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  1. five stars


    That's not going to do this confidence any good.(getting subbed)
  2. five stars


    His distribution was poor today. Was he substituted due to injury?
  3. five stars


    You give the person who's going to the game your card. They give you the card back before the next game. ??
  4. five stars


    Players get injured, it happens to every team. I've seen no evidence that our players get more injuries than the norm. Dorrans is at the age where for many players, injury become much more common.
  5. five stars

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    So who are the members of the board of the SFA who have been putting pressure on behind the scenes? And why are they not making public their reasons for not want Gazza in the hall of fame?
  6. five stars


    Dochertys strong and athletic. The only physical similarity with Holt is that both of them could run all day. He is lacking in technique and tactical awareness but those may come with practice and experience.
  7. five stars


    He had a good game today considering his limitations.
  8. five stars

    The Atmosphere

    They'll save it for a time that they think will cost us the most damage.
  9. five stars

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    The most mind numbingly negative thread of the evening.
  10. five stars


    I admire this workrate but he's too inconsistent and canny beat the full back and by that i mean any full back.
  11. five stars

    Livi celebrations

    Exactly, everybody watched what happened on the telly! 😂 They must think people are blind and/or stupid. It just shows their complete lack of morality and dignity.
  12. five stars

    Livi celebrations

    The latest pish in the paper saying it's all Morelos's fault. It's always Morelos's fault. Must of been caused by one of his moods.
  13. five stars

    Livi celebrations

    Craig Thompson looked smug at the final whistle too.
  14. five stars

    Livi celebrations

    It was probably the happiest moment in Declans life so it's little surprise he was unable to maintain his professional integrity.
  15. five stars

    After 7 games last season

    We should of stuck with McCoist.