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  1. It said in a report he played as a Trialist, would imagine it will be done shortly though. Not seen him play but he is highly regarded, by all reports, and got an U17 cap at 15, albeit for Albania. He impressed Tottenham enough for them to sign him. I think it all shows the regard our Academy is held in, plus there is probably a 'Gerrard effect' to a degree.
  2. We now seem to be picking up talent from other leagues though. With Balde and Ritchie-Hosler, from highly rated academies, following Coombes-Young and, hopefully, with Rachi to follow they are on a different level to many that have gone before.
  3. @govanblue or @Zetland Put me on the ABUS list, I'm sure you'll get plenty to cover the ne'er do wells who let a petty issue get in the way of helping out.
  4. Probably the best time to play them, they wont be as used to the change in performance from last seasons pitch. Its supposed to be a lot closer to grass than other artificial pitches as its a different construction.
  5. Actually its the mirror image of the sanskrit one, and closer to the one Finland uses for its air force (and had prior to the NSDAP). Poor choice to spam like that, sure the point could have been made differently. I'll donate when I get paid tomorrow.
  6. Yes, new rule coming in to force in the mens game for next season.
  7. Is that not from last year, goes all the way to the group stages. I'll just take whatever they give us and hope we do at least as well as last year.
  8. Same here, know a few who've met him at different times not one had a bad word to say about him. His problem seems to be similar to George Best. They both lived for football, at the start it wasn't about money or fame they just love the game and had an exceptional talent. Once their careers finished they've tried anything to get that feeling back. The problem is its only booze or drugs that either gets them there or blots it all out. Combine that with chancers looking to take advantage and you have a recipe for disaster. Its beyond sad that there doesn't seem a solution to it. I dont want Paul going the same way as George but it has an inevitability about it.
  9. Ewan McColl (not his birth name althougb Kirstys Dad) who wrote the song was pretty taigy though.
  10. I can't disagree vehemently enough. He hasn't the character required to be a Rangers player. Only ever done moderately ok at diddy clubs. Had his chance at a big club and blew it with his attitude. He's found his level and its nowhere near where we need to be.
  11. The ref will put in his report what he saw to warrant the caution. Its standard practice to take the referees decision as final when he has cautioned a player. If they are going to upgrade red cards then players should be allowed to challenge them. It doesn't matter what ,'people on here' think, what matters is the integrity of the game and its become a joke in Scotland. If this is the incident the club take a stand on then so be it, it should have happened long before this.
  12. The ref on the day didn't think so. His decision should be final. The panel should only take action when the referee misses an incident. They should defend Flanagan as he was cautioned by the referee on the day. That should be an end of the matter. He was defending his space at the corner, he didn't catch Lego in the face and the charge is, materially, incorrect. The last is the strongest defence, the referee did see the incident, the charge states he didn't.
  13. Its not whether it was a red card (the referee deemed it a yellow card offence) its the lack of parity, Simunovic was equally as guilty and hasn't been cited. As was stated earlier in the thread its a 3 taig panel that makes it up as they go along. I think the CO refers incidents, hence no referral of their thugs.
  14. Its not 'her', its a 3 taig panel that made the Flanagan decision. Not even sure what she does now tbh. I'm guessing the fact that Sportscene highlighted it and not Simunovic assaulting Defoe thats behind the bias.
  15. He's 31, decent age for a keeper. Was very highly rated earlier in his career at Peterborough.
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