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  1. ThenNowForever

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    First shots of the new season fired. One nil Gers. Great decision by the club and the rest of the league are raging
  2. ThenNowForever

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Ha yeh I checked other news stories on our site and they were the same. Tried to edit before it was noticed....oh well
  3. ThenNowForever

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

  4. ThenNowForever

    Pena sacked

    He’ll be the first name on the team sheet for Sunday now
  5. ThenNowForever

    A reality check....

    Little improvement from last season. We are 2 points off last seasons total of 67 and we will not even match the points total Aberdeen had of 76. Yes, there are 12 points to play for but I will be surprised if we mange 6.
  6. ThenNowForever

    Best film scene ever?

    Danny Boyle was in the louden to do research for this scene
  7. ThenNowForever

    David Murray

  8. ThenNowForever

    Pat Fenlon

    Remember when Warburton was told by officials that Halliday's fist pump against Morton when celebrating a goal could have incited a riot when he did it from the middle of the park and he got a second yellow.....Scottish football is a joke Ha actually just seen this mentioned at the end of Sportings post
  9. ThenNowForever

    Season ticket sales as at 05/06/2017

    Astonishing figure! That must be close to our maximum and more than last year by this stage
  10. ThenNowForever

    ***the Official Rangers Vs Livingston Match Thread***

    Red card challenge. Ref looking right at it. Looked like he high fived a team mate after it. Disgraceful
  11. The not so stealth I'm in the Las Vegas loyal watching the game post. Still wish I was in my usual seat for the game though. Three in the second half will do nicely
  12. ThenNowForever

    ***the Official Rangers V Pacific Shelf Thread***

    I have watched Rangers being outplayed by celtic many times and it was expected today but to see them being bullied and made to look disinterested is the biggest insult
  13. ThenNowForever

    ***the Official Rangers V Pacific Shelf Thread***

    how much worse do you think it would have been had we started with two up top?
  14. ThenNowForever

    ***the Official Rangers V Pacific Shelf Thread***

    Totally embarrassing by law getting flung away from the ball