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  1. Club1872 should right to the SFA , include footage of both incidents and ask why he's not being charged.
  2. He's said the fans statement was laughable and could of been written by a 15 year old. (On bbc website) Hibernian manager Neil Lennon has described a statement by a Rangers' fans group criticising his actions as "laughable and insignificant". Club 1872, the second largest shareholder in Rangers, claimed Lennon made "various inflammatory gestures" to fans during Hibs' 3-2 win at Ibrox. Police Scotland said no action would be takenagainst the Hibs manager. Lennon said he had not heard of the fans' group and thought the statement had been "written by a 15-year-old".
  3. Has the SFA not done anything regarding his misconduct? He has a 2 game ban suspended from last season that would be activated if he's gets another suspension.
  4. If going head to head only warrants a yellow and a forward gesture a red why wasn't stokes yellow carded as he went head to head? We need to appeal this if only to show the complete incompetence of the ref.
  5. It's a strange rule anyway where pressing your forehead lightly against someone is considered a red card. But grapping their throat is considered not worthy of any punishment.
  6. What same infringement? Same player? Same referee? Different punishment.
  7. After browns successful appeal last season it's worth appealing every red card. TV pictures were not conclusive, as you couldn't see contact as he moved his head forward. You also have to take into consideration the fact he had just been strangled by the same player! Didn't an Aberdeen player push his head into Garners forehead then face last season and didn't get a red?
  8. The should be getting used as an impact sub in the no9 position as he can still get goals. And helping coaching Morelos and Hardie behind the scenes.
  9. He always plays and is very rarely substituted, even when he's obviously fucked. He plays what appears to be a free role, wandering where he likes. Or plays out of position just to keep him in the team. He always moaning and shouting at others, blaming them or ordering them about, when regularly losing possession or fucking it up himself. I played in a team with a player like that when i was a boy. It was the managers son.
  10. It doesn't matter how good a full back is he can't be in 2 places at the one time. If a FB goes forward it's up to others to cover. This didn't happen for their goal as our CB were badly exposed. But both our CB's were poor in dealing with the guys run. Cardoso should of showed him outside and Bruno total misjudged his attempt to cover his defensive partner. We were a goal up so didn't need to leave ourselves so exposed after Miller once again lost possesion.
  11. No we weren't that bad but not nearly good enough. We started well. But gave away a very cheap goal, comical defending. Tactics were shit when down to 10 men allowing them to totally dominate. If it had stayed 11 vs 11 or 10 vs 10 then who knows, game could of went either way. We badly need a couple of new players. A left midfield/winger and a quality forward. Miller and Windass can be decent impact subs.
  12. He's good at running with the ball but not much else. A decent option on the bench to bring on when legs are tiring and space is opening up. A squad player.
  13. Yeah, i thought Rob was back with the way we lost that goal.
  14. The obvious thing to do was substitute Miller for Rossiter straight after the sending off and play 4-4-1. But we played 2 up and it gave them loads of space in midfield to control the game.
  15. He's very poor in midfield. Looked totally fucked in the second half. Please never again!