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  1. Rossy. Hererry. Morelly. Dalcy. Kranjcy. Stop.
  2. To think sections of our fanbase allowed him to sit amongst them at Ibrox as well. Should've been given a fucking hammering and dumped out the nearest exit.
  3. Another one who will bring a smile to my face upon hearing the news of his death. Horrible cunt.
  4. Should have. Come on to fuck man.
  5. Linfield whipping the cock out and scudding it aff miller and the rags dial.
  6. I'll hopefullt get booked up for the 3rd round
  7. The prices for cyprus are a joke
  8. Fucking shite im missing this.
  9. Wee staunchy
  10. Wit?
  11. What a fucking tadger
  12. Beat me to it. Fucking attention seeking pish.
  13. Absofuckinglutely spot on.
  14. He came out with this fucking bullshit in vegas as well.
  15. Someone's on the swally 😂 Was some trip lad.
  16. Real men sniff the gash directly
  17. Her arse is outstanding.
  18. The one i seen was Manchester I'm sure.
  19. Nikola Bonova. Was sat next to her at the Davie Provan tribute dinner in ibrox a couple of years ago. Some bit of gear.
  20. They told Linfield they didn't want tickets because they are 1 serious offence away from being banned.
  21. How many times is that we've 'banned' them now? They'll be back.
  22. That's ironic,given your skinny jeans and poofy haircut.
  23. I'll wear a top wherever and whenever i fucking want.