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  1. charlesgreen=saviour

    Celtic Ticket Information

    Cheers mate.
  2. charlesgreen=saviour

    Celtic Ticket Information

    Folks. I just called up today and only season ticket holders on cccs are guaranteed a ticket. I got my email through 5 mins after i called them and it told me i have been allocated a ticket. Really good to see priority given to full season ticket holders who renewed at the start of the season and to the cccs folks. On a totally different note does anyone know how i go about changing my name on here to something more appropriate? I have had a look but cant seem to see how i would do it. Cheers
  3. charlesgreen=saviour

    European Commission seek explanation on Celtic land deals

    Good to see a few callers getting on to RC tonight including myself. Got to keep getting the message out about the land deals and possible sanctions. Keep it going guys its getting talked about more and more
  4. charlesgreen=saviour

    European Commission seek explanation on Celtic land deals

    Very well written Rossco87. I have called Clyde 1 today to register my complaint. I am waiting on a call back from Lorraine on this matter. I am very unhappy at the editorial decisions that were made last night and i was very offended by Frank's comments to the next caller about me. I think they tend to forget that without callers they would not be in a job on RC so the only way i will no longer be offended is by having an apology on air either from JD or Frank himself over his comment. If they are not willing to do this i will take the matter further. Will let you know the update i get from Lorraine.
  5. charlesgreen=saviour

    European Commission seek explanation on Celtic land deals

    Radio Clyde will not be able to hide this one. Caller after caller will be talking about this. The more media attention the better.
  6. charlesgreen=saviour

    European Commission seek explanation on Celtic land deals

    Guys it was me who called in to RC tonight. I dont usually post on Rangers media as i dont have the time with a new baby etc.. My name is Chris and i am a Rangers season ticket holder in the broomlan front bf3. Have been a season ticket holder since i was 10 years old. I am not clued up in the legality of Celtics situation however what i can say is that i will be bringing this to the attention of Radio Clyde each and every night until a decision has been made on this by the European commission. I think its about time that Celtic had their situation looked into and i hope that every Rangers fan follows suit and picks up the phone each and every night. For two years straight all Clyde 1 would talk about was the RTC so i feel its about time we talked about the CLD (Celtic land deals). I will also be contacting bauer media to state my anger at the way their sports editor brushed off my call whilst still continuing to field calls in regards to claims that Rangers will be going into Administration even though there is no truth at all in that claim. I will keep you all updated on my progress with this.