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  1. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    I'm not convinced.
  2. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    Well....we do,don't we? I know i certainly do.
  3. Season ticket renewal.

    As things stand,am i fuck.
  4. Club Statement

    Would you invest in a company run by an incompetent fucking liar? They are running us into the ground and we are allowing it to happen. The apathy is astounding.
  5. Club Statement

    Aw fuck up
  6. Club Statement

    Pathetic. They're not getting my season ticket money next year the lying,scum bastards.
  7. Derek McInnes

    Few things... 1. I'm glad he's knocked us back as he's not the winner we need. 2. The amount of people I've seen in the last half an hour hit out with this 'just give it to murty' pish,coupled with the astounding failures of the board,that this club from the boardroom to the stands lacks any ambition,hunger or drive to get us back to where we were. That club i grew up with is long long gone. A fucking continuous circus of embarrassing failures.
  8. Oli McBurnie

    Jobby Catholic 10
  9. Definite beast. General sports.
  10. Pedro back in management

    4 pages worth of 'he wiz a pure nice guy'
  11. Rangers fan pic from last night

    I would ask if you pumped any of them,but looking at you,well.....never mind.
  12. Bazza "on edge of seat"

  13. Cunts still making excuses for that dud
  14. UB v Aberdeen.

    No it wasn't
  15. Dallas gives us a pen

    Piece of prick 😂😂😂😂
  16. Murty

    'Ally is a nice guy' 'Pedro is a nice guy' 'Murty is a nice guy' Fuck up man,honestly
  17. Murty

    Should rename the forum flipflopmedia.
  18. team effort

    Im talking about the home game ya fucking gimp. Keep up.
  19. Dallas gives us a pen

    😂 ya fucking mess.
  20. Dallas gives us a pen

    You've became a slabbering,paranoid mess.
  21. team effort

    Just to point out...we put in the exact same performance against these notorious bottle merchants at the exact same time last season. We were a shambles then and we're still a shambles now. Tonight changes fuck all.
  22. Bruno Alves

    I only come on here to annoy wee poofs like you.