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  1. I don't agree, he reads the game well and that makes up for any lack of pace.
  2. He's a good defensive midfielder but when pushed further forward his limitations show.
  3. The ridiculous attempts by the Kilmarnock players today to get Morelos into trouble were pathetic.
  4. It is a penalty, albeit a very soft one. Stupid from Barasic. The ref was poor, as he usually is.
  5. five stars


    But looks like he can't be bothered.
  6. five stars


    He's s good player.
  7. More of a coming together than anything else. 😂
  8. A good game today and a decent squad player but we need better at left back. If Barasic isn't up to the task then we need to look elsewhere.
  9. Is it Jordan Rossiter?
  10. Fantastic save before. It stupid but is it a red? It's a wee flick with the boot, never going to injure or hurt anyone. A yellow for me.
  11. McAuley put in a few decent performances in the first half of the season. Don't think he's played since the Kilmarnock game after the winter break when his failure to put in a tackle contributed to their winning goal.
  12. It great that we've got 2 good player's now for that position.
  13. Although i appreciate the gesture, it's not like they own or invented it. Lots of teams do it and in a variety of sports.
  14. We've blew it in the second half of the season. Not helped by a few dodgy referees decisions and their last minute jammy goals. But lets get as close to them as possible by the end of the season.
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