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  1. They dont give a fuck about what we think. Clubs a mess,they cunts will stroll to 10.
  2. None needed mate. Disgraceful situation after only 3 games. He needs sacked instantly.
  3. Just shut up.
  4. We get what we deserve. Seasons over.
  5. Whoever is responsible can fire the Whifflet Loyal on there.
  6. Using the word progress should be an indefinite ban. Fucking Luxembourg.
  7. January We're fucked if he's still in a job by then.
  8. You should refrain from giving your opinion in future. Lol
  9. He should be sacked before then. He should have been sacked before now.
  10. Hibee
  11. You're welcome.
  12. Won't happen
  13. I hate that dirty fenian bastard with an absolute passion. Sick of these fucking rats coming to our home and having the fucking run of the place,he should have had both his legs snapped in 2 yesterday. Scum bastard
  14. Put your tampon back in ya fucking blouse.
  15. So many cunts on here with their head up their arse.
  16. Embarrassing thread
  17. Ya fucking mess
  18. Naw you're clutching at straws blaming the ref and making excuses for a manager who is way out of his depth. The league will be over for October. Again. Disgraceful.
  19. Just imaine our manager wasn't a dud.
  20. Fuck up
  21. High flying on form hibs. Jesus christ give me strength. They were a championship team last year. Brutal.
  22. He doesnt have my support,he simply needs to go. He wont though. League will be over again for October. Fucking shambles of a club.
  23. Yeah,totally.