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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Same, was telling my mate in London, Spurs fan. He couldn't believe what I was telling him, was absolutely pissing himself!
  2. Mark Walters, savco fc and sheer hypocrisy

    I completely agree but let's not get our hopes up. This board isn't interested in fighting for us the fans, or anything Rangers related unless it impacts on them directly
  3. Mark Walters, savco fc and sheer hypocrisy

    Fuck sake, didn't actually realise that and had to go check it again. Disgraceful for what is actually a good piece. Headline does more damage than the article itself, many more who aren't interested will see the headline than folk who want to read it. Editor must've been think how he could turn this one around. Job done. Scum cunts.
  4. Only quickly seen it and would happily admit I'm wrong if seeing it again mate! Just offering up what I thought I seen, no need to start with the bheast talk
  5. Foot was just off on second viewing for me
  6. This might only be a friendly but no way Tav should be getting a game against Motherwell after this
  7. Fuck sake, Preston need to be putting chances like that away
  8. Should be at least 2 up
  9. PNE fan on Garner

    Personally I don't blame Garner, although he has missed some sitters. It's Warburtons fault for signing a player that doesn't suit the system he tries to play. Totally agree that we would be getting a lot more from him if we changed our style but Warburton is too stubborn to do that.
  10. Kiernan Cost Us 2 points

    Too many players can't handle the step up to playing for Rangers. Windass was another joke tonight. Too many happy with the point away from home and can't accept the win every game mentality needed here.
  11. most popular club in the world

    Weird how some people are saying every 5 mins and some are saying once a day. My browser is letting me go back and revote every time!
  12. Should Celtic FC be shut down?

    As much as I voted for shutting them down, taking a step back and reading your posts I have to agree with your thoughts. What has happened makes my blood boil but there are people involved in their club who have nothing to do with this who would also be innocent victims in the heinous goings on of past organisations who were in charge at that cess pit. Make no mistake, there are still currently people working there who must have knowledge of what has gone on and these people need to be taken to task and shown up for what they are for still refusing to come forward. I expect a full criminal investigation to be carried out. I would however disagree slightly in saying that numbers 1-5 should ALL be the minimum to be expected. They should be punished to the full scale that is capable so to ensure that this can never happen again, and for the SFA to scrape back some sort of credibility. As other posters have said, we were almost kicked out of existence by the rest of Scottish football for something that was legal and fully disclosed. It was the SFA themselves, a certain Murray & Whyte that set us off on the path to where we are now. They have to be held to account,
  13. thats its exactly, if there's enough media coverage and demand from people then they will have no choice
  14. Realistically it all hangs on the SFA. They have the powers to revoke their licence. Their arses will all be twitching atm and they will be watching closely to what the FA do. Regardless of all this it would be a massive descision for them to take and the argument would be in place that it is new people running the club. They have to be strong with this and hand out the most severe punishment available to them.