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  1. That was a shocking 'challenge'! Red every day of the week! Will be happy to get out of this game without an injury tbh
  2. I think we have played great, the scoreline flatters the Heed tbh
  3. Indeed, as long as it is not them getting the money!
  4. Spoke to Kenny Mac last night on Twatter, he believe that Warburton really wants to come to us! Been chatting together alot, for 'research' apparently. I think that is a good sign!
  5. Wasn't aware being overweight was catchy lol
  6. Haha his whole body what his white bit! Factor 50 loyal! lol
  7. Haha! I actually think he did ok for us when he was in, just let down by his defence. Never met another footballer, though was in Sharm at the same time as Rooney, but missed him at Buhda Bar as i was there the night after him.
  8. For a Ginger he actually did ok in the sun lol
  9. Ha, i wish!! Closest i have been to a footballer was staying in the same hotel as Lee Robinson in Egypt before he signed. lol his jokes are terrible!
  10. I mentioned yesterday on here (or FF) that i believed they were down to sorting terms. Was just my opinion, i don't know anyone or anything, but seems i may have been right.
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