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  1. You fuck up as well ya high cholestorol mess.
  2. Fuck up or i'll hack you ya fuckin jew
  3. I suppose even a miserable cunt like me can get on board with this. Should bang them in.
  4. Rangers Scotsman Forums

    Any prove of that?
  5. Goss

  6. Goss

  7. Goss

    i support the tims
  8. Goss

    2 friendlies Fuck up.
  9. Goss

    Hopefully he uses it wisely and boots legos jaw clean aff in march. Then it'll be an aye fae me.
  10. Goss

    Come back when he performs consistently when it matters.
  11. Andy Halliday speaks

    Hates the pope and the ira
  12. Scummy Evening Times

    Fuck the Evening Times. Fenian bastards.