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  1. Very good point mate, I wasn't even think about mandatorys when I was talk ng about it! Got completely carried away, still a few fights to go first!
  2. Absolutely, wish him all the best and he's a great roll model tbf. Astounding what he's come through. Hope he calls out AJ. It's what we all want to see... Can't bare more of this ducking and diving. Think AJ will be shitting it though based on that performance. Would be great to have a British unified heavyweight champ.
  3. This is why I can't take to fury.....
  4. Not sure what the clause was but can't see Fury being interested in a rematch.... Surely sights focused on AJ next
  5. Wilder is gone, corner needs to throw in the towel tbh, he's gonna end up getting seriously hurt
  6. Was just gonna say the same, he looks gone
  7. dont see this going the distance, someone is getting sparked out
  8. Happy new year Best wishes to you all and your family
  9. that was my thinking at the time mate....after the save i guess i just thought it was for a reaction afterwards and never gave too much thought as to who it was for completely forgot about it due to the lack of talk of it by the commentators its clear as day in the video and needs to be addressed by the club
  10. Irn Blu

    Aribo today

    done the same in one of the euro games if i remember correctly a bit more strength on the ball and conditioning to last the 90 mins and what a player he'll be really liking the look of a Kent Morelos and Aribo as a front 3 now
  11. Boydy taking no prisoners, shutting them down when they're trying to say that the didnt play as well as they could. Love it. Need more of this
  12. ya bastard, was just gonna put the big man on to score next! YASSSSSSSSSSS
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