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    He's a young player with potential. Been poor since the break but still has a good future in the game. Not that long ago he scored the winner at Parkhead.
  2. It wasn't just the team, Gerrard was highly animated in the technical area, shouting out instructions and encouragement, as well as making bold substitutions. Whereas at recent league games he's just stood there with his arms folded.
  3. Some of Alfie's goals in Europe this season have been superb. Headers, left foot, right foot, he's done the lot. Very unlucky not to score last night but still put it a strong performance. He'll be badly missed in the 2nd leg.
  4. What a player but he needs to get smarter. Too many unnecessary bookings, he useless sitting in the stand. Needs to stop going down so easily to.
  5. Hopefully more teams will do want St Johnstone have done and give more tickets to away fans. Teams like Kilmarnock obviously have too much money if they can afford to have an empty stand rather than fill it with Bears.
  6. It going to be a tough game, Braga are on form and full of confidence. We are neither!
  7. We've failed to hold on to leads in recent away games, sheep, hearts and killie. In each game we've lost really poor goals but we've also failed to take chances on the break that would of finished the game.
  8. We can make a formal complaint or just ask for an official explanation for a whole variety of recent decisions. But either way we need to show the SFA that we're monitoring the refs performances, and that an any inconsistencies will be highlighted and explanations expected. We'll also be expecting refs who make these poor decisions to be demoted, and if they're not, an explanation should be provided as to why not.
  9. We need to do whatever we can to ensure a level playing field. If this means resorting to the dirty tricks and propaganda used by other teams then so be it. We need to put pressure on officials and those behind the scenes who appoint and evaluate them.
  10. Good to see SG calling out the poor decisions made by the officals. If Dykes shot near the end that hit the post had went in we'd of been looking at another 2 points dropped. And once again the officals would of played a huge part in the result, with a goal wrongly chopped off and a stonewall penalty denied. I don't think SG went far enough, he should of referenced the previous game against killie, and made clear that's 2 games in a week, where clear handballs have been ignored by the officals. We shouldn't be letting this go. We need an official explanation of why we not awarded a penalty against Livi and a free-kick against Killie. Let's see what excuses they come up with and whether there is any consequences for the incompetent officials.
  11. Maybe a change of tactics and personal today due to the conditions and opposition? Morelos, Kamberi and Stewart up top? Jack, Kamara and Arfield in midfield? Kent,Aribo and Haji on the bench to bring on if required.
  12. Hopefully goes ahead tomorrow otherwise potential fixture chaos.
  13. We need to be more flexible so we can have different formations depending on the opposition, as well as the ability to change formation during a game if required. This has the benefit of also keeping the opposition guessing, as they're not sure how we'll line up. We also need to better use substitutions. We need to give a few of the fringe players a chance, Jones, Stewart or Kamberi deserve a chance if they're looking good in training. Gerrard needs to be ruthless, no players position in the team is guaranteed including Goldson, Tav, Morelos, Kent etc. But most of all we need players who are willing to give 100% every game. Too many of our team look like they treat the games as if they were friendlies instead of a battle to win the league.
  14. Totally agree, after 60 minutes it was obvious Kilmarnock were coming more into the game. Gerrard had plenty of options, but the option he choose, to do nothing, didn't work. We all have our own opinions as to what changes should of been made but most fans like agree, doing nothing was the wrong option and SG has to take full responsibility for that.
  15. I'd be amazed if this is anything to do with the 5 way agreement and I've not heard anything that make me think that it's remotely likely to be the case.
  16. I don't think anyone is disagreeing that we've been poor since the winter break. But the incompetence of the refs is a different issue. Even although we were poor, with proper refereeing what would the score of been on Wednesday night? Our opponents have also struggled in a few games since the break until given a soft penalty or having an opposition player dismissed. Whereas we've been playing poor as well as having referees decisions go the other way.
  17. From a wider perspective, the standard of refereeing is generally poor. Football is a mulit-million pound business and with part-time amateur refs your unlikely to get the standard of official required for the modern professional game. Full-time referees would be a start, allowing them to train, analyse games as well as preparing for games together. It could potentially make them a closer knit bunch who could strive for higher standards, hold the integrity of the game to the highest regard and be less influenced by outside forces. It should be made more transparent how referees are selected for games and how they are assessed for their performances. We should also know what system is in place to demote poorly performing officials. VAR is the other obvious change and it no surprise that our opponents across the city don't want it. For all the noise they make about refs, behind the scenes I'm sure they're more than happy with the situation as it stands, after all they spent years applying pressure to get it this way.
