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  1. Enjoyed that, very good mate. We've got to get back to having a team of players with that attitude. “It was annoying to get that far and not win it, looking back that is the only disappointment I have about being at Ibrox – that we didn’t win anything European in the time I was there".
  2. No offence, but if Ally migrated to the opposite side of the world to G51, it wouldn't be far enough.
  3. I expect that Alex Rae would be a better local assistant than BF. Everytime I think of BF, those V signs during his Scotland debacle come to mind - no matter how long ago it was.
  4. Leave your nu. he'll give you a call. Not from America tho'.
  5. Not £30m in that poke.
  6. What about this pic pal - and likewise, what is the significance? Too late - actually the last game, without floodlights.
  7. No way mate - can't see him coming to Glasgow for a transfer.
  8. And who really killed JFK ?
  9. Very good - from Jack The Flipper to Graeme The Flipper.
  10. Not so. International patent: Whisky = Scotch. Whiskey = anyone else.
  11. Scotch is spelt "whisky". Every other (including oirlund) worldwide producers, their whiskey end in "ey".
  12. Just got to train well this week - and away we go.
  13. "How can you live with yourself?" What must he do, get a divorce?
  14. Cause the lloyds chairman was a founding member of the timmigrant club supporters club.
  15. He certainly is, nottingham.