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  1. Sket


    I'm no his biggest fan but you're needing to fuck up
  2. Sket

    Europa League public sale?

    It is what it is I guess,if they were £30 a ticket you would still get someone saying it's too much. The way I look at it is similar to how supporters clubs run imo. ST holders package is slightly cheaper than a package for non season ticket holders. On a supporters bus,members will generally pay whatever it is for their membership etc and non members who wish to travel on the bus pay a bit more.
  3. Sket

    Europa League public sale?

    Absolutely they would. Christ people are paying upwards of a grand for a day trip. As I said,these games will sell out regardless of the price (when I say regardless I mean within reason) £40 a game here is well within reason imo.
  4. Sket

    Battle of Arnhem

    They had a strip in the colours of the paras a few years ago as well.
  5. Sket

    Europa League public sale?

    We are the lifeblood of the club. If you feel that aggrieved by it then don't pay it. Someone else will.
  6. Sket

    Europa League public sale?

    I don't think it's being ripped off at all. The demand is there and will be proven with 3 full houses at home. We can't complain about the tarriers being miles ahead of us financially then complain when the club try to maximise profits. Granted in some aspects I do feel like the board come the cunt but imo this is the one area they should be looking to get as much as they can. People will always complain. At the end of the day they will sell out and that's really all that matters at this stage.
  7. Sket

    Europa League public sale?

    Put simply,we can charge that because of the massive demand. If they were to charge the same they would have an empty stadium,they need to lower the price to sell tickets. If say charging £60 for a football top is more of a rip off than paying £40 to see us back playing in Europe.
  8. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    I can mind watching Rose break through as a youngster so it was nice to see him land such a massive pay day. Tiger winning again is just incredible.
  9. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    That was a great moment to witness. Delighted for Tiger. Happy for Rose as well,thought he'd blown it.
  10. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Absolute scenes 😂
  11. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    It's pretty much in the bag barring a monumental collapse. McIlroy has been absolutely dreadful.
  12. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    I mean poor in the sense of trying to play with the weight of 10 million on his shoulders. I get nerves putting for a fucking birdie 😂
  13. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Looks like it now. Poor Rose buckling under the pressure.
  14. Sket

    Mobile WiFi inside Ibrox

    Quiet ya fucking fenian bastard
  15. Sket

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    That shot from Tiger there is one I'm fucking excellent at 😂