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  1. We are more than linked with him, Calvin Bassey joined the other day.
  2. I think it would have been better holding off the launch to think the pricing structure through. I remember having to fund season tickets so know its not easy for most but they still do it in huge numbers. Doing well although relocating shortly and getting hitched again! Hope you and yours are doing well too.
  3. It should be part of the season ticket, if you buy one you are a member. Even if they put a little extra on the tickets (£10-15 as you said). Then charge £25-30 for non sesson ticket holders (like me as I can't get to games regularly anymore for various reasons). Should be some benefit to being a season ticket holder and a discounted membership should be one. £50 will put a lot off joining, especially with the current situation.
  4. They have a deal with Andy Murray and have done golf, tennis and lifestyle ranges up to now. This is the start of their attempt to expand into football. It seems they have a track record in supplying technical clothing for tennis and are looking at EPL and Bundesliga clubs to deal with. They've raised money to expand into foitball, if we are first then I imagine we'll get a lot of attention paid to our kit, rather than being an afterthought for the bigger brands. Certainly, the supposed designs for next season look decent.
  5. Being looked at by Arsenal and a couple of other top EPL clubs, he'll be way out of our price range, even with money from Alfredo.
  6. Unfortunately its the rules these days. Players have to leave the pitch at the closest point when being replaced. Its to stop the time wasting that used to happen walking off. He is a completely useless ref, without having a go at him for something that he didn't get wrong. Surely its the stewards and police that should be amongst the junkies stopping them.
  7. Not just him, one of the backroom staff too. I just saw a player running to his team mate and having to protect himself from the unwarranted attention of a taig in uniform.
  8. There are much worse places, Coatbridge springs readily to mind.
  9. Almost like getting another Portugese team and just up the road from me so would be a winner.
  10. The Maguire incident was checked and the VAR officials said no red card. It doesn't get announced if its a negative check but not a goal. VAR was supposed to be for 'clear and obvious' errors. The offside nonsense is way beyond that. They are taking minimal calls. If they stick to the 'clear and obvious' principle then I'd have less of an issue.
  11. Almost scored a second, looking the better, if smaller team. Mebude and Kennedy playing very well. Solid at the back too.
  12. 1-0 Rangers, Mebude scored. Its on the BBC hurdy gurdy channel with Ross Tokely summarising.
  13. No need to 'trawl' for anything and I'm certainly not 'offended' (whatever thats supposed to be). If Clancy is just a 'poor' ref, you'd expect the balance of poor decisions to even out but they dont. Its not 'being offended' to expect parity and fair treatment by an official. Oh and I was absolutely delighted with the win despite the officiating. Funnily enough it is perfectly possible to express both delight at the outcome AND question the partiality of the officials. They aren't mutually exclusive. Your ilk are the very reason referees like Clancy are still officiating at the highest level. I want officials to be even handed (its how I was taught to officiate), isn't it better to question from the standpoint of winners than be dismissed as sore losers?
  14. I actually believe he is being serious, know him from when I lived up there and had a season ticket. I'd just like him to justify his position in light of events surrounding the game. Its all very well disagreeing but he has no evidential basis for his stance.
  15. Theres none so blind as cannot see. Can you justify Clancys decision making, the Sun dragging up an incident from last season and the BBCs reporting of Christie being cited as anything other than bias? I can honestly say I've never seen a performance as poor/biased even in a Sunday league game. Now is the time to press the point as we can't be accused of being sore losers. Its two games in a row against that shower that officials have favoured them. Its just this time we were far better than them. Even my friends down here have taken notice and they have no affiliation to either side (I'm working on it though).
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