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  1. We have improved but we still have some way to go.
  2. ZZed


    The test for all Rangers players is, how consistent are they at putting in good performances against the spuds and whoever is the next best team. The rest we should always be looking to beat but will occasionally drop the odd point her and there. Has Tavenier been consistently good against the spuds and the next best (Aberdeen for the last 2 years)?
  3. A British League would be good. Tims would get thrown out before they were 2 season in.
  4. He still has time to squeeze in 1 more before the season is out.
  5. ZZed


    Tavenier unbalances the whole team and it can breakdown very quickly, if the opposition play a ball into the space where Tavenier should be covering but is gone missing. We have seen this time and again, we need to change or we will keep losing games because of this.
  6. Scotland did not care about the good of the game when we were put in to the 3rd Division and all the damage that done to it's biggest club, and them moans now that we are not doing enough for the national team. Rangers should only care about Rangers as Scottish Football as proven to be treacherous and two faced when it comes to Rangers.
  7. A big strong centre forward who can head the ball, a quality attacking midfielder, a right back who can defend and a quality centre back who can command the defence.
  8. Football institution or not, normal club or not, we have to beat what is in front of us and we have not really done that since we got back into the top league because the standard of player was poor, he has taken steps to fix that but it is not an over night fix. As for concessions, it is reality and you can moan about it (won't help) but it will not change reality, all managers start somewhere and he has started here. If we get rid do you think any quality manager would come to Rangers; the team that change their manager every season.
  9. If he was an experienced manager it would be 5/6 as he has rebuilt a better squad that should improve and his run in Europe gave us a bit of the old Rangers feeling back. As a rooky manager, 8 but he needs to learn the lessons of this season, how to breakdown 11 man defences and stop the ball over the top that is our undoing. How to change the shape/system when it is not working, how to kill the game and to react to the other teams substitutions. He is not a rooky manager next season so I expect him and the team to perform to a high level consistently and an increase in him managerial skills.
  10. Murphy, Grezda, Middleton, Jones - I think that is our options for next season as they can also work as attacking midfielders in an emergency and it gives good cover for the position. Jack, McCrorie, Kamara, Arfield, Docherty these are the only ones I would keep and add 1 attacking midfielder of real quality (we need better than Shinnie). We really need a big hard centre forward that the wingers can play to, a quality centre back and a proper right back. Most of the squad are 7 out of 10 we need a 8/9 out of 10 player in these positions. 4 quality players in my estimation will see a big improvement.
  11. ZZed


    Think it is a bit premature to write Grezda off. He is 24 in April, international player and he has been out for almost a year. I would keep him out of the side this season as it is done(and I think he may hurt him self trying to prove a point), work on his fitness, get a good preseason in him and tell him to go for it this season as he is replacing Candeias.
  12. I would get rid of Tavenier asap, he throws the whole team out of shape with his forward runs, with others needing to cover the space he leaves thus leaving their own position, getting caught out up the other end of the park, losing the ball often and is positionally poor when defending.
  13. ZZed


    Arfield is our best midfield when on his game but in all honesty he is an average midfielder and Rangers should have better quality midfielders than him. He should a squad player but we lack the quality so he is now first team.
  14. Gerrard needs to work out how to beat 10 man defences and 433 is not it. He needs to find some one who can control+pass+cross the ball and is comfortable in the 18 years box. He needs a midfield breaker up of play and a midfield creator of quality. He needs to find a big uncompromising centre forward who can push defences around. We were better in Europe because teams came at us to score but domestically we are the ones trying to break down 11 man defences with too many players bombing forward and leaving gaps all over the pitch for the opposition to exploit on a breakaway. At home I would play 352 and the defensive 3 do not go in to the oppositions half but are busy looking to close out any ball over the top or counter attack. Away from home 532 with the full backs pushing in to midfield when they can but not going wandering around the oppositions 18 yard box. To many players are out of position to often and lack discipline but the lack of quality in midfield and in the attack is hurting us badly.
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