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  1. SFA inquiry must happen to see how their favourite team were cheated
  2. commentators are desperate for septic to score. ref needs to pull it out the bag for the taigs.
  3. Full rebuild required

    https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/glasgow-Rangers/vertragsende/verein/124/vertragsendeJahr/2018 depressing reading
  4. Full rebuild required

    We will not have a quick rebuild as we don't have the money to do that. A slow rebuild is on the cards as players contracts end, so 2019/20 before we have enough money to put out a half decent team, or, we splash 4 to 5 million on 5 to 10 players and they turn out inconsistent and of poor quality, just like we have now.
  5. Who knows how we will do. The players will roll up and hope for the best but this could go very wrong for us.
  6. Full rebuild required

    This is the standard of this team, repeatedly self imploding, these guys have a good game and quickly become complacent and then struggle. Rangers have a very poor standard of professional at the club at the moment and it does need a clear out and rebuild. Every area of the park is manned by substandard players. We only have 2 players that are getting near the standard, McCorie and Morelos. I give Murty a free pass to be honest, he has not chosen any of the players, he has had to deal with the turmoil caused by the old managers and the board and he is dealing with players who have shown to believe in their own hype but unable to deliver the goods. He is an under 20 coach who has been given a shitty stick to deal with, he will learn from it but he is not ready at the moment to manage the team as the permanent manager. To my mind he has tried to appeal to the individual players desire to not make a cunt of themselves in public and called it professionalism. The truth is this group are mostly 5 out of 10 in standards but think they are 9 out of 10 and will blame anyone but themselves and they will readily accept Murty being blamed instead of themselves. The standard of player is our number 1 problem as they are not good enough to have any consistency at the level of Scottish Premiership contenders and most are between English league 1 and championship. Rangers have usually had players that can unlock other teams, I don't see that in this squad but we need to find one soon. The board have signed 2 managers that were not good enough and who then signed these players. Murty should not be held accountable for the board and their poor decision making and we should not scape goat him. Murty obviously cares but he has been put in a no win situation by these players and a indecisive board. We will have Murty until January at least, we will have a board/DoF trying to find a manager who can fix this mess and bring in players that can compete consistently, that is a massive call and I am unsure they can do this. The board need to find a manager and fund a rebuild. Another problem is these players will not walk away from their big paying contract and most of these run until 2019/20 so we may be stuck with these substandard players until then. Maybe the way to show our unhappiness is to do what Real Madrid do and show the white hanky's. A visual show that we find what is on offer, is not good enough.
  7. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

  8. I'm guessing...

    They done it after the games and we have used the heating since them, so, no problems mucker.
  9. When will their delusions stop?
  10. I'm guessing...

    http://www.glasgow2014.com/media-centre/press-releases/ibrox-football-stadium-turns-rugby-ground-excitement-builds-games just so you know
  11. I'm guessing...

    The pipes were cut for the rugby but all fixed and in working order as far as I am aware.
  12. Walter behind the scenes?

    Pedro and MW would not have taken Sir Walter's advice and that showed. GM is obviously listening to Walter and it shows, Murty appears to have good man-management skills and is smart enough to listen to someone who has been there, won it and knows the particulars of being Rangers manager. This can only improve GM as a coach and manager.
  13. Murtys 'Presser'

    Murty deals with the press very well and side steps the traps, I wonder if someone is giving him pointers on this.
  14. I get your sarcasm and I think they are financially not as good as they try to let on. Poor attendances, not that much money squirrelled away and hefty overheads; the imposters are bluffing their load as usual, bit of pressure and they could very well crumble.