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  1. He now seems to have added cultured finishes to his locker. He was more head down and hit it as hard as he could beforebut he seems to be placing shots more and that finish last night was incredible
  2. Out of interest does anyone know our points total after 22 games in the seasons we have been back in the Premiership?
  3. Don’t worry, when he joins us we will coach any ability out of him pretty quickly. That’ll teach him
  4. It’s the hope that’s been killing me this season but I’m on such a high after that! Win our next 2 and let’s be top for 2019. Bring on Hibs. Ibrox will be bouncing
  5. Haha I’m two for two in the replies I thought that would get. She was far from my favourite person so I’m not taking any pleasure in saying that. Still very surprised she got the gig
  6. I knew her as a PF and as much as I didn’t think she was up to much as a Fiscal I would be surprised if she was biased against us in fairness to her.
  7. No. Because no Rangers players were sent off at the weekend, in an unprecedented move his ban has now been extended until the end of the season
  8. Completely agree and I would go further and say we don’t have the mental strength required in general. That’s one of my biggest problems with us. I could almost accept poor players giving everything and battling but the players are good enough to be beating Aberdeen in a semi final and should be able to see out a 3-2 half time lead against a terrible Spartak team etc. I think I have PTSD as every time I get my hopes up the team smash them apart. Gerrard touched on the mental side being important at the AGM but it worries me he thinks Tav has it. Shagger has it, I think Morelos could have it as well along with Jack. Struggling after that and not seen enough of Katic and Barasic
  9. If you had asked people after we qualified for the Europa League who would be our big players as the season progressed I’m sure Katic, Jack and Coulibaly would have featured in a few lists. Jack has been unlucky with injuries though. I was worried about Morelos and his temper but he has matured massively in a short space of time
  10. Fair play to the linesman. He could have made far more of that
  11. I had a look at Premier Sports twitter and I think it was possibly Tuesday they announced they were showing that other lot for their away game. Pretty sure we will be on it
  12. Anyone know how long after ko I can still get in the ground? New baby duties and other things mean I’ll be running late.
  13. We clearly started the game too well. Something had to be done.
  14. First shots of the new season fired. One nil Gers. Great decision by the club and the rest of the league are raging
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