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  1. Skyson1872


    I mean apart from the fact he is the furthest fucking thing from Pena, how can you tell that from a collective 30/40 minutes of football?
  2. Skyson1872

    Steven Davis

    Think you're doing a big discredit to all three of them, Jack is one of the best passers of the ball in the country. Coulibaly has way more to his game than just power and Arfield gives a whole other dimension to our attack. I do agree that Ejaria is too inexperienced though. You look at the game yesterday though, the way teams stack up against us make it near enough impossible for any splitting passes through the middle. I think we need to rely on moving the ball quick as a team and whipping balls into the box.
  3. Where dae you sit ya fud I'm hurling a quarter bottle aff your skull next home game
  4. Skyson1872

    Halliday going nowhere

    He was absolutely shite last season and was the first person I wanted out the door but to be fair he was solid against Wigan and done well yesterday, if Gerrard likes him then so be it.
  5. Skyson1872

    Kyle Lafferty

    Should we get Solanke he could play wide left a lot, done it for Chelsea 23's I'm sure. For a big guy he is very good at dribbling.
  6. Skyson1872


    be quiet
  7. Skyson1872

    Jamie Murphy

    If he is going to play it has to be behind the striker as a 10, he is too slow for the wing and is far too predictable so he never beats his man.
  8. Skyson1872

    Kyle Lafferty

    It is a done deal but the deal hasn't been done yet? Okay...
  9. Skyson1872


    Far from reasonable, the cunt was a clown. Our players were getting booked and spoken to for the slightest fucking tap, yet their players were grappling ours like it was UFC 228 without a single foul. How that cunt at the end didn't get a red I do not know.
  10. Skyson1872


    Could tell man both of them are absolute fucking mammoths
  11. Skyson1872


    The saves for Tavs shot and Coulibalys on the spin were world class.
  12. Skyson1872

    What is still required?

    Arfield, Ejaria, Murphy and Dorrans worst case scenario are all more than capable against most teams in this league
  13. Skyson1872

    What is still required?

    I'd have another winger before an attacking midfielder personally. Need goals from wide.
  14. Skyson1872

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    Obviously there are far better teams than them, but they are still a really high standard. They would have absolutely mauled us last season. Class seeing us get results against teams like this, been long overdue.
  15. Skyson1872

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    They have made the champions league 3 times in 5 years, and got many a good results doing so. If they didn't look good yesterday it's not down to them it's down to us nullifying that. You could see their quality in the final third with the one touch passing .