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  1. Last heard of playing for Panachaiki in Greece. Left Dundee Utd last May.
  2. What, you mean an organisation like the EFL who had a statement out within an hour of Grealish being assaulted today? Like Birmingham City who, as soon as possible, apologised to Villa, the player and banned the fan for life? Both the EFL and Birmingham City are organisations bigger than the tinpot SPFL/SFA yet they can react appropriately and 'on a weekend'. The 'weekend' is when football occurs, the SPFL have officials working at every game, yet can't get a statement out about a player being assaulted. Unless I'm missing the sarcasm in your post its utterly embarrassing. The bigger the organisation the more reactive they should be, there should never be a delay in statements condemning such behaviour. Doncaster should have had the statement out by the end of the managers post match interviews. The fact that it took 36 hours to say a word is contemptible.
  3. Obviously the stricter interpretation that UEFA had publicised in January in effect. Teams were warned about it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/uefa-issues-warning-over-stricter-15727658.amp Specifically mentions making yourself a bigger target and the ball hitting your arm. The new IFAB rules are, by the sound of them, even stricter.
  4. Bob Marley and Mr and Mrs Stardust. Maybe Ziggy plays guitar but he is pish at football.
  5. He would have been sent off before he scored the way that game was refereed. Some utterly baffling decisions, including (although not the worst decision) the free kick that led up to them hitting the bar. We weren't good enough but we certainly had less chance playing against the officials as well.
  6. Andrew Smith has a piece in the Hootsmon that sums up the hurt in them. It goes without saying that the Rangers support regularly belted out anti-Catholic anthems, but they also held up banners relating to the celtic Boys’ Club child abuse scandal in the form of “Big Jock knew” – which relates to unsubstantiated claims that the late celtic manager Jock Stein had alleged knowledge of the abusers’ actions – while at various stages chanting “paedos” in reference to the recent convictions. Not sure who else he wants to substantiate the 'claims'. Is the halfwit unaware of the 'open secret' attested to by McNeill and Macari. Another taig apologist masquerading as a 'journalist'.
  7. 1.9 million less smokers and lowest ever rate. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/health/smoking-ban-uk-smokers-numbers-fall-two-million-19-cigarettes-tobacco-drop-10-years-a7817236.html%3famp You'll never stop some people from smoking so I think its a reasonable idea from the club to tryvand cater for everyone. No issue with people smoking but rather it wasn't inflicted on non-smokers. People have an absolute right to do what they want to their bodies, as long as their choice doesnt have an effect on others choice.
  8. SG would know Prof Steve Peters from his work with Liverpool. With his track record it should be considered. He worked with British cycling for a time as well as Ronnie O'Sullivan and a number of other athletes. He seems to be able to get that bit extra that gets people over the line.
  9. Almost....What you should have said 'If only we still had Anestis Argyriou.'
  10. Seems to like to get forward a fair bit and models himself on Cazorla so a bit different to what we have. I'd be surprised if we get any of Arsenals youngsters, the North West of England would be a more likely source in January.
  11. Solanke has scored a professional goal, for Liverpool, in the Premier League, (rather than the Mickey Mouse cup) May 2018 against Brighton. He is a full England international as well so I guess Southgate 'gets the hype' too. Rather take a 21 year old with that experience than a 19 year old with minimal senior experience. If it was going to be a 19 year old from Arsenal then Charlie Gilmour would be a better shout, don't need to sell the club to him.
  12. https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/what-do-we-know-about-the-ethnicity-of-sexual-abuse-gangs There are 'white gangs' but maybe this article points to there being a specific issue with certain ethnicities? Its hardly from a right wing perspective either. Maybe if you'd been bought up in Luton you'd have a very different perspective on the situation. While I don't subscribe to all of his opinions and his tactics he is voicing the frustrations and sense of injustice felt by an increasingly marginalised section of society. Far too easy to run away from problems because you dont like the messenger, even when there is validity to be found in whats being said.
  13. Wilder wont want that, he'll know he can't win a rematch without a bent judge.
  14. Dario Gradi denies knowing, its an unsubstantiated accusation. There is incontrovertible proof that Jock Stein knew and witheld information. Action has been taken in the Barry Bennell case and there was no shortage of media coverage when it came to light. The situations are different in that there is no evidence of a widespread, concerted cover up by one club (assisted by a compliant media and ruling body). If the situations were the same you can bet there would be songs sung by opposition fans (Ask Arsene Wenger).
  15. Its a problem with all sexual assault/rape cases. I believe that anonymity should be for both victim and accused. There are a number of cases where names are bandied about (the Rachel Nickell murder being a case that springs to mind) where innocent men (its usually men) have their reputations destroyed. Even when they are proven innocent the stigma remains. I also believe that women who are proven to have falsely accused someone, for malicious reasons, should be given lengthy sentences.
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