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  1. Surely it should be 'Player of Half a Season' seeing as the cunts have chucked it since the turn of the year.
  2. Literally every cunt is on it and has been for years. Not just at the football either. Cunts don't even give a fuck now,lines get banged out on tables in pubs It's just standard nowadays.
  3. Sket


    Stevie fucking wonder could see Sebo was pish ya moon unit,but you the mad gifted talent spotter had a 'hunch'. Geez fucking peace
  4. Sket


    ya mad shite player spotting psychic bastard. Shut up.
  5. Sket


    On the evidence so far,he is fucking hopeless.....so he'll fit right in to our first team.
  6. Our form would see previous managers of trophy winning Rangers teams sacked. We aren't a trophy winning team anymore though,so our form is accepted and actually looked upon as progress.
  7. Just realistic. We're a joke.
  8. Incredible how people are still trying to defend what has been a complete fucking embarrassing capitulation since the turn of the year...since the start of December actually. Pathetic imitation of a football team.
  9. Our fans love a bit of fake Rangers gear.
  10. We're just a club that used to be dominant living on past glories. We aren't winners anymore and we won't be for a long long time.
  11. 'We are a shambles,please continue to give us money. Best support ever! Thanks! Ps mind grass in anyone you hear saying naughty words at the match'
  12. You have to laugh at the thought of their 'head of safety' dictating to anyone on the grounds of safety. Useless fenian bastard.
  13. Fucking going to watch a game of football and cunts are wanting to go stick things up their fanny. Stay in the hoose ffs.
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