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  1. BlearyEyedBear

    The pitch

    Accies were supposed to be upgrading theirs, as it got voted the worst pitch in Scotland. Dunno if they did though.
  2. BlearyEyedBear

    The pitch

    That Livvy pitch gives me the fear, seeing the rubber pellets spray everywhere.
  3. BlearyEyedBear

    La Liga Games In America

    Whereas we get fucked with an extra sub to watch La Liga or Serie A.
  4. BlearyEyedBear

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Old fashioned, no-nonsense type, who knows where the back of the net is.
  5. BlearyEyedBear

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Holy fuck, Brighton are ripping Man U apart here!
  6. BlearyEyedBear

    Super on BT Sport

    Sutton: “To me” Ally: “To you”
  7. BlearyEyedBear

    Jamie Murphy

    I reckon it’s a psychological thing as well for a professional footballer, knowing that there’s a bigger chance of suffering a career-ender on one of those pitches. The thought must cross their minds.
  8. BlearyEyedBear


    He’s a mean, lean, goal-scoring machine is wee Alfie. ⚽⚽⚽
  9. BlearyEyedBear

    Jamie Murphy

    Get these plastic pitches so far to fuck man.
  10. BlearyEyedBear

    could we sign Tavares

    Disco Stu likes Tavares too
  11. BlearyEyedBear

    If Carlsberg

    It's been a damn fine past few days.
  12. BlearyEyedBear

    Picture(s) tell a thousand words

    I must say, those mandarin jerseys look quite fetching.
  13. BlearyEyedBear

    Morelos bid