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  1. So how come the West ham game is on bbc1 live tonight, the same time as CL games on BT Sport.
  2. It's now on the Bbc political page Murdo Fraser quoted of saying this is disappointing and needs looking into and asked the snp to do so.
  3. What a fantastic game,I haven't seen Rangers pass the ball like that in years. The bookies are fucked this year we could loose 3 but score 7
  4. Yep,I think Kenny will stick wis his team forcing the boards hand in having to remove him from first team duties.
  5. Mine just arrived with the post there, B1 west stand.
  6. Theres about 150 people in the queue at the ticket office if any one I'd going at lunch time.
  7. I just got 2 tickets there, online 1 hour and 6 minutes in the queue.
  8. Match fixing at the highest level,the only way you can throw a game, someone told the management the player could play .
  9. Warsaw are appealing this but uefa have put cet*ic in the draw in any case, looks like more to follow again. Eurosport info.
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