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  1. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    He's just a boy. With good coaching he can become a very good player.
  2. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    Give him another year to develope in England and then get him signed up on a pre-contract in January if he continues to impress.
  3. It's still all about the Rangers

    I hope they have CCTV.
  4. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    Thankfully we'll never see KM in a Rangers shirt again. He was once a good player, but that was a long time ago. He's clearly not realised in his own mind that he's at the end of his career, he still thinks he's the man, but his legs are long gone and he was never blessed with much skill in the first place. He should move into coaching as he likes to be in control and maybe they'll be a few lessons for him to learn from unsupportive players.
  5. One Club so much shame

    The guy has been badly advised by his lawyers and used by the media. It must of been obvious to his lawyers (unless they've lived on another planet for the last 7 years) that any legal claim would be against the old company. Have they have advised him differently? Why send a letter to the new company when they know they have no legal case whatsoever against them?
  6. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    What is clear from this is that the media have an anti Rangers agenda. This should dispel any lingering doubt that even from the most sceptical supporter might of had. It's the usual suspects the bbc, record, evening times and the herald. What can we do about it?
  7. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    We could of been a bit smarter with the statement but this is not a news story, it's an opinion piece dressed up as news designed to make us look bad. It's a statement of fact that we're legally not responsible for any claim against the oldco but we could of sounded more compassionate our reply.
  8. Allan McGregor "poised to return to Rangers"

    A good start to our summer recruitment.
  9. Planned Incompetence

    If a decision goes against celtic you can be sure it'll be highlighted on the TV and be on the back page of the papers the next day. They'll be a barage of call to radio phone- ins and it'll be widely debated on social media. All of this negative attention directed at the referee can last for days and sometimes even longer. If your a ref you definitely don't want to give a decision that goes against them.
  10. FAO police scotland

    There must be a politician in one of the other partys (possibly tory) that could bring this up( james dornans tweet) at the scottish parliament. They should forward the message to various Conservative MSP's and ask for their opinion on it. Sturgeon should be asked what she think of it as well, preferably at first ministers question time.
  11. Lemon - too fat to fly

    I thought it was hilarious. Is he mentally unstable?
  12. Dallas

    We should employ an ex-referee to analysis refereeing decision against us and liaise with the SFA for explanations of wrong decisions. If these bad decision happen as frequently as they have this season we'll then have evidence of they're incompetence.
  13. Jamie Murphy

    Don't think he's worth the £1.8 million fee that was mentioned.
  14. Dave King Full Q&A

    Let's stop debating the issue and just trade personal insults instead. Is that another one of your great plans?!
  15. Dave King Full Q&A

    Your right!! Lol We're not a good investment!!! That's why we're lucky to have investors that ain't in it to make money, which allows us to spend more than we earn. Your solution to our financial situation is simple according to yourself. Maximiize revenue! That's an amazing idea and i wonder why no one had ever though of that before. If you write to the board and let then know your great idea then all our financial concerns will be over in a flash. Your other great idea is to bring in new outside investment. Again another original genius idea that you should tell the board about. There must be a loads of new investors out there who just can't wait to invest in a business that doesn't make any money! Regarding three year olds, your simplistic plan could of been devised in crayon in any nursery up and down the country.