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  1. Im fucked already 😂 Off to steve aoki tonight,where i cant remember though and we have tickets for afrojack at a pool party on monday plus tickets to another 2 days/nights of our choice,all for $150. The fanny is unbelievable and the heat is almost unbearable. Nearly got into a scrap with a darkie last night because i called him 50 pence 😂 Security had to walk me out of the flamingo casino coz the cunt was shouting he was gonnae shoot me,hahaha. Wit a place man.
  2. Sitting in the airport with a scoop. Here we gooooooooo 😎
  3. 2 and a half hours left of work and im a free man.
  4. It absolutely hammered down the whole time
  5. I hope he does sign then wee mongs like you will be raging
  7. You said he had no end product. He did. You're talking pish.
  8. Aye no end product but
  9. You remember wrong then.
  10. Fwiw he would be an outstanding signing.
  11. That's just absolute fucking horse shit,i suggest you check the stats from that season
  12. Be quiet ya fucking rocket
  13. Theres been a media campaign against him from day 1 and the worst of it all is some of 'our own' are lapping it up.
  14. Fucking boy drinkers