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  1. Logan_RFC


    This fucking all day long!
  2. Logan_RFC


    Guy is going places. Still very young and can become a top player. When on he doesn't give defenders a minutes peace. Skill and bags of pace. Add more goals and he's superb.
  3. Logan_RFC


    Get this guy signed permanently. Still so young but what a talent. He'll be terrific by mid-season.
  4. My local is the Royalty on Maryhill Road. 3 minute walk from St. George's cross subway. Cracking pub.
  5. Delighted with this signing. 1 or 2 more in today and we are a very solid, exciting team.
  6. Great game of football so far. And bags of character from the team. Loving it, we would still be losing this match last season.
  7. Really want to smash these cunts physically and by 3 or 4 goals. Would have no problem seeing them relegated come next May.
  8. Fucking finally! Had to be Mcgregor. A real go for the last ten please Rangers!!!
  9. I like many feared QOTS and Hibs more than Motherwell. I think we are there. I can't see them beating us at all. We will win our way into the Premiership without a doubt.
  10. Ref was a massive wank. But who cares, Motherwell on Thursday. I'll be there! Mon the gers!!
  11. Fantastic save! We really need a foot on the ball in midfield.
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