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  1. We need to keep the pressure on or things will never change and if the only remaining option is taking legal action then let's do it. Get together with the other teams that are losing out and we'll see them in court (initiating legal action might be enough to get the change we desire).
  2. They should let fans pay for their tickets by monthly direct debit over 12 momths without having to pay interest.
  3. Yes. We'll be back to normal by August unless your in a high risk group.
  4. I think more people should boycott away games so that I've a better chance of getting a ticket.
  5. We better get the lawyers ready when Dundee suddenly change their mind and decide to vote for it. Take it to court, fight it all the way.
  6. Borna must be in with a shout. Some great performances in the Europa league too.
  7. I presume games after Sunday will be played behind closed doors and on the TV. For a few weeks, possibly a little longer.
  8. Davis does alot of defensive covering that largely unnoticed, he's also still got good pace over a short distance. But he's been poor of late.
  9. Hit in a few cracking crosses today as usual.
  10. five stars


    His performances in the first half of the season, especially in Europe will ensure a big transfer fee. With plenty of clubs interested, let the bidding start at 20 million.
  11. five stars


    Until the Hamilton game i still had hope. Our biggest chance now is the corona virus.
  12. It'll be good to get a bit of pace back in the defense. 😂
  13. Goldson is our best centre half, unfortunately.
  14. He'd get hacked to pieces in the Scottish league.
  15. Haji not suited to playing wide right. Potential a more central role might bring out his qualities but I've already seen enough to know he's not gonna be a success playing where he is.
  16. I think Goldsons actually been one of our better players since the break. Unfortunately, he's prone to being overconfident. He tried a sliky wee drag back on the edge of our area. Madness.
  17. We need to remember how much we have progressed in the last 20 months. From European humiliation against a team I'd never heard of and regular 4 and 5 goal humpings from them. To a team that Scotland's best European team and at least a match for them in Old Firm games. We just need to learn how to get results in those difficult away games against highly motivated, aggressive teams who play typical poor quality Scottish football. It's party down to lack of fight and experience of how to play these games. It may be we need change our system and a few of our personal for these games. But we're nearly there, let's keep believing in SG.
  18. It's pricey but it is last 16.
  19. I get the sentiment from the OP but it's a terrible idea. SG and his staff will have to, if they haven't already, work out who's not up to the task.
  20. The doom and gloom continues. I can understand it straight after the game but by Monday morning you'd think they would of let it go. Bornas Croatian no1 left back and also one of the top left backs in the Europa league this season. He's on a long contract here and won't be going anywhere unless it's for top dollar.
  21. They've both got a physically that can be useful in certain games. Next season we should also get a forward with aerial ability how we can play in certain games when required.
  22. There's a lot of value in our squad. They're worth far more than we payed for them. Realistically some players will want to go. I can understand that, we play in a poor league, it's overly physical and the referee's are shocking. But we should be looking for top dollar and reinvesting in the squad. Selling Morelos an Barasic should give us enough to strengthen the entire squad.
  23. Is that the excuse they are coming out with that there was a slight push? That sounds pathetic, he had 2 hands well above his head, what's that got to do with a slight push. I'm going on about this decision because it proves in my opinion that referees are not only poor (as some posters on here say) but are actually biased, this incident highlights this.
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