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  1. No need to 'trawl' for anything and I'm certainly not 'offended' (whatever thats supposed to be). If Clancy is just a 'poor' ref, you'd expect the balance of poor decisions to even out but they dont. Its not 'being offended' to expect parity and fair treatment by an official. Oh and I was absolutely delighted with the win despite the officiating. Funnily enough it is perfectly possible to express both delight at the outcome AND question the partiality of the officials. They aren't mutually exclusive. Your ilk are the very reason referees like Clancy are still officiating at the highest level. I want officials to be even handed (its how I was taught to officiate), isn't it better to question from the standpoint of winners than be dismissed as sore losers?
  2. I actually believe he is being serious, know him from when I lived up there and had a season ticket. I'd just like him to justify his position in light of events surrounding the game. Its all very well disagreeing but he has no evidential basis for his stance.
  3. Theres none so blind as cannot see. Can you justify Clancys decision making, the Sun dragging up an incident from last season and the BBCs reporting of Christie being cited as anything other than bias? I can honestly say I've never seen a performance as poor/biased even in a Sunday league game. Now is the time to press the point as we can't be accused of being sore losers. Its two games in a row against that shower that officials have favoured them. Its just this time we were far better than them. Even my friends down here have taken notice and they have no affiliation to either side (I'm working on it though).
  4. Its usually the club secretary (definitely in England, used to do it for the Sunday team I was secretary of and know a non league secretary that does it now), taking account of the managers views of course. I think the higher you go the mire of a formailty it is. I think it needs a root and branch reform in Scotland and foreign refs for games like yesterday, you need the best there is and Scottish referees are beyond poor.
  5. Not sure but its similar to England I think. Here, as well as assessors at games, both clubs give the referee a mark out of 10. If they score below a certain mark it has to be explained. They get a point for turning up on time, one for wearing the right kit and one for kicking off in time, if I remember rightly. Most of them will be getting 8s and 9s. These get added to any assessors reports and referees, at lower levels, get promoted on the basis of performance. I dont think you are likely to see anything published, refereeing in Scotland is very much a closed shop. England used to be much the same but has improved a little in the last few years.
  6. They, generally, have assessors at the game to assess the referees performance. Usually an ex referee though and unlikely to be highly critical of performances like the one yesterday. Some years ago I was on a course with a guy who was an SFA assessor and he spent a lot of time defending the referees when I questioned some of the decisions I'd seen. Its all very much an in-house process. I'd like to see assessors from other countries take a look and see how they assess the decision making that seems to be weighted against Rangers more often than not.
  7. I've only just seen it, been a bit busy with various things recently. Will sort it this morning. Have a Merry Christmas.
  8. They've had those seats for many years, not even close to glory hunters. They are Mancunians supporting their local team. A bit like Satty Singh and his boys. I'm sure there were plenty that called Rangers fans glory hunters before recent events, its lazy and unwarranted in the case of most match going fans. Rangers and United were the only clubs that kept their attendances at the same level when they played in lower divisions. Very few glory hunters in comparison to the hardcore supporters. You need to look at other clubs for glory hunters I could name at least two in the EPL with plenty of evidence (you wont like the name of either I guess?).
  9. Wrexham are in the relegation zone of the same league Solihull Moors are. They have had a very poor season so far so should be less of a threat than Solihull were, especially at Ibrox.
  10. No he will never be eligible. The Home Nations have a 5 years of education in the country rule to stop that sort of thing happening. Unless he was at school in Scotland for 5 years prior to 18 he wont get in.
  11. You can see the team mate running on to the ball. Anderson was always doing tricks like that at Man United.
  12. It will be some time before womens football gets close to the EPL or La Liga. The US league has been a disaster. It needs careful handling to grow sustainably. The WSL seem to be being cautious with their promotion of the game. Man United will play, predominantly, at Leigh Sports Village, only selected games will move to Old Trafford if thats seen to be the best for the team. Arsenal (the current champions) have played at Borehamwood for years. I'm sure they'll look for bigger premises in the near future but regular matches at the Emirates are a way off.
  13. The overheads are much smaller, the wages are, considerably lower, and so financing for the womens game is a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things. That, along with attracting a new audience and, new sponsors, mitigates any losses. Of course there is a way to go but, in a short space of time, significant progress has been made.
  14. 31,000 at the the Etihad yesterday would beg to differ that 'theres no appetite' for it. The WSL has made great progress in a very short time. Improving the skill levels and the competitiveness of the leagues will help. The fact that few womens teams had support from established clubs was part of the issue.
  15. Wednesday 18th apparently. They played Warrenpoint today.
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