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  1. 4 games. We can't go into that first fenian game chasing our tails again. We need to go WWW then fucking hammer they cunts. Lay down a marker for the season.
  2. I think he's came on loads since his loss to AJ. He's getting better with every fight, Not going to say he'd beat Wilder,it would be a cracking fight imo,certainly wouldn't be as easy for Wilder as you suggest. That was a tough fight for him tonight. That Chisora ko tonight was fucking outstanding man.
  3. We have a lot of starstruck wee laddies in our support.
  4. Win trophies then we can talk.
  5. The poster moobs was selling a couple mate,drop him a pm I'm sure they're still available.
  6. That's irrelevant tbf. Thomas Cook have been a shambles since day 1. Personally I wouldn't pay the money for the day trips because I think it's a rip off but folk who are willing should at least have that option. What did they put on last year? 2 trips out of 7?
  7. You should try for a spot on the Clyde 1 fenian phone in,you'd fit right in.
  8. Wish I was under 14 again so I could give a fuck about this.
  9. Almost as annoying as Tom/Tommy saying Candeeiss
  10. Whatever the figure it's too much.
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