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  1. Only a taig would hurl abuse at a Rangers player on the street.
  2. He was a disaster at Fulham. He recommended Hangeland to use cheese soaked in alcohol to cure a thigh injury!! https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/sep/20/fulham-farewell-magath-felix-madcap
  3. Games have been cancelled before on safety grounds. It depends what conditions are like around the ground. Doesn't matter if the pitch is perfect.
  4. Because we can't afford Les Reed and Wilson is one of his right hand men so knows the role expected of him. He is responsible for all aspects of recruitment, coaches and players at all levels. Its scouting but at a different level and he will be there to ensure that the ethos of the club is maintained at all levels. His experience with the 'Black Box' at Southampton could indicate the way that the Board envisage the club going. If they get this right it will go a long way to changing my opinion of them. I still want to see a better investment model in place though.
  5. You don't really want to do the comparison do you? Just look at the goalscoring record and Torres is/was an out and out striker. Calling him world class is to massively overrate him at any point in his career.
  6. It was a pasty he was eating. Big lad has an offer as pie taster in chief for Morrisons.
  7. Heres some more on him from when he got the Brentford job. Therrs a Herald article but its subscription and not paying that. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.getwestlondon.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/brentford-bring-set-piece-coach-ac-9565804.amp?client=ms-android-orange-gb
  8. It could be that they are asking about how the 'Moneyball' system operates rather than looking to appoint him. I'd imagine he is a Benham appointee and came in when the system was implemented 20 or so months ago. Would be surprised if we go for him.
  9. You didn't see Gilks on his Wigan debut did you? He had a shocker. He is at the same level as Wes, no better and no worse. Its why he has spent the majority of his career in the lower leagues in England.
  10. Any incident must be fully investigated but, the whole point is how both clubs have dealt with the situations. Rangers sacked Neely and he stayed sacked parents were asked if they wanted to formalise allegations and were unaware of the allegations against Dunn. Once made aware the club are co-operating fully with the police investigation. You wonder why Lothian and Borders did nothing when it was first reported 25 years ago? They covered it up and welcomed him back into the beastly heart of their disgusting club.
  11. Wait half an hour and it will be in todays paper.
  12. Raking it in in China.
  13. Would you like to tell Frank and his agent that? http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15092105.Price_could_be_right_if_De_Boer_is_offered_Rangers_job___agent/ http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/10763587/frank-de-boer-says-he-8216would-listen8217-if-rangers-approached-him-to-become-their-manager
  14. This is an interesting piece from outside the EPL in England and interesting comments from Robbie Nielson. http://www.theleaguepaper.com/features/7085/dunlavy-column-once-ridiculed-by-harry-directors-of-football-are-now-a-key-part-of-the-game/ The Huddersfield situation is interesting given that Wilson was employed there.