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  1. There is only so many numbers in the universe and if we counted all that up, we would have no numbers left for anything else.
  2. To change the topic a little. Hagi and the rest better get the fitness up, as we have to go to Leverkusen and beat them like Wolfsburg beat them 4-1 tonight.
  3. @Bears r us hacked my computer, honest
  4. A stroke of genius or delusions of not being a knobhead; not sure which
  5. Interesting. Where is this from?
  6. Difficult question as it depends on the personnel we have in. I would like a shape similar to this. attacking defensive both are kind of 334 and a defender can step in to midfield. SK SK SK LW/LMid Hidgi RW/RMid Hidgi SK Mid LW/LMid Mid RW/RMid DF DF DF DF DF DF DF DF
  7. We don't need to look to achieve anything at the moment, time is on our side. The circumstances football is in, will effect the quiet acquiescence of the other clubs as the reality of no money coming in and septic minipulating everything to their benefit bites. While septic and the SPFL are busy patting themselves on the back, at having got the league to septic, other clubs will be getting fearful about the future and resenting how they are nonentities to the SPFL/septic. When the shouting is loud enough then we should show interest. Until that time we should just go about football business as usual. Patience is not something we as a support are good at but I think the club have been very shrewd in their handling of this so far.
  8. Hagi when he arrived said that his job was to provide the pass to the striker and score the occasional goal himself. He is more of a goal creator. I would buy this lad and build the attacking part of the team around him. Find who in the squad can be his back up or get someone in who can. This means Gerrard need to change the shape of the team to get the best out of him.
  9. This is an evolving situation as clubs become more financially pressured. The lack of money and ongoing costs to stay alive will sharpen the minds and shorten tempers. Rangers should keep quiet at this moment in my opinion and allow circumstances to unfold before we open up in some kind of attack again. A few clubs going to the wall would help ratchet up the fear of most clubs, put pressure on the SPFL to come up with an answer but we all know how incompetent the SPFL are and their owership by septic to the detriment of everyone else will become more apparent to the point fear will drive others to start shouting for change. At that point Rangers should start showing interest again but up to that point, we should do the usual football club things of players in and players out stuff. Any club approaching us, to take on any injustices they see should be reminded that everyone had the chance for an investigation and the potiental change that could have happened. Rangers need to look after themselves first and not be fighting on behalf of other clubs; especially clubs that voted against us but are now looking for us to be their friend and fight for them. Now is the time to allow circumstances grind them down and for us to look a bit disinterested but sharpening our knives in the background.
  10. This is not fair, it is like comparing one flawless diamond to another. I can't
  11. Ranger please, don't say anything until this unfolding mess is at its worst. Once the gifted title is seen for what it is and everyone is going on about how the SPFL have made another rip roaring cunt of it, is the time to speak.
  12. he gets 9 in a row with integrity o the feild of play and he got the scum 8 andd 5/8th in a row by backroom coruption
  13. Why would a fenian paper look to unsettle one of our most promising young players, who scord against the team they back all the time.
  14. I think parity will happen before 5 years but to expunge all of the placemen will take a long time. I think the 3 stoogies will go with in the next 18 months to 2 years and then it is about getting rid of the rest in the back ground and making sure the replacements are unbiased people. We don't know what is going on in the background, what clubs are now alining with us because of the corupt SPFL/spetic and we don't know if Rangers have started the ball rolling on something else. We need to presure for unbias refs and that will be behind closed doors.
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