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  1. Hopefully, a sell on clause is included. Just incase.
  2. five stars


    He's just a daft wee boy that doesn't recognize the opportunity he's throwing away.
  3. He's 6ft, i think he can be a great centre half, but most centre halves dont reach their peak till around age 28-30. He's already decent in the air and playing in a team with plenty of height in other positions will compensate for this lack of inches at set plays.
  4. He's still young, must of grown then since last time i seen him. He only 6 3 on Wikipedia and in high heels.
  5. Mcrorie offers better defensive quality in midfield than any other player we have. Unfortunately for him we rarely require this type of player in Scottish football. But he could be an important player in some of the big games and in Europe, especially away from home. I still think Ross may end playing as a centre half. He reads the game well, is aggressive, quick and strong in the tackle. All he really lacks is an inch or two in height.
  6. McCrorie. Ross. Has 100% unbeaten record in goal.
  7. He was known for this pace but by the time he signed for us he'd lost a yard. Strong as an ox but average finisher.
  8. Just another one of their supporters indulging in their favourite pastime. Talking, thinking and dreaming about Rangers.
  9. We'd only be fucked if we fail to invest the £20 million plus gained from the sales. With wise player recruitment we could be in a far stronger position?
  10. Never the best!! But definitely top ten. 😊
  11. I think there was a bit more to it than that?
  12. Ok, i admit I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometime, but what exactly happened after that cup game that ended his Rangers career?
  13. Should Brown not be charged with simulation if they judged there was no contact with the face? We should of appealed Morelos red card too.
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