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  1. So it's OK to rotate our defence as and when but we need to wait until someone makes a mistake in 3 or 4 games before they get dropped? Doesn't explain the Katic situation who has been, for me, our best CB this season
  2. Disgusting end to a game we had the potential to win, to think we could be sitting top of the group Tav - makes too many mistakes and its getting more evident in the big games that are costing us Goldson - maybe a bit harsh but how many headed chances did he have? Surely Katic would have taken at least one of them? Ojo - dont even need to say anything....send him back All three are part of Gerrard's untouchables and wont be dropped
  3. as much as we are ending the first half on a positive get Ojo off, wasted that there
  4. Should had a pen, then harsh booking. Ref has shat it
  5. walker can get to fuck wi that comment "clearly the studs were up" aye right ye are a 50/50 ye banger
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