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  1. Happy new year Best wishes to you all and your family
  2. that was my thinking at the time mate....after the save i guess i just thought it was for a reaction afterwards and never gave too much thought as to who it was for completely forgot about it due to the lack of talk of it by the commentators its clear as day in the video and needs to be addressed by the club
  3. Irn Blu

    Aribo today

    done the same in one of the euro games if i remember correctly a bit more strength on the ball and conditioning to last the 90 mins and what a player he'll be really liking the look of a Kent Morelos and Aribo as a front 3 now
  4. Boydy taking no prisoners, shutting them down when they're trying to say that the didnt play as well as they could. Love it. Need more of this
  5. ya bastard, was just gonna put the big man on to score next! YASSSSSSSSSSS
  6. doesnt matter if its by his side ya cheating fucking prick walker, if it hits hand on the way in its disallowed
  7. Irn Blu


    didnt do too much wrong imo today apart from not being able to head at goal
  8. Irn Blu


    Dont know how I feel about him today. Raging with the penalty miss...which he should never have been given But the majority of his shots were on target which produced saves from Forster
  9. So everyone just listens and agrees to do whatever anyone in the team says ahead of the captain? Where would that leave the team with Jack telling players to do something over Tav? Not saying hes not got a voice at the moment, but think he should be cemented as captain to lead from the middle of the park
  10. Im not debating that, what im saying is theres too many times ie 2-0 up at the sheep and team just go to shit and I dont feel like Tav is the right captain to motivate the team. Its happened all too often now. Yes, Morelos missed too many chances. Yes, Kent was pretty anonymous today. Yes, Goldson has a 50p heed. But.....when Morelos missed the pen and we had an extra man the heads seemed to go down and we were worse, we need a captain to lift the team and drive them
  11. We've lost too many big games now after playing well which says to me there is an issue on the pitch. Even though we dominated today, when Alfie missed that penalty, heads again seemed to go down albeit a man to the good and we just didnt have the same dominance we had before. We need a leader on the pitch who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and boot the players up the arse and I just dont see that from Tav. I actually think he would perform better himself having that responsibility lifted from him. We need someone who bleeds Rangers and can drive the team from the midfield. A big decision for the gaffer to make, as I know he rates the work Tav does in and around the squad outwith matchday, but for me Jack is the only man on the pitch who can lead the team. Its a mentality thing that has gone on for too long and needs to be rectified.
  12. One attempt on target which was offside and they win it...... Gutted We bossed them all over the pitch. The players lost alot of confidence after the pen miss, which says alot about some who clearly aren't just aren't cut out to be Rangers players.... especially being a man up they were so wasteful on the ball. But fuck me the posters who are calling for Gerrard head need to get a grip.
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