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  1. Just in, how's today been?
  2. He's not good enough.
  3. From having so much optimism last summer, then being handed as easy a start to the season as you could possibly expect, we fans were flattened by the horrendous inability of this squad to step up despite millions being spent on it. The management then had an inability to tweak tactics or formation to change the spiralling out of control season, board unwilling to change things before the transfer window opened, MW leaving, the knee jerk appointment of PC and we find ourselves 9points behind a dreadful Aberdeen team (let alone where "they" are) and face completely rebuilding a squad after 1 year in the top league. Aye, it's not all that bad. It's been embarrassing. As others have said, if we'd worked on a shoestring budget like Hearts last season and finished 3rd then perhaps the reality would make us accept it. We aren't any other club and everyone else in this country expects us to provide the challenge because no other club will. Looking at where we are at the end of this season, I fear the worst for several years to come now. Unless something significant changes, and soon, we will be looking at them disappearing over the horizon and title wins in a row being in double figures. When we dominated and approached our 9IAR, they KNEW they had to do something to stop the rot, I don't think our board have quite cottoned on to that fact yet.
  4. I get why he made the Windass signing and don't have an issue speculating on a younger player who had a decent season, he just hasn't paid off. Senderos - never ever good enough and the ££££'s spent on Garner is a disgraceful use of restricted funds. Dodoo - not sure what any scouting of him suggested. The latter two were bought for the championship and haven't made the step up.
  5. If you want to single someone out tonight then it has to be Pedro. His consistent playing of Miller in midfield is a horrible spine for our team. If you play Miller, play him through the middle; he isn't any worse than Garner or Waghorn up there and still has goals in him. His continued playing of him in midfield removes goals from our game and we end up playing other midfielders in the wrong type of midfield position to accommodate him. Disjointed as fuck.
  6. For me, the Senderos signing is far worse than Windass
  7. Murty presided over a defeat at Inverness who have hardly won a game all season and Dundee where their manager ended up getting sacked because of winless streaks. Hyped up on here now for a very good 1-1 at "them" but so much worse than good with him in his spell too. Maybe e he should've kept the job to avoid a knee jerk reaction appointment. Board are a laughing stock as they were to make a DOF appt first, then jumped to appoint Pedro and we still await a DOF. They're making it up as they go along. Run by amateurs.
  8. I hate backwards attitudes of someone that needs to know Rangers or knows Scottish football but I think that's what we needed after Warburton stupidly underestimated the step up from the Championship and that we could pass teams off the pitch. That might not have been the sexiest appointment to appease everyone but with the gulf in finances across the city, we need to make ourselves physical and hard to beat. Arguably, Smith's team in 9IAR were harder to beat than the easier on the eye mhanks and then the prancing leprechaun's team were more physical than Advocaat's playing style. Physical just works up here.
  9. McInnes was my "vote" at the time from a sorry bunch of options. He won't be anywhere near the dugout in August unless Aberdeen are playing us early doors. We're stuck with Pedro
  10. Millions spunked out the club in 5 years to watch that shower of shite in our first season back. Abysmal team, abysmal squad, abysmal management and an abysmal board. This isn't going to get any better any time soon.
  11. We've gone flat again, game will just run out, be lucky if we get another chance
  12. Anything with porn in the title is usually awrite
  13. Wake up Toral you overrated pile of shite