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  1. It shows how much we think that this is the level the Record is at, in its anit-Rangers hatred. A fake story like this and we think it is plausible that they would consider printing it as they hate us so much. You would think that someone at the Record would be concerned.
  2. I am reasonably sure that being an annoying cunt is not a medical condition. Look after yourself and get better. The fund has been good for us all and brought a good feeling to everyone involved so, thank you for bring it in to being. I stole this off you.
  3. Gerrard stating we have a 4 year contract and 3 mill is not enough, laying out his stall.
  4. ZZed

    Paul McStay

    I remember it but it was just paper talk to sell papers. I think septic were scared we would just take their best players off them after Mo Johnstone binned them for us.
  5. ZZed

    Paul McStay

    I always thought that McStay was a good midfielder and carried himself well. We just had better.
  6. Hope your right mate. I can't see any saleable assets in their team to bale them out if a lump of money is needed.
  7. If they get done for kiddy fiddling in America, they will have to sell a stand or two to pay it off.
  8. time to watch these mongos get put out hopefully
  9. Win both, deluded optimist loyal.
  10. My head says that we will come second but my heart says the tims could drop the ball here and we could squeak in first. Looking at next season we need a way of breaking down 11 man defences that are set up for a breakaway counter attack.
  11. It's nice to know we are getting to them.
  12. We have improved but we still have some way to go.
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