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  1. five stars

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    It's all Murtys fault.
  2. five stars

    could we sign Tavares

  3. five stars

    Progres vs Ufa

    Hopefully its Progres but we can't take getting through against Maribor for granted. It's likely to be a very difficult 2nd leg if they score first.
  4. five stars

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    How many times has he done this and got away with it? Off the top of my head he's done it 3 times in lasr two seasons and that's just against us. He must have a get out of jail free card or something?
  5. five stars

    How to celebrate a goal against the bheasts

    Hopefully his next goal against them is with a blue top on.
  6. five stars

    Another wee positive ...

    You rated Whittaker? 😂
  7. five stars

    Ryan Jack

    I think he ok but with head injuries these days they're very cautious so it's unlikely he'll be available on Thursday but should be back for Sunday.
  8. five stars

    PETTY Paddy Power

    They've done this publicity stunt so many times now I'm surprised it still gets any attention.
  9. five stars


    They're full of shit. Stewart actually said McKennas off the ball, premeditated assault by raming his shoulder full force into Morelos's face was "fair enough". And that he should of waited till later and "got his own back". He's basically endorsing intentional violent conduct.
  10. five stars

    We’re winning it

    We dropped 2 points today against a poor team. Even taking into account the shite officiating, we still should of won. Not enough quality up front. And a very poor goal to lose in injury time. Not sure we got the subs right either. But we're certainly in with decent chance, especially if we get another couple of quality players in.
  11. five stars

    Will Gerrard be given the time?

    Probably not, but maybe he won't need it?
  12. five stars

    Decisions are always going against us.

    If a referee make a major wrong decision that gives us an advantage then it'll be highlighted by the media for days and he'll be heavily criticized and possibly demoted. If a referee makes a major wrong decision that goes against us then it'll be largely ignored or irrelevant excuses will be made like "he gave him a decision to make". This put pressure on referees and leads to them having a far stricter interpretation of the rules when applied to us than the opposition. This was clearly illustrated today with Morelos/ McKenna red card/ no action and the Arflied/ sheep player yellow/yellow incidents.
  13. five stars

    The Red Card

    Having watched it back a few times McKenna actually catches Morelos on the side of his face with his shoulder. It's also off the ball and intentional.
  14. five stars


    So your a better judge of a player than the 4 managers including Stevie G?