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  1. Stade de Nonce will not be a happy place, they are weakened and in turmoil, lovely.
  2. their like we're like
  3. ZZed

    Bill Leckie

    Just another bigot with a pen
  4. ZZed

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    No matter what, over the next 2 seasons, we are going to have to build in the EL qualifiers as part of our preseason. I want septic to lose tonight and get put out the EL asap. I want us and Hibs to move into the group stages for the coefficient to improve. Hibs and ourselves get all the monies associated with the EL and septic get nothing. We get the financial boost, get exposure on TV around Europe and have the barging right of being in Europe and they have not. The media will give it crisis at parkhead (lovely) and us and Hibs are in the papers around EL match day (when they come to us for stories they can do one). There is more to it than coefficients and money, I want them weakened and in turmoil. 1 game at a time but I hope it turns out this way.
  5. Even the tims must be embarrassed by this balloon
  6. ZZed

    Dundee United

    Relegation this year, no money, crap team and no support, wonderful.
  7. If AEK do them it will be because they cheated, if Rangers turn them over it will because we cheated, always cheated never defeated.
  8. septic will get mullered next week
  9. AEK look the better team
  10. ZZed

    Morelos red rescinded

    Has the ref apologised to Gerrard or Morelos? If not he should and the SFA should discipline him and the linesman.
  11. ZZed

    Mark Allen

    I also think that Allan and Gerrard have a better understanding about what qualities it needs to play football in Scotland, so they can have some agreement about who and what they bring. Pedro didn't have a clue about the type of player required to do a job up here.
  12. ZZed

    Magnanimous in defeat

    The smell of fear is strong with the tims. They know SG is a winner as a player and how he is setting up Rangers, suggests that he is going to be a winner as a manager. They also know St Brendan of the tranny is well over hyped just like the spuds themselves. I found the disrespect bit particularly funny. What has any of his critics done that measures up to SG achievements and deserving of respect from him.
  13. when we were in the 3rd Division and it has not stopped since
  14. ZZed

    Rangers related picture thread