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  1. Fuck you and yer shite computer desk as well.
  2. Fuck Barton. Shitebag fenian bastard
  3. He was playing well before he got injured.
  4. No they don't. 365 odds for accas are the best out there.
  5. I had planned to put it on as well and fucking forgot by the time i got home from work,was raging.
  6. Must admit i found the whole 'headstand' thing a bit if a rid neck but theres no denying he made a hell of a difference in his time in charge. Deserves that little bit of recognition. Wouldn't mind him being involved in the new regime in some capacity.
  7. Dry your fanny ya wee blouse
  8. I know. Thank you.
  9. Dress it up how you like,you're clapping someone dying.
  10. Applauding the death of one of our own doesn't sit right with me.
  11. Bit late with that reply fuck sake
  12. Look harder then ya gimp
  13. This place has went to shit
  14. Op scraping the barrel now for reasons to start shite threads. 'Look at me,look at me'