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  1. Protestant's or non kafflik s don't quite understand a democracy - if they did, the snp would never, ever have been given a look in.
  2. Can't listen to those 2 for almost 2 hours.
  3. His penalty miss against them, he was absolutely rattled before taking that and offered a pathetic attempt - I'm sure he's played that over a thousand times in his head. A lot you have said is true mate - he can be a great player, often the best in our league - but then again it all hinges around the most fragile temperament in our league too.
  4. Experiences in their younger life impacts on young footballers - even their idols they follow. I foolishly picked George Best during mid 70s when he just fuck'd about in & out of the game and you never could have known it at the time, but that seriously impacted me and a few other very capable players my age.
  5. A grumpy michael stewart. Hagi, brilliant signing for us - WATP twitter_20200528_110442.mp4
  6. Serves him right - hope it seriously affects his media career.
  7. Whatever happened would never be allowed to happen today. Brilliant man, brilliant Rangers man.
  8. Never forget my dad sitting at the kitchen table listening to the radio and going bananas. We're 3 up, we're 3 up 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Here's the goals, at the time from our 3rd European final: twitter_20200524_120713.mp4
  10. Definitely something damaged - anything, something will be found.
  11. When Graeme Souness was the manager of Galatasaray he wrote his name into the annals of Turkish football history when he planted a Galatasaray flag in the centre circle of their greatest rivals, Fenerbahce pitch in a packed out stadium where the majority wanted to lynch him. And these wee fenian, paedo pricks sneak into Ibrox under the cover of darkness and wave a paedophile flag to themselves.
  12. A guy taking driving lessons before the pandemic struck Driving instructor says book your test, so he does. Test is cancelled due to the pandemic. DVLA award him the pass certificate anyway, said the DVLA "NEVER".
  13. Two reasons: 1. Sutton and hartson have created a career out of slagging Rangers. 2. They're perceived as popular - because every time they write something on twitter or any other media - they get hundreds of replies. Although no one reads those replies, apart from mibee stinking laughing tims, Rangers supporters rise to the bate and help strengthen their career. They take their CV to an employer and show every post or column written gets thousands of hits / replies. No one gives two hoots what those replies are. That's my view of the nasty wee pricks.
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