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  1. Moody Blue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    This is what most of us find utterly frustrating, they are not much better than us. Domestically, they have far more goals in their team but the are nowhere near as good as our media (or they) think they are. if we could only get our own house in order and have a team worthy of our support......
  2. Moody Blue

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    I do agree, however, the only changes really are what Gerrard can do to influence things and (at times) he stands and does very little. At least changes in formation would show the fans we're trying to address this slump. We've been grinding results for weeks and the last three performances are carbon copies.
  3. Moody Blue


    Looked like a rabbit caught in headlights from Day1, deary deary me. However, the giraffe gif with his face on it has been one of the funniest on RM this season.
  4. Moody Blue

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    If I was there and watched us go out with a whimper I wouldn't be that bothered if SG applauded me, in fact, I'd probably think "Get in that dressing room and kick some arses cos I'm paying good money to watch this pish"
  5. Moody Blue

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    To be fair, the Euro run will have earned us much needed revenue but it's hampered our league form whether we all agree or not. What I find more concerning is our inability to break down teams that sit in, Rapid did exactly that tonight and we can all rhyme off those in the league that have done it. I'm concerned that (like his predecessors), Gerrard is massively underestimating what it takes to be successful in Scotland and that's why he's taken players like Ejaria from Liverpool. He needs to wake up very quickly or the pressure will be massive for him to be removed / move on. Something needs changed, whether it be go 3 at the back, change formation, do something ffs and not this Plan A better shite. We desperately need someone in the middle who's not exactly the same as all the rest but doesn't twirl in wee circles until they get dizzy and fall over their own feet. If that's Davis so be it but it should be someone of that type. The game at the end of the month is beginning to give the fear, sadly, and that should be their thoughts coming to Ibrox with (if they take them) only 800 of their scum in the ground.
  6. Moody Blue

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Repeat lack of movement thread created after the weekend's result. Can't pass water, zero creativity and piss poor in the last third. I completely get its different times with a different team but at least when the 2008 team weren't just defensively minded, we had some creativity and goals in the team. Take Morelos out that team now and there's virtually no goals in our team and that's scandalous. I try so hard not to rip in to players but Middleton is a poor man's Wylde and looks like a wee boy lost, Grezda looks like a waste of money (ffs £2m!!!), every one of that midfield have little creativity in them and can't beat a man and when we bring Lafferty on to play up top with Morelos we look disjointed as fuck. Belief has drained so badly from the team.
  7. Moody Blue

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Turning point in the group was the 0-0 against Spartak at Ibrox weeks ago
  8. Moody Blue

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    Brenda - "Leigh has had a number of issues for months" "Yes it has been ongoing in my time here with Leigh" Why the fuck would you put someone up in front of the media in the last couple of weeks to talk about his injury struggles and the so called spat with McLeish if he's been struggling for that period of time. As others have said, mental health issues are a bugger to deal with but this just doesn't add up. Smacked up to his eyeballs more like and taken out of football before he failed a drugs test. ps he's a cunt.
  9. Moody Blue

    Tom Eaves

  10. Moody Blue


    He’s not good enough, slows the play up far too much so he can spin in his wee circles before passing sideways when the whole opposition are back in their positions. I’ll repeat myself, I despise him immensely. I remember days when you’d rarely say that about any of our players. State of us ffs, depressing as fuck. He was shite at Sunderland so a League 1/2 career at Nobody Cares Utd beckons.
  11. Moody Blue

    Lack of movement

    You can throw a blanket over our midfield, they are all far too similar and then there is zero rotation from our wider players other than “you try my wing”. It’s predictable as fuck. Also very sad but I’d suggest the manager and his assistant are still better players than our first picks. Look across the city and they have both Christie and Rogic playing behind their striker where there is constant movement and shots at goal from distance. Then you’ve got nae neck piling in with goals. I hate comparing us to their players but, sadly, they are the benchmark. Our creative play is cringeworthy, unfortunately, we’re not good enough in the last third but what’s new?! Been like that for 3years and counting despite spunking millions. I personally don’t like him but thank god for Morelos’ goals this season.