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  1. Its a different league and, although I'd rather we were looking at younger players, I do think he would improve the current squad. I'm certainly not suggesting we go all out to get him at Ibrox. He struggled to make a difference in a very, very poor Norwich side. Sometimes moves don't work out as planned but I don't think he's become as poor a player as you suggest.
  2. Woy of the (Blackburn) Wovers trained the England team there at one point.
  3. Its a National Sports Centre. England trained there until they moved to St Georges Park. Its now used by a range of other sports and I think theres a rehab centre there. http://www.bishamabbeynsc.co.uk
  4. Watford train at London Colney at Arsenals old training ground.. Its a bit of a trek from Watford to Bisham Abbey.
  5. Thats not how it came across. You appeared to suggest he never improved after he left us and he definitely did at Everton. That Norwich team was an utter shambles and there was no way he was making that much of a difference.
  6. You, obviously, didn't watch many Everton games. Alternatively, your hatred is clouding your opinion of him after he left us. He was very highly regarded during his time there for his ability as well as his effort. It was only Koeman who sidelined him.
  7. No we won't we are at Bisham Abbey this week using the facilities there according to Pedro.
  8. I bet it wouldn't be Orange Capri Sun, they'll be boycotting that. Fish finger sandwiches only for Friday night games.
  9. Even Stewart Milne isn't interested in changing the decision (unless they have something to hide). Looks like its just the fenians pushing for anything to change and thats just for show I reckon.
  10. He did consider a pay cut, the length of contract was the major issue. He went to Crystal Palace for the '12 months' so would have been earning more than enough. I get that some people resent that he tried to get what he felt his contract stated but there is a huge amount of conflation and inaccuracy surrounding what happened. He asked for 2 years and each time he rejected the one year deal they cut the salary on every subsequent offer (always one year deals). I get the feeling they wanted him gone so behaved as they did. I would have given him 2 years, he was comfortably more reliable than what followed up until Foderingham. I have a lot of time for him he, clearly, loved being at the club and always gave his best and appreciated the support.
  11. Never put anything past the 'journalists' at those two rags.
  12. He went to Palace after us and never played for Hull so someone made that up (probably was in the Record or Sun).
  13. No court case as far as I'm aware it was an arbitration panel (more media inaccuracy) the wage wasn't the issue with the offer (although with 70% reduction, considering the wages of some at the time, I'd not be too impressed) just the length of contract. I have no idea about his wages at Crystal Palace but would guess they were much better than he was offered for one year here, at the very least 2 to 3 times better (at a guess) given the wages in England. I wonder how much we paid Cammy Bell?
  14. It was about the length of the new contract not the wages and it wasn't about 'standard of living' (although the media/Green may have said it was that) it was about security for his family over a slightly longer term than 12 months.