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  1. Laudrup, class on and off the park but what a gift having both in the same team.
  2. Get rid of doesn’t mean release for nothing ya dafty, I still wouldn’t be gutted if any of them were moved on for their value.
  3. That famous ‘mutual termination’ and the following day they sign with someone else
  4. There isn’t one of that current squad I’d be gutted if we got rid of, which is an horrific statement looking back at the players we’ve had in our teams in the past.
  5. It is what it is, we can dwell on it all we want, nothing is changing mate. It’s shite, and we’re all venting but we knew this was happening.
  6. Sickening as it may be, this was always the way it was going to play out. Our board can, and will, do nothing about this and the threat of legal action from anyone will achieve the squad root of........ The blame of this lies firmly with the embarrassing performance of the team post Dubai that presented this opportunity in the first place. End now or play out the season, they were winning the league as we were hopeless, that’s why so many of us clung on to null and void, our team were winning nowt. We really need to get ourselves in order for whatever comes when football returns.
  7. We do lack power in the team and both would provide far more physicality in the team than the powder puff shite we were served up earlier this year, we were as soft as a baby's first shite. So difficult to predict what the market will be like, what our budget is like, the value of players in that market and so on. In all honesty, we probably lack a Ferguson in the middle of the park. although Jack played like that in the League Cup Final. However, he was just as shite as the rest and contributed fuck all in 2020 too. Another long season ahead if Morelos is sold and our front 2 options are Defoe or Dykes, simply not enough goals to win league there as Morelos's goals in the first half papered over so many cracks.
  8. We sadly lack pace and power in the team and he’s neither. Technically gifted but we’ve been bullied out of games far too often in the last 6months so in those games when a bit of fight is needed, I’m far from convinced £4m is spent wisely. No one knows what the financial position will be when we come out of this. We are likely to need investment so how much will drive how much we spend. It needs to be found if you want to stop the mhanks but I’m not convinced we’ll have enough so to ship it all onto Hagi. £4m in a normal transfer market may not seem a lot to global football, it still is to us and the market we shop in.
  9. The way we played in 2020, we could have done with the number increasing from 5 to be fair
  10. Adidas hoody = JD Sports £35 Castore hoody = £125 yet we’re cheap?
  11. I’ve disliked the shade of blue we’ve used for a while now, it’s been a bit lighter than a royal blue. That fake is a bit dark and whilst nice, we’d never go for something radical like moving to dark blue.
  12. Retail industry on its arse, lets bin any reputable sports brand and just buy millions of blue, crew neck t-shirts from Next and stick our badge on them with an iron
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