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  1. No he will never be eligible. The Home Nations have a 5 years of education in the country rule to stop that sort of thing happening. Unless he was at school in Scotland for 5 years prior to 18 he wont get in.
  2. You can see the team mate running on to the ball. Anderson was always doing tricks like that at Man United.
  3. It will be some time before womens football gets close to the EPL or La Liga. The US league has been a disaster. It needs careful handling to grow sustainably. The WSL seem to be being cautious with their promotion of the game. Man United will play, predominantly, at Leigh Sports Village, only selected games will move to Old Trafford if thats seen to be the best for the team. Arsenal (the current champions) have played at Borehamwood for years. I'm sure they'll look for bigger premises in the near future but regular matches at the Emirates are a way off.
  4. The overheads are much smaller, the wages are, considerably lower, and so financing for the womens game is a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things. That, along with attracting a new audience and, new sponsors, mitigates any losses. Of course there is a way to go but, in a short space of time, significant progress has been made.
  5. 31,000 at the the Etihad yesterday would beg to differ that 'theres no appetite' for it. The WSL has made great progress in a very short time. Improving the skill levels and the competitiveness of the leagues will help. The fact that few womens teams had support from established clubs was part of the issue.
  6. Wednesday 18th apparently. They played Warrenpoint today.
  7. RFC Eagle

    Joe Aribo

    I live in England and its not as widespread when you actually sit and talk to ordinary fans. Its a lot to do with Sky and the EPL. Most lower league fans are perfectly reasonable when you give them the facts, rather than the media narrative. Again I think a lot of the view the other way is from media reports. A lot of whats said is posturing by loud mouths and based on what they get fed. Fortunately I live in an area with a minimal infiltration of taigs. Get a decent reception when I talk about us. My home town team are pro Rangers too thanks to Jock Wallace playing for them for a couple of years. Definitely doesn't help having a team losing to Connahs Quay, but I'm more interested in how people view us and not the rest.
  8. RFC Eagle

    Joe Aribo

    They won the FA Cup in 1947! No need to put an entire club down because of a few supporters. Its a typical reaction to losing a star player and they only see what a pretty biased English press say about Scottish football. They make it seem like Sunday football and still haven't really caught up with the recent improvements to the whole club or fully appreciate the Gerrard effect, which would be a significant factor. Charlton aren't a bad club generally just had problems, like us, with owners, in recent years.
  9. I agree with virtually nothing that BP9 says on here but, having met him at games I can guarantee that he isn't a taig in any way. He has gone above and beyond for the RM fund and doesn't bring his political views to the game, as opposed to his ramblings on here. He is wrong on so many levels about this incident and I utterly abhor his political stance but there is no doubt about his football allegiance.
  10. If he had, genuinely, not seen it, I would possibly agree but it was about 5 yards from him in his direct line of sight. There is no excuse for a referee at any level to not give it (I'd have been ashamed to miss it in games I reffed at Sunday league level). Its a sad state of affairs that such a performance is seen as 'decent' from, supposedly, one of the SFAs top officials. As I said its the cumulative effect of the performance that influences games. While there are those that will accept that level then things will never change.
  11. It was right in front of him, he turned a blind eye rather than not seeing it and it had an effect on the game that resulted in an equaliser. He made one error in our favour but absolutely everything else was giving the benefit of the doubt to them. That 'style' of officiating has a cumulative effect on the outcome of the game. For Collum, its as good as it gets but it should be an awful lot better. Morelos was more sinned against than sinner, as usual. He showed a refreshing level of restraint though, in contrast to last season.
  12. The major mistake he made was not giving the blatant push on Tav just before he gave them the free kick that led to their goal. Give that and the equaliser isn't scored. He was very harsh on Morelos and allowed them to get away with what he penalised him for. Nothing overly controversial but, definitely giving more in their favour over the game.
  13. RFC Eagle

    Joe Aribo

    He played non-League football, he would, definitely, have come across that side of the game.
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