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  1. Please take Candeias off, killed us the whole game with nae idea of touch, position and press
  2. Really??? Delighted to get through but is there a massive improvement? Personally, I'm really disappointed with the performance though not dismayed, it was disciplined but the lack of quality and poor decision making is there for EVERYONE to see Mixed Emotions - the fortress is just a dam at the moment but it's early doors and more signings to come
  3. The disappointing thing for me is that most of the starting line-up should be bursting a gut to prove to the manager they should be in the starting line-up for Thursday! McCrorie and Docherty are so bad that we are struggling to get our wide men on the ball in dangerous areas, Middleton looking the part again
  4. This is why McCrorie was dropped and Docherty not in manager's plans. Hopefully young Bradley will settle down, those couple of mistakes might affect his confidence
  5. Night of mixed emotions for all of us!! FACT - we were absolutely rotten! don't understand positives Re McCrorie & Holt??? Was WES v them!! REALITY - 3 points and performance will be forgotten by next week!! Are we really satisfied with backs to the wall performance against an average team?? - maybe for you folks but not me!! Cursed my way through the game with frustration about lack of ability to do the basics!! BATES - sums up our poor squad, nothing against the lad personally but disgrace that he's playing for us!
  6. GUTTED - Bates back in is a shocker can't head, run or pass Miller playing with Morelos on the bench is just as bad, was really looking forward to the game but not so much now!
  7. Disaster!!! Bates, Holt, Miller, Waghorn hope we keep it tight for 2nd leg
  8. Depressing stuff!! We know we're poor but this is shocking Back 4 and Holt/Halliday so far out of their depth they shouldn't be on the pitch
  9. To make matters worse, every one of these losers are on long term contracts with the exception of Hill & Miller!!! Another 3 years of this utter crap unless we get a bored Sheikh who wants a new hobby Usual speech from Wallace no doubt - disappointed, talk about it, hurting, we will learn from it - Any more learning and they'll surpass Einstein!!!
  10. Accosted?? good play by them and similar to Queen of the South with basic move to block the big defenders
  11. If only you were allowed to make 7 substitutions at half-time!! Priority I suppose to take off Miller & Holt and then rock/paper/scissors for any of the other numerous non-performers. Happy with Tav and Halliday
  12. Wes Tav Kiernan Sendoros Wallace Windass Barton Halliday Waghorn MOH McKay Niko & Joe to come on Can't see this happening but please not Barton and Rossiter together. MOH would keep them honest at the back and stop them pushing up
  13. Don't play hide n seek with McKay or Rossiter cos you'll never find them!! Drastic changes needed before the usual 60 min mark
  14. Happy with the team selection except Clark playing again!! Love the manager but just don't see where he justifies playing Clark! subbed after 57 mins of crap though we'll be two up after MOH does the biz
  15. Seen two former European players of the year at St Mirren home game 1983 UEFA Cup at home to Feyenoord Johann Cruyff Ruud Gullit Oh the good old days when Scottish teams were a force in Europe
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