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  1. If Helander is 6'4, the guy interviewing must be a giant
  2. Livi away shouldn't pose any problems for us if we want to win trophies
  3. I heard him on RC on Friday night, went to a Gers game as a boy. Best players he played against quoted as Larsson and Laudrup, pressed to pick one and he chose Brian!
  4. If you'd typed what you were having you'd have logged out following the responses
  5. If anybody voted for Halliday as the best LB at the club, have a word with yourself
  6. My old man said to me the other day Kamara loses the ball / misplaces passes in a defensive position far too often. I ignored it but cannae be arsed phoning him after this start as it's all Kamara has done so far.
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