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  1. Josh Windass, so good we're selling him twice?
  2. Lived there for a bit and, despite being a southerner, never had a problem with Mancs at all. There are a few City fans but they live in Stockport.
  3. What are you doing in Blackpool? Did Black not give away a penalty that nearly cost them promotion the other day? Argyriou is back playing in Greece.
  4. You certainly aren't 'trying too hard'. Its its pouring out of you like a haemophiliac junkie.
  5. Have they told Govou yet?
  6. It was in one of his interviews. It was posted on here just can't mind which one. I'm sure he mentioned that he was looking forward to seeing Jordan and Niko in pre season. I'd be surprised if he lets Wallace go but not heard him mentioned as I recall.
  7. Pedro himself said he was talking to the players this past week and telling them. It makes sense not to release details until next week, the retained list is usually out just after the last game.
  8. Not the first time Lincoln has regretted inviting bheast supporters to their football club.
  9. It was Robertson and the Board who sanctioned the long contracts. The Board could easily have said 3 years maximum or 2 with an option. The problems started at the very top.
  10. Thats pretty much what interviews are about. I've been on a few panels myself. Sometimes it works sometimes you fall on your arse. I'd rather they'd had a couple of people who actually understood football on the panel. It would be like HR people assessing my suitability for a scientific job. Thats probably why they were impressed by flashy slides.
  11. I see where you are coming from it your source that seems to be using rather more hyperbole than needed to make the point.
  12. The story suggests the others weren't prepared though. It doesn't say much for their interest in the job or suitability to turn up with a notebook and pen. I can see the point of the story if it was that the flashiest most colourful presentation won rather than the one with the best content. That would be easier to believe than 'powerpoint v notebook and pen.'
  13. That sounds like utter shite and if they turn up with a notebook and pen then, as an interviewer you'd think they were utterly disinterested and less than ready for an interview. Maybe the process should have been more rigorous, most interviews for senior positions are. My last interview process included 3 phone/Skype interviews, 1 face to face, 2 online assessments and a call from one of the company vice-presidents. A presentation should be the minimum requirement. Strange how a professional and organised approach can become a negative for some. Interviewees for the job would, almost invariably, be expected to present their ideas to the panel and should prepare appropriately.
  14. They've done that themselves. I wonder how many have already been told they are out the door at the end of the season and have downed tools? Toral will know he's not coming back so doesn't want to risk getting injured. The youngsters are putting effort in because they see a genuine chance to breakthrough. This shambles has been ongoing for for at least 5 years, a dozen games wont sort it let alone a season. With what we have it will be at least 3 to 4 transfer windows to begin to put right. What we should expect though is an improvement in heart and effort as a team and a team spirit that appears to be missing completely this season.
  15. Arsenal swapped him for Kenny Sansom. He played 3 friendlies for Arsenal.