  18. After Gerrards first game at Pittodrie he heavily criticized the referee. He was widely mocked in the press for doing so. Since then hardly a word spoken against the refs. Did he decide himself not to criticize them anymore or did the power's above ask him too? A start would be SG going in front of the camera after the game and saying how incompetent the refs was, and how it potential effected the result. He should also be questioning why it's continually happening, and how it ultimately effects which team wins/loses trophies. He could also use his connections down south to get a wider platform for the message. The usual suspects will soon respond (speirs, english etc) implying that SG's losing it or some other deflection technique. But that should not discourage us. We should then have different players/ coaches interviewed in subsequent days again bringing awareness to the incompetence and how it is effecting the results. Former players, bloggers etc could also contributed to keep it in the news. This needs to be carefully managed from behind the scenes to keep it in the media and to avoid saying anything that'll get you charged by the SFA. Obviously there are certain things you can't say, such as accusing the refs of cheating but if you stick to the facts, point out the incompetence and the horrendous mistakes being made. For example after the killie game I'd be questioning how all 4 officials all managed to miss the handball for their first goal. The ball was in the air a long time and his arm and hand clearly moved towards the ball intentionally. It's a horrendous decision and completely incompetence. We should possibly consider employ a retired referee, someone who knows the rules inside/out who could communicate with the SFA's refereeing supervisor asking for explanations for controversial decisions. Why was the hibs player not booked for wrestling Morelos to the ground or the killie player for the blatant professional foul? Demand an explanation and provide examples of Rangers players getting booked for far less. If the explanation is that the ref made a mistake than demand to know what the consequences are going to be for the match officials who where unable to deal with these blatantly obviously infringements appropriately. Will they be demoted or like Clancy given a big game like after his inept Old Firm performance. The players also need to do more. After killies first goal Goldson briefly and very meekly claimed for handball. The players should of surrounded the referee demanding the goal be disqualified for handball and also questioning his assistant as to what he has seen. Again the players need coached on what they can say to the ref without getting themselves into trouble. It's happening time and time again players just accepting bad decisions without even complaining to the match officials about it, in fact it mirrors the way our managerial team just accept them too. Clearly the above isn't a complete solution but it's a start and will put more pressure on the referees and their supervisors.
  19. Refereeing decisions are once again costing us vital points in what was a tight title race. But it's not a surprise and it's nothing new.. Last season kicked off with our new team and management full of energy and enthusiasm playing away to Aberdeen. It didn't take long before we were brought down a peg or two with one of our players wrongly sent off early in the game. Countless bad decisions in important games followed throughout the season. This season's been the same, these things clearly don't as the popular saying goes, "balance themselves out over a season". So what can we do about it? Singing fuck the SFA and boycotting away games ain't gonna help. Surely there must be something we can do as a club to instigate the necessary changes and ensure a level playing field?
  20. They're crap but had plenty of energy, fight and desire. We didn't.
  21. We've still got a chance, 7 points (if we win our game in hand) is not insurmountable. Do our players who have capitulated since the winter break have the hunger and desire to turn it around and at least make it difficult for them? Does Gerrard have the managerial skill to get the best out of them? My guess is probably not, but it's not due to lack of ability, but lack of fight and desire.
  22. It there for all to see, the pressure put on officials. by the media etc and it's been this way since the referees strike. We're not the only victims in this. Other teams regularly get done over. Aberdeen and Motherwell were also victims of honest "mistakes" in cup finals against them. If we can get other teams to speak out too then maybe we can bring the needed changes to the Scottish game.
  23. We've handed it to them on a plate. The way we are playing we'll also soon be out of the Scottish cup and Europe. We need to quickly turn our season around, Gerrard needs to be ruthless in his team selection, no more chances for his underperformed superstars. He can start by playing an actual forward in the right sided forward role instead of a midfielder like Aribo, Arfield or Haji. Kent needs benched for a game, he can come on as a sub and battle his way back into the team. If we can bring hunger and aggression back into our game then maybe we can salvage something from our season and in the unlikely event that our opponents do go through a bad spell be in a position to make life difficult for them. As it stands it's been a pathetic capitulation.
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