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  1. We've got them here, just need to sort our final ball. Would love to see Tav on the ball further forward more, yes his defensive work has improved the last year but his biggest benefit to us is in the oppositions half. Mon Rangers!
  2. Need to try harder to get me banned son...
  3. I like to have sly digs at idiots, Rangers fans or not. Tbh, I'd say Rangers fans are in a minority on here. IMO.
  4. The Rangers website has actually been making significant strides in the last 2 years. I wouldn't expect most on RM to notice though.
  5. Calling up at 9am on a Friday slurring your words probably didn't help.
  6. Lies. I've found Dave King's RM account.
  7. History isn't on your side bud. More often than not, we beat them.
  8. I'd rather lose to the tims, OK buddy I'm sorry. They'll hump us because they humped us last time. That's how it works right?
  9. You're not doing a good impression of "no way running scared of them". They beat us, we beat them. They pump us, we pump them. It has been going on for over a century now.
  10. I've never understood why anyone online looking for RFC news comes here before visiting the official club website. It genuinely bamboozles me.
  11. Also, I'm just going to tell everyone that doesn't get a ticket to just "shut the fuck up with your greeting on here" now, to save time.
  12. Perfect. The greatest stories ever told involve triumph after failure. Anyone who has genuinely given up on this season needs a shake.
  13. Whose turn is it to start the, 'it's naw aw bad at least we got a clean sheet thread'? Not me, I honestly can't be arsed taking on the consensus tonight.
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