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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Edmund Becker midfielder 1980s
  2. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    I am sure I saw Dortmund play Karlsruher in 84.
  3. Rangers related picture thread

    our 2 biggest rivals before septic. Vale of Leven 1877 when we were playing them in the cups. Renton 1888 Scottish cup but we out lasted them and became this
  4. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Bayern are going to rattle them, so Jim White (kid on Rangers supporter) can boo boo to his tim mates all night long for all I care.
  5. It is the norm in their world to steal and lie but at least it is not kiddy fiddling for a change.
  6. Nottingham Forest

    If MW stays with Forest they will go down probably. Anyway the Forest fans will see through him sooner or later.
  7. Butcher's Son.

    It is a different world. After the world wars men could go down the pub and self medicate, talk to other men who had been through the mangle and understood. I was at the battle of such and such, told everyone else what they needed to know. Everyone had experienced the horrors of war so there was a common understanding and people were allowed to get a bit strange and they were given time and space. Now, how many people in Britain have been involved in a fire fight, how many have seen friends die in battle? Our world is more concerned about hurt feelings on Facebook. These men and women feel they need to put on a face, that they are ok, everything is fine and normal, when inside they are far from fine and normal. They have very few who know what that feels like, who they can really speak the truth to and let the mask down. I hope Terry and his family get some help to come to terms with this. RIP Christopher.
  8. Millers Agent

    My take on things is that Miller got the bump to the u20's because of how he did not stick to where he was meant to be when he took over from Pena and keep close to Broon. He had an argument with the manager about this and was shown the u20's as a reminder of who holds the power, as Miller was getting above his station and though the team revolved around him. The leak was probably M O'H and Pedro said he would not be back. People in error have thought the leak caused Miller to be dropped. Miller's form is not good enough to warrant a place in the first team at present. His agent now comes out with this to work his ticket, as anyone knows, this is not how you go about getting your place back in the middle of things. Rangers should publicly ignore this and move Miller on at Christmas and use his wages to bring in some one who can contribute to the first team. No one is bigger than the club.
  9. Millers Agent

    The meaning is quiet clear in English.
  10. Millers Agent

    They don't want to, but it's 6 of one and half a dozen of the other with people who don't like foreign metaphors.
  11. 13 Years of Messi

    I wish the players of all teams would start moaning the face off the Ref about Broonaldo and his hacking.
  12. 13 Years of Messi

    no he's not, it's Pena.
  13. He must be 54 by now, his heart attack is due soon.