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  1. Lost ticket

    Scum behaviour
  2. McInnes- is it now or never?

    As much as im no a fan of Pedro,i just dont understand the constant fawning over this cunt.
  3. I'm still laughing at it tbh
  4. Andy Goram

    Met him once in a boozer and he was only happy to talk away to me.
  5. Bluebell Bar Cristianos

    Tell whoever is on the Whifflet Loyal said hi
  6. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    I wish we had 3 points everytime he spoke shite.
  7. St. Johnstone - Players Banned (for them)

    You know we are shite when people start bothering about what players will be missing for wee teams like st johnstone. Fuck me.
  8. Slovenia v Scotland

    Delicious tarrier tears.
  9. Slovak coach hints at underhand tactics.

    Op is having a mare. A big,messy,mongoloid,mare.
  10. Scotland v Slovakia

    Referring to a tarrier select as 'us' Rotten.
  11. Leaked Holland Home Shirt 2018

    Their tops are always crackers.
  12. New Strip old strip back

    The home top is cracking but am i fuck paying £55 they are taking us for fucking mugs.
  13. song for the young lad

    😂 i'm singing that next time im blazing.
  14. Third Kit..

    £55 for a basic looking 3rd kit 😂 Nah.
  15. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

  16. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    They're still at it 😂
  17. Just watching Newcastle v Liverpool

    As has been said. Fuck up.
  18. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Haha look at all the wee offended brigade.
  19. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Cunts going mental in the comments 😂
  20. Pedro the man.

    You're a fucking rocket
  21. Surely i cant be the only one absolutely fed up with the constant circus surrounding this club? We're a fucking basket case. Mind it used to just be about the football...