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  1. We should be looking forward to the restart of the season, watching football on the telly over the summer, before commencing season 20-21 in August. This was the only way to ensure sporting integrity and fairness. The only way to avoid paying out millions to broadcasters and sponsor's for cancellation of a 1/4 of the season including 2 old firm games. The only way for clubs to get revenue from ticket sales etc for the remaining games of the season. The only way to ensure that refunds aren't due for season tickets. We should be taking them to court too.
  2. We need to keep the pressure on or things will never change and if the only remaining option is taking legal action then let's do it. Get together with the other teams that are losing out and we'll see them in court (initiating legal action might be enough to get the change we desire).
  3. They should let fans pay for their tickets by monthly direct debit over 12 momths without having to pay interest.
  4. Yes. We'll be back to normal by August unless your in a high risk group.
  5. I think more people should boycott away games so that I've a better chance of getting a ticket.
  6. We better get the lawyers ready when Dundee suddenly change their mind and decide to vote for it. Take it to court, fight it all the way.
  7. Borna must be in with a shout. Some great performances in the Europa league too.
  8. I presume games after Sunday will be played behind closed doors and on the TV. For a few weeks, possibly a little longer.
  9. Davis does alot of defensive covering that largely unnoticed, he's also still got good pace over a short distance. But he's been poor of late.
  10. Hit in a few cracking crosses today as usual.
  11. five stars


    His performances in the first half of the season, especially in Europe will ensure a big transfer fee. With plenty of clubs interested, let the bidding start at 20 million.
  12. five stars


    Until the Hamilton game i still had hope. Our biggest chance now is the corona virus.
  13. It'll be good to get a bit of pace back in the defense. 😂
  14. Goldson is our best centre half, unfortunately.
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