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  1. ZZed

    Richard Gough

    Lets make up stuff to deflect from the peado ring being brought to light at septic park.
  2. ZZed

    Kidding ourselves on

    The players we have now can raise their game but just don't have it to consistently perform at a level that puts the Kilmarnock's of the world away. I see them all as stop gaps at the moment as morelos will be gone soon.
  3. ZZed

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    For me the benchmarks are. European progress, cup finals, cup finals won, league position and points. This is his first season and we over shot expectation in Europe, we are not in any cup finals yet and the league is very up and down, so we need to wait and see. The comparisons to Souness is a stretch as it is very different circumstances now. Souness could sign up top players in their prime, Gerrard has not got the same financial clout. If anything Gerrard may have a more difficult job than Souness had and it will take more time to see the improvements coming through.
  4. Agreed, but if they are pressed the passes go all over the place instead of to a player. I think the key is that it is easier to have 2 banks of 4 in your own half instead of asking players to play actual football.
  5. Watched a big chunk of the game. They were running around a lot but not really doing anything, consistent poor first touch, passing was side ways and if it went forward 3 times out of 4 it went to the opposition. Shame the rest of Scottish football except us, is afraid of them and stand off them.
  6. The last team that played them before tonight and did not roll over, beat them as well.
  7. tims, you got'ta laugh at them and their delusions of mediocrity
  8. I reckon that Valencia has the beating of the spuds. The spuds don't know how to deal with a team that goes for them with fair ref giving fair decisions instead of giving the spuds the benefit.
  9. ZZed

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    That's the face I make when talking to tims about us beating them.
  10. ZZed

    Morelos incident

    Morelos and McKenna are both red cards. Morelos is an aggressive player with a naughty edge, as it should be and this will happen. He reminds me of Diego Costa.
  11. ZZed

    Best Player in Scotland

    can see him in one of the big team in Spain in 5 years time.
  12. ZZed

    Carlos Peña

    thank goodness he's gone. some money freed up for a attacking midfielder
  13. ZZed

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    sad bearded man in big huff shocker
  14. the other one just died https://www.vipleague.lc/1-aberdeen-vs-Rangers-live-streaming