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  1. Skyson1872

    Greg Docherty

    Every single team does mainly fitness work on a pre-season camp, especially considering how unfit we were last season.
  2. Skyson1872

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    He does say that in the interview.
  3. Skyson1872

    Jon Flanagan

    Every cunt makes mistakes if he showed any remorse and regrets his actions then fair enough, that doesn't put me off him but. He is shite and injury prone nowadays.
  4. Skyson1872

    Out?: James Tavernier

    I’d try push them to above £4m and use half of it to get Sam Byram, class business.
  5. Skyson1872

    Jason Cummings

    We missed physicality and a midfield that actually existed more imo, the amount of times people walked through the middle of the park without a single ounce of pressure was bemusing. I agree he is hardly Iniesta in terms of creativity but by god the midfield will be a far tougher area with him in it.
  6. Skyson1872

    Jason Cummings

    Shagger is by far better than Wes and Alnwick, will bring standards to the dressing room and will sort out that backline. Arfield was a regular in a side that just finished 7th in the Premier league before his injury, plenty of Burnley fans were saying he will rip our league to pieces. "Ok" is harsh
  7. Skyson1872

    Jason Cummings

    As much as I think he wasn't given a fair shot and would improve under Gerrard, I want a striker better than Morelos not worse.
  8. Skyson1872

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    Only reason Halliday went to Spain and Holt didn't is because Holt had a move lined up probably, Halliday Hodson etc will go eventually.
  9. Skyson1872

    Thomas cook partnership

    They were our travel partners before 2012 I'm sure.
  10. Skyson1872

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    He never said fitness was the only reason we lost. He is right, that 3-2 game our players were blowing out their arse yet theirs kept going even at 10 men, every man in that stadium expected us to run over the cunts but we just physically couldn’t.
  11. Skyson1872

    Players not going to Spain

    Aye god forbid people aren't walking about full of smiles at half 5 in the morning
  12. Skyson1872

    ***Rumours thread***

    It will be Holt going to Fleetwood.
  13. Skyson1872

    Gerrard press conference

    No it was an actual press conference
  14. Skyson1872

    Harry Forrester

    Nah not for me if we don’t get respect off the players I don’t see why we should give them it in the form of another shot. We are in no position for sentiment, ruthlessness is our only option so bye bye harry for me.
  15. Skyson1872

    Harry Forrester

    I’m baffled at the amount of people on Facebook and twitter wanting this cunt back, he wasn’t good enough for us before and he’s an absolute clown yet some people think he’s better than Windass and Arfield and deserves a second chance.