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  1. the cheque will bounce mate
  2. Spot on mate. We have no money so thoughts of grandeur need nipped in the bud very quickly, there will be no marque appointment, no big transfer budget in the summer, no getting rid of Ashley's SD deal and so on. The list is endless. We are shopping in the bargain basement bin so I wish they'd just admit it and we can all move on. It's going to be Davies, McLeish, Wright, McInnes or someone of that level. Depressing as fuck.
  3. the implosion has been coming for months, nay a year! MW has a lot to answer for.
  4. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
  5. fair to say the board won't make any statement on the utter shambles. Also safe to say we have fuck all money to get who we want or set up any sort of transfer budget. Some people need to wake up to the fact what we're seeing is what we're going to get for the foreseeable, which is gut wrenching.
  6. surprised? No.....still gutting though.
  7. Worst thing I can say is "I buy in to your vision for our club"
  8. We could start a thread about every single one of them mate. We all see exactly what you comment on, yet none of them pull back for the cutback or hit that from post when Tavernier is about to hit a cross. Shite "trained well" or "pitch geography", its not rocket science.
  9. FFS stop arguing about Murty. Yes he's been thrown in at the deep-end by a cowardly board who don't have a clue what they're doing. Unfortunately, Murty's decision making tonight (and last weekend) confirm he doesn't know what he's doing either. We've had cheap talking pish all season from MW and now Murty. It's time it was changed with immediate effect.
  10. Short sighted, played with me in the past pish. Started well moving the ball about, good vision but how he got 90mins is beyond me. Posted missing after booking and his sitter was abysmal.
  11. We have no money, clear for all to see so we are completely fucked.
  12. reaping what's been sowed. Fans of every other club fucking loving us imploding for them. Disgusted by this, if that shower of shite came back in the dressing room to me I'd have no voice left and things would be smashed to shit. They do not give a flying fuck.
  13. club is collapsing before our eyes and not one of them could give a fuck
  14. Gutless the fucking lot of them.....charlatans. Utterly disgusted