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  1. Sympathy vote how he's not been sacked yet. I hate them so loving it
  2. Annoys the fuck out of me how he shites away from challenges, pussy but I get what you mean. Crap all over the park.
  3. No messing, fucking in tae them, high tempo and show that we mean business
  4. 3pts are paramount tonight, glossy performance is an additional extra but we just have to win
  5. Not one of the "fringe" players gave a case for breaking in to the team, Ojo, Barker, Jones, Halliday, etc. aren't good enough. In saying that, they came in and put us through to the next round and half the bog team got a rest.
  6. and I thought Patterson's haircut was bad, fuck me. Barber - what do you want son? Kennedy - zero side and put a mask on and dae the tap
  7. I'm far from convinced. In saying that, i've no idea why the gaffer has signed shite like Barker when he's on the same level as boys we have at the club. We need to stop wasting money on shite, bring boys through and make money from them
  8. He's not really, Middleton is crap / one-trick pony (pace) as well and will never be a success here
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