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  1. I'm on the fence with this to be honest if we're back to the child abuse question. I don't think perpetrators of such a crime should ever be allowed to forget it but using it in song as part of a football rivalry just belittles the fucking atrocities committed against these children. If you think any child who has been the victim of such abuse is sitting back and thinking "good on those lovely football fans for bringing up the worst time of my life at the drop of a hat" then we're most likely mistaken. I would absolutely welcome a complete investigation from top to bottom about the goings on over there when these acts were committed, but that needs done through the proper channels, not through a mass of fans singing about it.
  2. If he had, he would have been ripped to shreds on here. With loyalty being the cited reason why. Funny that.
  3. That will change over the next few seasons. To be honest it says more about how overpaid players in the SPL are/were compared to how talented they are more than anything else.
  4. maybe I'm just an optimist, but I'm not embarrassed. I saw a side assembled very quickly, and in rebuild mode whilst not being able to properly rebuild, win the league we're in by a distance.
  5. we don't have to go through it all again. anyone claiming that the external factors can't have taken their toll on how this season has gone are just insane. any job, no matter what it is, can be affected by external factors of which for us, there have been untold amounts. "Having 100 times the wage bill of a team full of postmen and binmen?" I see this posted (no pun intended) time and time again, and all it smacks of to me is frustration. An irritation that we have found some games tough this season. I'm convinced that most are just annoyed they couldn't brag about being undefeated for a season. It also completely belittles teams that have played above themselves when playing against us. Some of those sides put in performances to be proud of and all we do is rip the pish out of them as part timers. Poor show in my opinion.
  6. There have been plenty reasons given, over dozens of threads. But they're conveniently ignored.
  7. Anyone who refuses to accept that circumstances will have played a part in some of those performances is equally an idiot. It really is that simple.
  8. I think she'd get less grief for the bikini.
  9. Kelly Brook would be a tactical genius and we'd give up match day suits for manager bikinis?
  10. I think once we have a stable boardroom that's a question to be asked. With the answer probably being yes, you do. I don't think that time is here yet though.
  11. I just can't get on board with this. What the club needs at this time, more than anything else, is stability and Ally is a big part of that. I know results haven't been ideal, and I have to admit concern that we haven't taken an active look at the next few years and seem to be concentrating only on the here and now. I would love to be able to say that we are clearly recruiting the best youth available to us, and that this will stand us in good stead for years to come but we clearly aren't. Sadly I think the next few years on the park aren't the fundamental issue at the minute. We need boardroom stability and a CLEAR plan passed down to our manager as to what the club can do/spend going forward. It seems to me that Ally is concentrating on getting the best available players for the year ahead. I can't really blame him for that given the constant shifts he is having to put up with in the boardroom. It's a tough job under those circumstances. Whilst I'm not going to forgive some tactical decisions or the fact (as you said) that he's clearly lacking something in motivating the players I'm pretty much convinced a lot of the people slating Ally are doing it because they wanted an 100% win rate and total domination of all and sundry that have played against us so they could point to that when that lot were taking the piss about playing in the third division.
  12. as is the norm unfortunately. who cares, we got the right result.
  13. Already been used on Bomber. "These are not the deeds you are looking for."
  14. My initial and natural reaction was to be annoyed, angered even that you would feel the need to hop on to a Rangers website and try to noise up some our support but it just wouldn't come. Instead all I felt was innate sense of pity. Less than a week after the victory you're obviously alluding to, you felt the need to come here. It may be that due to the lack of a job that you have the time to hop on to a website you really shouldn't concern yourself with. Perhaps the time saved not showering builds you up some spare time as well. Or maybe your sister is happy to fellate you whilst you type, not caring about her own, inbred related needs. Should this be the case, and most likely it is, then my pity shall continue to grow. I hope things start to get better for you.
  15. If I'd known I could make money from it I would've jumped on the gravy train years ago........ I can only assume you're a health and safety officer
  16. Just to be sporting I'll put my own name up as someone who has been accused of hang wringing Gogzy. Let them point to me as someone looking to divide the support.
  17. 77amurai


    I didn't get off to the best of starts with gogzy, and I don't agree with him around 90% of the time, but I guarantee he knows a lot more than you chuckles. Your only contribution for the last week has been to get riled up and take the piss out of other posters. I'm all for a good piss take, and partake in it often myself, but your patter is absolutely atrocious. It bores me.
  18. 77amurai


    You've clearly proven that your claims of not caring are (in a phrase you'd understand) pish (it's that thing you smell of).
  19. 77amurai


    He already has, just animals though. The world (if not livestock) is safe for now.
  20. 77amurai


    He can be blamed for continuing the circle of incest with his brother though.
  21. 77amurai


    smack would really ruin your looks, I'd steer clear
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