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  1. five stars


    In the cup final we didn't get enough players into the box for Alfredos chances, particularly at the back post. He didn't do much wrong with his finishes from open play, getting in low powerful shots from difficult angles. Forster made himself big and they got lucky. Possibly should of went back across the goal with his headed chance but can't criticize too much as heading down into the ground is often sucessful. It up to the likes of Kent, Aribo and Arfield to get into the box, just like Jack did for his goal in the sheep game.
  2. Excellent defensively tonight. Pish going forward tho. 😂
  3. This is already being reported in scottish media but hopefully UK media might report the story. Uefa must surely be informed too. A so called anti discrimination organizations being associated with a tweet like that destroys it's credibility.
  4. Tav's delivery was good on Sunday, Barasic's wasn't quite up to his usual standard.
  5. I don't think it's up to one player to motivate the team. McGregor, Jack, Davis, Arfield etc as well as our captain have a role to play.
  6. five stars


    Anybody get a chance to analysis the two penalty incidents we didn't get? They briefly said they weren't penalties on Sportscene but didn't show any slow motion replays or different camera angles, which they usually do.
  7. Got the lottery numbers for next weekend too?
  8. five stars


    Don't worry lads we're due a few beneficial decisions, maybe a wee soft penalty or an off side goal. We'll get them against one of the shite teams at the bottom of the league when were already a few goals to the good. Last season bad decisions cost us heavily, nothing has changed.
  9. It's not that he couldn't get near Eduard. The ball was there for Goldson to boot out or up the park with his left foot. Instead he tried a more ambitious tackle with his right and makes an arse of it. Just really poor decision making for him. I'm left with the assumption that he thinks he's better than he is or he's not smart enough to make the right decisions. Happens time and time again.
  10. He had a decent first half. Lots of great movement creating space for others. Seemed to tire second half.
  11. The leagues still the priority mate. If we win nothing this season except the league I'll be happy.
  12. That's a few decisions gone against us in recent weeks. The blatant hand ball by the Hamilton player, moved his whole body intentional towards the ball to block a shot. Even both the twats on Sportscene said it was an obvious pen. The ref had a great view of it. Aberdeen, foul on Morelos inside the box right under the refs nose. Take you pick from the bad decisions today. Refereeings not easy, they often don't see things but in the above examples they did clearly see what happened and were unable to apply the rules fairly.
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