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  1. I can pretty much guarantee it wasn't.
  2. If we sell both we won't win the league. I know I've said I want Morelos to go if the money is right but to sell Tav as well would be suicide for Gerrard and the board. That's upwards of 50 goals ├Żou take out of that team,no amount of money replaces that.
  3. Agreed. Lot of overconfidence from our end with fuck all to back it up.
  4. Never bought training gear in my life but ill be getting that.
  5. Don't really see a problem with this,at least it's sort of being done in advance and not just for one game at the end of my the season like Killie and they Hibs bastards have done previously. That being said,Motherwell are scum bastards so fuck them and their shitehole stadium. The best things to ever happen there were big Mohsni belting that wee Erwin wanker,and the fat Australian midget scoring 2 goals.
  6. Good for you ya massively obese mess.
  7. See if that's a c&p off a Rangers Facebook page I'm personally gonnae boot your fucking jaw aff ya fat Jamie Oliver bankrupt bastard.
  8. Go follow the fenians then ya midden.
  9. Away and give us all peace ya nugget.
  10. Hounded for wit ya fucking spacker
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