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  1. I can’t agree it will just be another title. Personally it will mean the most to me given everything we have gone through but appreciate not everyone will feel this way. i will view anyone that contributes to winning the league next year as a legend given what it will mean to me. My first season ticket was Advocaats first season so I didn’t get the full experience of our nine
  2. Preseason team talk is easy. This is their chance to become club legends. I don’t think a title will have ever meant so much. Maybe it’s because it’s the here and now but it will mean every bit as much as our nine in a row title.
  3. Buried deep inside the STV article almost as an after thought states ‘The board were also advised that the prospects of victory at CAS were not high.’
  4. I stand to be corrected and didn’t study the other subs but did Clancy force them off like Davis?
  5. I almost felt jealous seeing another team enjoy him! Felt so proud seeing him celebrate the winner
  6. Anyone know the split between fans and corporates? Would be raging if us and them got around 15k each and the rest went to non fans. I can take not getting a ticket but it’s a joke if it was something like that
  7. Similar to when Worrall came in from no where v Villarreal in last seasons group opener but two very different performances.
  8. Explains the sanctions although hearing the third charge is not true
  9. Article 14 Racism, other discriminatory conduct and propaganda Any person under the scope of Article 3 who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons on whatever grounds, including skin colour, race, religion or ethnic origin, incurs a suspension lasting at least ten matches or a specified period of time, or any other appropriate sanction. If one or more of a member association or club’s supporters engage in the behaviour described in paragraph 1, the member association or club responsible is punished with a minimum of a partial stadium closure. The following disciplinary measures apply in the event of recidivism: a. a second offence is punished with one match played behind closed doors and a fine of € 50,000; b. any subsequent offence is punished with more than one match behind closed doors, a stadium closure, the forfeiting of a match, the deduction of points and/or disqualification from the competition. If the circumstances of the case require it, the competent disciplinary body may impose additional disciplinary measures on the member association or club responsible, such as the playing of one or more matches behind closed doors, a stadium closure, the forfeiting of a match, the deduction of points and/or disqualification from the competition.
  10. It’s the hope that’s been killing me this season but I’m on such a high after that! Win our next 2 and let’s be top for 2019. Bring on Hibs. Ibrox will be bouncing
  11. Fair play to the linesman. He could have made far more of that
  12. Anyone know how long after ko I can still get in the ground? New baby duties and other things mean I’ll be running late.
  13. We clearly started the game too well. Something had to be done.
  14. First shots of the new season fired. One nil Gers. Great decision by the club and the rest of the league are raging
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