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  1. Probably have that Humza Shite doing running commentary as well. Bridge building
  2. Hopefully not. Fuck that wee tarrier sympathising,anti football prick.
  3. What does Coatbridge have to do with you copying the fenian and looking like a tit?
  4. "Mhedia" "Rhat" Stop spelling like a fucking catholic.
  5. I'd prefer anyone over Flannigan he's a fucking bombscare
  6. Fuck all wrong with that. Fuck Sunderland.
  7. He wrote it because he is a fucking fenian dog who thinks he can do whatever he pleases when it comes to us. That article is a fucking disgrace,at best it's completely xenophobic,at worst it's borderline fucking racism....and it exists because too many cunts like yourself think the best way to deal with these rodents and the bile they spew is to stick your fingers in your ears and pretend it doesn't exist.
  8. Imagine that was written about Dembele or the French u21 superstar....there would be fucking national outrage. Fucking dirty scum bastard.
  9. Of course its worthy of a fucking response. Sitting in fucking silence for years is the reason these filthy fenian bastards think the can say and write whatever the fuck they like.
  10. That's fucking appalling. He's a dirty heinous fenian cunt. Another bastard who's death I'll celebrate.
  11. @STEPPS BOY I fully expect you to have this midden pumped and to return home with a small collection of these crystals as proof of your victory.
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