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  1. Hope ma is the delivery man.
  2. Get an 8 yo then.
  3. Edward Woodward
  4. Which one's Aidan McAdam?
  5. Not much else you can do in an interview really, apart from talk. But I know what you mean - the expectation is that this is a lead up to a new era. WATP
  6. Keep Scotland for Scottish clubs - no those potato shortage cunts.
  7. Sad existence being a timmigrant - even when they're up, they're fucking down. Horrible race - don't belong here, and never have.
  8. What exactly do you do with the ball at training - canny believe it.
  9. Fuck them - fenian cunts, don't belong here.
  10. Jaws 55 coming up
  11. A step mate - got to overtake the rest of Scotland yet.
  12. Or a blue top sponsored by jaffa.
  13. He does look good, very good in fact.
  14. He's not a new signing mate.
  15. Most posters saw that, your dilemma - to cut a long story short - you'd unfortunately be construed as a puppet.