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  1. In our last 7 home games against St Mirren we've scored 18 and conceded 2. That's the equivalent to us scoring 5 goals every 2 games and them scoring 1 goal every 9 games. We do kill them off.
  2. Just out of interest mate; how many did QOTS score?
  3. GK we have cover CBs we have cover LB we don't RB we have cover Midfield we have 4 very good - maybe at a stretch 1 more. LW we have cover RW we don't CF at a push one more. We've got a better 11 or 12 than the pikeys. From where we've come from we're looking OK for the run in till May.
  4. He's not looking up at the pikeys - he's looking forwards at our coaching staff
  5. Morelos wasn't looking at their scummy crowd - he was looking eyelevel to SG's left.
  6. And the paedo's off to Japan in May.
  7. Could be used as evidence to lay charges of physical abuse - much the same as that tim from port Glasgow - threatening Kent & Morelos with having their throat slashed.
  8. Katic often gets dropped when he's very good and/or not so good. Goldson never gets dropped good or bad.
  9. Day 15 of them getting thumped. Wasn't the Scottish sun recently running the campaign for 'respect our players' demanding supporters to stop abusing our players. And what happens now - their sports reporter is seriously disrespecting the top foreign player in Scotland...
  10. Just goes to show where his and fenians like him do their utmost to degrade RFC


    The SG management team have made half decent players into very good players. Ryan Jack is now the 2nd/3rd best midfielder in the country. Tav has got better, Barisic, Goldson, Katic, Morelos, Kent, Arfield - our entire squad has improved under SG. With that, I would have taken a punt on Shankland, definitely when he was a freebee.
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