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  1. Aye. Peter Piper picked a pish player.
  2. Ffs. Fuck it we should bring back Argyriou while we're at it.
  3. Sket

    Porto away

    The next one will be chaos man
  4. Sket

    Porto away

    That was a class trip.
  5. You should draw inspiration from me mate,I'm probably the most positive poster on the forum.
  6. Dumbed down is the best way to describe it.
  7. Screams of doing something for the sake of it. Suppose it will blend in a bit better with our shite new banners. Brutal stuff.
  8. Eyes shut. Fingers in the ears. Head up the arse and scream la la la. Everything is fine. 55 in the bag.
  9. Buzzing for this now. What a main event.
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