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  1. Barrie was had been released by Killie hadn't he? I reckon 4 years at West Ham would equate to 50 at Killie in development terms. Players like Rashford spent their entire youth career at one club. Even Giggs was at City so not entirely a Man United youth product.
  2. Have you forgotten the Dembele conversion factor? We must always add a couple of 0s to any valuation for it to be acceptable in Scotland these days.
  3. Chelsea have the same set up now as they had with McEachran, there are many many more over the same period dotted about London who went through the same conveyor belt only for Chelsea to buy Costa, Luiz (again) etc etc. There are many other English clubs where he would have a better chance of a career if things didn't work out initially. Chelsea have a particularly poor track record over the years. Maybe you need to have a clue about youth football in England before you make statements you can't back up without resorting to childish insults.
  4. John Terry spent 4 years at West Ham (1991 - 1995). Chelsea got him at 14/15 from them.
  5. Rangers youth set up and situation has changed since Hutton came through. You obviously didn't think that through to any extent did you?
  6. All he has to do is look at Josh McEachran and see his future if he goes to Chelsea
  7. If the same plans were in place here as at City and King was coughing up.the same amount then no one would be complaining. Problem is theres no plan and the only cash has come in as loans. You can't seriously be comparibg the 2?.Maybe more like DKs first love, Liverpool and you hear plenty of complaints from them.
  8. He is under 16 so not on a professional contract just on youth registration. This will be his first contract. Chelsea have around 38 youth team players on loan so chances of him getting on are limited. If he goes it will be for money not football or his long term career.
  9. Its also got Jackie Charlton in the picture which unless it was a Fairs Cup quarter Final in 1968 rules Ibrox out.
  10. I only made the mistake once. If only those devices from Men in Black were real and could be for specific things I'd erase all memory of that vile creature and its divisive group.
  11. Because you never look at any SoS related sites?
  12. Has Ralston realised he isn't any good at journalism and is now seeking to steal a wage via Rangers in a more direct way. As for the rest then, other than the usual suspects ( 2 and 4 to 8) I reckon Mhairi sounds like a prime bridge building candidate for the name alone.
  13. We get ya now bruv (or do you prefer cuz or blud?).
  14. Arsenal wont be happy if Bournemouth steal Toral. Although they may prefer Hyndman but the beard would give it away.
  15. Jesus wept. Theres not even a place in this universe to start with that pile of utter lunacy.