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  1. Montys had a shandy. I remember my first beer.
  2. Ah unlucky. Wee S isn't going either. I've got Monday off so i can make a cunt of it. Think im booking up for Vegas again next year,just a week this time though
  3. This is going swimmingly
  4. Haha. That's 1 i owe you ya ride. You going to Sheffield?
  5. 2 and a mobile number
  6. 1 for Sheffield on Sunday
  7. Killie away. Rozenthal came off the bench
  8. Doesnt make him any less of a cunt.
  9. Years ago?
  10. Fuck george bowie. Fucking shite kid on dj cunt.
  11. I'll back him when he's earned it. Something tells me he'll be gone long before then though.
  12. Meet up for a scoop and a few lines ma man 👍
  13. 10 pages of 'aye but he's pyoor shiiiiite mahn'
  14. Displays and banners are spot on but 90% of their songbook is fucking cringeworthy shite.