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  1. Ticket office queue now

    There's at least another month of short wearing weather before the long johns come out!
  2. Alves, Cardoso & McCrorie

    Alves and a fit Danny Wilson for me.
  3. Slovenia v Scotland

    Time for a new manager.
  4. January window pre contracts

    McAruther is a good player, although no idea of what sort of wages he's on.
  5. How silly of Pedro to drop Saint Kenny the ultimate professional and our best player by a country mile. He really has to go if he can't see that Kenny is God, and should be the first name on our team sheet playing whatever position Kenny decides is best. The above is the sort of pish being written by kennys pals in the press. He's finished, poor on the park and it now appears a poor influence in the dressing room.
  6. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    Thankfully big Mike's fucked off and ain't coming back.
  7. Cardoso is costing us too many goals

    When Danny Wilson back? Wilson and Alves for me.
  8. Cardoso and Pena.

    Cardoso started the season well but now looks vulnerable.
  9. Miller to train with the Kids

    In the article the inside source says Kenny Millers our most important player. So there we have it, proof Millers the leak as who else would think he's our most important player, maybe his mum?
  10. Miller to train with the Kids

    Miller never should of got a new contract. Wallace should of been replaced as captain. It's partly Pedro's own fault. He had the opportunity to appoint a strong assistant coach from a Rangers background. He choose Jonathan Johansson, who i suspect is not a strong enough character to keep the likes of Miller in check.
  11. The beginning of the end!

    I wonder if it's anything to do with Miller being dropped. He seems to have a huge influence with the home players in the dressing room. I also noticed a number of Millers pals were in the media saying what a bad idea it was not to start Kenny. (It wasn't as he's been poor all season)
  12. Am I watching a different game

    He clearly did not get the ball. Brown has previous, he elbowed Miller in the last game at Ibrox and Holt in a game before that. He knows exactly what he's doing and should of got a yellow card on each of these occasions.
  13. Dave King

    Your obvious wrong about him not wanting a share issue because he has voted for one twice!!
  14. Dave King

    Ah more of the same old abuse, that's what those who aren't able to construct an intelligent argument do. Do you have an intelligent argument to put forward your case? Didn't think so.
  15. Dave King

    Your good at recycling mate. Recycling the same old pish time after time. Whats your alternative to the current board? Lol