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  1. Skyson1872

    PC Gaming Build

    I'm debating whether to get 10400F I5 or wait and get a Ryzen 5 4600, as well waiting to see how the 4000s perform because I won't be upgrading until like November anyway when the new GPUs are out so I can pick up a 2070 Super or RX 5600XT or something in a price drop.
  2. Skyson1872

    PC Gaming Build

    I had a Corsair blow out and take the mobo with it. Thankfully it was a shite £60 ASRock micro-atx mobo.
  3. I was one of the ones backing you up mate, people take rumours and ITK status way too seriously. Like you said sometimes it is right sometimes it isn't, people getting raging over it have a problem not you.
  4. German media said we were in talks at the beginning of May.
  5. I had a save on last years, CR7 retired and his first job was Hearts manager
  6. hahaha mate we are not signing Fekir, loan or not.
  7. Mate, we are not signing Fekir ffs, they paid £30m for him. Anyone who thinks it is even possible is a doughnut. His brother maybe, but not Nabil
  8. Well yeah should have said that is what they're claiming to want. Can see an upper champ team or a relegated prem team taking a punt for like £6/7m
  9. Ademola Lookman went to Everton for £11m and that is the record for league one so they want more than him.
  10. Aye lower risk players that are going straight into the first team, no point spending good cash on a backup left back and reducing the amount towards a starting CM or RW.
  11. I reckon he will go to West Brom or something
  12. If he was the best bosman we could get for cover then I'm happy with that, a young guy with potential is better than mid 20s player who would have reached his ceiling with less sell on potential.
  13. Barisic is probably our second best player mate
  14. Hopefully he makes a few more signings like that then, some signings have glaringly struggled to handle the physicality here.
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