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  1. ZZed

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    More players in and possibly more going out, sounds good to me.😊
  2. ZZed

    Fat boy Hartson

    Let's hope Mr Hartson regains control of his brain again because the fat mess is blubbering shite at the moment.
  3. ZZed

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    So his implosion has stepped on a bit. I wait on the next installment.
  4. ZZed

    Wee boys and football tops

    I am thinking of the glory hunters away from the west coast of Scotland (nothing a bitter as a west coast tim) and how kids like to follow a successful team, that's why Barcelona had strips every where 4 years ago but now Real Madrid strips are every where. Interestingly I have not seen a septic top in Preston for years but I do see people with Rangers tops on every now and then.
  5. The return of the elephant man, at least he will be good at blowing his own trumpet.
  6. ZZed

    Wee boys and football tops

    As soon as we put them back into second place for 2 season the glory hunters in septics support will fall away and they will stop buying the manky strip. A successful Rangers and wee boys and girls will want to identify with that and the Gerrard factor may come into it in young minds.
  7. ZZed

    SPFL needs the blue pound

    the first thing Scottish football needs to do is clear out septics place-men and sycophants. They need a truly independent body to make impartial judgements in all areas of football and implement professional referees. They could also make a ruling that you have to play 2 player who have come through you youth ranks in 25% of your league games, this would help with bringing youngsters through at all levels.
  8. ZZed


    I imagine Mullholand and Allen would have been the key decision makers with King rubber stamping it. It would have been run past Gerrard to see if he had any problems with it and he obviously did not.
  9. ZZed

    Double pass ( Rangers youth assessment)

    He really appears to know what he is doing and improving the youth set up in bounds.
  10. ZZed


    I thought Mulholland ran the youths and Murty was just a coach?
  11. ZZed

    Rangers related picture thread

    some older one that have probably been on before. Alan Morton 1914 QP James Bowie
  12. ZZed

    Pep accused of racism by Yaya Toure

    Eto slates him as well. Basically says he is a shite bag. http://www.marca.com/en/football/international-football/2016/09/01/57c87521ca4741fb088b4598.html
  13. ZZed

    Rangers Legend Walter Smith sues businessman

    The tim legal experts will be all over this, so I am sure they will give Sir Walter some good advice over the internet. As we all know tims are experts in all thing financial relating to Rangers in any way,so it will be fine.
  14. I love how that highly successful manager Chris Sutton can judge anybodies management abilities. He's an absolute failure of a man.
  15. ZZed

    Terry butcher

    Terry Butcher came to Rangers because we were in Europe and English clubs were banned. He was paid good coin and was in a talented team; he did not come because of any love for Rangers. Butcher was a brave player but lets face it, he was never the brightest and he strikes me as one of those people that can be talked round to any view point, as he finds thinking for himself difficult. He is in the hall of fame because of his playing exploits not because of his love of Rangers. He will take the coin of whoever will pay him and will follow the lead they give him. I think when you hear Butcher, you really hear his friend Sutton talking, as Butcher and original thinking are strangers.