - we're not disassociated from the guy. Hopefully he is ours - that's more Rangers like - particularly and more so in time of challenges...
  11. Wasn't the point - I can check my facts and state there 90,000 affected covid-19 people. But got nothing to do with the thread.
  12. Honest the truth mate - I was not a fan of your posting (or blogging) for a long time. Then seeing your video channels I took a change firstly because you don't talk like you write and secondly because you are come across not only knowledgeable but also a very good Rangers fan. Then here we go again, the video channels are no longer and you're back to the Dude. In times of trouble which we've had a few - keep your head up and as many of those around you as possible, too. * BTW: this is a doom & gloom sheep thread.
  13. Their cameraman was busy at barrowfield change rooms.
  14. John Wark spoke well of DC: John Wark explains Rangers dream as Scotland legend pinpoints 'scary' talent that made Davie Cooper special The former Ipswich midfielder always wanted to play alongside the mercurial winger at Ibrox for his boyhood heroes. John Wark dreamed of lining up with Davie Cooper for his boyhood heroes Rangers. And he told him so regularly. Heavy hints had no impact though as Wark never got to play alongside a player who he was in “awe” of for the Light Blues. More surprisingly for the Ipswich and Liverpool legend though is the limited time they spent together as team-mates in the dark blue of Scotland. Now 62, Wark will take a quiet moment to remember Cooper on the 25th anniversary of his tragic death today. Wark said: “I am a Rangers fan and I was often in awe of Davie when I saw him play. He was something else. “He never got enough games for Scotland. We had Gordon Strachan and John Robertson and often Davie had to settle for a place on the bench so I didn’t see the best of him as a Scotland team-mate. “But I knew exactly what he was like as his quality was the exact same in training. “He had that natural ability. When you first saw him you’d say, ‘Bloody hell who is this guy?’ “Davie would glide past people, he could go past three in the blink of an eye. His talent was scary. “I liked Davie off the park too. He was a typical Glasgow boy. I was always talking to him about Rangers telling him, ‘I wish I played for your team’. “That never happened and unfortunately it didn’t happen often enough in a Scotland side either. “Jock Stein seemed to prefer Robertson in that position and to be fair John was a great player too. “I can’t believe that’s been 25 years since we lost Davie. He was a special player and a special person. One of the best.” ( https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/john-wark-explains-Rangers-dream-21736262 )
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