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  1. We're still bullied when teams drag the game quality down. It's disappointing we either can't rise above that and show our greater quality or get the sleeves rolled up and give as good as we get.
  2. I'd be utterly gobsmacked if he loses the captaincy or is dropped so it'll be more of the same ahead...
  3. Moody Blue


    Doesn't look fit enough for me and is as slow as a week in the jail just now.
  4. I can't argue with that assessment at all, sadly, the exact same thing happened against 'them' at Ibrox. Sick of trying to feel our way in to the game, you've got to be up for it from the first whistle in Scotland.
  5. He played further forward against the mhanks and shat it.
  6. It's not so much the formation but the complete shitebags he then picks. Far too many want time on the ball in games like these to look good, they don't get it here. Lack a leader or someone to take the game by the scruff of the neck and drive the team forward. Times gone by that's players like Souness, Gascoigne, B. Ferguson, Ricksen, etc. A class above what we have but liked by us all because of that desire to succeed, we don't have that in the middle of the park or wearing the armband.
  7. No we don't have it. Any of our title winning sides would have ground out 3pts today, we just don't have that will to win when the chips are down, sadly.
  8. I was accused of 'looking silly' when I said I didn't see it with him in the thread at the start of the season. I still don't and don't feel particularly silly either. Ejaria part2. Sick of Gerrard thinking players like that will make it up here, it's a terrible indictment of our game but you need a bit of dig with your quality and Aribo is too soft, will not be a long term success and we will not make the huge profit the fanboys think we will.
  9. They play like that in the semi final we won't be making a final, let alone winning anything.
  10. Mate I get what you are saying but that Hearts team are abysmal and second bottom for a reason, they are utter gash. We've shown a total lack of fight, desire and will to win to get back to the top of the league. It's games like this that win you titles and we are winning fuck all with this team. SG and the coaching staff need to wake up pronto what it takes to win things up here, he's had 16-17 months at it and he's still not learnt. Nice players don't win you leagues and he's persevering playing Ojo and Aribo who look as soft as a baby's first shite. We have a soft captain as well when we need utter cunts in our team who hate being beaten. Tav will get the tunes on in his Lambo on the way home and won't give two fucks about us or the fact we dropped points.
  11. This team is winning fuck all by the way, absolutely devoid of a sheer will to win like so many of our teams had.
  12. dropping points to this garbage is a joke. Like the thanks game, SG needs to take some of the blame here, he's still not learned that when you go to places like Tynecastle the Paedodome, you need to scrap like fuck and we've far too many shiters in our team. Last third still looks woefully weak in these games.
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