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  1. You know he was playing left back at that point? His commitment and attitude are exactly what we should be looking for in any player we sign. He was a very long way from being 'pish'. Maybe you should ask Harry Redknapp about who he'd wish he had a team of at that time? Instead he had wasters like Samba who was a disaster, despite his reputation. Who would you be signing for the position we are in? You know he won the John Greig award last night?
  2. You know he was 31/32 when he joined QPR and 33 when he played (mostly left back) in the EPL? He was far from 'pish' and was highly regarded by QPR fans unlike some his more illustrious but lazy and uncommitted team mates. His attitude is the thing that needs to be instilled in every single player at the club. He may not be a Baresi in terms of ability but you can guarantee he will give you everything on the pitch. Would that others would do the same.
  3. It sounds like he was trying to say the players had no confidence and that they are still adjusting to a new and tougher training regime. Maybe there is a collective realisation that many of them aren't good enough and a number wont be here next season. It says a lot about them that they reacted as they did and none of it is good.
  4. http://www.nuneatontownfc.com/news/capacity-increase-in-capacity-at-the-coombe-abbey-1748693.html If the work has been done it will be 4100.
  5. Puts everything into perspective. A real loss to the game, he was a top player, highly respected young coach and a fine man. RIP Ugo, gone too soon.
  6. They specified that the earliest panel would be after the semi final. Its ridiculous and appears that there was a panel sitting today to cover the Morton/Hibs episode. You'd have thought that would have been ideal for a fast track hearing, although Lennon got extra time because Hibs lawyer wasn't available!! A complete omnishambles.
  7. The Compliance Officer would have sent the letter offering a 2 game ban to Schalk, Thumbs must still be lost in the post. If it had been rejected it would have gone to the panel with Legoeaters appeal. The SFA said prior to the weekend that the panel would be on the 28th. Its almost as though they were giving him a green light to do what he wanted and still be available. Its a joke of an organisation. Surely they can't all be on holiday, the panel is taken from a list and they should make sure it sits after every round of matches.
  8. That was covered earlier in one of the 2 threads. In 'English notes' was the request, apparently.
  9. Lots of very drunk fans that day. I was on my best behaviour (great being able to belt out the songs without fear of getting lifted) as I was driving and staying at my folks.
  10. I remember it well I was there with my late wife. Did some of the Wednesday boys walk round with it as well? It got an incredible reception. Rangers support at their finest.
  11. Michael Mols? Never met anyone with a bad word to say about him and he has a genuine love for Rangers and the fans.
  12. It was the game in Sheffield that that made its debut if I recall? It was one of those things that struck a chord with the support and its gone from there. I'm sure his mum gave Rangers a special mention at the time.
  13. I think I saw £9000 mentioned somewhere but not sure if thats just for the game or the whole amount?
  14. I find this helpful. 'You've chosen to ignore content from Copland bear' Its either that or you'll end up doing this