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  1. Agreed, he wasn't our main problem but he didn't offer much either, particularly in an attacking sense. Last nights team and tactics are fine against a team that attacks but not suitable against a team that parks the bus. Our 3 midfielders are good players but all very similar and none of then naturally get into the oppositions box. Aribos been playing well in the more advanced role but against defensive teams he's not as effective as he needs space to run into. Defoes too lightweight to be upfront alone. Kent's playing narrow which means he's crowded out. Against defensive teams, one of our midfield 3 should be attack minded, Arfield or Aribo. Kent should vary his play by going wide more often and attacking the full back. I like Stewart when Defoe plays, as he's got a physical presence but we have options in Jones, Barker and Ojo. Basically we need 4 players who are naturally attack minded against defensive teams instead of the 2 we had in last night's team.
  2. Kamara, Davis and Jack are all fairly similar and may be useful as a combination against European sides or the better sides in Scotland. Aribos been playing better of late but against packed defense's he's less effective as he needs space to play. So in games against packed defense's, I'd play Arfield or Aribo as an attacking midfielder with 2 from Jack, Davis and Kamara. That will leave a space upfront for Stewart (if defoe is playing to add a physical presence) or Jones/Barker/Ojo if Morelos is playing. Otherwise we're going to continue to struggle to break teams down who park the bus.
  3. Who said anything about sitting back and doing nothing? But deciding to stop supporting our team in half our fixtures is like biting of your nose to spite your face and gives our rivals a big advantage. Is that what you want to give them a huge boost?
  4. It also be a fantastic boost to our rivals across the city.
  5. Can't remember Tav ever being injured. Man of steel.
  6. I forgot about that. He had a superb record until the beginning of this season and then was unlucky with a few hitting the woodwork. Hopefully his confidence is now back and he can resume his penalty duties.
  7. Tav's an excellent penalty taker, great technique. Can't remember a keeper ever saving one of his penalties?
  8. It's Day 10 of the media's get Morelos banned campaign. Today it's Lennon's turn to imply that the SFA should be dealing with it.
  9. He's injured anyway so makes no difference. Brown should be joining him.
  10. Clancy's performance was entirely predictable. As soon as he was announced as the referee i thought it highly likely he'd give us nothing and that was proved to be the case once again. All of the half of dozen or so big decision went in their favour. It was the same last season, gave us nothing in the games against the sheep, ignored stonewall penalties and incorrectly sent Morelos off (later rescinded). Can anyone remember any big decision he's given in our favour in any game we've played?
  11. It's day 8 of the latest anti-Morelos propaganda campaign. That's 8 days in a row of media coverage over his harmless gesture to the Rangers technical area. Compared to Browns elbow - zero coverage. Christie - had some coverage mainly about him having to be rushed to hospital after a Morelos challenge and more recently by an ex player saying how he shouldn't be punished. Clancy's pathetic performance - briefly discussed before basically blaming the lack of VAR for his mistakes. Make no mistake we're a target of mischievous propaganda design to damage our club.
  12. Hastie is still a kid and he showed more than enough towards the end of last season for Motherwell to show that he's got potential. But he ain't goan be a first team regular any time soon but time is on his side.
  13. Who's orchestrating this or is that giving them too much credit? It happens regularly, they'll be headlines that suit their agenda on the day and the day after a game, They'll be idiots calling in to phone-in and plenty of activity on twitter. Over the following days they'll keep the story going by printing articles for former player, so called sports psychologists, or anybody else whos willing to put their name to the propaganda for a few quid. It's now 6 days after the game and a nothing incident is still in the media spotlight. Whereas Clancy's pathetic performance has been largely ignored.
  14. I don't think anyone should take sutton seriously. Everyone knows he talks little sense and is just looking for a reaction.
  15. Hopefully some more of the wee teams like hibs, hearts and aberdeen will follow their lead.
  16. There's no doubt the refs and their assistants ain't great. It's not an easy job considering how quick the game is today and how smart players have become and the gamesmanships that they use to influence their decisions. But if in one game there's say 6 major incidents and the refs decisions all favour one team then logically that's very unlikely to happen. Think of someone tossing a coin 6 times and each time it lands on tails. Is the coin rigged or is it just chance? If you look at just the 3 shirt pulling incidents, it should of been two penalties to us and one to them. Didn't happen. In the first incidents its not crowded, the 2 players are in clear view, the ref may of been unsighted but the assistant is in the perfect position to see it. With Aribo it's crowded but it not a brief grab of his jersey, he pulls it half way down his arm and throws him to the ground! Very unlikely that the referee and assistant completely missed it considering thats the direction there both looking in. How many times does the coin have to land on tails before you start to think something not quite right?
  17. Our board don't control the Scottish media and it obvious that our rivals have a far great influence not just in the media but in the football governing bodies and political institutions. I think we can all do more to address this imbalance, including individual supports, clubs, club1872, former players in the media and friendly journalists. But there's no doubt our media department could do better.
  18. It's all bullshit, deflection and fake news. Last year after we humped them they made it all about Morelos not getting booked by Beaton. They kept it going in the media for weeks. This time after another humiliating defeat it's a cut gesture made if front of the Rangers dug-out. They're controlling the media, when we should be talking about the shocking referees performance (ignored in the media except 1 article in the record). The racist and sectarian abuse direct and Morelos and the Parkhead clubs failure to acknowledge and address it.
  19. Brown should be next to be charged. Deliberate forearm in the face is a red card and it's clearly caught on camera. Did Flanagan get dun for his forearm on Brown last season?
  20. Morelos is racial abused and they turn round and attack the victim. Time for the SFA to step in.
  21. Is this the best evidence they have? 😂 It clearly shows his hand is on his leg.
  22. Monkey also gets shouted towards Morelos earlier on. There's a clip on here somewhere. It's nothing usual, our players are regularly subjected to racism, sectarianism and voilent assaults from bottles etc throw from the stands or thugs coming on the park to assault.
  23. There was about half a dozen big calls for the referee to make in the game. Everyone of them went in their favour. Thats the same odds as tossing a coin and it landing heads 6 times in a row.
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