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  1. Craig levein

    We could do with a new centre half, canny be any slower than Alves.
  2. Jason

    I think wee Jason Holt has been one of our better players in the last couple of months. He started the season as a squad player, and it looked like he'd potentially struggle to get game time this season. But he got his chance, gave 100% as he always does and now looks a settled part of the team. If only more players in our team has his attitude and workrate. Could be an important player for us with Dorrans out for 12 weeks.
  3. Mark Allen

    Our success over the next few years will depend on how well MA performs his job. He's going to be heavily involved in appointing our next manager and our player recruitment. It's far to early to judge him.
  4. Who best for captain now

    Barry Ferguson wasn't made captain at 18 after only a few games. It was big Lorenzo at the time. Ferguson had been a 1st team player for years before he eventually became captain at 22.
  5. Who best for captain now

    Wallace is not captain material. Alves is the obvious candidate but that might cause a divide in the dressing room. Wilsons a good shout, he's been a captain before, although that was at a much smaller Scottish club. Jack's a potential captain although vice captain is probably best for now. Mccorie, your having a laugh. He's just a boy, needs time to develop without the added pressure of the captains armband.
  6. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Can really see much benefit giving it to him this now. Wait and see how he does till the winter break. That keeps our options open. If we do well during that time THEN give it to him for the remainder of the season. If not, we'll have had time to find someone else.
  7. our sitter

    That was the worst I've seen him play in terms of general play which is usually excellent, although most of our team passing was also poor. Bad misses, but the second one especially was harder than it looked as it came at him at pace and was a little behind him. For a wee guy he's excellent in the air, just needs to work on the accuracy of his headers.
  8. Kenny

    The thing with Miller is that could be a valuable squad member. Coming on when required in the second half of games, as a no9, I'm sure he could grab of few important goals against tiring defences. He could also be a help to the likes or Morelos and Hardie in training, giving them the benefit of his experience. But instead he's ruining his reputation.
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

    That's not true, he let's Murty sub him in injury time.
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    What Miller being subbed after 60 minutes?, no chance. Miller does his best arm waving in the last 30 minutes.
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    I don't know, but hopefully he's better than the last one who won the game on their behalf.
  12. Kenny

    Your probably right. MW had mainly average players try and play like Beckenbauer and Cruyff. His system made Wallace think he was a left wingers and made Miller think he had the ability to play anywhere he wants. Someone needs to have quiet word in Kenny's ear and tell him his best position is in and around the box, preferably as a sub once Morelas has run out of steam. Although I'm guessing Pedro already tried this.
  13. What's their problem?

    This is the level of debate we've reached on The Bears Den.
  14. Head Coach

    I think Steve Clark would be worth sounding out about the job.
  15. Head Coach

    I agree, we need continuity not wholesale change. We have a director of football and scouting department in place, we also have a decent squad of players. We don't need a new manager who wants to completely change the squad, our style of play and bring in all his own backroom staff. We should bring in someone as a head coach to work with Murty and JJ who remain as 1st team coaches. I don't think it needs to be a big name, just someone who will effortlessly fit into the managerial team. With a couple of new players in January and a new head coach capable of motivating the players, i think we'll be competitive.