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  1. Skyson1872

    Matt Polster

    He was a rock against European sides at home, and even in those games his passing wasn't too bad.
  2. Skyson1872

    Matt Polster

    Aye I can see him leaving in the summer at the latest, he has had a few class games for us but the last 3/4 times he has played he has been shocking and subbed at half time IIRC. Much rather Halliday as the backup left back, doesn't disrupt the balance of the team.
  3. Skyson1872

    Mohanad Ali

    Allows us a chance to look at him without giving him a contract.
  4. Skyson1872

    Nicolai Boilesen

    He was a centre mid for Livi when he made his breakthrough in the championship
  5. Skyson1872

    Nicolai Boilesen

    Always bought him when he was at Ajax, bargain.
  6. Skyson1872

    Tenerife Training camp

    Already? He only just started running like last week?
  7. Skyson1872

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    Defoe at 10 😂😂😂😂 you're a tool
  8. Skyson1872


    Too much snobbery about our league from our own fans. I agree to an extent there are better quality players to be had elsewhere for relatively cheap ie Barisic, Katic. But there are still relatively decent players in our league, who WILL improve with better facilities, coaching, management. If we can pick these players up for cheap or free whilst weakening our opponents then I don't see why not. Jack was decent at Aberdeen but he is a different animal now. Naismith was decent at Killie, improved majorly with us. Novo, Thomson, there are loads. I also get people saying those level of players don't exist in our league now, but we aren't shopping in that market anymore either.
  9. Skyson1872


    I can't see MA being daft enough to allocate wages based on the hope we could sell them. We will be operating with what we have got and whatever we get from getting them off the books is extra, whether its their full wage or the % we covered.
  10. Skyson1872

    Steven Davis

    I doubt Morelos is on more than £24k a week
  11. Skyson1872


    There is no chance those clubs have been covering their full wage
  12. Skyson1872


    More chance of signing Victor McDaid fs
  13. Thats the wrong video ye've uploaded, nice bird but mate
  14. Skyson1872

    Morelos rewarded by his local mayor

    Few of those cunts look lit absolute nutters, give them a 6 month contract I want tae see one of them give Brown a Columbian necktie
  15. Skyson1872

    Kevin McDonald

    We have been linked with this cunt every window since 2013 fs