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  1. RFC Eagle


    I live in England and had the same commentators McClean and McCoist. Could have been a radio commentary that was picked up but its always the same, its like getting the half wit Crocker on Sky all the time. BT Sport seems to only employ taigs or their sympathisers. Plenty of brutal English commentators around although less agenda driven.
  2. RFC Eagle


    It was exactly the same BT Sports commentary team in England for the game. Its usually the same Sky commentators too.
  3. RFC Eagle

    Graham Dorrans

    They should start at Level 42?
  4. RFC Eagle

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    He went a while back I think cushy sent him on his way.
  5. RFC Eagle

    Stephen Darby

    There are 4 different types but ALS (the one Fernando has) is the most common form. I don't think the type relates to the severity just the locations that the symptoms appear and progress to. Its an horrendous diagnosis that you wouldn't wish on anybody. It does seem there may be a link between physical activity (footballers seem particularly prone) and risk of developing MND but its not been fully confirmed.
  6. RFC Eagle


    Its more the ball being ahead of him that places him onside. At that point everything else is irrelevant.
  7. RFC Eagle


    Which particular school are you trying to blame (I'd think carefully before you answer)? With the Putin reference, I was just pointing out your tendency for making an utter clown of yourself and suggesting you stick to one part of RM to try and save you from yourself. Strange mention of inconsistency coming in such an incoherent response! I'll leave you with this, from a man who knows about winning and whats required.
  8. RFC Eagle

    Robert Fleck/Glenn Middleton similarites

    Both have a spell at Norwich City on their CVs.
  9. RFC Eagle

    Albion Car Park or other

    I always used to use the container depot on Broomloan Road, that was as close as the Albion and only £5 to park. A pain to get out of at times though.
  10. RFC Eagle


    Strikers have made careers playing on the edge of offside, experience will help improve him there. It wasn't just yesterday that he has been, wrongly, flagged offside. He is, in football terms, still learning. This is only his 3rd full season as a professional and he will mature. Footballing maturity isn't about age its about experience and he now has a management/coaching team with high level experience to learn from. The sending off in Russia was ridiculous, he wasn't the first player to kick the ball away and the ref was overly keen to penalise him. I'm pretty sure there was some amount of bias in the decision (or utter ineptitude) as is the case in a number of decisions in league games this season. 6 goals in 13 games is the stat that really stands out amongst all of it. Its also the one that will count at the end of the season.
  11. RFC Eagle


    Asprilla was a lunatic off the field as well as on and 5 years older than Morelos when he was at Newcastle, its nowhere near comparable. I think its more akin to the current Zaha situation. He gets frustrated at what he sees as the injustuce of the officials. The number of times he gets fouled with no consequence or penalised for being stronger than his opponent is where you see him react. As he gets more experience he'll learn to temper his frustration and channel it. I wouldn't want him to lose that part of him I think its integral to his game. Its just learning how to direct it effectively. His physicality is key to his game and all he does is dish out what he's getting. The spitting 'incident' was laughable, show me a footballer who hasn't spat at some point? He wasn't even close to spitting at the player. Another example of the hysterical nonsense that gets trumped up against Rangers players.
  12. RFC Eagle

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I'm sure its a mixture of actual posts and made up ones. I'm sure a proportion of them believe yesterday was a fix. They are masters of delusion.
  13. RFC Eagle

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You know thats a spoof account?
  14. RFC Eagle


    His performances have been much less embarassing for him than your responses are. He is a young striker and far from the finished product but when international footballers, with more knowledge of the game than some random know nothing, give their opinion then I'd suggest it carries an amount more weight than yours. I note you haven't been able to mount any sort of rational counter. You're debating skills are as bereft as your football knowledge. Maybe stick to your pro Putin rants in the Politics section, they are, at least, humorous in their ridiculousness.
  15. RFC Eagle


    Radamel Falcao and Steven Gerrard don't agree. I think I'll go with the opinion of professionals rather than a random on the internet, unless of course you are a former international footballer or the holder of a UEFA Pro Licence? There does seem to be an interesting correlation between the players you choose to take against.