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  1. A Mr Wilton and a Mr Struth were first managerial appointments promoted from within and they turned out not bad. It's all wind and pish for the now, Murty will be the man until seasons end and then the board will look at it again, so lets not get too aerated at the moment.
  2. *** Winning isn't everything

    How very dare you
  3. Michel Preud'homme

    Interestingly he brought Marouane Fellaini through the youth and in to senior football at Standard, signed Dante from Charleroi in Belgium and brought through Kevin De Bruyne when at Gent. He looks as if he has an eye for a player.
  4. Stevie Clarke

    Would he want to leave Killie? Boyhood club, he is just in and making an impact; and Rangers might not be the draw for managers they once were.
  5. Jack Ross

    The question the board need to ask any prospective manager is: what have you won? The answer should be the interviewee laying down 4 or 5 top flight medals. We need a proven winner and someone who can build a winning team.
  6. This summers rebuild mk5

    Out of that list, I counted 20 out of 34 that I would be looking to get rid of. Sad days. You are right we need a rebuild again some of those mentioned are make do's but that's all they are only 4 that I think are Rangers first team. We need to get the right manager in place before any rebuild. He then gives Allen a list of what is required and Allen finds the options to be considered. We really need to get our manager fixed properly then we can rebuild correctly instead of the make do's we have now.
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    Actually I known about him for a while, always thought he would turn up in the EPL somewhere. One of those people with a funny name that kind of stick in your mind and they pop up in the news every now and then.
  8. Michel Preud'homme

    He is very clear that he wanted a long break from football. Apparently clubs have approached him and he has refused them and is now being talked up as the next Belgium manager(paper talk nothing from him) but he has been very none committal about that. Rangers is the only club that I can find that he has thrown his hat into the ring with. Apparently he likes us
  9. Michel Preud'homme

    It does beg the question, if he walked in to Club Brugge and said he wanted to manage them again, would they have to take him, start paying his wages again and what do they do with the incumbent manager? This clause may not be as water tight as it first appears.
  10. Michel Preud'homme

    Thanks, for some reason I missed that.
  11. Michel Preud'homme

    As far as I can gather he is no longer with them in any capacity and is on holiday/ self imposed break. No compensation needed.
  12. Mulumbu

    No thanks we don't need a 32 year old who is in the last part of his career.
  13. Michel Preud'homme

    Done a bit of research on him. He said he was taking a year out off football in June last year after on 15 May 2017, Preud'homme won the Jupiler Pro League with Club Brugge. He said he wanted a year out as he had been in football management constantly for 15 years and needed a break. Rangers are the only club that he has allowed his name to be put forward by his agent. He is constantly linked with others clubs in the fooy gossip in Belgium as most clubs there are keen to get him and is being talked up to be the next Belgium manager. Rangers are the only club he has publicly confirmed that he was interested in.
  14. For whom the bell tolls

    Mendacious is just living up to his nature and we are stuck with him as we are to toxic for people with real money to come in. Would you trust mendacious with your money, would you buy anything off him?
  15. Cheating refs helping the filth

    We all know a different threshold of hacking is applied to the peados, minimum against them, maximum for them, but Rangers are my concern and we need to sort ourselves out.