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  1. Wilder is 35this year so 1 more with Fury as a big payday before retiring?
  2. It isn't the colour of his skin but the colour of his football jersey that is the problem, for everyone but us.
  3. I have not seen any of this but fully expect Thompson to whitewash septics crimes, he has proven what he is, he is a septic / IRA man in disguise as a reporter, it shows in his historical bias against Protestants and how he ran with rumour instead of fact concerning us. Give him time and the watering down of septics crimes will happen, just give him time.
  4. After throwing away the league, I am finding getting up for Euro games is not happening. This team has let me down due to the lack luster 4 weeks we have just had and the league now being over.
  5. If a player is not turning it on, the manager needs someone who can come in and take their place. We don't have those players at the moment. Players complacency has cost us.
  6. For any system to work you need the players that can play it, we don't have players who can switch a system around and that is why we are stuck with this ridged 433
  7. VAR is a double edged sword, it will benefit us and will be used against us.
  8. Collum, Clancy, Beaton and Madden are all clearly bias against us but we do our selves no favours by not going for the kill in games and trying to see them out at 1-0. We allow opponents back in to games by standing off them, giving ground and moving 20 yards back to our own goal as a team. We think the game is more or less done. This allows the other team on the front foot and us into tackles that the ref then gives against us. Strategy A- When we score 1 goal and get in front, we should play a counter attacking game and change the shape of the team to do this, make the other team come out to us but keep 3 to 4 attacking options up field so the can't comit their whole team to attacking us as well as giving us an out ball. Strategy B- we go for the kill contantly putting balls in to the box, make their defense constantly making last gasp clearances and blocks until we break them. Keep our defense in place to counter the counter. All the last ditch tackles should come from the other team and the ref then has to do something and we can moan if he bottles it. If I as a mere dumpling can see that we really don't do any of that but half arsed try to kill the game, stand off and slow it down with lots of side/back passing; how much more a manager who has some experience will be able to pull us apart? It is obvious once we slow down we have real problems getting our pace and momentum back and can have the game taken away from us.
  9. We were playing some good stuff and able to grind out results when we were poor before the break. Did we become complacent during the break and thought we only need to turn up to win the games. The manager should be on guard against this happening to a squad or did he become complacent as well? Rangers should not be happy with a win but set a target of how many we will win by to continue to focus minds on that match. I feel we carry too many passengers who go missing for large parts of the game because they become complacent during the match.
  10. I have the horrible feeling, we will be discussing this very topic at the same time next season.
  11. Gerrard needs to learn how to unlock a 11 man defense and call out refs.
  12. The time to do this was after we lost to an off side goal in the cup. We should have went mental and demanded a full review of the standards of ref and thier actions towards Rangers. Now it looks like sour grapes.
  13. Morelos could dive again, he needs to stop this nonsense
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