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  1. Best film scene ever?

    Danny Boyle was in the louden to do research for this scene
  2. David Murray

  3. Pat Fenlon

    Remember when Warburton was told by officials that Halliday's fist pump against Morton when celebrating a goal could have incited a riot when he did it from the middle of the park and he got a second yellow.....Scottish football is a joke Ha actually just seen this mentioned at the end of Sportings post
  4. Season ticket sales as at 05/06/2017

    Astonishing figure! That must be close to our maximum and more than last year by this stage
  5. The paedophile apologist Graham Spiers speaks...

    I have not read any of this thread but please stop mentioning this fuck wit in the bears den.he is trying to make a living off us and the less exposure the better. He carries little influence over anyone but I feel violated when I log in to the BD and see his name mentioned
  6. How does Pedro come back from this.

    Only way is to smash those horrible cunts from across the city deep into the ground. I may forgive him then
  7. Travel Club

    You hear of clubs making gestures to fans. After what I personally consider the biggest kick in the balls I have experienced for a number of reasons I think there should be some sort of fucking gesture. In the email I suggested they should at least refund the fans who paid to travel over for their membership. The money is not the point and that clearly know it doesn't work that way. It's all the circumstances and destruction of the fucking feel good factor we all had that a simple gesture may show something at least. I'm fortunate I can live without the £20 but it sickens me it was paid towards a travel club and that the players shat themselves in the first fucking round.
  8. Travel Club

  9. Travel Club

    I'm emailing the club now to ask for the money back. Complete joke. The ones who have shelled out for the trip tonight and already booked for Cyprus are the fans I feel really sorry for but the least the club should do is refund that. This is possibly the most angry I've been supporting Rangers. I'll struggle to accept anyone who took part in that tonight as a Rangers player again
  10. Succulent lambs to the slaughter by AMcKellar89

    The scum using horrible incidents like the Sinclair one to promote themselves is sickening when you consider some of the incidents their club have been involved in. Where are the banners when their own fans do something wrong? There are not any because they couldn't give a fuck about racism unless it is to try and hurt our club. Great OP and that is something I have felt strongly about for a while but what can we do when the club won't lead from the front....
  11. Shittodrie kick off time

    How much money do we actually make from TV money for the league? I wonder if the pittance we get really is worth it sometimes. Two ICT games on a Friday night this season. Complete joke
  12. ***the Official Rangers Vs Livingston Match Thread***

    Red card challenge. Ref looking right at it. Looked like he high fived a team mate after it. Disgraceful
  13. The not so stealth I'm in the Las Vegas loyal watching the game post. Still wish I was in my usual seat for the game though. Three in the second half will do nicely
  14. ***the Official Rangers V Pacific Shelf Thread***

    I have watched Rangers being outplayed by celtic many times and it was expected today but to see them being bullied and made to look disinterested is the biggest insult