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  1. Man utd u23's

    No you wouldn't
  2. Riley Mcgree

  3. Bayern

    Thats not very pc
  4. Bayern

    We absolutely murdered them that night. That team could have easily went all the way.
  5. Bayern

    Thats some pretty incredible casual racism.
  6. Confirmation of the away game ballot process

    Ever heard the one about the time they banned some fans from a Scottish Cup Final ballot? Oh it's real,it's damn real.
  7. How many can you get?

    63. Made a few mistakes but still shite.
  8. Home and away kits on sale on Friday

    Home top is a belter but I'm fucked if I'm being ripped off for it. Blatantly ripping the utter cunt out of us.
  9. Stuart McCall

    Stuart M Coll
  10. BBC bias

  11. BBC bias

    Should of. Would of. Could of. Isn't that right @Perth_Campsie_Ger
  12. Kettle Enquiry (Rangers related)

    Winter is coming old man
  13. Gustavs display tomorrow

    That this is real
  14. Gustavs display tomorrow

    No danger
  15. Derek McInnes

    Omg op y u so itk