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  1. Murty's league record is it good enough

    I think your last paragraph sums up the reality of the situation. If we had greater funds we would be looking in a different market. For what resources he has and the time frame he has had I think its not far off as good as we could expect. No its not good enough for Rangers but the fault isn't, to a great extent, at his or Mark Allens door. They have got better performances from existing players and bought in, on the whole, a better standard of player than we have had. Getting a change in approach to training and performance takes time and, I believe, a pre season, with some personnel changes will make a big difference. They will need to hit the ground running though and a couple of experienced additions (especially at CB and a couple of natural on-field leaders) are needed to move things forward.
  2. David Astori

    Apparently worth around a million a year so should help the family in some way. He had been due to sign the deal but it was postponed due to the weather so he never did. You would hope this is how clubs would react to such a tragedy. Saw a player on loan from Fiorentina, in Portugal, had to be substituted when he found out during a game. There seems to have been a genuine affection for him amongst his peers, something for the family to take pride in over the coming years.
  3. David Astori

    Looks like they are honouring the 4 year contract he was due to sign rather than an indefinite contract. 'And following a Serie A meeting, Italian Olympic Committee President Giovanni Malago confirmed Fiorentina will honour their deal by offering the wages of his deal to his wife, Francesca, and two-year-old daughter.'
  4. They say it's not obsession....

    It was for the cup game the required away allocation is bigger than for league games as far as I remember. the cordon was in BF4 on Sunday.
  5. Goss

    He isn't 'injury prone' and never was. He had a broken back that kept him out of football for a prolonged period. He has had no injuries since and has been back playing for some time without any issues. He has a great reputation and was being wasted at QPR so I'd imagine he will be keen to push his career on with a European challenge which he can only get at one of the Rangers he is associated with. That and playing in front of 50,000 every other week should be a motivation for a young man with his track record.
  6. Murty wants permanent goss move this summer

    He doesn't have to 'renege' just make it clear he wants to leave. It happens all the time in the modern game. They will get a fee and not have an unhappy player on their hands. Theres always a way to make things happen if he really wants to move. At 22 I'd not be averse to waiting 18 months and get him on a pre contract. Thats his ultimate bargaining tool. Let him leave and get a fee or don't and he goes for nothing a bit and doesnt perform at his optimum for the remainder of his contract.
  7. Murty wants permanent goss move this summer

    He was still under contract at Man United but chose to leave. They have a buy back clause as well but doubt they'll activate it. Players have enough power to make contracts virtually meaningless these days, although the fee may be an issue.
  8. Murty wants permanent goss move this summer

    The player can do something though and he has done that in the past. I'm sure given the option of a struggling QPR and a resurgent Rangers (with European football) there is only one choice for his career.
  9. Goss

    They'd move from semi pro to pro football. The ones I've spoken to are mostly former pros who've been there and still want to play. Its playing at the highest level they can that motivates them they don't need the couple of hundredgme that they might get. If it was a choice between a Championship club at £10k and hardly playing and a League One club with regular starts and £8k a week most would pick the League One option. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5412143/amp/Olivier-Giroud-reveals-left-Arsenal-Chelsea.html https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/connor-coady-liverpool-wolves-leaving-14303222.amp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/08/25/tom-cleverley-exclusive-right-leave-manchester-united-everton/amp/ Just a small selection of players leaving comfortable contracts just to play football.
  10. Goss

    I think you're being too cynical. Sean Goss is, conclusively, one that doesn't put money first. Having spent many years involved with non-league football in England and speaking to a number of former professionals who still play at that level its definitely about the game not the cash. As I said its the agents who chase the cash, especially at the higher levels.
  11. Goss

    Can you explain why he left Manchester United and a comfortable wage to join a team in the Championship for 'cash'? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/manchester-united-youngster-sean-goss-12521690.amp He wants to play football. If you talk to most footballers its about playing. Its their agents that tend to chase the money.
  12. Goss

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Hospital_Wegberg Thats where he was born. Was at Exeters Academy at 8 grew up in Devon. Has spoken about it previously.
  13. Goss

    I'm sure Military Hospitals are classed as British soil and he grew up in Exeter, was at their academy from the age of 8. George Berry was the other example that springs to mind he was born in Germany but qualified for Jamaica or any of the home countries. As long as he carries on playing like he did today he could be from Outer Mongolia for all it really matters.
  14. Goss

    In an RAF Hospital at Regsberg. Nothing German about him unless Terry Butcher is Singaporean??!
  15. Goss

    He isn't German though! Everything else is spot on.