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  1. ZZed

    The "h*ns"

    Could we start singing this again? Give me Oil in my lamp keep it burning Give me Oil in my lamp, I pray Give me bullets for my gun, I'll shoot every Fenian H** just for walking down the Queens highway No Surrender, No Surrender No Surrender to the IRA No Surrender, No Surrender No Surrender to the IRA
  2. ZZed

    Dundee United

    will get pumped by Partick today.All is well
  3. ZZed

    Edmiston Drive

    Just caught up with the news. Sad sad news. RIP ED.
  4. Tierney is better at defending, Tavernier is better at attacking and both are English League 1/Championship level. We need better and fuck septic.
  5. ZZed

    Gollum Gone ?

    Imagine the conversation. BBC Manchester: Rangers are the big Euro story in Scotland, Gerrard is good on telly, we'v had him as a pundit before and he is one of the most recognisable faces in world football; get the Scots branch to set up an interview as this is prime stuff. BBC Scotland : We don't talk to Rangers. BBC Manchester: Why not? BBC Scotland : because (they then have to relay the full story to BBC Manchester). BBC Manchester: Listen dickhead get it fixed, get the interview and if you need to fuck a few bellends sideways to get the interview then do it. BBC Scotland: But, but. BBC Manchester: fucking do it.
  6. Watched our game on a stream, timplosion on the chat bit. So sweet when the wee man scored, their tantrums were magnificent.
  7. ZZed

    A Force in Europe

    I think a few clubs around Europe will give it " Oh, Rangers are back, but not celtic".
  8. ZZed


    because we thought we just needed to turn up against Livy but knew we needed to play against Rapid
  9. Kerrydale Meltdown‏ @KerryFail surprise surprise celtic moved to murrayfield, what a fucking sham,We should tell the bent SFA to ram the league cup up their fucking arses the bunch of cheating orange H** bastards.They will do anything to help other teams ,but fuck us over every time the get the chance.
  10. ZZed

    Rangers related picture thread

  11. ZZed

    Livi celebrations

    Hopefully a wake up call to our players that beating Rangers means everything to these mutants, so they need to put them in their place from the first whistle.
  12. ZZed

    F*ck Europe

    7 games in and people are flapping. I expect a lot more games where we do not perform as we need to as we have a new gaffer learning the ropes, a new squad getting to know each other, but, we are still in Europe with the higher profile that brings and septic will drop more points, Hearts have hit their purple patch early but lets see how it looks at the turn of the year. Rangers will be in there at the death as Gerrard appears to hate losing and will grill the team into winners. I think we still need a proper striker and someone with serious skill to open up 11 man defenses, who are looking for a long ball counter.