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  1. I'm not really bothered either way but I hope Dundee Utd stay down
  2. If we up the anti here they are there for the taking. We need to get our own house in order very very quickly.
  3. I suspect this one has been waiting for an announcement for months and Aberdeen knew it so stopped making him regular because of that. Had a very good first half of the season so why would a shite team like Aberdeen stop playing him - they're record against us was positive last season but they were fucking murder when I watched them. I'd rather have my squad fillers of players who were reasonably successful in our league than spunking £2m on a player that looks like he's never played professional football. Will need to win people over by playing well but he's got a clean slate with me now, welcome Gregg, over to you now.
  4. they're a couple of fannies and I'm quite happy that seems to be the market they are shopping in
  5. Disgusting that he can't go on a family holiday without getting attacked.
  6. Guys avoiding posting pics to avoid being slagged off for XXL size, fat bastards
  7. Moody Blue


    Hard working but limited in ability. I don't like him and never did, though appreciate he has his fans on here. We need a huge improvement in the final third next season to hurt teams and he just isn't it. However, we've arguably spent >£2m on a replacement last season and he's every bit as poor.
  8. By his standards, he's had a good season and has shown progress from last year. Limited in ability though and should be seen as a squad player as we need better all round to move on to the next level (winning the league). Cannot do enough in the final third and that's where we need huge improvement next season. We can't all bomb forward but Kamara will sit and Davis isn't box to box anymore so it can't just be left to e.g. Arfield to chip in with goals. If any bids came in for him from England I'd bite the hand off you and try and up our quality. I don't see him being massively better than Rossiter or Docherty so any sale gives SG more dough.
  9. Who the fuck buys this dross?
  10. Exactly mate, no class whatsoever and expect more from ex-players. Going through our list of ex-players that contribute in the mhedia is now going against....
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