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  1. Theres a BT Sport App available.
  2. Harry Redknapp

    Took an entire minute of a dull Sunday. The wonders of modern technology. It really wasn't 'research'.
  3. Harry Redknapp

    His managerial `honours' in over 30 years as a manager. Bournemouth Football League Division Three: 1986–87 Football League Trophy: 1983–84 West Ham United UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1999 Portsmouth Football League Division One: 2002–03 FA Cup: 2007–08 Queen Park Rangers Football League Championship play-offs: 2013–14 He's just been sacked after losing his first 6 games at Birmingham after signing about a dozen players. He's 70 years old. You think he'd be a good appointment.
  4. Clarke Carlisle gone missing

    Balshaw's Church of England High School
  5. Gascoigne

    We can only be thankful for that.
  6. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    John Jeffay, have a look at his twitter page. https://mobile.twitter.com/sellthatstory?lang=en
  7. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    So the 'journalist' whos name is on the article seems to be linked to sellthatstory.com. No chance the creature got paid for the story is there? Just shows the depths to which 'journalism' has descended. Even our own(?) will write any shite just for a few pieces of silver.
  8. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    I did make that very point in the post you replied to. Its a balance but I believe its, too often, tilted towards personal gain rather than personal integrity.
  9. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    Hes freelance though so he doesnt have a boss. He could be more selective in the pieces he chooses to write. If he was an employee you would have more of a point.
  10. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    I believe all journalists should be banned. Thats not an opinion on him as an individual. I know its not Admin policy so no point reporting him. Again you missed the point. The logic I used is, I post an opinion, people may or may not agree. I know there is no policy to ban journalists ergo, there is no basis to report anyone. That seems far more logical than your Quixotic suggestion.
  11. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    Do you really believe that its 'redressing the balance' when he writes from whatever 'angle' is dictated to him? If there was a shred of integrity about it you may be correct but then he wouldn't be in a job if he didn't do as instructed.
  12. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    You seem to have missed my point or, chosen to miss it. It was a general point that, given the lifting of quotes from this site it should be policy that journalists are banned from the site. Nothing to do with any 'rules' being broken. Its my personal opinion so why do you imagine I'd report him to Admin? Very odd thing to assume from my post.
  13. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    He's a 'journalist' thats reasin enough for him to be removed from the site, given the propensity of his profession to twist contributions on here for their own ends (particularly those associated with his paymaster in this instance). This is a forum thats about expressing opinions amongst fellow supporters. As such it should be closed to any and all journalists.
  14. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    You write whatever they dictate you to, seems very much like a secretary and certainly not a journalist. Its symptomatic of the quality of the SMSM that 'journalists' appear to lack any shred of integrity and will churn out whats decreed from above, rather than just cover the story as it presents itself without a dictated angle.
  15. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    So you're not really a journalist, more of a secretary taking dictation. Thats not a question more a statement based on your 'I was only following orders'. My questions are; I thought you were a freelance and wrote articles for several publications/comics? Has that changed to you being a hired gun for the comic that is the Record?