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  1. Mines is a fucking belter im absolutely fuming 😂😂😂😂
  2. 1st outing for the troops new 1 yesterday as well
  3. Im just after saying that. Fucking grim.
  4. I don't think so but im not 100% certain. As far as i mind it was a few of our boys who walked it round. How it actually came about i have no idea as i was incredibly drunk that day. Our boys walked it round Ibrox on the day it was handed over as well.
  5. It was Sheffield mate aye. Boys walked it round the pitch. Had it up on the fence as well in the big bowling/rugby club place before the game as well and it was constantly mobbed with folk wanting pictures. Quite remarkable what came from,what was at the time,just a simple flag to pay our respects.
  6. It pretty much did,aye. That flag led to Lee's family coming up here to collect the flag at a small,low key presentation of sorts in Ibrox after she contacted us asking if she could have it. The club and ourselves made sure they were well looked after.
  7. Nothing been mentioned that im aware of mate
  8. Hes been absolutely fucking horrendous this season tbh,barring the odd game or 2. Wouldn't be fussed if he left.
  9. No bad fae you Willis
  10. To think some our our fans wanted us to stump up whatever St Johnstone wanted for him. Even 500k was way too much he's fucking murder. Hasnt kicked his own arse since day 1. Get him to fuck.
  11. Warbinwank......fucking hell thats dreadful
  12. No. I'd have Wallace play and start Beerman in McKays position.
  13. Should give him a game.
  14. You probably grass in fellow fans at at the games for singing naughty words.
  15. Its a fact that you're a cock
  16. Just shut up. I bet you're the type that calls yourself a H** to impress your tarrier mates.
  17. Naw. Don't be nosey.
  18. It isn't....unless a member of the first team has been lying.
  19. It's fucking pathetic. We claim to have this great support yet it's littered with braindead arseholes.
  20. I'd get rid of your shite threads before any of that team.
  21. From what i've heard regarding the players attitude to the extra training sessions and new coaching staff then i wouldn't be bothered at all if they all left.
  22. Awk fuck up. 'Proven'
  23. Beautiful. I'll be down there every night.
  24. Special request for the 11 catholics sacrificed
  25. Tickets came yesterday. Table 11 for the Whifflet Loyal