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  1. Things we can all agree on

    The Highland Granny
  2. Things we can all agree on

    9. Alice, who the fuck is Alice?
  3. Someone please justify his position

    Cheerio Pedro
  4. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Ipswich’s wait continues. Bragging rights to City.
  5. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Maddison scores for Norwich
  6. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Good luck Ipswich in the EA derby. It’s been 8 and-a-half years since the tractor boys beat the canaries.
  7. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    City have tried to coast this second-half, and it could come back to bite them.
  8. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Napoli are on the ropes here.
  9. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    This is sublime stuff from City!
  10. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    2-0 City Gabriel Jesus Some pass from De Bruyne there!
  11. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Goal City! Sterling
  12. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    I’m expecting goals in the City v Napoli game.
  13. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    That's not like the Falcons to blow a lead...
  14. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Rodgers injured. They’re dropping like flies.