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  1. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Alves out, calf tear.
  2. ***Official Rangers V Marseille thread***

    Fuck sake Miller man
  3. More Daily Record lies

    Only thing I'd do with that rag is piss on it in the gutter. Trashy comic, laughable 'journalism'. Sooner it folds the better.
  4. The Official Welcome to Rangers fc, Bruno Alves!

    Quite telling that he wasn't photographed with the strip ...... Something in the pipeline perhaps ..........
  5. Scumdee hibs going bust

    Scumdee look like another team of hammer throwers. That boy that got sent off is off to the spoon burners, he'll fit right in with the rest of the hills have eyes cast. cunts
  6. Guy simulates next 5 seasons in FM

    You ever heard of twitch? And the amount of money people make watching you talk about a game? Guess it's pretty childish anyway.
  7. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Where did you learn to spell? When the priest was shagging your arse? Fuck off you paedo.
  8. Tony Watt

    Imagine having Watt and Sammon up front. What a depressing thought. Up ye's ya junkie twats
  9. Nico Rosberg

    Oh well, more WDC's for Lewis then. How many do you think he'll end up with? 5? 6? 7?!
  10. You make a good point Preacher. Different people have different opinions on this. Perhaps its not been malicious and it has been an error of judgement from the author and some of us may be over-analysing this. But say a person, not a fan or associated with Rangers, happened to read the article, saw the picture of Ibrox (which has RANGERS clearly visible at the top of the main stand in the picture) I'm quite sure some people would associate a case of child abuse has taken part at the club since the image appeared at the end of the article. People finish reading the article, see the picture of Ibrox then make assumptions. The fact the picture has been changed from colour also, to me, tries to give the impression of it being an interpretation of a historical picture of Ibrox. It seems akin to the press using a picture of kids playing in front of ones house, with one standing at the door or looking out of the window. I for one would not want to be implicated in this sort of affair and neither should Rangers. Surely the author when choosing a picture to use should have thought, the club in the background of the image I'm about to use is Rangers, they haven't been implicated into this. Will the club and it's fans be okay with me using a picture of their stadium on this article. Like you say Preacher, different people have different opinions on this. But to me, it doesn't seem like an honest mistake. Fair enough on them removing and issuing an apology though, which makes me think it has something to do with the author and not goal.com itself.
  11. Author was Miles Chambers Twitter handle is @Miles_Chambers
  12. I'll certainly be writing to them regarding the author of the article and his motives. The image has been cheery picked, when one searches google / yahoo / bing for terms such as "children playing football" "football stadium children" etc, the image they chose of Ibrox does not appear in any of the searches. I'm fairly certain the author searched for Ibrox specifically. Now there are reports the author follows them on his Twitter account. Make no mistake fellow Bears, they are trying every game in the book here to deflect the shit storm that is heading their way. I will iterate to them that I will cease using goal.com and any outlet they use. I will inform them that I will be contacting the companies that use their website and any other outlets they use for advertising. The damage has already been done in my opinion. The particular page will have been cached now so it will still be visible for someone to pick up in the future, they will see the image of Ibrox, and they would no doubt put 2 and 2 together. A very dangerous motive by the author, why not use one of any other stadium in the country? Or one that doesn't implicate a Club in this whole sordid affair. The author should be hounded out over this. It is unacceptable.
  13. ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Aye, against Patrick bloody Thistle. Up against a top half teams, he struggles big time. Done fuck all tonight apart from giving the ball away and inexplicably catching the ball when it was still in play. Fair enough against your Patick Thistles etc, but he isn't cutting it against the teams we need to be beating. Fuck up.
  14. ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    We're fucking brutal the night like
  15. ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Miller need's dropped. He can't start against Aberdeen.