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  1. If we sorted out our own academy of youngsters, we wouldn’t always feel the need to take on youngsters from elsewhere when they’ve had a handful of promising games
  2. So English football doesn’t have comparable wages to what we pay?
  3. Strongest team to start, go after them early and put the game to bed please
  4. Not sure quite what to believe anymore but Lille pulling out (allegedly) might be the boot up the arse he needs, if he’s going to get a move anywhere away from us
  5. I agree with your point but that isn’t what’s being debated here, it’s how bad our selling model is. I’m sick of paying players off and 2mins later they’re signing on with someone else.
  6. I’d much rather we negotiated and got some income in for the deadwood than pay the wages until their contract ends or, worse, pay them off.
  7. Totobull. Aged 10 St. Peters Primary
  8. He's more than capable to play in our team in the SPL but hinges on who plays alongside him. Been said in previous threads, he's dreadful when Davis plays with him but Leverkusen are on an entirely different level. Sadly, they are all too similar, neither Davis, Jack or Kamara are going to get around the park in a defensive role and then stooky one in from 20yards out (cue Kamara's effort at the sheep on Saturday).
  9. Perspective indeed, thats why I said they're on another level to anything we've faced.; they just have to move on, not feel sorry for themselves and be right at it come Sunday. Attitudes of some are being massively questioned tonight. 6 is optimistic but need to start putting goals on the board against teams at that end of the table.
  10. For me, only Helander and Barisic could go and play in Germany at a decent level so we're never going to compete with a team at their level. No disgrace in going out to them at all. Good to see some mins for fringe players as they just HAVE to be on it come Sunday, no mistakes can happen.
  11. When's qualifying for this season's / next season's EL?
  12. Mate, he's been shite but that's OTT abuse
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