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  1. five stars


    I presume it'll be stipulated in his loan deal that he has to play certain amount of games? He's got lots of potential but isn't ready to be a starter every week.
  2. Hopefully he'll get a run in the team and reach his full potential. But if it doesn't happen his performances for Croatia should ensure we can get our money back.
  3. Jones if he's injured.
  4. There's a still photo on one of the other threads.
  5. Thought he had bags of potential, wonder why it didn't work out for him?
  6. We have to give the board credit. They've spent more than our income and converted debt to equity as they said they would. We have to accept that at some point in the future we may sell or best players like Morelos, Kent, Katic, Aribo to balance the books longer term.
  7. He had last season to make mistakes. He's got this season to get it right.
  8. Could be a useful squad player when fully fit.
  9. five stars


    Similar to Beaton at the Xmas fixture. Let alot go for both teams and let the game flow. Beaton got major criticism for his performance because they lost.
  10. There was little space to play out from the back with their high press. And with no options long ( except Defoe) and nothing on the left it effectively made the pitch much smaller.
  11. He starts with the ball much deeper, it was a poor decision to even try the pass.
  12. He wasn't out of position, he was just carrying the ball out from the back. Tav was on the touchline but marked, Goldson tried to threat a ball to the already marked Tav through a very tight space. It went straight to their player.
  13. Exactly, we won the last game at Ibrox comfortably. In fact in could of been 4 or 5. Why change a winning formula? Why play players out of position? Why let them have all the time in the world to play out from the back? Why play no one on the left side except a right footed full back? I think we were trying to be smart with the tactics but it back fired spectacularly. Worst tactical decision since Leveins Scotlands no forwards team.
  14. It wasn't as if he needed to clear anything. He had plenty of time and full control of the ball. He could of played it long into space (and went mental at the players) or turned back and played it to the keeper.
  15. I still feel the same as yesterday. Horrible tactics caused us the majority of our problems. By the time we changed formation they were a goal up and players had settled into the game. I have a little bit of sympathy for Goldson as there was little options available for him to pass to due to our formation. But it was a pathetic pass, trying to thread the eye of a needle and even if he'd somehow managed to make the pass, Tav had no space and was tightly marked. It's was both poor decision making and poor technique by Goldson and it cost us dearly. Maybe it's time for Helander and Katic to play together with Katic moving over to his natural right side? Possibly Goldsons considered undroppable by Gerard.
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