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  1. Tony Pulis

    Fixed that for you. Thats the reality Rodgers couldn't even win the EPL with Suarez in the form he was in that season. He won as many titles as Pulis with sackloads more cash!
  2. Tony Pulis

    I think he would be a decent fit given the current state of Scottish football. As far as the EPL goes, West Brom are at the bottom of the pile as far as finances and ability to attract layers is concerned. They've done well to stay up. I'd look more to his time at Stoke and the foundations he laid there. Maybe he can pick Charlie Adam up on the way up.
  3. Football is dying.

    Its Brighton, what were you expecting?
  4. January

    Get his dad in as manager. Then we could have the Blind leading the Blind, much like the last few years.
  5. Michel Preud'homme

    He would require a contract with a wage like every other employee. Thats not 'compensation' thats a salary as part of his terms and conditions of employment. The poster I replied to suggested we needed to pay Brugge compensation. Maybe reading the context would assist you in future?
  6. Michel Preud'homme

    He's not at Brugge anymore, he has been taking a break from football. He has an offer from Mechelen on the table but has put it on hold to apply for the Rangers job. No compensation required for him, an impressive record in recognised environments with restricted resources and a broad knowledge of the European market with excellent contacts. Not sure whats not to like, apart from 'he's not British'.
  7. Ryan Jack

    I think the standards he is judged at as a Rangers player, by officials, is a different level than he is used to and the provocation is up a few notches. It will take him time to adjust but it's something he has to deal with or he'll be of no use to us. He can't do anything about the cheats and thugs who confront him but it's in his hands to learn to rise above it and get his revenge by winning games against them.
  8. Ryan Jack

    If that was correct you'd end up with 6 a side most weeks. Pushing a player would (except for Rangers players) earn a yellow card. It doesn't fit the 'violent conduct' criteria. Its barely a yellow card, the red was for an alleged, but mythical, headbutt. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fouls_and_misconduct_(association_football)
  9. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Maybe get the boy Foden on loan as well? That would be a big ask though and may not want to expose him to the thugs masquerading as players up here. I can't see it myself but would be interesting. Difficult to see who could make a real difference who isnt employed already. I'd look at Michael Appleton as an assistant though. Decent record for a young manager/assistant.
  10. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Patrick Viera??
  11. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    Tony McGlennan seems to be the one now. Edit: blaming slow hotel wifi.
  12. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    Vincent Lunny I believe.
  13. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    Surely that would be a second booking and a ban at least, even using the fenian logic of Lunny?

    He asked that question himself in the presser. Did you watch all of it?

    He accepted responsibility in the presser as well, including for signing and giving new contracts. There's collective responsibility both manager and players take their share. It seemed to be a challenge to the players to show the character required that has been lacking.