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  1. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    I don't now why anyone would invest in Rangers, far too much abuse from clueless idiots. What we need is DK to be more hands on at Rangers. Not to leave the running of the club to the mediocre board that appointed Pedro.
  2. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    He also didn't pick Pedro.
  3. Withholding ST Money

    This is a great idea. Yous all boycott season tickets. And i renew mine but with a transfer to a better seat.
  4. Cummings is not good enough

    As others have said he's not a lone striker, other than coming on for Morelos as a sub when he's knackered.
  5. Leadership on the park

    There definitely a lack of leadership on the park, the likes of Holt and Tav are not captain material.
  6. Bruno Alves

    He's been disappointing considering his pedigree but the criticism of him is way over the top.
  7. European qualification

    Unfortunately we don't have alot of experience in the team of European Football. Neither does Murty have experience of managing at that level.
  8. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    Someone's having a laugh.
  9. Wallace at CB

    Wallace as a centre half is a bad idea. Maybe in an emergency due to injuries and suspension.
  10. Jimmy Nicholl

    They didn't play 2 banks of four, they had 2 up front so that would be impossible with 10 men unless they didn't play a goalie.
  11. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    They had a plan how to play with 10 men. We didn't have a plan how to play against 10 men. That's inexperience for you. Pedro made the opposite mistake again hibs when Jack got sent off. He had no idea how to play with 10 men.
  12. Alves

    He had a good game and his aerial ability was vital in defending set plays. But with his experience, he didn't seem like a leader on the park for us.
  13. The last 2 summers we've made poor decisions in the transfer market. We need to get it right this time.
  14. If you can see progress i suggest you watch the games at ibrox against them from last season. If you still cant see that progress has been made maybe you should watch something easier to understand. Tiddlywinks maybe?
  15. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    I don't think Wes can be blamed for any of the goals. Goss put in a poor challenge before the first. Cardoso was useless for their second. For the third goal both Goss and Cardoso were very poor. If your going to blame someone then Goss and Cardoso are the obvious candidates but as a team we were poor in the last 30 minutes.